B&B Transcript Wednesday 2/12/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 2/12/03

By Linda

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Rick: "Ambrosia undressed"?

Rudy: Catchy, huh?

Rick: So this is the promo reel the two of you have been working on?

Amber: Um, yeah.

Rick: Well, then let's check it out, shall we?

Amber: No! No, no, no. Because you know what? It's not finished. It's not finished yet. And at this rate, it's never gonna be. So, Rudy, why don't we go back into my office, 'cause we have details to discuss. Bye, guys.

Sally: Thank you. Now stop fussing. You don't have to tiptoe around me. I'm feeling right as rain.

Stephanie: Well, that's a relief.

Sally: Don't tell me you were worried about me.

Stephanie: Of course, you owe me money.

Sally: Oh, now wait a minute. Ridge may have conceded defeat on that little wager of ours, I haven't.

[Stephanie chuckles]

Stephanie: Even having Macy back hasn't humbled you.

Sally: Who, me? Humble? Nah. Never. Besides, I think I've got more to brag about now than anyone I know.

Stephanie: But having an illness like this sometimes can humble you. It certainly humbled me when I had my stroke. There I was facing my own mortality. It certainly made me aware of getting my priorities very, very clear. You notice that time seems to move faster? After my stroke, I -- I really became determined that my children were going to be very happy. That became my number one priority.

Sally: Who are you kidding? Your children have always been your number one priority.

Stephanie: Well, that's something we have in common then.

Sally: I'm only sorry that Thorne wasn't as dedicated to his family as you have been to yours.

Stephanie: We all make mistakes, sally. But, you know, sometimes we're given a second chance. For you -- to have someone that you never thought you'd see again or love again or hold again, to have Macy back. Sally, that's a miracle.

Sally: You love her, too, don't you?

Stephanie: She was a great daughter-in-law. And who knows? Maybe someday she will be that again.

Thorne: You want to start a family with Lorenzo?

Macy: Thorne, you know how much children mean to me.

Thorne: So you're just willing to give up everything -- your career, your mother, C.J., So you can have this guy's babies?

Macy: This -- this guy is my husband.

Thorne: You still love me, Macy. I heard you say it in Italy.

Macy: A lot has changed since then.

Thorne: Yes, a lot has changed. You're married to a man you don't love.

Macy: My marriage is not an act, Thorne. And Lorenzo is -- is a good man.

Thorne: But he's not the love of my life, Macy. I am. And you know that I am, because you felt it in Italy. The passion, the connection -- it is still there, Macy. I can see it in your eyes. Look, I know that this is confusing. I know it is, okay? But there is no way in hell I'm gonna let you slip away from me again. Not again.

Macy: What are you doing?

Thorne: Macy, you have been in my thoughts every second for the last two years. And finding you again has been the most incredible experience of my life. And because of you, I'm a new man. And with you, I want to start a new life. Will you marry me? Will you be my wife?

Amber: Okay, Rudy, where are they?

Rudy: What?

Amber: The rest of the tapes. Because I'm telling you, you will get them back.

Rudy: That's it.

Amber: You better mean that you destroyed all the rest, and this is the only one left.

Rudy: Afraid not. "Ambrosia undressed" is a boner-fide hit. There's no stopping us now, baby.

Rick: If Amber is really serious about this reel, maybe we could find a way to tie it into the line.

Eric: She didn't seem very enthusiastic about that.

Rick: Maybe she's just got too much on her plate right now.

Eric: Oh, I wouldn't worry about her. I think she's doing just fine.

Rick: I know. And I'm not.

Eric: I'm glad to hear that.

Rick: I gotta tell you, dad, it feels even better to say it.

Eric: As long as you mean it.

Rick: I do. And it's -- it's not just wishful thinking anymore. I can really depend on her. And I haven't been able to do that before.

Eric: Good. She's definitely proven herself with this line.

Rick: Dad, it's about more than the business. She's -- she's making good decisions in every aspect of her life. It's like she's finally got everything under control.

Amber: No way. No. This is -- this is not happening.

Rudy: I'm sorry, babe. I tried.

Amber: What are you saying? There's nothing else we can do?

Rudy: You could always change your mind.

Amber: I am not doing a sequel, Rudy.

Rudy: You might feel differently after you see what I've got.

Amber: What is that?

Rudy: It's our first review!

Sally: Stephanie, you are aware that Macy is married, aren't you?

Stephanie: Yes, sally.

Sally: And she is married to a very fine young man who gave up a great deal to follow her here. You know, she had no intention of coming back to L.A.

Stephanie: But she did. And I hope she stays.

Sally: Well, that's the plan.

Stephanie: Yes. What does Lorenzo think of that?

Sally: My daughter made me a promise -- that she would never leave me again.

Stephanie: Good. You've lost too much time with her. And so has Thorne. Sally -- Thorne wants her back. And I want you to know that I intend to support him in that.

Macy: You're proposing to me?

Thorne: Yes.

Macy: You're serious.

Thorne: Macy, I have been thinking about this for years. What I would do -- what it would be like if I got another chance with you. And now that I have one, I'm not going to let this opportunity just slip through my hands.

Macy: You -- you don't have to say anything else, Thorne. You make a very compelling argument. Because even though I pledged my life to Lorenzo, even though I made those vows to him, you -- you can offer me so much passion, so much electricity.

Thorne: God, I knew you still felt it.

Macy: Isn't that the same argument Brooke used to lure you away from me?

Rick: I really feel like Amber and I have finally turned a corner.

Eric: Well, that's good, because it's been a long time coming.

Rick: Well, it had to happen eventually, right?

Eric: No, not necessarily. I mean, with the kind of year amber's had, the adversities that she's faced, I mean, she could easily have given up herself. But she didn't, she hung in there. She believed in herself when hardly anybody else did.

Rick: I still feel kind of guilty about that. I just got so tired of all of her apologies and excuses that I stopped listening. I couldn't stand to hear "I'm sorry" one more time.

Eric: Well, maybe you won't have to hear it again.

Rick: I won't. Amber knows that she is a part of this family now. And you know what, dad? Working with you has been so good for her. You should hear the stuff that she's talking about. She really wants to uphold the prestige and the dignity that comes with the Forrester name.

Eric: Well, there you go. With her attitude and her talent, who knows? Maybe she's the one who's going to carry on our legacy.

Amber: "Temptation"?

Rudy: It's the most respected journal in the industry.

Amber: It's a dirty magazine!

Rudy: It's free advertising, Amber. You can't buy this kind of exposure.

Amber: Well, tell that to the girl on page five.

Rudy: Yeah, go ahead, make fun. These people know what they're talking about.

Amber: Oh, right, you just buy it for the articles.

Rudy: I do when the articles mention me. Listen to this -- they love us. "'Ambrosia undressed' is our pick for breakout hit of the year. Its raw, voyeuristic sensuality is underscored by the intimacy of its cinematography. Director Rudy delight faithfully captures the exuberance of youthful passion in this gritty tale of lost innocence. Working on both sides of the camera, delight summons a virtuoso performance from his eager young star, who may be none other than ambrosia Moore, the famous designer for Forrester creations. If that's true then, ambrosia style did put a smile on this reviewer's face."

Sally: You want Thorne and Macy to get back together?

Stephanie: I never wanted them to break up. I love your daughter. I was proud to have her in my family. Sally -- leaving Macy was the biggest mistake that Thorne ever made in his life, and he knows it. He just wants a chance to make it up. He wants -- he just wants the chance to regain Macy's trust and yours.

Sally: Mine?

Stephanie: Well, of course. He knows how much Macy means to. If you'll give him your support, he won't let anyone or anything ever take her away from you again.

Sally: I don't know what you think I can do.

Stephanie: Sally -- I think Macy's still in love with Thorne. And I'm not asking you to betray any confidences, and I certainly don't want to interfere with her marriage. But if you'll give Thorne a chance, if you'll support him, and if Macy gives him a chance -- I mean, can you do that?

Sally: You're the one who has trouble letting her children make their own decisions, not me.

Stephanie: Will you trust her to make the right decision?

Sally: I will trust my daughter to do what she's always done. And that is exactly what her own heart tells her to do.

Macy: I think you should go, Thorne.

Thorne: Macy -- I just wanted to show you what my feelings are.

Macy: By proposing to a married woman?

Thorne: I told you, that's not going to change my devotion to you.

Macy: It changes everything!

Thorne: It doesn't have to. It's just going to take a little more time.

Macy: You -- you're assuming so much.

Thorne: I'm assuming that you told me the truth in Italy. But if I'm wrong, if you didn't, please, tell me. You can't, can you?

Macy: We shouldn't even be talking about this at all.

Thorne: Fine. Macy, we don't have to talk about this. But you just remember what I said. You remember what we had, the family that we wanted, the dreams that we wanted, the life we wanted, Macy. I know it's a little confusing right now. But it's not impossible. It's not impossible. Not with us. Nothing is.

[Stephanie clearing throat]

Macy: Stephanie. How's mother?

Stephanie: The same. But we had a nice conversation. I hope you had a good conversation.

Macy: Lorenzo. You're back.

Lorenzo: The security guard had to sneak me up in the service elevator.

Thorne: Yeah, Macy's fans can be a little intense.

Lorenzo: If you ask me, some of them are obsessed. Always lurking around, intruding where they're not wanted.

Macy: Honey, I want you to meet Thorne's mother. This is Stephanie Forrester.

Lorenzo: Oh.

Stephanie: Hello, Lorenzo. I'm delighted to meet you.

Lorenzo: I wish I'd known you were coming. I would have bought more food.

Stephanie: Oh, well, that's so generous of you. Thank you, perhaps another time. But we just can't stay right now.

Lorenzo: You just come in for a visit?

Stephanie: Yes.

Thorne: Yes, my mother and Macy have always been very, very close.

Stephanie: We certainly have. I'm so happy that she's here and home and safe. So, are you planning on staying in Los Angeles? Because Thorne mentioned to me that you might be going back to Europe.

Lorenzo: Our plans are none of his business.

Macy: Lorenzo.

Lorenzo: Cara, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Mrs. Forrester. But Thorne has made his intentions clear. He doesn't respect our marriage. And he shouldn't be welcome in our home. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to make lunch for my family.

Macy: Why don't you let me do that later?

Lorenzo: No, no. I'll do it.

Stephanie: I think I'll wait downstairs in the car.

Macy: It was good to see you, Stephanie.

Stephanie: It's wonderful to have you home.

Thorne: Don't do it, Macy.

Macy: Thorne, I can't talk about this right now.

Thorne: You don't have to give your life up here to start a family. You can start one with me. We'll work this out. We will figure it out, Macy.

Macy: Just go.

Thorne: There's always an answer. And I will wait for yours as long as it takes.

Rudy: Amber, look, they gave us four stars. They thought my camera work was "daring and visually stimulating."

Amber: Oh, yeah, you're the next Spielberg.

Rudy: Man, oh, man. I mean, I knew we were putting up great numbers, but to be a hit with the critics, too. This is amazing.

Amber: Please tell me this is the only review.

Rudy: Right now, yeah. But if this magazine likes your work, you're in big time.

Amber: Big time?

Rudy: Oh, the biggest. Amber, baby, I am stoked. I can't tell you what it feels like to know that people understand my vision.

Amber: Okay. Listen to me, you moron! This is not the big time. Okay? This is not "variety"! And this is not a real movie! It's not art! There is no message! There is no vision! It's just two stupid kids fooling around with a camcorder. "Ambrosia undressed" is pure x-rated garbage!

Rudy: Uh -- Amber?

Amber: What?!

Rudy: That's not my tape.

Amber: Oh, God! No.

Rick: So you're really happy with amber's progress?

Eric: Oh, yes, I am. She's a really quick study, too. Here, I'll show what we've been working on. I've been using the Portofino footage as examples. There's one particular gown here I think she can learn a lot from.

Rick: Well, I bet I can guess which one is her favorite.

Eric: Well, it better be one of mine.

Amber: Please, please, please, don't let them see it. Don't do this to me.

Oh, yeah, baby. Oh, my God.

Right there.

Oh, yeah.

That's it.

Oh, that's it, that's it.

Oh, my God!

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