B&B Transcript Tuesday 2/11/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 2/11/03

By Suzanne

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Brooke: You have no right.

Bridget: To what? Say what i think?

Brooke: You can say whatever you want. Just don't say it to ridge.

Bridget: Why not?

Brooke: You can believe what you want, but I am the best thing that's happened to that family since taylor died.

Bridget: Oh, yeah, yeah, finding out about you and deacon is doing ridge a world of good.

Brooke: You could've helped there, you know.

Bridget: God, you're amazing. You're always looking to me to bail you out.

Brooke: Why didn't you tell ridge that you and i had gotten past this deacon mess? That i made one horrible mistake, and i've been trying to fix it ever since, trying to be a better mother, trying to be a better person!

Bridget: It wouldn't have made any difference.

Brooke: Yes, it would, bridget. He respects you. He listens to what you have to say. If you would've just convinced him that we should stay together.

Bridget: Ridge has to make his own decisions, mom.

Brooke: And he did. He did make his own decision, until deacon came in, and he ruined everything. Ridge was about to ask me to marry him. And he gave me this ring -- this family heirloom. And you can't even begin to imagine what it felt like when he put it on my finger.

Bridget: Yeah, I can.

Brooke: Then why are you doing this, bridget? Why are you keeping us apart?

Stephanie: Thorne? Honey, is everything all right? You sounded so urgent on the phone.

Thorne: Mother, i have the most amazing news. I've been wanting to tell you, but I couldn't 'cause i promised. Macy is alive.

Stephanie: Macy? Oh, my god.

Thorne: She's alive.

Stephanie: Oh, my god.

Thorne: She's alive.

Stephanie: Oh, thorne! Oh, my god!

Macy: "For the past 2 1/2 years, alexander lived a quiet life in the small italian town of camogli. But the performer in her remained as alive as she did. Going by the name lena, macy sang in a small cafe in her adopted hometown. Her return to los angeles has triggered a flurry of interest among managers and record producers in reviving her career as an international singing sensation. The macy alexander official website has had more than 10,000 hits since news of her being alive became public." 10,000 -- that's amazing.

Lorenzo: What is?

Macy: Oh, good morning, lorenzo.

Lorenzo: Buon giorno, bella. So, what is amazing?

Macy: Oh, just -- just this article.

Lorenzo: So he succeeded.

Macy: Who?

Lorenzo: Thorne. He's behind this. He definitely told every reporter in los angeles you're alive.

Macy: Well, i mean, they were bound to find out eventually.

Lorenzo: Yeah, but thorne made sure it was as big a media circus as possible.

Macy: Why would he do that?

Lorenzo: To disrupt our lives.

[Macy sighs]

macy: Well, don't worry. I've dealt with the press, and they can be your friend.

Lorenzo: You like this, don't you? All the attention.

Macy: Well, it's part of being a performer. And, yeah, i enjoy it. It's who i am. Makes me happy. But that doesn't mean that we can't have a normal life together.

Lorenzo: Here in los angeles?

Macy: My mother needs me. And I told her i would stay.

Lorenzo: Then we'll stay.

Macy: You mean that?

Lorenzo: You want to perform. You want to be close to your family. That's fine with me. But I want things, too.

Macy: Of course.

Lorenzo: I want to build a life with you. And I want to start right away.

Macy: What're you saying?

Lorenzo: I want a family of our own -- a child, macy.

stephanie: My god, now it all makes sense. Now I understand what was going on with you in italy, and when we first got home.

Thorne: I know. I know, and I wanted to tell you so bad, mother, I really did, but i promised macy that i wouldn't. I mean, it's a miracle she survived the car crash.

[Stephanie laughs]

stephanie: Where is she? Is she here in los angeles?

Thorne: She is. She is. She came as soon as she heard about sally's heart attack.

Stephanie: Is that the only reason she's here, because of her mother?

Thorne: No.

Stephanie: Is there a chance you guys are gonna get to together?

Thorne: Yeah, but there is one little minor problem. Macy's married to somebody else.

Stephanie: Well, that might -- that might not be a minor problem, honey. That might be a major problem.

Thorne: Well, if I thought that she loved the guy, it would be, mother, but she doesn'T. She loves me, and she told me that in italy.

Stephanie: Who is this man? Why did she marry him?

Thorne: His name Ió lorenzo barelli. He's an italian guy. But you know what? It's too complicated. I'll tell you later.

Stephanie: Honey, i -- this isn't gonna be easy, you know?

Thorne: I know. But you remember what I told you in portofino? About if i could ever have a second chance, what I'd give? I got it, mother. I got it. And there is no may in hell I'm gonna let this slip through my fingers.

Stephanie: Oh, honey.

Thorne: I know.

Stephanie: Ooh, i'm so happy. I can't believe this.

Thorne: I want you to come with me, okay? To see macy.

Stephanie: Oh, yes, yes! Let's go!

Thorne: Right now.

Lorenzo: Macy -- you're avoiding the topic.

Macy: Really? I thought I was waiting on my husband.

Lorenzo: Mm, grazie. But I would like to get back to what we were talking about -- starting a family.

Macy: Lorenzo -- we've only been married for a couple of weeks.

Lorenzo: Yeah, but we've been together for more than two years now. I know what I want -- a future with you and our children.

Macy: I -- I just -- I need -- I need time. I -- you know? I mean, so much has happened these past few weeks. I mean, we got married, and my mother had a heart attack, and then all this press about my being alive.

Lorenzo: Yes, yes, but now it's time to settle down and get on with our lives.

Macy: Lorenzo, I just -- I think we need to take a breath before we make such a big decision.

Lorenzo: There is no other reason why you don't want to get pregnant?

Macy: No.

Lorenzo: I love you, cara. And if it's time you need, I will give it to you.

Lorenzo: If we aren't going to start on that family, i'd better get out of here.


rick: These -- these are

rick: These -- these are incredible, amber.

Eric: Your wife is incredible. She's done a great job.

Amber: Well, I had an amazing teacher.

Rick: I can't get over the two of you working together like this. It's -- it's awesome.

Amber: You think you're blown away. I have to keep pinching myself to make sure it's really happening.

Eric: Well, it's happening because you made it happen. Come on, you should be proud. You've been working hard, and your work has paid off.

Rick: I'm really proud of you, amber. You've come back stronger than ever. These -- these designs are classy. You're really becoming a part of the team here.

Eric: I think it's time for us to talk to public relations. We need to start getting you out there and promoting you.

Rick: That is a good idea. You know what? I'll talk to joe. I'll let him know to make a new press release. And we'll set up some interviews. We can do all that stuff.

Amber: You know, maybe we should just wait to see if the designs are actually a hit.

Eric: No, we have to strike early. I want you to hit the press the same time your designs do.

[Phone rings]

eric: Eric forrester.

Rudy: Yeah -- is amber there?

Eric: Uh, yeah. Yeah, she is. Hang on just a second. Amber -- it's for you.

Amber: Hello?

Rudy: Hey, baby.

It's rudy.

[Doorbell rings]

thorne: Hey, macy.

Macy: Thorne --

thorne: Listen, i have a surprise for you, okay? You're going to love it. I know it loves you.

Macy: What are you talking about?

[Thorne chuckles]

[macy gasps]

macy: Oh, stephanie.

Brooke: This is your way at getting back at me for what happened with deacon, isn't it?

Bridget: What? This is crazy.

Brooke: Then why are you doing this? Why are you turning ridge against me?

Bridget: I'm not turning -- you hurt people, mom. And I don't want to see that family hurt any more than they already have been.

Brooke: Well, neither do I! I love him, bridget.

Bridget: Being loved by you can be a real liability.

Brooke: Try to understand. Ridge has touched a place in my heart that nobody else ever has. And these last few weeks, they have been the most wonderful times of my life. When taylor died, I was there for ridge as a friend. But it grew into something more. And now I don't want to lose that. I don't want to lose the best thing that's ever happened to me!

Bridget: Maybe you should've thought of that before --

brooke: Before I slept with deacon?

Bridget: You said it.

Brooke: I am not a saint. And I have made some horrible mistakes in my life. And I have been selfish, and I have been impulsive. But when it comes to ridge and those children -- they mean so much to me, bridget. And I want the best for them. I wish you could understand that.

Bridget: What do you want from me, mom?

Brooke: I want your support. If you could just stand up for me, bridget, ridge would listen to you. You could help me win him back. Will you?

Amber: Um -- what's up?

Rudy: Unfortunately, not a whole lot, baby.

Amber: What do you mean?

Rudy: Well, you know how

you asked me to shut down my

operation here, get back all

the videos that I sold?

Amber: Yeah.

Rudy: No can do.

Amber: Why not?

Rudy: Think about

it, baby. Even if by some miracle, i could get all the tapes back, how do we know that someone didn't make a dub?

That's film talk for "copy."

Amber: I know what dub means. Listen, I really can't talk right now. I'm really busy. So i'll -- i'll swing by your place as soon as i can.

Rudy: Don't sweat it. I'll come to you.

Amber: No, no, no, no!

Rudy: It's not a

problem, really.

I'll be there in a few.

[Amber sighs]

stephanie: Let me just look at you. You're a sight for sore eyes, let me tell you. Especially after everything --

macy: I know. You've suffered a lot of loss.

Stephanie: But you're here, and you're alive. And it's a miracle. I missed you so much. Sounds so funny to say that.

Macy: No, i've missed you, too.

Stephanie: Well, are you feeling a little anxious about everything?

Macy: Well, yeah. A lot has changed.

Stephanie: Some things never change. Is your mom here?

Macy: Yeah. Yeah, she is.

Stephanie: And is the queen receiving?


macy: Yeah, you're right. Something's never change. Here, she's right in here. Go on in.

Stephanie: All right.

Thorne: Oh, goodness. Mm.

Macy: Thorne, what're you doing?

Thorne: I'm helping you get back to your life.

Macy: Just don'T.

Thorne: Oh, come on, macy. Now it's one thing to play this game in italy, but you're home now, okay? You're macy alexander -- again.

Macy: I -- I am not the same woman that i was when I left.

Thorne: Why? Because you're married to a man you don't love?

Macy: You -- you don't have any idea about my feelings for lorenzo.

Thorne: Oh, really? Okay. Well -- do you love him?

Brooke: You won't help me, will you?

Bridget: You're unbelievable. You don't even realize you're doing it.

Brooke: All i'm doing is asking you to talk to ridge.

Bridget: No -- no, you're asking me to take care of you, to be the parent. Right? You want me to tell ridge that he should take you back, and that you'd be a really good mother to his children.

Brooke: And i would!

Bridget: You don't have a clue what a good mother is.

Brooke: Oh, my god. How can you say that?

Bridget: How can I say -- because I know what you're capable of. And I'm not gonna stand back and watch you waltz into thomas and phoebe and steffy's lives and do to them what you did to me.

Brooke: I've changed, bridget. I am not the same person that i was.

Bridget: So? What? Am i supposed to just forget everything that happened? Am i supposed to pretend that you never slept with my husband? You never get pregnant with his child? Let's just wipe that all away like it never happened, huh?

Brooke: No. No, of course not.

Bridget: Well, good. Because I can'T. I can't forget.

Brooke: All i am asking is for you to forgive. That's all.

Bridget: I can't talk about this.

Brooke: Bridget -- bridget, please!

Bridget: I want you to go. Now. Go. Go.

Brooke: Bridget --

thorne: Well? Do you love him?

Macy: I don't want to discuss my feelings for lorenzo with you.

Thorne: Okay, then let's discuss your feelings for me.

Macy: I don't have any.

Thorne: None? None at all?

Macy: None.

Thorne: You're lying.

Macy: You're arrogant.

Thorne: You're beautiful. And you love me just as much as i love you.

Macy: Thorne, stop.

Thorne: That's not what you want, macy.

Macy: Yes, it is! I'm married. I can't do this.

Thorne: Come on, macy. You know that marriage is a joke.

Macy: It is not, thorne. It is real. Lorenzo and I are married. We're going to start a life together. We're gonna start a family.

Thorne: What!? You can't have a baby with this guy!

Amber: I thought you guys had a meeting this morning with our west coast buyers.

Rick: Yeah, but it's not for, like, another hour.

Amber: Well, but isn't it in santa monica? I mean, the traffic is gonna be absolutely terrible. You know, we can chat about this later.

Eric: No, you know what? Maybe we should get going. I'd hate to be late.

Amber: Yeah, yeah, I mean, you definitely don't want to be late. 'Cause you know these guys, they just get so testy when you end up late for something.

Rudy: Amber! Hey, baby.

Amber: Rudy.

Rudy: The babe at the front desk told me you were in here. God, this place is something.

Rick: Yeah. Yeah, we think so. I'm -- i'm rick forrester, amber's husband. And this is my father, eric.

Rudy: Oh, hey, yeah, sorry. Rudy -- rudy delight. Owner, executive producer and creative force behind rudy delight productions.

Eric: Rudy delight productions?

Rudy: Hot new film company. Just released my first feature.

Rick: And um -- how do you and amber know each other?

Rudy: Oh, we've been friends -- forever.

Amber: Well, we haven't seen each other in ages.

Rudy: Until recently. I read in the paper about amber being a famous designer and all. That's when it hit me -- amber's celebrity, my rising career, co-production.

Rick: So, you guys are working on a project together?


rudy: Yeah.

Amber: No.

Rudy: You didn't tell him?

Rick: Well, tell me what?

Rudy: About the promo reel we're shooting for amber. Totally mtv. I mean, it's got zip, zap, rap and amber. Lots of amber.

Eric: I didn't know anything about this.

Rick: Yeah, neither did i.

Amber: Well, that's just because I didn't want to tell you guys about it until it was finished, you know. But right now is not a really good time to talk about the tape, because they're late. So i'll just call you.

Rick: Well, wait a minute. You dropped your -- "ambrosia undressed"? Is this amber's video?

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