B&B Transcript Monday 2/3/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 2/3/03

By Suzanne
Proofread by Becky

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Ridge: Hope's daddy? You're drunk!

Deacon: Oh, I bet right about now, you're wishing to hell I was.

Brooke: Just get out! Now!

Deacon: Brooke! Brooke, I'm sorry! I -- I know I promised. But I can't just stand here and watch you fall into the same trap, not when I love you so much!


Jimmy: What's the matter?

Amber: What is that?

Jimmy: It's your tape.

Amber: Give it to me! Give it -- where'd you get this?

Jimmy: Online. Could you do me just a favor? When you sign that, could you put something really cool, you know, like, "Thanks for the memories?" That would be so awesome.

Amber: I have to go.

Jimmy: What are you talking about -- hey! Hey!

Amber: No, no! You cannot have this tape!

Jimmy: What are you talking about? It's mine!

Amber: All right. All right. How much? How much do you want for it?

Jimmy: Get your own copy!

Amber: I need to have that tape!

Jimmy: All right, all right. Maybe we can work something out. You know, like a trade. For -- services rendered?

Amber: Jimmy, come here.

Jimmy: Well, I was thinking we could go out to my car, but --

Amber: Just come here. Pig!


Jimmy: You owe me -- $19.95! Plus tax!


Stephanie: I got your message. Something's wrong?

Eric: No, actually. Something is very right. Although I don't think you're gonna see it that way. Ridge came by to see me. He wanted to get my opinion on his plans for the future.

Stephanie: Do they include Brooke?

Eric: He's gonna give her a ring. Tonight.

Stephanie: He's proposing?

Eric: No. It's not a proposal. It's not an engagement. It's just a -- well, it's a commitment.

Stephanie: Damn it.

Eric: Well, get it all out of your system now. Because when you and I go over there --

Stephanie: What are you talking about?!

Eric: To congratulate them.

Stephanie: I'm not going over there!

Eric: Stephanie, our son is gonna marry Brooke, and you're gonna have to accept it. And there's nothing you or anyone else can do to keep that from happening.


Brooke: You sick bastard!

Deacon: Brooke, I am so sorry. I tried, you know I did. But I cannot stand by and watch you just fall into the same trap!

Ridge: The same trap? That'd be me?

Deacon: Oh, come on, man! You're using her, just like you have a million times before. But you know what the amazing thing is? I bet you don't even know it!

Ridge: But you, you're in love. Aren't you? With your ex-wife's mother. That's what you said. You're unbelievable, Deacon. You're getting more twisted every day. I don't know whether to call the cops or the guys in white coats.

Brooke: Deacon, just get out of here!

Ridge: Don't worry, Brooke. He can't hurt you.

Deacon: Hurt?! I'm -- I'm trying to help you!

Brooke: No, you want revenge!

Deacon: No!

Brooke: Yes, you do! You're trying to punish me!

Deacon: Brooke, listen to me --

Brooke: You blame me!

Deacon: Brooke, listen to me, please! No, I don't! You couldn't be further from the truth.

Brooke: Look, if you care so much, why don't you walk out that door and never come back? And leave me the hell alone!

Deacon: So what? This is your idea of love? No wonder you think he's so hung up on you! Listen to me! He has left you before. And he's gonna do it again. Tonight! When you see what Brooke has done for Ridge?


Stephanie: All she's done is take advantage of his grief.

Eric: Well, that's not the way I look at it. And it's not the way Ridge sees it either.

Stephanie: Well, you two never do.

[Stephanie chuckles] I'm the only one that ever sees what Brooke is really capable of.

Eric: Well, if you're talking about Deacon -- I know all about it.

Stephanie: You know what?

Eric: You should have been the one to tell me. Instead, I heard it from Brooke. She told me about Deacon. And about the baby.

Stephanie: She told you that she slept with your daughter's husband and he is the father of her child?

Eric: Yes.

Stephanie: And this is the kind of woman that you want Ridge to be married to?

Eric: She's learned her lesson. Stephanie, you're the one who's been telling me over and over again how much she's changed!

Stephanie: She's obsessed! Nothing's changed!

Eric: Where you see obsession, I see devotion.

Stephanie: I see trouble! Brooke is trouble! That's all she has ever been since she came into our lives -- trouble! And now we have this -- this secret about Deacon and her affair with him and the fact that he's the father of the child. Don't you think eventually that's gonna come out?

Eric: You're not going to say a word!

Stephanie: Oh, believe me, I don't have any problems keeping secrets. And besides, I would never betray your daughter. Not after everything that she's been through. Not that I wouldn't be tempted!

[Stephanie chuckles] one word from me and ridge would be safe -- saved!

Eric: Saved from the woman he loves.

[Stephanie sighs]

Stephanie: Eric -- Eric, he's lonely. He misses his wife. He doesn't really see. He doesn't understand what Brooke is capable of! You want him to marry her and then have this all come out? Have you really stopped to think how that would affect him?

Eric: Stephanie, there's no reason for him ever to find out what Brooke did.

Stephanie: Are you -- do you think -- you think Deacon is going to go along with this? He hates Ridge! You think he's going to allow him to raise his child? This is just an open invitation for Deacon to get on the next plane and come out here!

Eric: He already has.

Stephanie: What?

Eric: He's here. He's here in L.A. And he knows about Ridge and Brooke.

Stephanie: Oh, god! Oh, god! All this ugliness is going to come crashing down on my son.


Brooke: Deacon, please stop this. I'm begging you.

Ridge: Don't give him the satisfaction, Brooke. He'll be out of our hair soon enough. Lieutenant Baker, please.

Deacon: Oh, great. Is this how you want it to go down? In front of the cops? In his house? With his kids here? Brooke, do something. Tell him. Go! Tell him!

Ridge: Now you want Brooke to keep you out of jail? That's very funny.

Brooke: Ridge, hang up.

Ridge: What?


Brooke: Just -- hang up!

Ridge: Logan, what're you doing?

Deacon: I think your little
Logan has something to tell you, don't you?

Brooke: How could you do this to me?

Deacon: Brooke, I'm doing this for you.

Ridge: What the hell is going on?

Deacon: Go ahead.

Brooke: Ridge, this doesn't have anything to do with you and me.

Ridge: What doesn't?

Brooke: It was just a mistake. A horrible mistake I made a long time ago --

Deacon: Great! This is -- this is great. I can see where this is going already!

Brooke: Will you just shut up!

Deacon: You're gonna put your own little spin on it!

Brooke: Shut up!

Deacon: No! No! This is your big chance, Brooke! Prove me wrong! Let's see me how much Ridge loves you, really accepts you for who you really are.

Brooke: This is not about who I am right now! I've changed. I'm different! I've learned and I have grown from that! You know, Ridge. You told me. You saw it.

Ridge: All right. Let's -- just tell me what the hell this is all about. Okay? And what it has to do with this guy.

Deacon: Okay, let me -- um -- I'm gonna try and break this down for you.

Ridge: You break it down for me.

Deacon: This guy? Well, this guy is actually the "mistake." Brooke and I were lovers.


Megan: Amber is gonna be thrilled. These look great. I really, really -- speak of the devil. I didn't know you'd be back tonight. But I'm so glad you are. What do you think?

Amber: Oh, yeah.

Megan: That's it? "Oh, yeah?" The first of your new line under production and -- "oh, yeah?"

Amber: Um -- tell josh that I think they look terrific. And, um -- I'm just, um -- got a lot on my mind.

Megan: Well, it is only gonna get more intense. Requests are flooding in for interviews, for photo shoots, for covers. I mean, Amber, it's like everybody wants a piece of you. Oh, don't worry, you don't have to do them all. I mean, the last thing we want is for you to be overexposed.

[Amber sighs] Megan: Amber, are you okay?

Amber: I -- I'm -- a headache? But I'll be fine. I just -- I need to take some aspirin and lay down.

Megan: Well, here, is it here in your purse?

Amber: No, no, no, no, no! Really. Really. I'm okay. I'm okay. I -- um -- I just need a few minutes.

Megan: All right. Okay. I'll check in on you before I leave. Hope you feel better. Come on, girls. Let's go.

Amber: Oh, god.

[Amber on tape]

[x-rated music plays]

Amber: Oh, yeah.

Oh, yeah, baby.

Right there.

Right there.

[Amber moans on tape]

oh, god!

Amber: Oh, god!


Ridge: You're lying.

Brooke: Ridge, this has nothing to do with us.

Ridge: You and Deacon?

Deacon: Kind of blows your mind, doesn't it?

Brooke: Oh, god! Just get out of here!

Deacon: Oh, no! No, no. You're not leaving me to be the big, bad wolf. No, if we're gonna do this, we're gonna do it right. He's gonna hear the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

Brooke: You don't even know what the truth is anymore! You're drunk! He's always drunk! He's angry and bitter and he hates me! And he'll do anything to make this difficult!

Deacon: All right, listen. First of all, I am not drunk! And more importantly, I don't hate you. Do you know how many nights that I've stayed up wishing Icould hate you? Because it'd make it so much easier. I'd just take all that money you gave me and I'd -- I'd go away somewhere and just disappear. I can't do it. For some reason, you're just -- I don't know -- unforgettable. I guess you'd know all about that, wouldn't you? I mean, this is almost funny. Who the hell would have thought you and I would have so much in common, huh, pal?

Brooke: Stop it!

Deacon: Oh -- oh, I'm sorry. Is it because he's so much above me? See, what you're forgetting is, I've had the real you. Not some phony act.

Brooke: He just wants to hurt you, Ridge! He's jealous, because I love you and not him! But what we had was nothing! It was all about loneliness and need.

Deacon: Oh, oh -- you mean kind of like you guys.

Brooke: You can't even begin to understand what Ridge and I have!

Deacon: You know what I do know? I know this -- he just lost his wife! You gonna tell me this guy doesn't have needs? That he doesn't have wants, Brooke? Why the hell else -- listen to me -- why the hell else could he be wearing blinders? Why isn't he asking himself the tough questions? Like, "gee, now why was Deacon Sharpe in Italy?"

Ridge: Oh, no! No, Brooke! The two of you there?

Brooke: Oh, god! No, Ridge, no! He just wanted a second chance.

Deacon: No, by that time, she had already hooked a bigger fish.

Brooke: It's been over for a long time!

Ridge: How long?

Brooke: It doesn't matter! It's just something that I was really ashamed of. And I want to put it behind me!

Deacon: Oh, I beg to differ. Not all of it.

Brooke: Yes! All of it!

Deacon: No, I think you're forgetting something. Think -- more accurately, someone -- the light of your life. The thing that made it all worthwhile. Well, at least that's what she tells me.

Ridge: Oh, no, god, Brooke -- no, no, no -- no! Don't tell me that he's -- Brooke! Oh, god, no!

Brooke: Yes.

[Sobbing] yeah, he's Hope's father.


Amber: Delight productions. Who the hell is --

Ambrosia smile light up the world Ambrosia style

I may be daddy's little girl but I'm not a child I got a touch of class and I'm a little wild

and if you wonder why I'm wearin' this permanent smile

I'll tell you a little secret Ambrosia style

Ambrosia smile light up the world ambrosia style

Rudy?! Rudy! Oh -- that son of a bitch!

[Amber groans angrily]

Mia: Delight productions.

Amber: I want Rudy!

Mia: Don't we all?

Amber: Put him on the phone!

Mia: Look, if you'd like me to leave a message for Mr. Delight, I could certainly put you --

Amber: This is Amber Forrester! Okay?! And I want to talk to him right friggin' now!

Mia: Oh. Ms. Forrester. One moment, please.

Rudy: Amber, baby. Been waiting for this call.

How's my little star doing?


Eric: Stephanie, deacon is not gonna tell anybody that he's that baby's father. Oh, he loves to make threats and he likes to wield whatever little power he has. But he's not gonna do it this time. Because that there's nothing in it for him. Brooke would hate him for the rest of her life. So if it's Deacon you're depending on to get Brooke away from Ridge, you can forget it. Now these two want to get married. They want to raise their children together.

Stephanie: Do you think that I would -- do you think I could live with her raising Taylor's children?

Eric: You're going to do more than live with it. You're going over there with me tonight and you're gonna give them our blessing.

Stephanie: Oh, no! No! No!

Eric: I'm dead serious, Stephanie! Now Ridge needs this. And he needs Brooke, too! She has been his lifeline and you would see that, if you weren't so consumed with hatred for her. I mean, he's been through hell. He's needed something to hang onto -- someone to hang onto. And that has been Brooke. Without her, his entire life falls apart.


Deacon: Ridge, please tell me that this is starting to fall into place for you here.

Brooke: Ridge, please try to understand. I was so ashamed. I didn't want anyone to know that Hope was Deacon's baby. Not even him!

Ridge: You lied to Whip?

Brooke: No.

Deacon: Please! She never even slept with that idiot! Come on, that whole thing was like a -- business arrangement or something.

Brooke: He was kind to me. He knew how sorry I was. He wanted to help. He was even willing to take Hope on as his own child. And I -- I just didn't think it was right. You know, I didn't love him. So it just didn't seem fair!

Ridge: You married him!

Brooke: I didn't feel like I had any other choice.

Deacon: Because she didn't want the secret to get out, especially to Bridget.

Ridge: Bridget! Oh, god, Bridget! Brooke, no! Come on! Your -- your daughter's husband? Your daughter's husband?

Brooke: I -- I know, Ridge. I -- I don't understand it. I just -- I got carried away with something. And I couldn't stop it. And I tried. I tried. I did! And I did stop it when I married Whip. That was the end of it.

Ridge: When you married Whip? Brooke, you were ready to give birth to the baby by then! You -- no, come on! Come on! That's impossible! No! No, no, look, look, you would have -- you'd been carrying on an affair that whole time, you --

Deacon: Go ahead. Tell him.

Ridge: No! Tell me I've got it all wrong. Tell me you didn't really do that to Bridget. Huh? Tell me it's not true! Tell me that you wouldn't do that, Brooke!

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