B&B Transcript Tuesday 1/28/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 1/28/03

By Suzanne
Proofread by Becky

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Macy: Mom, what did you say?

Sally: Go. Please, go away.

Macy: No, Mom. No, you don't mean that. No, you don't want me to leave. In Italy you begged me to come home with you.

Sally: You -- you refused. Broke my heart.

Macy: Oh, mom, I'm so sorry. I should've come then. I just -- it doesn't matter. I'm here now. I'm back.

Sally: Back? To stay?

Macy: Let's not talk about that, okay? I just want you to concentrate on getting better, Mom.

Sally: Just go. Just go, please.

Macy: Mom.

Sally: If you're not back to stay, I don't want you back at all.

Macy: No.


Thorne: You know, you'd better get used to it.

Lorenzo: What?

Thorne: Macy spending time with her family. They mean a lot to her.

Lorenzo: I know a lot more about my wife than you think.

Thorne: That's something you shouldn't get used to -- calling Macy your wife.

Lorenzo: But she is my wife, in every sense of the word.

Thorne: For now.

Lorenzo: Until death do us part.

Thorne: So what? You're gonna hold her to this marriage that you conned her into?

Lorenzo: She married me freely -- of her own choice.

Thorne: Well, if it makes you feel better to believe that then --

Lorenzo: I will feel better when Macy and I are on a plane back to Italy.

Thorne: Macy's here to stay, my friend.

Clarke: Macy's back in Los Angeles?

Thorne: Yeah, Clarke. Yeah, she is.

Clarke: Oh, good. When she get here? Where is she now?

Thorne: She's in with Sally.

Clarke: Great. Great, this is exactly what sally needs. This is better than great. So, how did she get here?

Lorenzo: I brought her.

Clarke: Who are you?

Lorenzo: I'm Lorenzo, Macy's husband.


C.J.: Oh, yeah, and the -- the -- the dark French roast that I ordered, it should be here. I think it gets here today, so if you could keep an eye out for the delivery guy, that would be great. And I think that's it. Look, if I've forgotten anything --

Raquel: Look, don't worry about it. We'll take care of it.

C.J.: Okay.

Raquel: We're all keeping a good thought out for your mom, C.J.

C.J.: Thanks.

Bridget: Hey, CJ, Raquel. Have you guys seen a cellular biology book anywhere?

C.J.: No, I'm sorry, I haven't.

Raquel: Me neither.

Bridget: Oh, god, I must've left it at Ridge's. And I have an exam.

Raquel: Look, don't worry about anything here, C.J. Everything will be fine.

C.J.: Thank you so much.

Bridget: What's going on?

C.J.: Oh -- my mom, she's in the hospital. She had a heart attack.

Bridget: My god. C.J., Why didn't you call me?

C.J.: I -- things got really crazy, and I had to come back here and --

Bridget: No, no, no, it's okay, it's okay, it's okay. How is she? How's she doing?

C.J.: Not good.

Bridget: Honey, I'm so sorry.

C.J.: Yeah, and I -- I gotta --

Bridget: C.J., You know how strong she is, don't you?

C.J.: I used to think she was. I really did, Bridget. You know, I used to think that she could handle anything. But I saw her laying there in that hospital bed, and she just -- she looked so weak.

Bridget: I know she's gonna be okay.

C.J.: No, but she's not! She's not okay, Bridget. She hasn't been okay since the day that Macy died. Bridget, I can't lose her. She's about all I have left. God, you know, I  just -- I wish Macy was here. I know that sounds stupid, but I just wish she was, 'cause she was the one who always kept us going, you know, and gave us hope.

Bridget: It's up to you to do that now.

C.J.: Yeah, and what if I can't?

Bridget: You can. C.J., I've seen your strength firsthand. I know you can. Come on, honey, we're gonna go to the hospital. Come on.

C.J.: No, no, no, wait, I thought you had an exam to study for.

Bridget: No, no, that can wait.

C.J.: No, Bridget, it can't, okay. Look, your school is the most important thing. And if you think that the first thing I want is my mom reaming me out when she wakes up for keeping you away from school, no thanks. I got enough headaches as it is.

Bridget: C.J., Come on.

C.J.: Bridget -- I'll be okay. My dad is there. And -- I'll be fine.

Bridget: All right. Okay, but I'm gonna cell you the second my exam is done, okay?

C.J.: Thank you.

Bridget: C.J., I know whatever happens at that hospital, you can handle it.


Clarke: Is he serious?

Thorne: I'm afraid so, yeah.

Clarke: Well, I suppose I should welcome you to the family.

Lorenzo: Thank you.

Thorne: I wouldn't roll out the red carpet just yet.

Mark: Dad.

Clarke: Oh, mark. I've been looking for dr. Cooper everywhere. They say he's in surgery, but, you know, sally hasn't woken up yet.

Mark: Hey, okay, slow down. First of all, dr. Cooper is in surgery. And I just got sally's latest test results, and things are looking up. Her angioplasty's holding. Her vitals are strong. And her heart is pumping well.

Clarke: Then why hasn't she woken up yet?

Mark: 'Cause we had her sedated. And she is taking a little longer than usual to come out of it, but it's nothing to worry about.

C.J.: You sure about that?

Mark: There's no guarantees in medicine, but the tests indicate that she's making a recovery.

C.J.: Yeah, well, if you don't mind, I'm gonna check that out for myself.

Clarke: No, no, no. You can't go in there.

C.J.: Why not?

Clarke: Because Dr. Cooper's in there.

C.J.: So?


Macy: I didn't come here to upset you. That is the last thing in the world that I want. I came because here to be with you, because I was so scared that I was gonna lose you.

Sally: I know that feeling.

Macy: Oh, god, mom. I am so sorry. I am so sorry that I had to let you think that I was dead.

Sally: Had to?

Macy: I'm so sorry. Yes, for daddy. To protect him. You said you understood in Italy.

Sally: Yes, but -- but you disappeared without even so much as a good-bye.

Macy: Mom, I wanted to say good-bye. There just wasn't any time. Everything happened so fast. And dad and Lorenzo said we had to go, but I told Darla, I told Thorne to give you my love, to say good-bye for me.

Sally: You left a message? Like a stranger?

Macy: No, no. Mom, that is not true. You mean everything in the world to me.

Sally: Enough to stay?

Macy: I will be here for you as long as you need me.

Sally: That's not good enough, honey.

Macy: Oh, mom. Mom, listen to me. Look at me. I love you.

Sally: It's no good. I can't do this. If you don't love me enough to stay, then I don't want any part of you.


Bridget: Oh, there you are. Ridge.

Ridge: Hey, I didn't expect to see you here.

Bridget: Oh, forgot this. Big exam coming up.

Ridge: Oh. Well, I'm glad you're here, actually. I want to ask your opinion on something.

Bridget: Well, I really have to get going.

Ridge: Won't take long, I promise. I just wanted to see what you think.

Bridget: Okay. What is it?

Ridge: This.

Bridget: Wow.

Ridge: Well, that would answer my first question.

Bridget: It's so beautiful. What's your second?

Ridge: Do you think your mom would like it?

Ridge: Belonged to dad's grandmother.

Bridget: Wow. A Forrester heirloom. It must mean a lot to you, huh?

Ridge: I always liked this one. Taylor didn't like it so much. She always said it wasn't really her.

Bridget: Yeah, I can see that. It's -- it's a little too flashy for her.

Ridge: How 'bout for your mom?

Bridget: Does it really matter what I think?

Ridge: Yes, of course it does.

Bridget: Okay. I think she'll like it.

Ridge: But --

Bridget: But maybe it's a little too soon.

Ridge: I learned two things from Taylor's death. There are no sure things, ever. And if you love someone, don't wait to tell them. It sure would mean a lot if I knew I had your support.

Bridget: Look, Ridge, I -- I just want you to be happy. So if this makes you happy --

Ridge: Okay, that's what I wanted to hear. You know, I'd like to see what it felt like to put this on a beautiful woman's finger. Would you --

Bridget: Oh, no, Ridge.

Ridge: There. That wasn't so bad. Yeah, this is -- this is right. In fact, this is perfect. You know, there was a time when the last person Taylor would've wanted this ring to go to was Brooke. But Brooke has changed. And Taylor saw that.

Bridget: Ridge -- is this an engagement ring? Are you gonna ask my mother to marry you?


C.J.: Dr. Cooper's in with mom? Why? What is going on?

Mark: I got to get back to work.

C.J.: All right, you want to tell me what that was all about?

Clarke: What?

C.J.: Mark acting so weird. Weirder than usual, anyway.

Clarke: Oh, no, no, he wasn't. You're just on edge. You're worried about your mother. But you heard what your brother said, things are going good.

C.J.: Right. And like I said, I'm gonna check that out for myself.

Clarke: No, no, no, no. C.J., C.J., You can't go in there. I told you Dr. Cooper's in there.

C.J.: So what?

Clarke: He wants us to wait out here.

C.J.: All right, fine. I'm giving him five minutes, and then I'm goin' in there.

Clarke: Let's go get a cup of coffee.

C.J.: No, no, no, no. I'm not going anywhere until I know what's going on in there.


Macy: Mom, don't do this. Don't do this. We've lost so much time already.

Sally: It was your choice, Macy, your choice.

Macy: I know. I know, but not a day went by, mother, not one, when I didn't miss you.

Sally: You missed me?

Macy: Mother. I know I hurt you, but I'll never do that again.

Sally: You have to promise me, Macy. Promise -- you have to promise you'll never disappear from my life like that again. Promise.


Bridget: That's what this is, isn't it? An engagement ring?

Ridge: No, not exactly.

Bridget: Ridge, come on, with me, at least be honest with yourself. You want to marry my mother.

Ridge: Yeah, eventually, I do. Look, Bridget, I know you have a vested interest in this.

Bridget: What are you talking about?

Ridge: The kids.

Bridget: Well, I mean, I guess I'm just scared they're gonna be hurt by all of this.

Ridge: Listen, princess, I know you're trying to protect me and the children, but I think Brooke would be good for this family. I think she'd be good for all of us. And that's why I'm gonna organize a little get-together for all of us tomorrow night.

Bridget: All of you?

Ridge: Brooke, Hope, me, the kids. I'm hoping it'll be the first of many gatherings like that.

Bridget: And that's when you're going to give her the ring?

Ridge: Not in front of the kids. But at some point, yes. I'd like Brooke to know that I would like us to be together forever as a family.

Bridget: I gotta go.

Ridge: Bridget, what's up with you?

Bridget: Nothing's up with me. I have to study. I told you.

Ridge: No. Something's happened. You've been different ever since we came back from Italy.

Bridget: I don't know what you're talking about.

Ridge: I'm talking about the mysterious disappearance of my little sister.

Bridget: I'm the same.

Ridge: No. Something has changed, Bridget. Please tell me what it is.

Bridget: I can't do this. I gotta go.


[Monitor beeping]

Sally: Do you promise, Macy?

[Monitor beeping]

Sally: Do you promise, Macy? Promise that you'll stay for good?

Macy: I'll stay.

Sally: You're not just saying that because I'm here in the hospital?

Macy: No. I'm saying it because this is where I want to be.

Sally: Oh, thank god. Thank god, my darling. Welcome home.

Intercom: Paging Dr. Statemen. Dr. Statemen, please.

C.J.: Dad, who is that guy? What, is he a friend of mom's or something?

Clarke: Sort of.

C.J.: What do you mean "sort of"?

Thorne: They met in Italy.

C.J.: So what is he doing here?

Clarke: It's a long story.

C.J.: You know what? I've had it. I've had it. Something's going on here, and I'm gonna find out what it is.

Clarke: C.J., Wait!

C.J.: Excuse me, doctor, I need to talk to you.

Sally: C.J. --

C.J.: Oh, my god, mom, thank god you're awake. Macy?

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