B&B Transcript Monday 1/27/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 1/27/03

By Suzanne
Proofread by Becky

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 Thorne: What? His wife?

 Lorenzo: Yes.

 Thorne: No, no. No, Macy. You wouldn't.

[Macy sighs]

Thorne:  Macy. Macy. Why?


 Rick: What was that?

 Amber: That was your reward.

 Rick: For what?

 Amber: For doing more than your share while I've been working so much. Don't think I haven't noticed.

 Rick: It's no big deal.

 Amber: Well, it is to me. Otherwise, I couldn't have pulled this whole thing together for the meeting today.

 Rick: Look, Amber, you understand what this meeting is about, don't you?

 Amber: Yeah, we're discussing the future of the ambrosia line.

 Rick: We're discussing whether or not there's going to be a future for the Ambrosia line.

 Amber: I'm not worried.

 Rick: So you're not gonna take it personally if dad decides to cancel the line.

 Amber: He's not gonna cancel okay? Especially when he sees my sketches.

 Rick: Look, Amber, you gotta be realistic here.

 Amber: Just trust me. Okay? Hi!

 Eric: Rick, Amber, you're early.

 Amber: Oh, yeah. I just was real excited and I just really wanted to talk to you about the line.

 Eric: I see.

 Amber: You know, Thorne left me a message on the answering machine and said that the retailers are giving us shelf space again.

 Eric: Well, that's true.

 Brooke: It's largely a result of Eric's success in Portofino. Eric's designs are very much in demand.

 Kristen: And the retailers want to stay on our good side.

 Amber: So what you're saying is they're just still not really sure about me, huh?

 Brooke: Well, there's a lot at stake here, Amber. And not just for them, but for us. It would mean investing millions and millions of dollars in production and advertising, distribution --

 Amber: No, I understand that.

 Eric: Economics is not the only issue here. Haute couture has always been the heart and soul of this company from the very beginning. The name Forrester stands for that. It always has and it always will. Now, for us to invest a lot of time and energy into a line that goes against that image --

 Rick: Well, wait a minute, dad. It's beginning to sound like you've already made your decision.


 Lorenzo: You feel she owes you an explanation?

 Thorne: I'm not talking to you.

 Macy: Can we please not get into this right now? I don't even know if -- is she gonna be all right?

 Thorne: The doctors aren't sure yet, Macy. She hasn't come to. It's gonna make all the difference in the world, you being here.

 Lorenzo: We give you some time.

 Macy: Please.

 Thorne: Okay. What the hell did you do to her?

 Lorenzo: What did I do to her? I made a vow to love and cherish her for the rest of her life. And, unlike you, I'm gonna live up to it.


 Eric: Look, Amber, you have worked very, very hard on the Ambrosia line and you've achieved tremendous success. You should be very, very proud. But looking ahead --

 Amber: Oh, wait, wait -- can I just say something please?

 Eric: Sure.

 Amber: I just wanted to say that I totally agree with you. You know, it doesn't make sense to have two lines working against each other.

 Kristen: What are you saying? You don't want to do your line any more?

 Amber: No, no, I do! I mean, I love it. I love my work. And I love the company. I love your work. But if the ambrosia line is going to survive and be a part of Forrester, it just has to be consistent with the style.

 Rick: Yeah, but, Amber, this -- this isn't your style.

 Amber: I know. But there are plenty of women out there that are just like me who love the look, but they're -- they're just not ready for it. And they need something maybe a little younger, you know. Or, uh -- less expensive. And I figure, if I can take the same basic theme and just jumble it up a bit and put my own spin on it, you know, um -- let me show you. Let me show you. See, like this. Like, I loved the pleated bust line and the draped waistline, but the length, it's a little long for someone my age. So I shortened the hem and I -- I made it asymmetrical. And I put two separate sleeves on it with a shrug, but if you think it's too much --

Eric: No. No, it works.

 Kristen: It is interesting.

 Amber: Well, I have a zillion more just like it. And I've been working really closely with Josh to, you know, lower costs and with less expensive fabrics and patterns.

 Kristen: Dad, look at this one. It's very original, but not out of sync with what you're doing.

 Amber: See, that's the idea. You know, I want to complement Eric's line, not distract from it.

 Rick: Well, dad? What do you think?


 Thorne: That's your game, isn't it? Bringing up my mistakes, over and over. Just preying on Macy's insecurities, her fears, huh?

 Lorenzo: I don't have a game, Thorne.

[Thorne scoffs]

 Thorne: She wasn't ready to get married. She almost left you that day in Portofino.

 Lorenzo: Is that what you've been telling yourself?

 Thorne: You scared her into leaving with you. Telling her that I would ruin her life. And then you pressured her into a wedding. She was clinging to you because you were all that she had left.

 Lorenzo: So in your version, Macy's a victim. Rapunzel locked in the tower.

 Thorne: Not anymore. 'Cause she's here now. She's home. And she's surrounded by her family and her friends. So she's not gonna need you anymore. She's not gonna be dependent on you the way that she was in Italy.

 Lorenzo: And, naturally, you see that as a golden opportunity. Your chance to win her back. You know what? Things have changed. Macy's changed. She has something real now. Someone she can rely on and trust. My guess is, um, her family and friends will be happy about that. For you to think they push her in your direction -- you are the reason they lost her in the first place.

 Macy: Oh, mom -- there's just so much I need to tell you. So much I need to talk about. It just can't be too late. It just can't be.


 Eric: You've worked really hard on this.

 Eric: You've worked really hard on this. Haven't you, Amber?

 Amber: Well, I believe in what I'm doing. I mean, this line, it used to be about just me expressing myself and getting my own ideas out there. But it's so much more now. You know, and if you give me the chance, I promise you I will bust my butt for you, because you're right! It just can't be about what's gonna bring in the most money. And the ambrosia line, it's gotta fit! It's gotta live up to the Forrester name. Now you could go out there and you could find yourself another designer who's better qualified and better trained. But you will never find someone with more respect for this family and its tradition than me. I want to make you proud.

 Brooke: Amber, why don't you let us have a minute to discuss your proposal.

 Eric: Brooke, I really don't think that will be necessary. The decision's already been made.

 Rick: Well, wait a minute, Dad. Come on, at least think about it.

 Eric: Will you two let me say something here?

 Rick: Yeah.

 Eric: Thank you. Look, I -- I founded this company and I know better than anybody what it stands for. What it represents. What fits into that image and what doesn't. Now what you've done with the ambrosia line represents, probably, the best opportunity we've had around here in a very long time.

 Amber: Are you serious?

 Eric: I'm serious if you're serious about busting your butt.

 Amber: Yes! Yeah -- god, yeah! I'll do anything!

 Eric: Well, what you're gonna do is you're gonna create a line that we can all be very, very proud of.

 Brooke: Congratulations, Amber.

 Kristen: Yes, congratulations. Now we have got a lot of work to do. So I hope you're ready.

 Amber: Oh, I am! I'm so --

[Amber shrieks] Thank you.

 Eric: Good. Good.

 Amber: Oh, baby.


 Thorne: You know, maybe I am the reason Macy stayed away. But she's home now. She's not hiding out anymore, living under assured names -- all of which worked to your advantage.

 Lorenzo: You don't know anything about my relationship with Macy. I know all about yours. And it's gonna take a hell of a lot more than a change of address to revive it. But if that's what you're counting on, you may want to rethink your strategy. Because we're not gonna be here for long.

 Macy: I know what it did to you, mom. Letting you think I died. Telling you the truth and then leaving you again. But you gotta know, I was just as lost without you.

[Monitor beeping]

all I want is just the way it used to be

with you here close to me

I've got to make you see that I'm lost without your love

life without you isn't worth the trouble, love

I'm as helpless as a ship without a wheel a touch without a feel I can't believe it's real

and someday soon I'll wake but someday soon I'll wake and find my heart won't have to break momma! Oh, mom.


 Rick: You know, I thought I would be bringing you here to cheer you up. And instead, we're celebrating.

 Amber: Oh, ye of little faith.

 Rick: That's not true, Amber. I have all the faith in the world in you.

 Rick: You know, I must say that was some sales pitch.

[Glasses clink]

 Amber: Thank you. Just wanted to show your dad what I could do.

 Rick: He was ready to pull the plug. You realize that.

 Amber: Would you have blamed him? I mean, think about what he's been through in the past year. Forrester name, the reputation, that means everything to him. And I nearly destroyed it.

 Rick: It wasn't your fault, Amber.

 Amber: Some of it was. It's okay. I can take responsibility. I need to.

 Rick: I just -- I don't want you beating yourself up, okay?

 Amber: I'm not. I'm telling you this 'cause things are going to be different. Because I'm different. You know, I don't have to prove myself to anybody anymore. You know, I don't have to get in anybody's face. I just want to do my part. Make my own contribution to Forrester -- the company and the family. And stay the hell out of the tabloids.

 Rick: Hear, hear.

 Amber: Sure you can handle it? Might be a little boring living with the girl next door.

 Rick: You? Boring? I find that very funny.

 Amber: Don't worry, I'll find ways to keep you entertained.

 Rick: Oh, I'm not worried --

[guys laughing]

 guy #1: Yeah, baby!

 Amber: Whatever.

 Rick: You know what, they're probably just jealous. I mean, who wouldn't be?

 Amber: You're so sweet.

[Guys laughing] don't even think about it. We're here to celebrate. Come on.

 Rick: You're right. You're right.

 Amber: Um -- I didn't order that.

 Waitress: I know. They sent it over.

 Amber: What is it?

 Waitress: Peach schnapps and vodka, otherwise known as "silk panties."

 Rick: Silk panties? Give me that.

 Amber: Rick, it's not even worth it.

 Rick: What the hell is your problem?

 Guy #2: No problem. I just thought Ambrosia might like a drink.

 Rick: "Ambrosia" is fine.

 Guy #3: No kidding.

 Rick: She's also my wife. So back off.

 Guy #3: Wait, wait. You gotta tell us what she's like!

 Guy #1: We already know.

 Amber: You know what, Rick? Let's get out of here. Come on. Come on.

 Guy #3: Wait, wait, don't go!

 Guy #2: So nice to finally meet you --

 guy #1: In the flesh!

 Rick: Do you -- do you have any idea --

 Amber: No. They're just drunk.

 Rick: He called you Ambrosia.

 Amber: Ambrosia? From the line? That's weird they'd know anything about fashion? Whatever. Let's just go.


 Thorne: You're not going to be here?

 Lorenzo: You didn't really think Macy would want to be in L.A.? With all its painful memories?

 Thorne: But her friends, her family --

 Lorenzo: They'd be welcome to visit us in Italy.

 Thorne: In

Italy is special to us both. It's where we fell in love, where we want to raise our children.

 Thorne: Macy damn near lost her mother. And there's no way in hell that she would leave her now!

[Heart monitor beeping]

 Sally: Macy?

 Macy: Yes. Yes, it's me. Mom! I'm here! You don't realize what happened, do you? You're in the hospital. You had a heart attack. Pretty severe one. You gave us all a scare.

 Sally: That's why you came?

 Macy: Just take it easy, okay? I'm gonna go and get the doctor.

 Sally: No.

 Macy: What, mom? What is it?

[Sally speak unintelligibly]

 sally: Just -- cannot -- deal with --

 Macy: What? I didn't understand?

 Sally: Go -- go away.

[Macy gasps]

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