B&B Transcript Wednesday 12/18/02

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 12/18/02

By Eric
Proofread by Becky

 So, you agreed to do that Italian talk show with Eric? 3E0127CC.JPG

 Ridge: Yeah, imagine that. Spectra's head designer fraternizing with all of you people.

 Brooke: That's very generous of you.

 Ridge: Yeah, well, it's going to cost you, though.

 Brooke: Oh, yeah? What?

 Ridge: How about dinner?

 Brooke: You want to take me to dinner?

 Ridge: Yeah.

 Brooke: Well, is that because you want me to leak information about our future show-stopper?

 Ridge: No. That would be the bottom of the list of what I want.

 Brooke: Oh, yeah? We could talk about the great location for the fashion show.

 Ridge: What are you talking about, we're in Portofino. Look around you. Pick anyplace here at all. It would be absolutely gorgeous. 3E0127F8.JPG

 Brooke: You're not taking this seriously.

 Ridge: I'm absolutely serious. Right here, look at this. What do you think of this?

 Brooke: The pier? Oh, well, this is beautiful. This is the most beautiful catwalk I've ever seen in my life. Look.

 Ridge: There you go. Absolutely perfect.

 Brooke: You're right. You're right. It is absolutely perfect. I don't know why I never noticed something so beautiful when it's right here in front of my eyes.

 Ridge: I was thinking the same thing.


 You saw her, didn't you?

 I had to do it and I knew I missed her, but until I saw her standing there in front of me, I didn't realize how much. 3E012860.JPG

 Was it as wonderful as we've been imagining all this time?

 Seeing her again, there just there just aren't any words to tell you what that felt like.

 I can see it on your face, those beautiful eyes.

 And you understand why I had to go.

 Yes, I understand. Is that all there is to this, one meeting? Or is this just the beginning?


 Is it true? Are you going back to your old life?

 Macy: No. That's not going to happen.

 How long before everyone even knows

 Macy: Is it everyone that you're concerned about or just one person in particular?

 : She is here with the Forresters, your Thorne. 3E0129C0.JPG

 Macy: He's not my Thorne.

 Is that the way you want it?

 Macy: That's the way it is. I saw play mother, okay? But I didn't see Thorne. That will never happen.

 I will never let him hurt you again. I can see the end of it.

 It would be so much easier if I never met you. I saw you the second I got here. That's why I came here, not just to try to get you back. I know derby know it can't be. No matter what happens between you and me, I'm always going to care about you. I don't want to see you get hurt.

 Thorne: Why do you even care, Macy, after that I did to you? 3E012A49.JPG

 Macy: I love you.


 Ridge: Are you sure it's enough for you?

 Brooke: Mm-hmm.

 Ridge: You didn't think I was taking this seriously?

 Brooke: I didn't think you were taking finding the location for the competition seriously.

 Ridge: Oh. What competition?

 Brooke: Oh,, will you quit teasing me.

 Ridge: Oh, I'm just thankful. You took me out of the lowest point in my life and you brought me here.

 Brooke: I'm glad that you let me.

 Ridge: I didn't, really. It just sort of took on a life of its own.

 Brooke: Just like it always does. 3E012ABF.JPG


 Massimo: Pardon me, Bridget. There's something I've got to take care of.

 Bridget: That?

 Massimo: Yes, that. It is disgusting the way she's taking advantage of Ridge in this beautiful setting. A woman trying to seduce a man who has just lost his wife.

 Bridget: And you're going to stop her?

 Massimo: You're damn right I am.

 Bridget: Well, you're going to have to get past me to do it. (Knocking) Darla, come on in.

 Darla: Hi. Thanks.

 Bridget: Thank you for coming.

 Darla: Oh, of course. You sounded upset on the phone. Is everything okay? 3E012AFE.JPG

 Bridget: I just had some questions, Darla. And I was hoping you could give me the answers.

 Massimo: Do you think that you can stop me?

 Bridget: Yes, I do.

 Massimo: How do you propose to accomplish this? Bridget well, certainly not with brute force, if that's what you're thinking. 3E012BF6.JPG

 Massimo: Okay, sit down a minute. How, are you planning to charm me?

 Bridget: No, no, Massimo. That's not really my style. I prefer the direct approach.

 Massimo: Hmm. The woman doesn't play games. I like that.

 Bridget: You like that? Good. Well, I'm going to give it to you straight. Back off.

 Massimo: Tough words.

 Bridget: I feel strongly about this. Look, listen to me... when two people belong together, you know as well as I do there's nothing anybody can do to stop that.

 Massimo: Bridget, this is where you and I differ, okay? Because I firmly believe that Brooke and Ridge do not belong together. 3E012C1F.JPG

 Bridget: That's because you don't understand the connection those two have. If everybody could just stand back for a second and leave them alone, maybe they could finally be happy together. That is what you want, isn't it, for Ridge to be happy?


 Thorne: Excuse me.

 How is leani?

 Thorne: I'm not surprised she's not exactly down the beaten path.

 So what brings you here?

 Thorne: A little peace and quiet. And looks like I found it.

 You're in business here?

 Thorne fashion. I'm here for the design competition here in Portofino. Maybe you've heard of my family's business, Forrester creations.

 Your reputation precedes you. Mr. Forrester, is it? 3E012C85.JPG

 Thorne: Thorne, Thorne Forrester.


 Macy: I was very careful coming over here. I took two taxies and I walked the last blocks.

Darla:: God it's good to see you. So this is where you've been living, huh?


 Darla: It's great. It's just so Italian, huh? So, tell me, what did you want to ask me?

Macy: I was just interested in what's been going on at home, you know, what's been happening since I've been gone.

 Darla: Uh, yeah. I have some bad news.

 Macy: What?

 Darla: Taylor died.

 Macy: Oh my god!

 Darla: Yeah, Mace, it was horrible. It was horrible, horrible. 3E012CBF.JPG

 Macy: Poor Ridge, and the kids.

 Darla: Yeah, they've had a really rough go of it, god. But you know Brooke, she's been a big help. Looks like she and Ridge might get together after all.

 Macy: Brooke?

 Darla: Yeah. She's been spending all of her time with him.

 Macy: What about her and Thorne?

 Darla: You haven't heard?

 Macy: No.

 Darla: Mace, they're not together anymore. They haven't been for a long time.

  Macy: Thorne and Brooke aren't together anymore? 3E012DA5.JPG

 Darla: Oh, they were married, you know, for a really short time but it just didn't work out.

 Macy: She broke his heart, didn't she?

 Darla: Yeah.

 Macy: God. I knew it. I saw it coming. I tried to warn him, but, damn it, he just -- just didn't listen.

 Darla: Well, maybe he would now.

 Macy: No, Darla, no. It's -- it's too late. My life is with Lorenzo now.

 Darla: But your heart, mace, who is your heart with?


 Bridget: You do want my brother to be happy, don't you?

 Massimo: Yes, but he will never be happy with Brooke because she's only going to bring him pain and misery the way she's always done. 3E012DF5.JPG

 Bridget: He loves her. God, it's so obvious. Would you look at them? They love each other.

 Massimo: How about the children, hmm? They do not love Brooke. As a matter of fact, they don't even like her and do you know why?

 Bridget: Because they miss their mother.

 Massimo: No, no, Bridget, listen... children sense things. They instinctively know when someone is good and when they're not. Thomas and the girls are rejecting Brooke because they know she's no good for their family.

 Bridget: Thomas and the girls wouldn't accept anybody who isn't Taylor right now.

 Massimo: Maybe, but they would accept you. 3E012E18.JPG

 Bridget: I'm not trying to be their mom. I'm not trying to fill that role.

 Massimo: I wish to god you were. You're exactly what they need right now. You could be a mother like Taylor, something that Brooke could never be.

 Bridget: Give her a chance, Massimo.

 Massimo: To do what? To ruin an entire family? No, I will not do that.

Bridget: How are you going to stop that exactly?

 Massimo: Whatever it takes. I'm not going to stop until I get that woman out of Ridge's life and he comes up with someone that's good for him and the children.

 Bridget: Why are you so obsessed with this? You're driving yourself crazy over something that really doesn't even involve you. Let it go. 3E012E43.JPG

 Massimo: Bridget, maybe there's something that you can do. You can forgive and forget that everything your mother has done to you. Well, I can't. I am not going to sit back and watch my son get involved that some cheap --

 Bridget: What did you say?

 Massimo: Nothing.

 Bridget: Yes, you did. You said "my son". You just called Ridge your son.


 Thorne: I'm sorry, I didn't get your name.

 Lorenzo: Lorenzo.

 Thorne: Lorenzo, as in Laconda, Lorenzo.

 Lorenzo: I'm the owner.

 Thorne: Well, nice place. You know you can tell a lot about a guy by the way that he runs his business. 3E012E7A.JPG

 Lorenzo: Really? What does this place tell you about me?

 Thorne: That you are a person who is very passionate when it comes to something he cares about.

 Lorenzo: You're right about that. When you find something good, Mr. Forrester, like this restaurant, a beautiful woman, you have to do whatever it takes to hang onto it. Whatever it takes. (Speaking Italian) Lena!

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