B&B Transcript Tuesday 12/17/02

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 12/17/02

By Eric
Proofread by Becky

 Macy: It's me.

 Sally: Baby! Macy!


(Knock at door)

 Eric: You’re right on time.

 Stephanie: You just called!

 Eric: Yes, I did.

 Stephanie: What is this question that you have?

 Eric: It's not a question. I want to ask your advice.

 Stephanie: All right.

 Eric: Which one?

 Stephanie: With this outfit?

 Eric: Not with this outfit, with one of the gowns in the lineup!

 Stephanie: Which outfit in the lineup?

 Eric: The red.

 Stephanie: The clutch. Definitely the clutch.

 Eric: Well, the clutch it is. I could get you in a clutch!

 Stephanie: Stop!

 Eric: I'm just getting started.

 Stephanie: We have work to do, sir.

 Eric: You know what they say about all work and no play!

 Stephanie: Oh, come on, stop that! (Laughing)


 (Phone ringing)

 Thorne: Hello?

 Aren't you supposed to say bon giorno? Or is it bona feta?

 Thorne: Trish sla!

 Trisha: What's going on there?

 Thorne: How are you?

 Trisha: Fine. I haven't burnt your house down. Actually, I'm becoming a frustrated, disgruntled tenant.

 Thorne: What's wrong?

 Trisha: I don't know how to get your hot tub started.

 Thorne: Well, who you are hot tubbing with?

 Trisha: Nobody. At least, not until I get it started.

 Thorne: You realize that answer won't obligate me to help you?

 Trisha: Does it help if I tell you that I miss you? Don't worry, you're not obligated to say you miss me back.

 Thorne: Sorry. Just having some hold issues.

 Trisha: You could always come home.

 Thorne: That's a very tempting offer but I need to stay here and help dad with this contest.

 Trisha: Will you call me when the votes come in?

 Thorne: Absolutely!

 Trisha: And when you get back, we'll pick up right when you get -- where we left off. That is, unless you meet some dark-eyed contessa down by the beach.

 Thorne: No chance. Nothing roman particular is going to happen here!



 Sally: This is not possible! This can't be happening.

 Macy: It is!

 Sally: Really?

 Macy: Yes.

 Sally: It's you, darling?

 Macy: Yes.

 Sally: You're really here?

 Sally: Thank god!

 Macy: Mama!


 Thorne: Okay. I'll talk to you later. Well, hello there!

Bridget: Hello there Thorne! Fancy meeting you here!

 Thorne: Is that sarcasm?

 Bridget: Well, hello, Thorne! You've become a regular fixture down here.

 Thorne: How would you know in?

 Bridget: Touché.

 Thorne: Have a seat. Please. Really I was gig beginning to wonder. What's the point of coming to Italy if you're going to spend most of the time in your room Bridget.

 Bridget: We tried a nanny. Nobody's forcing me to hang out with the kids. I like them.

 Thorne: They like you too.

 Bridget: They're in a strange country. I think it's god for them to be around somebody familiar.

 Thorne: Does that brother of ours know what a godsend you are?

 Bridget: He didn't want me to miss all this.

 Thorne: It's an amazing place.

 Bridget: Are you having a better time now?

 Thorne: It was a little overwhelming with the memories, yeah. But I think I'm through the worst part of it.


 Sally: Oh, darling! Macy! I still can't believe it! You're alive.

 Macy: Mom, I missed you so much!

 Sally: I missed you too, baby. My beautiful baby, I missed you. What happened, darling? Tell me what happened because when I spoke to the firemen they said that they searched everywhere --

 Macy: The explosion must have thrown me from that car. All I really remember was trying to get away from the fire. I crawled into the woods and I found this abandoned cabin. I thought I was going to die there. And I don't know how long I lay there, unconscious. The next thing I saw was dad.

 Sally: Adam? You did this? You saved her?

 Macy: Then he brought me here.

 Adam: I had to leave California. The accident was getting national press. The only way I could help Macy was to get out of the country, and fast.

 Sally: So you came here?

 Macy: It took me over a year to recover, Mom. I was in so much pain. I couldn't deal with anything. I started to drink again.

 Sally: Oh, god!

 Macy: I spent some of the darkest months of my life here in this town. But dad, he wouldn't let me get lost in that nightmare. Not again. So he got me out of the house. He asked a friend of his to get me a job and that's where I met Lorenzo.

 Sally: Lorenzo?

 Macy: Oh, yes. He's a good man, mom. And he and dad, they got me back on my feet.

 Sally: And the drinking problem, that's gone?

 Macy: Oh, yes. Thank god. I've made a new life for myself here, Mom. And nobody -- nobody knows who I am.

 Sally: So all this time you've been hiding here in Italy, with your father?

 Macy: I wanted to see you. I wanted to get word to you, Mother but I just couldn't.

 Sally: I thought you were dead.

 Macy: I'm sorry.

 Sally: I went to the funeral. I stood at your graveside. I buried my only daughter. But I really didn't because she was alive. And you knew! You knew. 


Stephanie: Stop it! You're acting like a teenager!

 Eric: You make me feel like a teenager!

 Stephanie: You know that drives me crazy!

 Eric: I know it does!

 Stephanie: Stop, stop, stop!

 Eric: All right.

 Stephanie: Tell me something...

 Eric: I'll tell you anything you want to hear.

 Stephanie: I know you will! Why is it that men always equate romance with seduction?

 Eric: You don't want to be seduced?

 Stephanie: When a woman says she wants to be swept off her feet, that she wants to be picked up and thrown on the bed.

 Eric: Are you saying that that thought hasn't crossed your mind?

 Stephanie: I'm saying that I wanted to inspire you.

 Eric: The youthful abandon thing didn't  impress you so let's try something a little more sophisticated... madame, may I have this dance? Stephanie, I want to put my arms around you! Come on, dance with me!

 Stephanie: You know, it would help if we had a little music.

 Eric: Music?

 Stephanie: Yeah.

 Eric: The lady wants music?

 Stephanie: Mm-hmm.

 Eric: Well, then, it's music she shall have...

 Eric: Come here! Come here! Come here. Ah, yes. Ah, yes.


 Adam: Red, we understand how difficult the last couple of years have been for you.

 Sally: You do understand? Have you ever for one moment believed that Macy was dead? For one second?

 Adam: I wished there had been some way to contact you.

 Macy: We just couldn't take the chance.

 Adam: Not only for our safety but for years as well.

 Macy: Mom those men are dangerous. If they even suspected for one minute that you knew where dad was, there's just no telling what they would have done to get that information.

 Sally: Do you think I care about that? I'm your mother! Do you think I wouldn't gladly have given up my life to make you safe?

 Macy: I know, Mom. But this hasn't been easy for anybody.

 Adam: Can you imagine what this has been like for Macy?

 Macy: I knew you were grieving, Mom. I knew you were hurt. And I knew it was my fault.

 Sally: No. No, it wasn't. It was your father. You're the cause of all this pain, Adam. Just like before. Just like always!

 Macy: Mom... it wasn't his fault.

 Macy: Yes, it was. Oh, yes. If it wasn't for him I never would have lost you!

 Macy: If it wasn't for him, I'd be dead! He saved my life. If he hadn't found me in that cabin, I wouldn't be standing here right now!


 Stephanie: Puccini.

 Eric: Appropriate, don't you love it? A creative story of a -- tragic story of a creative journey separated from the love of his life by circumstance. It's very sad.

 Stephanie: How were you able to accomplish that?

 Eric: For you, Madame, anything. You wanted romance. What's more romantic than this?

 Stephanie: Nothing and nobody. Just you.


 Bridget: Thorne, I know how difficult it is for you, being back here in Italy.

 Thorne: Ah, well. You know, I just wish that I could tell Macy how sorry I am.

 Bridget: She knows.

 Thorne: Yeah? You think?

 Bridget: Yeah. I mean, I know it's going to sound corny, talking about heaven and her looking down on you, but I honestly believe if you two are destined to be together, some day you will find each other again.


 Sally: You're right, darling. You're absolutely right. This is a miracle! What am I thinking?

 Macy: It's okay, Mom. I knew you might feel betrayed.

 Sally: I should be overjoyed! And I am. Oh, my darling, I am. Truly I am! Oh, sweetheart!

 Adam: You don't have to feel guilty about blaming me, red. I am the reason that Macy couldn't see you.

   Sally: You're also the reason that she's here now. You brought her to me. Thank you. Thank you. I want to thank you for everything. I want to thank you for finding her. For saving her life. For keeping her safe. And bringing her to me. I know what it cost you. What a risk you were taking.

 Adam: Like I said, I wouldn't have passed up this opportunity for anything.

 (Knock at door)

 Macy: It's Darla. I forgot, she's out there waiting!

 Adam: She saw you?

 Macy: Yes.

 Darla: Is everything okay?

 Sally: Yes, we're fine. Come on in. Isn't this absolutely amazing, Darla?

 Darla: I couldn't believe it, Sal. I turned around, fainted and I passed out.

 Adam: Hello, Darla. How are you?

 Darla: How are you? Good to see you!

 Adam: Good to see you.

 Darla: CJ is going to go crazy when you get home, isn't he?

 Macy: I -- I am home, Darla. This is my life now.

 Darla: Yes. But you can come home to visit, right?

 Adam: She can't leave. If she does, people would know where we are. Our lives would never be the same.

 Sally: Well, let's not talk about that now. We don't need to. We're together now. We've got our girl back, Darla!

 Darla: Yes, we do!

 Sally: She's alive! She's here. Oh, I love you, my precious girl! I love you so much.

 Macy: I love you too, Mom. I love all of you.

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