B&B Transcript Wednesday 12/11/02

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 12/11/02

By Suzanne
proofread by Suvi

Massimo: So, where did you and that judge disappear to last night after the reception?

Sally: Ah, you noticed that, did you?

Massimo: Let's hope no one else noticed it. Sally, do you know what will happen if they find out you're consorting with one of the judges?

Sally: I was not consorting. I was not consorted. I was escorted by a gentleman to a private screening, okay?

Massimo: Ma va! Get out of here. Come on. Sally --

Sally: Take it easy. Take it easy. Nothing saucy happened -- yet.

Massimo: Oh, Sally. You want another cup?

Sally: Mm, I can't stay. I am meeting Clarke for dinner over at the Splendido, and I thought I would mosey on over a little bit ahead of time. Talk to a few of the maids in the quarters, see if any one of them has spotted any of Eric Forrester's designs.

Massimo: Just try not to get into any trouble, hmm?

Sally: Who, me?

Massimo: Mm.

Sally: I never get in trouble.

Massimo: Ah.

Sally: Ciao bella.

Massimo: Ciao. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. Il conto, per favore. That's it. Wait a minute, on a second thought, bring me another espresso. Don't hurry.


Fall in love

it will be forever or I'll never fall in love

in a restless world like this is love is ended before it's begun

and too many moonlight kisses seem to cool in the warmth of the sun

when I give my heart it will be completely or I'll never give

Macy: It's our song.

When I fall in love it will be forever or Iíll never fall in love

Thorne: It's stuck! Push!

Macy: I can't. I can't.

Thorne: All right, listen. I'm gonna go to the other side, okay? Okay.

Macy: She has a cut on her head, and she's lost a lot of blood. And you've got to put some pressure on it. You've got to stop the bleeding. She can't lose any more blood. She could die.

Thorne: Okay. Okay. Okay. I'll be right back, okay?

Macy: Okay, Thorne -- listen. Don't leave her.

Thorne: Okay. I will be back.

Macy: I know. I'll be all right.


Brooke: You know, I still think that church would make the perfect backdrop for the fashion show.

Ridge: Well, this place is so spectacular. Any place in the whole town would work. We just have to pick one. What is that look?

Brooke: All this talk about church is making me want to do something sinful.

Ridge: Really? Really? And what'd you have in mind?

Brooke: Gelato.

Ridge: Gelato.

Brooke: Come on.


when I fall in love with you


[ applause ]

Macy: Grazie, grazie molto.

[ Speaking in Italian ] ah, ah -- I caught you.

Lorenzo: Caught me?

Macy: Yeah, checking the market instead of listening to me.

Lorenzo: What can I tell you? I just want to make sure I can go on treating you in the style you deserve.

Macy: You've already done so much for me, Lorenzo. I'm still trying to find ways to thank you.

Lorenzo: How about this one? Were you thinking of him just now?

Macy: Him?

Lorenzo: You were thinking of him before -- "when I fall in love, it will be forever." That was to him, wasn't it?

Macy: You worry too much. I gotta go get ready for my next set.

Lorenzo: I don't want you singing those songs. Concentrate on this place, this time, on you and me.


Vendor: Buon giorno, signorina Logan, signor Forrester.

Ridge: Yeah, even the ice cream guy knows who we are.

Vendor: Si. And may I say, you look even more beautiful than the picture in the paper.

Brooke: Oh, yes. You may say so indeed. Grazie, signor.

Vendor: Marco.

Brooke: Marco.

Ridge: Are we here to get ice cream, or to flirt?

Brooke: Jealous?

Ridge: No, I'm just hungry -- that's all.

Brooke: Oh, wow. Look at all those flavors. I'm not sure which one I should choose.

Vendor: Our amaretto is very popular. Here. Try some.

Brooke: Oh, please.

Ridge: Go for it.

Brooke: Thank you. Mm! That's incredible. You've got to try it. Mm.

Ridge: Oh, yeah.

Brooke: Mm-hmm! This should be illegal.

Vendor: My personal favorite is zabaione.

Ridge: Zabaione.

Brooke: Sounds great.


Massimo: Che Schifo. Disgusting!

Sally: Hey, is that any way to treat a lady? Walking out on her like that without so much as a backward glance? Hmm? But I guess old habits die hard, don't they?

Thorne: Sally, leave me alone.

Sally: Is that what you said to Macy that night up at the cabin? The night she die --

Thorne: Macy and I made our peace at the end, okay?

Sally: Well, that's very convenient for you, isn't it? That really is lovely for you. Leaves you with no sense of responsibility for what followed. You don't have to feel guilty about Brooke showing up ten minutes after you left waving divorce papers in my daughter's face.

Thorne: Sally, I told you. I had no idea that Brooke was going to do that.

Sally: Right. Then you have an absolutely clear conscience, and no problem in the world with what happened next. It must be amazing to be you, Thorne. It must be wonderful to have that lack of accountability. I mean, how does it feel to be living in that gorgeous home on the terrace by the ocean. The warm breezes wafting over you. Enjoying life with no fears, no remorse. How does it feel to be impervious to pain?

Thorne: You don't think I know what I did, Sally? What I lost? Damn it, I killed Macy as if I crashed that car myself!


Lorenzo: Do we have an agreement? You'll stop singing in English?

Macy: But I love those old songs.

Lorenzo: Enough to risk being found out? You continue singing in English, the word will get out. It won't be long before someone from this town, or Portofino, or Genova finds out who you are.

Macy: Macy Alexander is hardly a household name anymore.

Lorenzo: You'd be surprised. I just don't want anything happening to you. You've been through so much, cara. All the time thinking you had nothing to live for.

Macy: I guess in the back of my mind, I knew that wasn't true.

Lorenzo: When the explosion threw you from the car, you made it through the fire. How brave you were.

Macy: All I knew was to keep going until I found that abandoned cabin.

Lorenzo: Thank God you did.

Macy: And that's when I saw my dad walk in. He saved my life -- with your help. And I thank God every day for bringing you into my life -- and my dad's.

Adam: Dio mio! Sally a qui! In italia!


Brooke: The hazelnut was really good. I never had that before.

Ridge: Oh, belli. Loved it.

Brooke: Oh, look! I want to take a look at these cute little things. Oh.

Woman: Ridge! Ciao, Ridge! Benvenuto in Italia!

Ridge: Ciao.

[ Speaking in Italian ]

Ridge: Ciao.

Brooke: Well, aren't you the popular fashion designer?

Ridge: Oh, now who's jealous, huh?

Brooke: I'm not jealous. I think it's cute.

Ridge: Yeah? Well, you try getting some work done with people fawning all over you.

Brooke: Well, that's how I do my best work.

Ridge: Oh, really? Really. Well, me, I like to be a little more incognito, thank you very much.

Brooke: Oh. Well, in that case, let's try this. Oh, yes. Now you look like a local. A very dorky local Ė

Ridge: Okay.

Brooke: But a local. Here, let's try this one. This looks cute. Oh! A pillow.

Ridge: Logan, you are a nutcase. I thought we came to Italy to get some work done, here?

Brooke: Yes, but we also came to have some fun. You do remember how to have fun, don't you?

Ridge: I have a feeling you're here to remind me.

Brooke: Yes. It would be my pleasure.


Thorne: You know, Sally, I have tried to get it out of my mind every way that I know how. But there it is, in the middle of the night, when I'm staring out at the waves on that terrace -- and here. See, here it's the worst. Because it's all that I think about, Sally. How Macy followed me to Italy, and tried to get through to me. And how I blew the only chance that I'll ever have to spend my life with the one woman I truly loved. So you see, I'm not here taking in the scenery, or looking for beautiful women. I'm living in Hell. So if that makes you feel any better --

Sally: The only thing that would make me feel better would be having my daughter back, and that's never going to happen.


Macy: You're right. You're right -- I need to let go. But I miss my family. I miss my Mother. I miss my brother and Darla. I just wish there was a way to find out how

they are, to let them know that Iím all right.

Lorenzo: That's impossible.

Macy: Just one phone call. One!

Lorenzo: One is all it takes to track a person down. Lena, you know what would happen to your Father if those men find him, and they won't stop there, either.

Macy: I'm just so sorry I put you in this position.

Lorenzo: It's not me I'm worried about.

Macy: Maybe it would be better if I went back to L.A.

Lorenzo: You do that, and your Father's enemies will be all over you, watching every move you make. You'd never be able to see your Father again -- or me. Is that

what you want?

Macy: No.

Lorenzo: Your Father relies on you. This is where you belong, bella. And the sooner you accept that, the happier you'll be.

Adam: Baby, I'm so glad you're here --

Macy: What is it, dad? What happened?

Adam: The best news we've had in a long time. Your prayers have been answered.


Ridge: Hey, I'm gonna check on the permit situation at the Villa Durazzo. Will you call about Santa Margherita Beach?

Brooke: Yes, I will. Right after I look at what goodies they have in that hand-blown glass shop right there.

Ridge: Oh, come on, Logan. You just said you were exhausted from location scouting.

Brooke: I'm am, but I'm never too exhausted to go shopping.

Ridge: You are one of a kind, you know that?

Brooke: Maybe.

Ridge: I'm gonna go back and check on the kids, so I'll see you later.

Brooke: Okay. I might even have a surprise for you.

Ridge: Really? Just as long as it's not a hat.

Brooke: Okay.

Ridge: Okay. Ciao.

Brooke: Ciao.

Massimo: Come with me.

Brooke: Let go of me.

Massimo: I'm not asking you, I'm telling you. Come!

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