B&B Transcript Monday 12/9/02

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 12/9/02

By Suzanne
proofread by Suvi

Sally: Marge -- let's declare a truce, honey. What do you say? It's really freezing in here! Can't you do something?! Huh?

Clarke: Hey, hey, hey, put this on, okay?

Sally: Thank you, thank you. Where did you get this?

Darla: Oh, there was a gift shop in the terminal.

Sally: Shop in the terminal in Iceland. Why didn't you ask them if they had parkas?

Marge: Oh, I guess, they figured if you come to Iceland, you already have one.

Sally: Oh, thank you, Marge. You're the expert, but you see the problem is, Iceland wasn't mentioned on our itinerary. We thought we were going to be traveling to sunny Italy. Not hanging out in the cargo hold of Noah's flying ark!

Clarke: At least the chickens are gone.

Sally: Then why does it still stink in here? What is that smell?

Hal: Fresh, ain't it? Just pulled out of the north Atlantic this morning. They'll be swimmin' in lemon butter by suppertime.

Clarke: Fish?

Marge: Cod.

Sally: God!


[ Speaking Italian ]

Bellman: The Forrester's limo, it has arrived.

Manager: Ah, molto bene, molto bene, I will greet them. Excuse me, I have to go.

Eric: So, what do you think?

Thorne: The Splendido hotel. I can see where it got its name.

Brooke: It's more than splendid. It's like a palace, right?

Eric: Oh, look at this.

Brooke: Oh, what a view!

Stephanie: Did I tell you that this used to be a monastery?

Brooke: Really?

Stephanie: Uh-huh.

Brooke: And where's Bridget? She would love this history.

Ridge: She took my kids up to my suite. I think I'm gonna go check on them. I'll be back.

Stephanie: All right, honey.

Manager: Signor Forrester. Buon giorno.

Eric: Buon giorno.

Manager: Welcome. Benvenuto!

Eric: Thank you.

Stephanie: So nice to see you.

Manager: We are so pleased to see you again.

Eric: We're very happy to be here.

Manager: The whole town is talking about your arrival. The fashion show. So much excitement. I sincerely hope this visit will be as thrilling for you as it is for all of us.

Eric: Thank you. I'm sure it will be.

Stephanie: Thank you.

[ Speaking Italian ]

Pianist: Lena!

[ Applause ]


Sally: I can't believe this. I paid good money for a trip to Italy on a luxury jet and I end up on this crate with the fish!

Clarke: We'll get to the hotel soon. Don't worry. You'll feel better when we get there.

Sally: Oh, I hope so. Because you know very well that the Forresters are already there, schmoozing the press, taking all of the attention away from us, hanging out with the rich and famous, being chased in the streets by the paparazzi.

Clarke: Well, maybe this a blessing in disguise. I mean, do you really want to be seen going into Italy like this?

Marge: Hey. Hal, sounds like we've got a stowaway.

Darla: Ohh! Ahh! Ohh! What a baby. Oh, did you see that?! Ha-ha!


Manager: As you requested, I reserved for you the presidential suite, signor Forrester.

Eric: Grazie. Thank you very much.

Manager: And for each of you, I've chosen elegant rooms overlooking the sea. I hope you will be pleased.

Stephanie: Oh, I'm sure we will be. Thank you.

Manager: Now, the breakfast terrace is by the pool. We have an excellent restaurant and bar. And if you would rather dine in private, our staff will serve you in your rooms or on your balconies.

Eric: Thank you.

Ridge: Senor Gentile, my compliments to you, and thank you so much for that wonderful suite.

Manager: Please, call me Giulio. I hope you and your children will be very comfortable.

Ridge: Well, they're extremely excited now. They're practicing their Italian with the bellman.

Manager: Excellent! The nanny will be arriving shortly. And she will have your children speaking like natives by the end of the week.

Ridge: That sounds great.

Manager: Now, I -- I guess you must be tired from your journey and you would like to freshen up before your reception. A very important dignitary will be here to offer you Portofino's official welcome, and until then, I hope you will accept mine.

Eric: Thank you. We're very, very pleased to be in Portofino. Thanks.

Stephanie: We probably should change, maybe a shower.

Eric: Yeah.

Brooke: Oh, yeah, I think that would be good.

[ Singing in Italian ]

Waiter: You look troubled, my friend.

Lorenzo: I'm all right.

Waiter: Then where is your smile, Lorenzo? I thought Lena had made you the happiest man in Camogli?

Lorenzo: She has, Ricardo. She has.

[ Singing in Italian ]

[ applause ]


Sally: Great work, Hal, but it belongs in a circus.

Marge: Oh, hey, Hal, it looks like we've got ourselves another seal.

Hal: Well, you better get it corralled. We've just been cleared for our approach.

Clarke: Well, I don't think it's going to make it through Italian customs.

Marge: Oh, don't worry. We're just gonna drop off our cargo, refuel and head straight back.

Darla: Oh, my God, she's adorable.

Sally: She may be adorable, Darla, but she stinks worse than the fish!

Marge: She don't bark half as long and loud as you do. Now, sit down and buckle up so Hal can park this thing and get you the heck out of my hair! I swear, I've got half of mind to kick you out right now, but I would sooner waste a parachute on that seal!

Sally: You're killing me, Margie. You're killing me!

Clarke: Sally, sit down, sit down, sit down, sit down. We're almost there.

Darla: Sally, look, she's looking at you.

[ Seal barking ]

Clarke: Put on your seat belt.


Stephanie: Hi, honey.

Thorne: Hey, Mom.

Stephanie: Are you all right? You've been so quiet ever since we arrived.

Thorne: Yeah, yeah. It's just -- I guess it's just being back here in Italy. I didn't think it would affect me this way. I mean, the last time I was here, Macy was alive. She came here to find me.

Stephanie: That's a long time ago, honey.

Thorne: Then why can't I stop thinking about it? You know, a few years ago, I came here chasing an illusion. I come back, and now it's -- it's full of ghosts.

[ Applause ]

[ speaking Italian ]

Lorenzo: Because you always are wonderful. Why don't we do something special tonight, huh? You sing one more song and we'll sneak out and have a romantic dinner all by ourselves. What do you say?

Lena: What's the occasion?

Lorenzo: I just want to put a smile on that beautiful face.

Brooke: Wow. Now, this is what I call a room with a view.

[ Speaking Italian ]


Sally: Hey, listen, I'll tell ya, that driver almost killed us.

Manager: Scuzi, Scuzi, may I help you?

Sally: Oh, pal, I certainly hope so. Who are you?

Manager: I am the manager of the hotel.

Clarke: Oh, good, good. Can you have this gentleman, please, take our bags gently up to our suites.

Manager: Are you guests here?

Clarke: Yes.

Sally: Yes, of course, we're guests here. I'm Sally Spectra. This is Clarke Garrison. We are here with the big fashion showing.

Clarke: Yes. We're part of the Ridge Forrester group.

Manager: Ah, signor Forrester, he already checked in earlier, but he only made a reservation for himself.

Sally: That's impossible. That is absolutely impossible. My secretary spoke to you personally about us.

Clarke: And she booked three luxury suites.

Manager: I have no record of the reservation.

Sally: I can't believe this. This is impossible. This is a catastrophe. What are we gonna do here? This -- I can't believe this!

Clarke: Sally, wait a second. Do you have any rooms, any vacancies at all?

Manager: No, and I don't think you'll find any in town.

Sally: No, I don't believe this. I absolutely do not believe it.

Manager: But -- but there is another very fine hotel in Camogli. Very close. The Cenobio Dei Dogi. Very luxurious. And you're with signor Forrester, so I will call for you, okay?

Clarke: Grazia.

Sally: Grazie, pal, yeah. I can't believe this. I cannot believe Darla did this to us. You told her she could go shopping so she's not here, and I can't kill her!

Clarke: It's okay, Sally. Now, I know this hotel. The manager's right. It's perfect.

Sally: Clarke, I'm not looking for perfect. I'm just looking for nice, you know, nice.

Clarke: Sally, it's more than nice. It's beautiful. So, don't worry. I know we've had a rough trip, but from this moment on, everything is gonna get better.

Sally: Well, you know something, Bucky? I don't know how it could possibly get worse. We got a flight over here on that decrepit cargo plane, accompanied by fresh fish, chickens and a stowaway seal! The pilot thinks he's Baron Von Ricktoven, the pilot's wife behaves like Ma Kettle on acid! I don't know how it could get any worse than that. And frankly, I can't stand another thing to happen because I just -- am not up to handling any more surprises. Oh, God, no!


Ridge: Hey, Logan. How's your room?

Brooke: I like it much better knowing that you're right next door.

Ridge: Well, you might not feel that way at the crack of dawn when my kids start screaming for Dad to take them down to the pool.

Brooke: Wow, you get to sleep in. I have to wake up at 3:00 in the morning to feed Hope.

Ridge: Ouch.

Brooke: Mm-hmm.

Ridge: Yeah, well, in that case, you might want to take a nap before the reception.

Brooke: No way. I'm so revved up. I don't think I'll close my eyes all week.

Ridge: Actually, I know what you mean. Dad was right. This is just what I need. I'm feeling better already.


Stephanie: Honey, don't let yourself get bogged down in the past.

Thorne: I'm not complaining. Portofino is a beautiful town. This challenge is exciting.

Stephanie: But if your heart isn't in it --

Thorne: Mom, this is not about me. I am here to support my family.

Stephanie: I know that. But you're still entitled to your feelings.

Thorne: Well, I don't want you to think Iím being maudlin.

Stephanie: You're not. Look, you're here in Italy. It brings back memories of Macy. That's a perfectly natural situation.

Thorne: I let her down, Mother.

Stephanie: You can't change what happened.

Thorne: I know, I know. It doesn't do any good to rehash it either.

Stephanie: That's right.

Thorne: But it's not right. What I did. The way I acted. She loved me, Mom, you know? She didn't have to come back to Venice. She didn't have to take me back, but she did. And in spite of everything, she wanted a fresh start. How many people get that opportunity? I blew it. I'll never get that chance again. No matter how long I live, no matter what I do, I will never be able to make it up to her.

Stephanie: No, you won't. That's true. But you'll have another chance at happiness because you're moving on with your life.

Thorne: Yeah, I am. And so are my brother's and their families. Even C.J. and Sally. That doesn't change what I did to Macy.

So you build. That wall yes, you build that wall and you make it stronger

you have no right to ask me how I feel

you have no right to speak to me so kind

someday I might find myself looking in your eyes

but for now we'll go on living separate lives

yes, for now we'll go on living separate lives


[ applause ]

and the moment I can feel that you feel that way, too

Ridge: You're one of a kind, you know that?

When I fall in love with you

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