B&B Transcript Thursday 11/21/02

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 11/21/02

By Suzanne
proofread by Suvi

Brooke: Deacon, what are you doing here? You said that you would stay away. You swore to me that you were leaving.

Deacon: Well, I missed you, too, Brooke.


[ Knock at door ]

Bridget: Ridge?

Ridge: Hey -- whatcha got there?

Bridget: Ice cream. I caved and told Thomas he could have some before bed. Of course, I go to bring it up to him, and he's fast asleep.

Ridge: Oh, that must be nice. I don't know why I bother setting this alarm anymore.

Bridget: Well, a little cookie dough ice cream might help.

Ridge: Oh, I like my cookie dough straight up, thanks. Oh, there's a smile. That mean no hard feelings from earlier?

Bridget: No, of course not. Like I said, I never should've come down on you for asking about me and Mom. You were just trying to help.

Ridge: Taylor and I did some arguing before she died. Man, if I could do it over again. It's always a shame to waste time like that.

Bridget: Yeah. That's all I've been thinking about lately, this problem between me and Mom -- even though it's definitely not the kind of thing where you just kiss and make up, but I so badly want to put it behind us.

Ridge: Well, I'm glad to see that you're at least working on it.

Bridget: Hmm, she's not giving me much of a choice.

Ridge: Good for Brooke!

[ Bridget laughs ]

Bridget: Don't tell her I said this, but she's exactly easy to stay mad at.

Ridge: This is true. This is true. Brooke has this amazing way of charming her way back into your life. It's phenomenal.


Stephanie: So what is this master plan that you have regarding Brooke?

Massimo: I haven't been able to think of anything else since you asked me for my help. Thank you. And let me tell you, some of the things that have come to my mind --

Stephanie: Hmm, leg irons and Chinese torture, I suppose.

Massimo: That is just for starters.

Stephanie: Well, it sounds delicious. But we can't do anything illegal.

Massimo: We don't need to. See, with my plan -- well, when we get through, Ridge is not even gonna wanna look at Brooke, much less have anything to do with her.

Stephanie: What do you have in mind?

Massimo: What if we make him say that his so-called "golden girl" is a lot more tarnished than he thinks?

Stephanie: You're about 20 years late on that one.

Massimo: Look, he understands she's done things underhandedly, but despicable --

Stephanie: Yes?

Massimo: How about if we tell Ridge that Brooke seduced her daughter's husband and has his "love child." Why not?


Deacon: Don't I get a welcome home kiss?

Brooke: Deacon, please -- stop it!

Deacon: What? You said "please."

Brooke: You know what I meant!

Deacon: You know, Brooke, you seem -- hmm, uptight or something like that. Oh, now I know what it is! You haven't gotten any since I left town, haven't you?

Brooke: Will you just keep your voice down?

Deacon: Is that why you're here? To meet a man?

Brooke: I came for a drink!

Deacon: What a coin-kee-dink! Me, too! Huh?!

[ Deacon laughs ]

Brooke: I noticed.

Deacon: I know exactly what we need. We need -- need a toast. Hang on a second. Ho, bartender! Damn! I don't know what the Hell happened to the last bartender, but, honey, you are a Hell of a lot better lookin'.

Bartender: What's your pleasure?

Deacon: Depends. What do ya got in mind? Brooke, here, could give ya a couple of pointers. She's got a rather active imagination.

Bartender: Sorry. I'm only serving drinks tonight.

Deacon: That is a pity. I tell ya what, why don't you fix me up a little whiskey and how 'bout a screwdriver for the -- lady.

Brooke: I thought you moved to New York.

Deacon: I moved back.

Brooke: Why?

Deacon: Can't you figure it out, Brooke? I missed your hot body pressed against mine.

Brooke: Bartender, change his drink to a coffee.

Deacon: Whoa, too late. Besides, I don't think I need any caffeine. I'd say I'm, uh -- already rather stimulated. Now what should we drink to? Hmm, new beginnings? How about old times? How about little, tiny, baby secrets?


Bridget: You know what the most amazing thing is?

Ridge: What's that?

Bridget: Mom isn't relying on her charm to get her by this time. She's really trying to be a better person.

Ridge: Maybe she was inspired.

Bridget: By me? I doubt it.

Ridge: You have no idea how terrific you are, do you?

Bridget: Believe me, I am just hanging on by two fingers like everyone else.

Ridge: Yeah, but those are two of the sweetest, most stand-up fingers I can think of. Even more so since this problem you've had with your mom. You just have this amazing awareness. This sensitivity -- it's pretty extraordinary for someone your age, I'll tell ya.

Bridget: Well, sometimes I feel liked I live a very long life, centuries maybe.

Ridge: Oh, an old soul.

Bridget: Hmm, sounds ridiculous, I know.

Ridge: Not really. How else do you think you would've known the right things to say to me? All the right things you did that last while.

Bridget: I don't know. I guess -- well, when you've been hurt, you sort of develop this sense of -- oh, no!

Ridge: What's the matter?

Bridget: I was sitting on Taylor's side of the bed. Ridge, I am so sorry. You keep talking about how sensitive I am and I go on sit down on her -- I am so sorry. I don't know where my head is.

Ridge: It's okay.

Bridget: No, you know what? It's not okay at all. I mean, you have all these -- oh! Oh. Please, please tell me I didn't just do that. I am so sorry. Oh, my God! [ Ridge laughs ] Why are you laughing?

Ridge: Because it's not a big deal. That will clean up. God, you're such a goofball these days.

Bridget: "Goofball"? Uh, excuse -- what happened to "princess"?

Ridge: Oh, okay, excuse me -- uh, princess goofball?

Bridget: No, no, that I don't like. That doesn't really work for me. Would you -- would you maybe like some ice cream, like, on you?

Ridge: Oh, great, now princess goofball threatening me with a bowl of ice cream.

Bridget: Ice cream, like, on your head?

[ Bridget laughs ] you better watch it.

Ridge: That's just great.

Bridget: Whoa -- well, either you have company or you're being invaded by Hell's angels.

Ridge: We are, actually, being invaded by one Hell's angel. And, um, I'll get rid of her.

Bridget: "Her"?


Deacon: So is our little secret still under wraps?

Brooke: Yes.

Deacon: Of course, it is. We wouldn't want anyone knowing that Brooke had been a naughty little girl, would we?

Brooke: Is that why you came here? To see the baby?

Deacon: Ow, Brooke, that hurts. That just hurts. When I told you I'd have nothing to do with the baby, I meant it.

Brooke: Well, I hope so. Because I've worked really hard on getting my life back together again. Bridget and I are finding our way and Whip and I are through. And now I just want to concentrate on what my priorities are. And that's Hope.

Deacon: Hope? That's what you named her?

Brooke: It seemed appropriate.

Deacon: What exactly were you hoping for, Brooke? Were you hoping Daddy came back? No, that wouldn't be it. Were you hoping that maybe, um -- I don't know -- I'd just drop off the face of the earth? Huh? Whoa! Bullseye! Ladies and gentlemen, give this man another drink!

Brooke: Deacon, don't!

Deacon: Well, that's my prerogative, huh? Huh? What's the matter? Am I embarrassing you? Is that why you're starting to sweat? Did I ever tell you how much I used to love it when you would get all hot and sweaty?

Brooke: What's happened to you?

Deacon: I found religion.

Brooke: You know, you had everything going for you. You were starting over and you had a job.

Deacon: Yeah, it's a funny thing about that job. You see, I had this office and it was -- it was right over this bar. I just couldn't ever seem to make it past the first floor.

Brooke: My God, Deacon, how could you do this to yourself?

Deacon: Me? Brooke, you did this to me. You stuck me so far up that bottle, I may never crawl out.


Tricia: Good evening.

Ridge: Tricia! Gee, I had no idea it was you.

Tricia: May I come in?

Ridge: Do you always check in on your patients this late at night?

Tricia: Do you always answer your door half naked?


Deacon: Gracias.

Brooke: Go ahead. Make me out to be the bad guy. But I didn't put that drink in your hand.

Deacon: So you're not gonna take responsibility for any of this, are you? You probably never had sex with me. Probably got pregnant through immaculate conception, didn't you?

Brooke: Can we not discuss this here?

Deacon: You want to discuss it back at your place?

Brooke: Aren't you ashamed of yourself?

Deacon: No. No, I think I'll leave that up to you. You see, you just do it so well, Brooke. Don't you? Just looking down that perfect little nose of yours. You know, judging other people, using them for your own reasons. Then what you do? And then you just throw them aside.

Brooke: Deacon, what we had was not going to last. It was wrong from the beginning.

Deacon: Oh, I see, 'cause you're this pillar of morality and virtue, huh? Don't try that crap with me, honey. I know you. I know you deeply. You weren't so virtuous in that hotel room in Paris, were you? Or that bed in your office.

Brooke: That never should have happened. And it will never happen again.

Deacon: Is that a fact? Are you taking a vow of chastity or something? Or you're gonna tell me next, you're gonna run away and join a convent?

Brooke: So what do you want from me?

Deacon: I don't want a damn thing from you.

Brooke: Then what are you doing here in L.A.? You never told me why you're here.

Deacon: You do seem particularly interested in that, don't you? I think that it might just be more fun to keep you guessing. Adios.


Ridge: Well, I'm sorry that I didn't go to all the trouble to put on a robe. I just figured it wouldn't take that long right here.

Tricia: Uh, planning on blowing me off again? You know, Ridge, I rearranged my entire schedule to stay on here and to counsel you.

Ridge: So I missed a few sessions. Don't worry. You're still gonna get your check.

Tricia: You know I'm not doing this for the money.

Ridge: You know, Taylor probably would have the first one to suggest to you to give me my space when I need it.

Tricia: You didn't show up because you were feeling suffocated?

Ridge: No, that's not what I'm saying at all. What I'm saying is I didn't have anything in particular I wanted to talk about. That's all.

Tricia: Even though your wife just died?

Ridge: I'm handling that, okay? I don't need a damn shrink every day to tell me to do that. You're the one that told me I should be standing on my own two feet.

Tricia: The only way to do that is to put in the effort.

Ridge: Well, okay. If I feel like I want to get something off my chest, I'll talk to a friend.

Tricia: Will she know what's best for you? Will she have the courage to take you into those dark places and confront your demons? And what happens if she turns out to be one of them? You can avoid the hard work if you want to. Just pick up and move on with your life. But it'll catch up to you. I guarantee it. And do you really want to put your kids through that? Now, I have some phone sessions tomorrow. But I believe that I -- I believe that I have an 11:00 free. So -- I'll see you then.

Ridge: Are you trying to tell me what to do now?

Tricia: Somebody has to. Now, don't be late.

Ridge: What'd you say?

Tricia: I said, don't be late.


Stephanie: We cannot tell anyone -- Ridge, anyone -- about Brooke's baby.

Massimo: Why not?

Stephanie: Bridget.

Massimo: I should think she'd be happy that her mother finally gets what she deserves.

Stephanie: Mass, she's been through more than enough, don't you think? She wants to get on with her life. She doesn't want any kind of revenge. She just wants to put the whole incident behind her. Mass, this is Bridget's tragedy. And I don't think we should interfere. I don't -- I don't think we should try to use it for some sort of revenge.

Massimo: What revenge? No revenge. We're talking about Ridge, our son, our grandchildren.

Stephanie: Well, are the grandchildren's lives any more important than Bridget's? I mean, just think what would happen if this became public. She would become subjected to such -- such scandal, such gossip. She and her mother would be on the cover of every tabloid.

Massimo: So what? She is young. She's strong. She'll bounce back.

Stephanie: Well, then think about the baby. Do we have any right to interfere with her future, to saddle her with something like this?

Massimo: Personally, I think it's probably the best thing we could do for that baby. She has a right to know who her biological father is.

Stephanie: Like Ridge does?

Massimo: Stephanie -- he has missed so much.

Stephanie: Mass -- Deacon is not the man that you are. He's not the person that you are. We can't bring him into that baby's life. It'll be disastrous. No, I'm telling you, we cannot tell Ridge. We cannot tell anyone about Brooke's affair with Deacon.


Brooke: Don't do this.

Deacon: Don't do what? What's big bad Deacon doing to you now?

Brooke: Don't make me play the guessing game.

Deacon: Maybe I'm not. I'm just here because I wanna work on my tan. Maybe I'm here because I wanna make your life a living Hell.

Brooke: You had feelings for me before. Isn't there anything of that left?

Deacon: Do you feel anything for me? Why should I give a damn what you think?

Brooke: And what about Hope and Bridget? If you care about them at all, you're not gonna cause problems for us.

Deacon: Brooke, you're forgetting -- that's my specialty. I'll catch you later.

Brooke: Deacon, you stay away from us. You hear me? Just stay away!

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