B&B Transcript Tuesday 11/19/02

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 11/19/02

By Suzanne
proofread by Suvi

Ridge: You can't be serious. You're challenging me to a duel?

Eric: Yes, I am. And I'm gonna win. I'm going prove to the world who the best designer in the family really is. And it's not gonna be you.


[ Doorbell rings ]

C.J.: Hey.

Bridget: C.J.  

C.J.: Mm, looks like I got here just in time.

Bridget: I was just about to take a shower.

C.J.: Yeah, I can see that. Ah, and now I can see why.

Bridget: I had a massage.

C.J.: A massage. Wow. My big brother's really pulling out all the stops, isn't he? You know, it's just too darn bad that he had to get called back to the hospital.

Bridget: That was you? So there was no emergency? It was just a trick?

C.J.: Looks like Dr. Mark didn't get all the brains in the family.

Bridget: C.J., I think you should go.

C.J.: Come on, Bridget! Hey, you're the one who turned this into a competition. You said, may the best brother win, and it looks like I did.

Bridget: So what do you want from me? A standing ovation?

C.J.: I'll settle for a kiss.

Bridget: Very funny.

C.J.: I'm serious.

Bridget: I'm serious, too. Really, the kids are coming home any second, their bus is gonna be here, and I have to take a shower. You should go.

C.J.: Oh, I see. So mark can put his greasy hands all over you, and I can't even stay and hang out and play with the kids?

Bridget: They need my full attention. I don't want to get distracted.

C.J.: Okay.

Bridget: C.J., Come on. Don't take it personally. It's the kids. I told Ridge I'd watch them today and I want to be here for them 100%.

C.J.: Fine.

Bridget: Well, don't be mad.

C.J.: No, no, no, Bridget. I get it. I can see where your priorities lie.

Bridget: C.J.

[ Bridget sighs ]


Ridge: You got some nerve!

Eric: More than you, I guess.

Stephanie: Eric, I know you're upset, but --

Eric: Yes, I'm upset. I open up a fashion magazine, and I see one of my designs with Spectra's name on it!

Ridge: Oh, it wasn't your design. It was mine.

Eric: Look, all I want is my due, Ridge. Now, if you're not up to the challenge --

Massimo: For God's sake! The man's wife just died.

Sally: Yes, and this is his first day back on the job.

Eric: Oh, look at this, Ridge. You got a whole room full of people making excuses to you.

Sofia: Oh, that's not true!

Tony: With all due respect, Sir, I don't think that now is a good time for a competition.

Eric: Ah, maybe you're right, Tony. Maybe Ridge isn't ready for this. But I'll tell you what. You and Clarke could help him. That'd be good. You've been carrying him this far.

Ridge: Nobody's carried me.

Eric: So you think you can compete with me all on your own?

Ridge: You're damn right I could.

Eric: Prove it, Ridge. You come to Portofino. You bring six of your best designs and put them up against mine.

Stephanie: Ridge, you do not have to do this.

Ridge: Yeah I do, Mother. You want to challenge me, Dad? You want to do this silly little duel, huh? Well, you've got it. And when it's over, you're gonna wish like hell you never came in here.


Bridget: So, what did you guys do at school today?

Steffy: We played kick ball. 

Bridget: Oh?

Phoebe: Miss Harper said I didn't have to play.

Bridget: You didn't play?

Steffy: She had a tummy ache.

Bridget: Oh, sweetie. Did you go to the nurse? Were you missing your Mommy? Yeah. I miss her, too. It's okay, Phoebe. It's nothing to be embarrassed about, okay? Come here. So what do you guys want to do until your Daddy gets home? We could play a game. We could read a book. Do you have homework? What's this? It says, "come down to pool." Huh.

Steffy: Let's go see.


Sally: Is this fantastic? I'm telling you, we have landed -- pow! Right in a pot of jam. We are going to Italy. We're coming over the alps like Hannibal! We are going to Portofino, the playground of the rich and famous. You know all those people, don't you? Those boat people? Get us some help there. We're gonna need hotel reservations, plane reservations. We're gonna need press. We're gonna need lots of press, lots of hype. I'm telling you, this is the fight of the century. Mano a mano. Forrester versus Forrester.

Massimo: Just hold it, all right? Just hold it for a minute. We can't just rush into this.

Sally: Massimo, what's the problem? Come on, this is gonna be easy for us. This is a slam-dunk!

Massimo: Eric bullied Ridge into a fight.

Sally: Well, I don't care who got him into the fight, as long as he wins it.

Massimo: Hey, I have absolutely no doubts about Ridge's talents. I am just not sure about Eric motives.

Ridge: Yeah, neither am I. I don't get it. It's not like him. He's never talked to me that way before.

Massimo: It was unconscionable.

Ridge: Something set him off. It's more than just that ad. Maybe he's still angry that I stole his distributors. I don't know.

Massimo: And this is the way he gets back at you? Goading a grieving widower into a duel? Taunting you? Insulting your talent? Coming at you like this now, after everything you have been through? Come on! Listen, I know the man has a reputation to protect. But to confront you that way, now? I've never held Eric in high esteem. I cannot deny it. But this kind of behavior is too selfish, even for him.


Phoebe: Come on, come on.

Bridget: Hold on, I think maybe you should let me go first. We don't know who wrote that note.

Phoebe: Look!

Bridget: C.J.?

C.J.: Hello, ladies. Take a seat, take a seat.

Bridget: What is this?

C.J.: What's it look like? It's my own traveling ice cream shop. That's what it is. All right, so who wants to help me make sundaes?

Girls: Me!

C.J.: Oh, let's see. You, and, um, let's see. Is there anybody else here who wants to help me? Uh, you. All right. Let's roll up your sleeves, and put on your hats.

Bridget: You're putting them to work?

C.J.: Well, yeah. I mean, you could say no, but then I'd have to eat all this ice cream by myself, I don't know.

Girls: No, Bridget, please! Please!

C.J.: Please, please, Bridget! Please!

Bridget: Okay.

C.J.: All right! Here you go. Now, see, everybody needs a hat.


Stephanie: Well, you'd better explain yourself. And I don't want to hear that you were defending your pride. You should have been taking care of Ridge.

Eric: That's exactly what I did. I took care of Ridge.


[ C.J. Makes exploding noise ]

C.J.: There you go, all set. Enjoy.

Bridget: I can't believe you did this.

C.J.: You don't mind?

Bridget: Mind? Are you kidding me? This is incredible. Look at them! They're having such a good time. Thank you.

C.J.: You're welcome.

Bridget: Hey, I was only out of the house for a few minutes. How did you get in here?

C.J.: I actually called Catherine, and had her tell the gardener to expect me.

Bridget: Uh-huh.

C.J.: We thought it might cheer the girls up a little bit.

Bridget: It did. You can't tell right now, but I think they had a pretty tough day at school.

C.J.: Yeah, well, it's kind of hard to feel bad when you're eating ice cream, right?

Bridget: Mm-hmm. So you weren't really upset about Mark, were you?

C.J.: Uh, let's not talk about him, okay?

Bridget: C.J., I said some things earlier. And if I seemed irritated with you --

C.J.: Look, don't worry about it.

Bridget: I just want you to know how much this means to me.

C.J.: Bridget. Look, I told you before. I understand where your priorities are. I really do. I mean, your family is going through a rough time right now. Ridge is really hurting. I know that. The kids are upset, and you're just trying to help. I understand. I just thought you could use a little help, too.


Massimo: Ridge, your mother is right. You don't have to do this.

Sally: Of course he does! He's already accepted the challenge.

Massimo: Eric was baiting Ridge. He didn't even give him a chance to think it over.

Sally: What's to think over? It's a golden opportunity. We have to take advantage of the opportunity!

Massimo: "We?" We are not gonna design the collection. Ridge is. And if he's not feeling up to it --

Sally: Of course, he's feeling up to it. We know that, and so does Eric Forrester. He knows exactly what Ridge is facing.

Ridge: Yes, he does.

Massimo: Which makes Eric's behavior that much more incomprehensible.

Ridge: Maybe not. Maybe not.

Sally: Hey, where you going?

Ridge: Don't worry, I'll be back. We got a lot of work to do, Sally, before we go to Portofino.


Stephanie: I don't want any more sarcasm. You pushed your way into Spectra and practically spit in Ridge's face.

Eric: I had a point to make, and I think I made it.

Stephanie: Well, I think your timing is wrong.

Eric: I think my timing is perfect.

Stephanie: Eric, he's still mourning his wife.

Eric: Yes, I know he is. We all are. But we don't have time to sit around and feel sorry for ourselves now. There's work to do.

Stephanie: Work's the last thing on his mind.

Eric: Not anymore. Did you see the fire in his eyes?

Stephanie: The only thing I saw is that he wanted to knock your block off.

Eric: No, he wants to prove me wrong. Fact is, in a couple of weeks, that's exactly what he's gonna do. But between now and then, he's gonna wake up every morning with a sense of purpose. Gonna pick up his pen, and he's gonna reach down deep inside, and he's gonna express himself the best way I know he can.

Stephanie: I should have known. You sneaky little devil.


Bridget: You know what they're going through, don't you?

C.J.: Yeah, I sure do.

Bridget: You think they'll ever get over this?

C.J.: They seem okay right now.

Bridget: Oh, yeah, but they can't have an ice cream party every day.

C.J.: Well, yeah, you're right. They can't. But, Bridget, I'm telling you. If they can find anything, the smallest thing that will make them happy, just for a couple of minutes a day, it's gonna make all the difference. You, of all people, should know that.

Bridget: Oh yeah? Why is that?

C.J.: Because that's what you did for me. I think I'm gonna help myself to some ice cream. What's going on over here? Oh my gosh, you guys are almost finished! You're totally scarfing it. See, now, it's my turn. Mm. Umm. Mm-mm-mm. What? I'm a slob.


Sally: No, Rocco, that's not gonna do. I need it yesterday. Come on, do me this favor. You know you can. Thank you.

Massimo: What are you doing?

Sally: Not enough, and not fast enough. I'm trying to find out everything I can about Portofino in three minutes, okay? I need to know who goes there, when they go there, when they leave, and why. I gotta learn everything about every newspaper, every television station. I gotta learn how to say, "good morning, all of you beautiful Italians. My name is Sally Spectra. I'm here to show you a good time."

Massimo: Stop. Just stop it! Would you please stop it?

Sally: What's the matter with you, huh? Don't you realize that this competition is gonna make Spectra Fashions a household name?

Massimo: This competition is a ploy, Sally. It has nothing to do with this business. It has nothing to do with Eric. It is personal.

Sally: Well, of course it's personal. That's the beauty of it -- don't you see that? I haven't seen Eric Forrester this excited in years.

Massimo: It was an act, Sally. You understand? An act. He was deliberately goading Ridge into a fight.

Sally: Now, why would he do that?

Massimo: To keep him in the fold. To lure him back into his world -- Eric's world. You saw him when he came in this morning. He didn't want to work. He doesn't even know if he wants to work here at all.

Sally: Ridge Forrester is a fashion designer, Massimo. Always was, always will be. That man works in the rag trade. It's what he does!

Massimo: He can do more. He is my heir. He belongs to Marone Industries, not in Portofino competing with Eric.

Sally: Listen to me, Massimo. I understand where you're coming from. I know how difficult it is for you not to be able to be more of a part of Ridge's life. I know you want to do for him. I know you want to help him. But the best thing you can do for him right now is to get behind him on this fashion show. Let him do what he does. Because whatever reason Eric had for causing that scene has nothing to do with it. This could be the best thing in the world for your son.


Ridge: Dad? Thank you. I know what you're doing.

Eric: I'm trying to work here.

Ridge: Which is what I should be doing.

Eric: Yes, it is. You're not gonna win this competition on your good looks, you know.

Ridge: You don't have to keep taunting me. I get it. Oh, I didn't at first. Didn't understand why you were being so angry, why you were saying all those things to me. You were pretty brutal. You knew how down I was. All I could keep thinking was, I've never seen you so selfish before in my life. Then I realized. That little tirade you threw in Sally's office was probably the most generous thing you've ever done. Woke me up. Hit me like slap in the face, but it worked.

Eric: So you're gonna be there? You're gonna be in Portofino?

Ridge: Dad, I told you. Look, I can't keep crawling into a hole. I gotta get on with my life, and I thank you.

Eric: Well, you're welcome. I'm glad my little improve had the desired effect. But it wasn't all an act, you know. I'm very serious about this competition.

Ridge: You still want to do this?

Eric: Yeah, I do. Fact is, I need this too.

Ridge: Dad, you're a great designer. You don't have to prove yourself to anybody.

Eric: Yes, I do. I'm gonna prove I'm a better designer than you are.

Ridge: We'll just have to see about that.

Eric: You don't have to do it. You can forfeit, if you want to.

Ridge: No. No, I don't think so. I think, if you want a competition, then that's what you'll have.

Eric: Good.

Ridge: Good. Good.

Stephanie: Honey, what are you doing here?

Ridge: Mother. Don't tell me he fooled you, too?

Stephanie: Well, yes. He had me going for quite a while.

Ridge: He's something else, I'll tell you.

Stephanie: He loves you very much.

Ridge: I know. I know.

Eric: All right, you two. Knock it off. Ridge, get out of my building. Go back to Spectra. You got a lot of work to do.

Ridge: You're going down, old man. You hear me? You're going down. You're toast. Toast.

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