B&B Transcript Tuesday 11/5/02

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 11/5/02

By Suzanne
Proofread by Becky

Phoebe: Dad?

Ridge: Yes.

Phoebe: Do you think mommy liked our song?

Ridge: I think she loved it. I think she would've been so, so proud of you. All right, you guys. How about we go upstairs, and I'll help you get into your pjs, okay?

Thomas: Do you want me to put these things away first?

Ridge: What is that?

Thomas: The good luck charms we brought mom in the hospital.

Ridge: Oh, yeah.

Phoebe: Do you think god is watching over us like mom says?

Ridge: I'm sure of it. It's just that sometimes -- he has a different plan than we do.

Steffy: I don't like this plan.

Ridge: Neither do I. Neither do I.


Sheila: I was wondering when you'd show up.

Stephanie: I almost didn't.

Sheila: Why did you?

Stephanie: Curiosity. I wanted to take one long, last look in your eyes. I wanted to see if there was anything there.

Sheila: Then why don't I come closer.

Stephanie: Dead. Dead eyes, no soul. I always thought that everyone had one, but obviously, I was wrong about you.

Sheila: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry to shatter your illusion.

Stephanie: Oh, I don't have anywhere you're concerned. I just keep trying to understand. Trying to figure out why someone who is so unredeemable as you are, is still alive. Any why god would allow someone as wonderful as Taylor to die.

Sheila: Guess you're gonna have to ask him that.

Stephanie: You're gonna pay for this, you know that.

Sheila: Prison doesn't scare me, Stephanie.

Stephanie: I wasn't thinking of prison.


Bridget: I can't even fathom everything ridge is dealing with right now. I mean, here he is trying to cope with losing the woman he loves, and he's barely hanging on. And somehow he just has to pull himself out of that to comfort his kids.

Brooke: I can't imagine the pain of losing a mother at that age.

Bridget: At any age.

Brooke: I'm glad you came looking for me.

Bridget: I am, too.

Brooke: How'd you find me?

Bridget: Oh, well, I went by the house, and you weren't there. So, I figured you'd be one of two places. Here -- or --

Brooke: At Ridge's. Well, I have to admit. I did think about going back there.

Bridget: But you didn't.

Brooke: No. Because as much as it hurt to hear, I think Jack was right. Ridge and I share too much history. So he needs to be around somebody that's very neutral, and someone he can turn to without worrying about crossing the line. What?

Bridget: Well, I just -- I know how hard it must be for you not to go to him.

Brooke: Well, it would be even harder if I knew that he wasn't being taken care of.

Bridget: Mom, you really mean that, don't you?

Brooke: I have a very wise, very mature daughter who taught me a thing or two about putting other people first. So, what're you doing? Go. Go over there. Be with Ridge and the kids.

Bridget: Me?

Brooke: Yes, you. They shouldn't be alone tonight, and I can't think of anybody more qualified for the job.

Bridget: Well, I don't know about that, but I can try.

Brooke: Thank you.


Steffy: Dad, could you put on the fire?

Ridge: Why don't we do that tomorrow night, 'cause it's getting late, and you guys all have school tomorrow.

Thomas: Do we have to go?

Ridge: Not if you don't feel like it.

Thomas: It's just, everyone's gonna be asking all these questions, and --

Ridge: Yeah, well, you don't have to answer any of those questions. You know that, but it might help you to talk about it, though.

Thomas: I guess.

Ridge: All right, everybody. Let's go up to bed. In the morning, we can talk about whether you'll go to school or not.

Steffy: Will you be here in the morning?

Ridge: Yes, I will. Of course I'll be here. Are you kidding? The first face you see is gonna be this ugly mug in the morning.

Steffy: You're not ugly!

Phoebe: Mom always says you're the handsomest man in the whole world.

Thomas: Said, not says.

Ridge: Thomas, your mommy's still talking to us. We just have to learn to listen in a whole different way. When you hear her voice in your head, or in your heart. Or if you have a dream about her, then she's still there with you.

Phoebe: I hope I dream about mommy tonight.

Ridge: I hope we all do, sweetheart. I hope we all do. All right, everybody. Up to bed. Come on. You guys go on up, and I'll be up in a few minutes.


Tricia: Oh, sorry.

Brooke: Oh!

Tricia: I didn't mean to startle you.

Brooke: Oh, no. It's okay. I just wasn't expecting anybody. You're --

Tricia: Tricia. Tricia quick. I saw you earlier at Ridge's house.

Brooke: Right. The grief counselor. Come in.

Tricia: I wouldn't have bothered you this evening, but, um -- after what happened at the funeral, I wanted to make sure that you were okay.

Brooke: Are you always this concerned about people you don't know? Or are you looking to pick up a new client?

Tricia: You don't have to worry. I'm not an ambulance chaser. I have a particular interest in you because of Taylor.

Brooke: I don't understand.

Tricia: Well, Taylor and I were old friends, and before she died, she asked me to watch out for you.


Ridge: Hey, Thomas? I came in to say good night, and you weren't in bed.

Thomas: I'm not tired.

Ridge: You're not, huh? Let's talk about it.

Thomas: I just want to stay up, that's all.

Ridge: Yeah? Any particular reason?

Thomas: It's just -- if I go to bed, when I wake up tomorrow, mom will really be gone.

Ridge: Oh. I know the feeling.

Thomas: But Ii saw her today. If I can make today last forever, it'll be like she's still here.

Ridge: Sweetheart, as much as we don't like it to be this way, nothing lasts forever.

[ Doorbell rings ] I want to keep talking about this with you, okay? We'll talk about it some more. Let me just see who's at the door.

Thomas: Okay.

Ridge: Hey, Bridget.

Bridget: Hey.

Ridge: You didn't have to come over to check on us.

Bridget: Oh, I'm not coming to check on you. I just thought you must be really exhausted. And you don't even have to talk to me if you don't want. I just thought you could use a hand.

Ridge: Well, how are you at putting young boys to sleep?

Bridget: Oh, I'm a whiz at putting any guy to sleep.

Thomas: It's okay, Dad. I don't need to talk anymore.

Ridge: You sure?

Thomas: If I do, I'll just talk to Aunt Bridget.

Bridget: Hey, isn't that that book you were reading? I think last time I was here, you couldn't wait to find out if the wizard saves his apprentice, right?

Thomas: He's a sorcerer, see?

Bridget: Oh, well, you're gonna have to explain the difference to me.

Ridge: Don't go too fast for her, okay? I'll check on you later.

Thomas: Good night. Okay


Sheila: Eternal damnation? Well, I hate to disappoint you, but I don't believe in hell. I'm a very practical woman, Stephanie. I only care about the here and now.

Stephanie: Sometimes, life can be hell, right here on earth.

Sheila: Really? Yeah, I know that this isn't a five-star hotel, but I have a roof over my head. I have three meals a day. I've got television. I've got books to read. Hell, I can go to school if I want.

Stephanie: Everything -- except your daughter.

Sheila: Oh, go ahead. Enjoy your moment of glory.

Stephanie: I should never, never have stopped looking for you after you ran off with Mary. I knew you'd be back, but I always thought it would be for me. I never thought of Taylor.

Sheila: Taylor was an accident.

Stephanie: No, there are no accidents in your life. You killed her in cold blood without a moment's hesitation. Because of your crazy, sick obsessions. You are completely insane.

Sheila: You know, Taylor is not the one that should've died. It should've been you. And when I get out of here -- and I will -- you're next.

Stephanie: I have no more use for this woman, guard. You can take her back.

Guard: Come on.

Sheila: Get ready. Get ready, because I'm coming for you next. You're next, Stephanie! You're next! You're next, you bitch! You're next!


Brooke: What exactly did Taylor say about me?

Tricia: Well, that you and Ridge were very close.

Brooke: And?

Tricia: And like all of Ridge's close friends, she wanted me to look out for you. Help you through this difficult time.

Brooke: Well, I appreciate your concern. I really do. And Taylor's, of course. But don't you think you should be focusing on Ridge and the kids?

Tricia: Well, naturally, they're my main concern --

Brooke: So why aren't you there with them right now? I was gonna be there myself, but I sent my daughter instead.

Tricia: That sounds like a wise move.

Brooke: So you think Ridge is better off without me?

Tricia: Is that what you heard me say?

Brooke: Look, you have no idea what Ridge and I mean to each other. What we've shared. Now, I've been through this kind of tragedy with him before. And when I know he needs me, I will be there. I am not going to hesitate, whether you approve or not.

Tricia: I am certainly not gonna stop you, but maybe you and I ought to talk first about the best way you can support Ridge --

Brooke: No, doctor, I think we've talked enough. So why don't you take whatever degree it is that you have, and go counsel somebody else. Because Ridge and I will do just fine without you.


[ Bridget voiceover ]

Bridget: I'll never forget it, seeing him like that. This incredibly strong man, a man I'd admired all my life. In such pain. It broke my heart.

[ Ridge sobbing ]

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