B&B Transcript Thursday 10/31/02

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 10/31/02

By Suzanne
Proofread by Becky

[ Answering machine ]

Taylor: Hi, you've

reached the Forrester residence.

Unfortunately, we're not

in right now.

So please leave a message

and one of us will get

back to you real soon.

Have a great day.

[ Answering machine beeps ]

Bridget: Ridge, don't do this to yourself. Please.

Ridge: I don't know how to do this. I don't know where I am, where I'm going. I don't know anything anymore. All I think about is Taylor.

[ Sound of car ]

Bridget: That's probably dad with the kids. Nobody's told them, Ridge.

Ridge: No. I've got to.

Steffy: Daddy, you're home.

Ridge: Hey.

Thomas: Grandpa took us to breakfast.

Ridge: Yeah.

Phoebe: We brought you donuts, and some to take to mommy.


Dr. Cooper: Taylor Forrester. Tough one to let go of, huh?

Mark: I just can't make sense of it. I mean, I've always been such a big believer in the human spirit and modern medicine. But I mean, what good is it if you can't save someone like Taylor?


Thorne: Hard to believe everything that's happened, huh?

Stephanie: I didn't hear you come in.

Thorne: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to startle you.

Stephanie: You didn't.

Thorne: You okay?

Stephanie: Your sister, and Rick and Amber are on their way over here.

Thorne: Why? Is something wrong?

Stephanie: Hi, sweetheart.

Kristen: Hi, Mom.

Rick: So what's going on?

Amber: Yeah, we were just getting ready to go over to the hospital to see Taylor when you called.

Kristen: Is everything all right?

Thorne: Mother, is Taylor okay?

Stephanie: Taylor died last night.


Phoebe: We got the kind mommy likes, with sprinkles.

Steffy: Rainbow!

Thomas: Can we go see her now?

Ridge: I, uh -- I need to tell you guys something first, okay?

Ridge: Come on over here and sit down, kids.

Thomas: Is this about mom?

Ridge: Yeah, it is.

Steffy: What about her, Daddy? Is she coming home today?

Ridge: No, sweetheart.

Phoebe: Is she coming home tomorrow?

Ridge: No, she's not. Look, I --

[ doorbell rings ]

Bridget: I'll get it.

Tricia: Hi. I was looking for Ridge.

Bridget: This isn't really a good time.

Tricia: That's why I'm here. My name is Tricia Quick. I was a friend of Taylor's. I'm a psychologist. I work mostly in grief counseling. Taylor was hoping that I could help Ridge and the kids.

Bridget: Yeah. In that case, it's probably the perfect time. Why don't you come in.

Ridge: Tricia.

Tricia: Hi. Your mom told me I'd probably find you here. With your children.

Ridge: Yeah. This is my son, Thomas.

Thomas: Hi.

Tricia: Hi.

Ridge: And my girls, Steffy and Phoebe.

Tricia: Hi, it's very nice to meet you. I've heard a lot about you from your mom.

Steffy: You know her?

Tricia: Mm-hmm. For a very long time.

Ridge: This is my dad, Eric Forrester.

Tricia: Hi.

Eric: Hi.

Ridge: And you know Bridget.

Tricia: Mm-hmm. I was hoping we could talk privately for a minute?

Ridge: Yeah, okay. Hey kids, why don't you go with grandpa and Bridget out to the kitchen and fix some hot chocolate to go with these donuts, okay?

Eric: Excuse me, dear.

Thomas: Yeah, okay.

Ridge: Thanks, sport. Let's go out to the terrace. Look, if you're here to offer more advice --

Tricia: I'm here to offer help. You made it pretty clear at the hospital that you didn't want my help, but I was hoping that you might accept some for your children.


Amber: No, not Taylor. Oh, god.

Thorne: Mother, how? What happened?

Stephanie: Well, the damage from the gunshot was so severe, her heart just gave out.

Thorne: Oh, god. No, you know what? This is Sheila's fault! And I swear, if she doesn't get what she deserves this time, I'll kill her myself.

Stephanie: I think everybody would like to, but that's not gonna do any good, is it?

Thorne: I think it'll help the whole planet.

Stephanie: Well, let's just focus on the children now.

Kristen: And Ridge.

Stephanie: I think he's with them right now.

Kristen: Oh, god, how's he gonna do it? How is he gonna tell them?

Stephanie: I don't know. But he'll be brave for them, and we've got to be strong for him. Okay?

Thorne: Yeah, yeah.

Kristen: It just doesn't seem possible that Taylor is gone, and I'm never going to see her again.

Stephanie: Let me.


Tricia: I can help you with your children. I can help you tell them what happened. It's what Taylor wanted, ridge. It's why she called me. Did you have any idea of what you might say?

Ridge: Well, I thought I'd tell them that god needed an angel and their mother was the perfect choice.

Tricia: Ridge, you have to tell them the truth.

Ridge: What -- what do I tell them?

Tricia: Start at the beginning, from the minute that Taylor got shot. Go through it with them, step by step. Even the stuff they already know. Take them on a journey, Ridge. A difficult, sad journey that ends with -- that ends with their mother's death. It's gonna be hard, and you're gonna want to fall apart.

Ridge: But I've got to stay strong.

Tricia: No, you don't.

Ridge: Really?

Tricia: They need to see a natural demonstration of your emotions. Don't bury your feelings. They need to grieve, as you do. Teach them how. It's very important.

Ridge: Well, what if I just fall apart completely, huh? What then?

Tricia: I'm here. I'm not going anywhere. But I don't think that you'll need me.

Ridge: You have a lot of faith in me.

Tricia: I have a lot faith that when you look into your children's eyes, yours and Taylor's -- you'll know what to do.


[ Mark remembering ]

Margo: Come on son.

Now tell me, what's your

big news?

Mark: I got a job.

Now it may not be as

glamorous as my mother

Margo Lynley, the famous

fashion designer, but for

me it's just about as

perfect as it gets.

Margo: E.R.?

Mark: State of the art.

Margo: Oh, oh, I am

so happy for you.

Mark: Thanks.

Margo: I'm so proud of you.

Okay, you have to give me

all of the details.

I want the name of the

hospital, where it is --

Mark: It's university hospital.

Margo: Ooh, a

teaching hospital.

That's very impressive.

A big city?

Mark: Los Angeles.

Margo: Oh, Mark --

Mark: "Oh, Mark," what?

That's where your father lives?

Margo: Oh, Mark, don't

do this to yourself.

Mark: Don't do what, huh?


I mean, dare to think

that I might actually

have a

relationship with my father?

Margo: Don't set

yourself up for disappointment,

because that's all he

ever brings.

Disappointment and heartbreak.

I don't want that for

you, honey.

Please, please.

Promise me you won't look

him up.


Stephanie: My little sweetheart.

Amber: I can't even imagine a world without Taylor in it. You know, I want her here. I want her back. I want to make it so we never hired Erica as our nanny, we never let her and Sheila into our lives, into Taylor's life --

Stephanie: Honey, it's not your fault.

Amber: No, I brought Taylor into this.

Stephanie: No, no, no. You couldn't have kept her out. That's what made Taylor, Taylor. It's what made her so special.

Amber: God. I'm gonna miss her so much. I can't even -- I can't even begin to imagine how I'm gonna live without her.

Stephanie: Believe me, you're not the only one.


Eric: Ridge? Are you ready?

Ridge: Yeah.

Thomas: The hot chocolate's ready.

Ridge: In a minute, honey. I want to talk to you guys first.

Thomas: About mom?

Ridge: Yeah, about mom.


Stephanie: You know, when we die, we leave a little bit of ourselves in our children. But I think Taylor -- I think she left a little bit of herself in everyone she ever knew.

Amber: I feel her inside of me. Every time I doubt myself, or feel scared, it's her voice I hear in my head, just urging me on, giving me that courage, and making me believe. I hope she instilled some of that same spirit in her children. Those little angels, they are gonna need their courage today, like never before.


Ridge: I need to tell you something that's not gonna be easy. I need you to listen to me very carefully, huh? Let's sit down. Come on, sit down. I want you to listen because this is -- this is important. You know that your mommy had an accident. Your mommy was shot by a very mean person, and the bullet went very close to her heart. And it did a lot of damage. Now, we got your mommy to the hospital as quickly as we could, and the doctors operated on her. They really tried to fix her heart.

Thomas: They did fix it.

Ridge: They tried their best, Thomas. They tried their absolute best, and they hoped that she would be okay. We all hoped that she would be okay.

Steffy: She isn't, Daddy?

Ridge: No, she isn't.

Thomas: So, what does that mean? She's going to need another operation?

Ridge: There's nothing the doctors can do for your mommy now. She died.

Thomas: No!

Steffy: But grandma told us she was coming home!

Ridge: She wanted to. She wanted to so badly. She wanted to come home to the three of you so badly.

Phoebe: I don't want her to be dead.

Ridge: I don't either, sweetheart. I don't either. But you know what? She's still right here. And she's right here, in our hearts. And she's gonna always be in our hearts forever. She's never gonna stop loving us. Never.

Thomas: Liar! You're lying. She's not dead, she can't be. She told us there's nothing to worry about. She wouldn't say that and then die.

Ridge: Thomas, Thomas, Thomas.

Thomas: No, I'm not listening to you! I hate you. I hate you for saying my mom died. My mom is not dead.

Ridge: Thomas --

Thomas: She's not -- get away from me! My mom is not dead! She's not dead! She's not! She's not dead! She's not dead! She's not dead! She's not. She's not dead. She's not. She's not dead. She's not.

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