B&B Transcript Wednesday 10/23/02

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 10/23/02

By Suzanne
Proofread by Becky

[ Heart monitor beeping ]

Dr. Cooper: How's she doing?

Mark: Well, her vitals are good.

Dr. Cooper: I had the nurse administer another dose of Lidocaine.

Mark: Is she still having runs of v-tach?

Dr. Cooper: Well, occasionally. We may have it under control. We did everything we could to repair that valve. But I've never seen cardiac damage like that.

Mark: Well, her rhythm's a little high, but it's stable now.

Dr. Cooper: The question is, will it stay that way? Now, if it doesn't, if the medication doesn't correct the anomaly -- well, the next two days will be critical.

Mark: Well, Taylor Forrester's a fighter, Dr. Cooper. I mean, she survived being shot and emergency heart surgery. I have a feeling this woman can get through almost anything.

Dr. Cooper: I hope you're right, Mark. For the sake of her husband and her children, I hope you're right.


[ Taylor remembering ]

Mark: Your heart rate

right now is our key indicator.

If we can keep it steady

and in control at

under 90 for the next couple

of days, chances are good

you'll make a full


Taylor: Bridget --

Bridget: Taylor -- I am sorry. Did I wake you?

Taylor: No. I'd love some company.


Ridge: Thomas, do you have that box we put together for your mother?

Thomas: Yeah, it's right here on the coffee table.

Ridge: All right, good. Let's close it up, and everybody get ready to go.

Stephanie: Honey, it's a chilly out. I think we should put jackets on them.

Ridge: Yeah, let's get some coats, bundle up. We don't want to take any sniffily noses to the hospital.

Thomas: Why not? Everybody there is sick already.

Ridge: Because everybody in the hospital is getting better, just like your mom.


Sally: Take a look at this. Projected earnings, remember? Two weeks into the season, we have already exceeded all expectations. Ready to wear is getting huge. It's gonna get even bigger the closer we get to the holiday season, and that doesn't even take into account Ridge Forrester's couture line. I'm telling you, it's happened. Spectra is a major player again. That's pretty incredible, wouldn't you say?

Massimo: Yes.

Sally: Yes?

Massimo: Just do whatever you think is right, okay?

Sally: All right, fine. I've got a few ideas. Maybe for our next collection, we will add sequined brassieres, leopard-skin thigh-high boots and burnt-orange tight tutus. How about that?

Massimo: Good. What?

Sally: You haven't heard a word I've been saying, have you, Massimo?

Massimo: Sally, I'm sorry. I just can't focus. I'm worried about Taylor. She was shot in the heart, for god's sake. A young woman with three beautiful children, so much to look forward to. I hope to god she makes it.

Sally: Taylor is not going to die.

Massimo: Why, did you hear something?

Sally: I don't need anyone to tell me how courageous and strong that young woman can be.

Massimo: Sally, that's the point. She is not strong. She has a severely damaged heart.

Sally: All right, her heart may be damaged, but it's exactly where it should be. Her heart is exactly where it's always been -- with her husband and her children. Taylor is not about to leave them.

Massimo: Sometimes the will to live is not enough.

Sally: Well, then she's got the entire Forrester family backing her up, doesn't she? All of them supporting her in this. I'm telling you, I know queen Stephanie. She is up there dealing with the almighty right now. She is in his ear telling him exactly what she wants him to do. And you know as well as anyone that what queen Stephanie wants, she gets.

Massimo: This is nothing to make light of, Sally.

Sally: Oh, Mojo, I'm not making light of it. I am simply trying to introduce a little positive thinking into a very sad situation, which is more than I can say for you.

Massimo: I want to believe that Taylor's gonna make it. Of course, I do. But positive thinking is not gonna save this woman's life. We have to be realistic, face the facts. We have to be prepared for every eventuality -- even the most tragic.

Sally: I'm sorry, Massimo, I don't agree with you. Look, I know how stressed out you are and how frightened you are. We all feel that way. But I am not gonna let you take that pessimistic attitude and cover this whole situation with it. That will do no one any good. So if you can't come up with something positive, then I would prefer that you just left. Just go home right now, because I don't want to listen to any more of this negativity! Now, just because you can't come up with a solution to this problem doesn't mean that the problem can't be fixed. And I'm telling you, I know Taylor is gonna be fine.


[ Heart monitor beeping ]

Bridget: I saw your doctors outside. What did they say?

Taylor: I think, at this point, no news is good news.

Bridget: But you feel all right? As good as you can under the circumstances? I'm sure you must have some pain.

Taylor: I'm glad to be feeling anything right now.

Bridget: You had us all really scared there for a while. The whole family's saying prayers.

Taylor: Thanks.

Bridget: And, you know, Ridge and Stephanie are just driving those doctors nuts.

Taylor: I'm in good hands.

Bridget: Yeah, I know. Yeah, you're almost out of the woods now. I mean, you got through the surgery. That's the scary part.

Taylor: Actually, it wasn't so scary.

Bridget: That's funny. It's exactly what my mom said. She really wasn't concerned about herself at all. She just kept asking about you.

Taylor: Are you two getting along?

Bridget: Yeah.

Taylor: Bridget, always cherish each other. You never know how much time you have to spend together.

Bridget: Taylor -- what is it? What's wrong?


Phoebe: Grandma, is Hope gonna come, too?

Stephanie: No, honey, she's still asleep. Catherine's gonna stay with her. You get that bottom button. And, Thomas, you all ready?

Ridge: Yep. Okay, big guy, go pick up that box of goodies for your mom, will you?

Thomas: Okay.

Stephanie: What's in the box?

Ridge: Oh, just some pictures, some books, lucky charms.

Stephanie: Since when is your wife superstitious?

Ridge: She's not. But I figure, in a case like this, it doesn't hurt to cover your bases.

Stephanie: But the operation was a success. I mean, is there something I'm supposed to know?

Ridge: No, her heart's beating as regular as a clock.

Stephanie: Well, then she's through the worst of it, right?

Ridge: Yeah, we all are. All right, guys. Let's hit the road. Hey, listen -- I want you three to remember what I told you.

Steffy: Don't be noisy.

Ridge: That's right. Mommy's gonna be very happy to see you, but she's not allowed to get excited, okay? So we have to be good.

Thomas: That means no fighting.

Ridge: That's right. And you don't need to be scared either. Mommy might look a little tired. She's hooked up to a lot of machines that are helping her get better. There's nothing to be afraid of, all right? 'Cause she's gonna be fine.

Stephanie: And she's going to come home very soon.

Ridge: That's right. She just has to stay in the hospital and get a lot of rest. And we're not gonna visit too long so she can get that rest. But she misses you guys. She misses you all like crazy.

Stephanie: Okay, let's go, come on!

All: Yeah!

Stephanie: Let's hit the highways and the byways of life.

Ridge: Let's not keep her waiting.

Stephanie: Absolutely, come on.

Ridge: Fun. Here we go.


Bridget: Taylor -- is something wrong?

Taylor: I'm okay.

Bridget: I could get a nurse.

Taylor: You know, sometimes you just trust your heart to do its thing.

Bridget: Yeah. You worried?

Taylor: Actually, I'm thankful. I have so many wonderful people. So many wonderful things in my life -- my husband, my children, my family, you.

Bridget: Me?

Taylor: I heard about the premed scholarship.

Bridget: Yeah, I'm pretty excited about it. Well, I guess it's obviously what I've been wanting to do -- be able to help people. I've been meaning to talk to you about it.

Taylor: Why didn't you?

Bridget: I don't know. I guess just with everything going on with Ridge and the company, then the problems between Rick and Amber, you know, it just didn't feel like the right time.

Taylor: Don't let anything divide this family again.

Bridget: It does seem kind of silly now.

Taylor: I want you to come by the house more. The kids really love you. They really miss you.

Bridget: I miss them, too.

Taylor: They're on their way soon.

Bridget: Yeah? They're gonna come visit? Well, I don't wanna -- I don't want to make you too tired before they get here, so -- I just -- I wanted to see how you were feeling.

Taylor: Better all the time.

Bridget: I'm so glad.

Taylor: You give your mom the best for me.

Bridget: I will.

Taylor: Bridget -- love is too precious to not let yourself feel it. Never withhold your love. Don't let old hurts steal it from you, okay? Always love, no matter what the cost. It's the greatest gift.

Bridget: Get some rest, okay? I'll see you soon.

[ Heart monitor beeping ]


Massimo: Sally, I'm sorry, but try to understand. I don't mean to upset you. But they are my family. They may not know it, but that's what they are. And, damn it, I want to help them!

Sally: I know, Massimo, and I don't want to make things worse for you. I know you're terribly worried. We all are.

Massimo: She is such a beautiful, vital young woman.

Sally: She is also a survivor. I want you to believe that, Massimo.

Massimo: I want to. I want to, of course!

Sally: I don't know how much Stephanie told you about Taylor in all of those letters she wrote to you for years. But Taylor has been through things like this before. She has been in dire straits before, and somehow she always found the strength to get through it. She is tough and determined. She is completely devoted to the people she loves. And that's why I know that it's gonna take a lot more than a scheming, psychotic witch like Sheila Carter to separate Taylor from her family.


[ Heart monitor beeping ]

Ridge: Hello, Mommy.

Taylor: Hi. Hi, angels.

Thomas: Hi, Mom. We brought you your stuff.

Taylor: Thank you, sweetheart.

Phoebe: Are you still sick, Mommy?

Taylor: Oh, no. I'm just resting. Can I have a kiss?

Thomas: We don't want to give you our germs.

Ridge: Oh, it's all right. Here, watch. See? It's okay.

Stephanie: How are you feeling?

Taylor: So much better now that you're here. I've missed you all so much.

Stephanie: We missed you, too.

Taylor: Look at you. You all got dressed up to come see mommy. You look so handsome. And you girls look so pretty. Come up here so I can see you better.

Stephanie: Is it all right if they get on the bed?

Taylor: It's okay. I want to see them. Just be careful of these little wires, honey.

Thomas: Mom, are you attached to the machines?

Taylor: Yes. See, that one's giving me some food and medicine. And then this one is to check how strong my blood is.

Thomas: How strong is it?

Taylor: 100%.

Ridge: That's as strong as it gets.

Phoebe: What's that?

Taylor: Well, that machine is checking my heart. See, the doctor puts little wires in here. It has earphones on my chest so it can hear what my heart's saying. You know what it's saying right now?

Thomas: What?

Taylor: It's saying I love you. I love you all more than I can say.

[ Heart monitor beeping ]

[ Laughter ]

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