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The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 10/14/02

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Stephanie: Mass, that's Sheila in there and we've got to find a way to get in.

Massimo: Let's hold it a minute, okay. She could be armed. I know she's got a gun. The police are nearby, she can't make a move without our knowing it.

Stephanie: But suppose Amber's in there!

[ Massimo sighs ]

Sheila: Damn it! Damn it! How'd she find me? I guess it doesn't really matter, does it?

[ Amber's muffled cries ]


Brooke: Well, we could make it back to our place now.

Eric: Oh, give it a few minutes. Maybe it will ease up.

Brooke: Sorry for keeping you up.

Eric: Oh, you're not.

Brooke: No, I never should have come over here. It's just so unusual for me to get that feeling, that something's wrong with one of our kids. And then when I couldn't get through to Rick --

Eric: Well, I did get through to Rick and aside from the fact he's worried about Amber taking off, he's fine.

Brooke: You're probably right. I'm just being paranoid. Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?

Eric: You know -- look, I don't think it is gonna let up. Why don't you two stay here tonight.

Brooke: No.

Eric: It's no problem. The guest room's all made up.

Brooke: I don't think Stephanie would really appreciate that.

Eric: Probably not. You know, I haven't -- I haven't told her about any of the conversations we've been having.

Brooke: I haven't either.

Eric: Although she's very enthusiastic about us getting closer. She thinks we're good for each other.

Brooke: She thinks you're good for me, you mean. And she's right. But spending the night here -- that's a bad idea.

Eric: Why? Unless you think I would be using the opportunity to a --

Brooke: No, no. It's not you, Eric. It's me.

Eric: Oh, it's you? You think that you might tiptoe into my room in the middle of the night?

Brooke: I might. Don't think I haven't been tempted.


Rick: Erica --

Erica: No, Rick. Don't stop.

Rick: Stop it, okay? Just stop.

Erica: Please. I want you so bad.

Rick: I -- we can't do this.

Erica: Yes, we can. I told you, I'm ready.

Rick: I'm not.

Erica: It's Amber, right? Rick, I can make you forget her.

Rick: This isn't right, if that's all that this is about. Okay?

Erica: That's not all this is about. Is it? Oh, Rick, I know that you care about me.

Rick: Yes, Erica, I do. Enough to not let this happen. So please, just go back to your room.

Erica: No, Rick, just -- just listen.

Rick: Stop!

[ Knocking at door ]

Rick: Listen -- there's somebody knocking at the door. Amber --

Rick: Ridge. What are you doing here?

Ridge: Where's Erica?

Rick: She's upstairs. Why? Oh, my god, it's Amber. What happened?


Sheila: What are you doing?

Massimo: Sheila. So we finally learn each other's names, huh? Look just open the door, let us in and we can talk about this.

Sheila: He brought her to me. Fine. That's just fine. He's going to side with her, he can die with her --

[ amber grunting ]

[ glass breaking ]

Stephanie: For god's sakes break it down. Amber! Amber. Are you all right?

Sheila: Stop it right there! I'll blow them both away. I swear to god I'll do it!


Ridge: Get Erica down here.

Rick: Ridge, if you know where Amber is, you've got to --

Ridge: I don't, but Erica does.

Rick: What are you talking about?

Ridge: She's not who you think she is, Rick.

Rick: You're not making any sense.

Ridge: Look, we got a call from mother. It turns out Sheila carter's back.

Rick: Sheila?

Ridge: Apparently, she could have been here for months.

Rick: Well, how did Stephanie know this?

Ridge: It's a long story. Taylor and mother put their heads together. They think that Sheila's behind all the problems you've been having with Amber. And Taylor's afraid that Sheila might have Amber now.

Rick: This is insane.

Ridge: Yeah, so's Sheila.

Rick: Why would Sheila come back after all these years just to ruin Amber's life? Why would she do that?

Ridge: For her daughter.

Rick: Her daught -- Mary?

Ridge: She hasn't gone by Mary in lot of years Rick.

Rick: Ridge, what are you -- no. No, that is impossible!

Ridge: Rick Forrester meet Mary Warwick.


Massimo: Is she all right?

Amber: I'm okay, I'm okay. Sheila is Erica's mother!

Stephanie: I know, honey. I know everything.

Amber: And Erica's over there with Rick. She trying to get pregnant!

Sheila: Correction, Amber. She probably already is. What do you think about that, Stephanie? Eric and I, we're going to share a grandchild.

Stephanie: You know what I think, Sheila? I think your daughter's already in police custody. And I think you're a terrible person. What have you done to your own child? What the hell have you done to this kid?! You've ruined her life! She's going to jail, right alongside you!

Sheila: Oh, you'd love that, wouldn't you? Well, I'm not going to give you the satisfaction --

Massimo: Sheila!

Sheila: Stop! Just stay out of it!

Massimo: Look, if you kill her now, your daughter is going to be an accessory to murder! She'll never, ever have any kind of a normal life!

Sheila: She never had any kind of a normal life because of her! No, you tried to take my baby away from me. You make it so that we're on the run. We're in a different house every few months. She doesn't have a family. She doesn't have a father. You owe her, Stephanie! You owe her, all of you!

Massimo: You are absolutely right. I understand what you've done. Sheila, everything you've done is for the good of daughter, right? But if you take your revenge, she's the one who's going to suffer. She's the one who's going to go to prison. So think about it. Sheila, is it worth it? Come on. Is it worth it to do that to her?


Brooke: I caught you off guard, didn't I?

Eric: Yes. So you're telling me that you've been -- you've been thinking about that?

Brooke: Well, yes. You're very attractive to me, Eric. In so many ways. Oh, come on. Don't tell me you didn't know that.

Eric: Well, I know how much you value our friendship and our closeness. I know that.

Brooke: Yes, I do. And I always have. Especially at this point in my life. I do rely on you. But not just for the man that you are. But for the life that we could have had and what we could have given our children.

Eric: That wouldn't have been enough for you.

Brooke: Well, maybe not back then. But now, I like to think that I'm smarter, more appreciative. You know, the dinner we had the other night with you, me, Rick and Bridget. That was just so wonderful.

Eric: Yeah.

Brooke: And we could have that again, Eric. I know we could. And Rick and Bridget -- they would just love that. It would mean so much to them. There was a point in my life when I would just go for it. You know, I wouldn't think about the circumstances or who I would be hurting.

Eric: So what -- what's different now?

Brooke: Well, if you get something the wrong way, you poison it. And then you can't hold onto it. Because you don't deserve it. Now, it took me a long time to figure that out. Too long. You and Stephanie have something very special -- a relationship that you've been building over a lifetime. And I am not the one who's going to take that away.


Massimo: Sheila --

Sheila: Stay there. Don't you move!

Massimo: You love your daughter. I know that for a fact. You've dedicated your life to providing for her, protecting her. Now you're not going to do anything to jeopardize her future. Not now. Come on! So the best thing you can do for her is give yourself up, make a full confession, exonerate her as much as possible. Come on. Give me the gun.

Sheila: Stephanie -- she told you all about me, didn't she?

Massimo: Bits and pieces.

Sheila: Well, clearly there's something she forgot to mention -- that I am not a fool! Get over there! Get over there! Right now!

Massimo: Easy, easy.

Sheila: Go! Go!

Massimo: Okay, come on. Stay calm. Easy.

[ Police sirens wailing ]

Sheila: Anyone comes after me -- anyone -- and I shoot to kill!

Stephanie: Mass, no!

Amber: Don't leave us here! She'll come back!

[ Gunshots ]

[ police sirens wailing ]

Stephanie: She's gone. We're okay. It's okay. She's gone.

[ Police sirens wailing ]


Brooke: Come on, little pumpkin. Let's go home.

Eric: Brooke, you -- you do deserve to be happy.

Brooke: I am happy. And I'm really proud of myself. Now I see how those two things go together. Well, the rain is easing up a little. So we're gonna get out of your hair. I'll get the stroller tomorrow, okay?

Eric: Oh, Brooke, wait, wait. One more question. Before you go. What makes you so sure that if you had gone for it, that you could've had me?

Brooke: Are you telling me I'm losing my touch? I didn't think so.


Massimo: No, no, no. That way! And be careful. She's armed!

Lt. Baker: Her car, what's it look like?

Amber: Umm -- it was a green -- green sedan. I think it was a Ford -- a Taurus.

Lt. Baker: All right, all right. Kelly, out there. Look for that Taurus. Are you all right?

Stephanie: She needs a doctor, Lieutenant.

Amber: No, no, no. I'm fine. I just -- I just want to see Rick! Because he's over there with that lunatic Erica or Mary -- or whoever the hell she is!

Stephanie: All right. Calm down now. Easy. Easy.


Erica: You guys just left the door open. I was just gonna go close it.

Ridge: Yeah, right.

Erica: Is everything okay?

Rick: No. Sheila Carter is back.

Erica: Sheila Carter?

Rick: You know, the woman you were asking all the questions about.

Erica: Oh. You mean the Sheila that your dad was married to.

Rick: Yeah. You never did mention why you were so curious.

Erica: There's no reason.

Rick: Why didn't your mother show up at that dinner party?

Erica: You know why. She left town.

Rick: Did she really?

Erica: Yeah. I haven't talked to her in like, weeks.

Rick: So if I hit redial on this phone, she wouldn't answer? Oh, my god! It's true. She's your mother?! Sheila Carter is your mother!

Erica: I didn't know, Rick! I promise!

Ridge: You didn't know?

Erica: She never told me her real name! It wasn't until I was talking to you --

Rick: Where is Amber?!

Erica: She's fine. She's fine!

Rick: So Sheila does have her!

Erica: Yeah, but she would never hurt her. Look, my mom's weird, but she's not -- she's not dangerous.

Ridge: She's not dangerous?! She's psychotic!

Erica: No, she's not!

Rick: Yes, she is. She shot Stephanie! The night that she left -- the night that she took you! She tried to kill Stephanie. Amber could be dead because of you! Now where is she?!

Erica: She's at my apartment. She's at my apartment.

Ridge: I'm sure the police are there by now.

[ Phone rings ]

Rick: Hello?

Amber: Rick!

Rick: Oh my god, Amber! Are you okay?

Amber: Yes. Erica is Sheila's daughter!

Rick: Yeah, I know.

Ridge is here. He told me.

Amber: Well, don't let her get away.

Rick: Don't worry. She's not going anywhere. Now what happened?

Amber: Sheila had a gun and -- and she was gonna kill me.

Rick: How did you get away?

Amber: Stephanie and Massimo, they came here and massimo broke down the door and --

Rick: So they got Sheila?

Amber: No, no. She still had the gun, and so she took off. She's probably halfway to Mexico by now.

Rick: But I mean - but you're okay? I mean, you're really okay?

Amber: Yeah. I mean, you know, I'm a little banged up, but otherwise --

Rick: I'm coming over, okay? I'm gonna be there in a minute.

Amber: No. No, don't come. 'Cause I'm coming home. I'm coming home!

Rick: Oh, Amber. I am so sorry I didn't believe you.

Amber: No. It isn't your fault. They set us up.

Rick: I love you. I love you. I love you so much!

Amber: I love you, too. I love you. I will be home so soon, okay? Bye-bye. They're okay! They're okay!

Stephanie: It's okay, sweetheart. It's all over. It's all over. It's all right. It's finally, finally over.


Eric: I knew you'd be back. They always come back.


announcer: This week, Sheila carter is a loose canon --

Eric: What do you want?

Sheila: I want you.

Announcer: And at any moment --

Eric: I see you're still crazy as hell.

Announcer: At any second --

Eric: You're finished!

Sheila: Self-righteous bastard!

Announcer: She could go off.

Sheila: Nobody move. Don't even breathe.

Announcer: You won't want to miss a minute of "the bold and the beautiful."

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