B&B Transcript Friday 10/11/02

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 10/11/02

By Suzanne
Proofread by Becky

Ridge: What are you doing?

Taylor: Just trying to find Lieutenant Baker's phone number. Okay, here it is. I just want to see if they've gotten any word on Aamber.

Ridge: Not right now.

Taylor: Ridge, I am worried about her.

Ridge: Why? There's nothing you can do, doc. She's dug her own grave.

Taylor: Look, I just can't believe she would run out of here in the middle of the night like that for no reason. She's under house arrest, and she knew what the consequences would be.

Ridge: Well, maybe she thought you'd come running to her rescue again, just like you always do. But not tonight.

Taylor: Doesn't it bother you what this is doing to your brother and his son?

Ridge: Yes, it does. Believe it or not, I feel badly for the kid. He picked the wrong woman to believe in. There's no way she's ever gonna be there for him and that little boy the way they need her to be. But you know what it does? It makes me feel all that much more appreciative of what I have -- a terrific mother for our kids, a loving helpmate, one hell of a passionate lover.

Taylor: Mm, are you trying to distract me?

Ridge: I am trying to make love to you.

Taylor: Oh.

Ridge: Yeah.

Taylor: Okay, why didn't you just say so?


Stephanie: That's the woman you're dating? That's Sheila Carter!

Massimo: What are you talking about? The lunatic? The one that tried to kill you? Of course not.

Stephanie: I know her voice! That was Sheila. That was Sheila on the phone.

Massimo: That is not possible. You are letting your imagination run wild. Stephanie, this is a woman that I met in a bar.

Stephanie: When?

Massimo: When? When? A couple of months ago.

Stephanie: Is she a beautiful woman? Dark brown hair? Beautiful brown eyes?

Massimo: Yeah, so what does that mean?

Stephanie: What do you know about her?

Massimo: I know that she is not a homicidal maniac, all right? I mean, she's rather a nice person. I mean, she's a single mother.

Stephanie: A single mother? Does she have a teenage daughter?

Massimo: Well, yes.

Stephanie: That's James' child -- Mary! Sheila kidnapped her! Oh, my god. What does she want here? Why would she be here in Los Angeles?


Erica: You can't tell me that you've never thought about it.

Rick: About what?

Erica: About what it'd be like. You and me. I think about it all the time. Well, I mean, not all the time, but at night when it's just me in my room, alone in the dark. I've even gotten out of bed, and walked across the hall, put my hand on the doorknob --

Rick: You're kidding.

Erica: Nope. What would you have said if I just snuck into your room one night and crawled into bed with you?

Rick: I would've kicked you out.

Erica: Because you weren't ready.

Rick: Erica, this is a fantasy. You're young, you're in love for the first time --

Erica: And the last time. God, Rick. I am never gonna find anybody as incredible as you are -- as kind and sweet and caring, and with such a big heart. I want you to be the one. I want to give myself to you, and I want it to be tonight.


Amber: You know, you did all this for nothing, Sheila. He's not gonna sleep with her.

Sheila: Yeah, you just keep telling yourself that, Amber.

Amber: And even if it does work, even if he sleeps with her, then what has she got, huh? If she has to trap a man with a baby, then --

Sheila: Oh, you're joking, right? Look who's talking. Erica doesn't have to trap Rick. Rick is falling in love with my daughter. It's inevitable. They are a perfect match, Amber. The baby is just insurance in case anyone finds out about me, or what really happened to you.

[ Thunder crashes ]

Sheila: You didn't really think I was gonna let you go, did you?

[ Amber sobs ]


Massimo: Darling, listen to me. There isn't anything remotely sinister about this woman that I've been seeing.

Stephanie: What name did she give you? Mass.

Massimo: Look, we never got that far, all right?

Stephanie: But she knew who you were. And she knew that you were involved with me. Now did she ask you questions about me, about my family?

Massimo: No, no, no, no. It's what I told you, the moment she found out that you were the other woman --

Stephanie: Well?

Massimo: Hmm, she ended it. I have not heard from her until this phone call.

Stephanie: I'm telling you, that's who it is. It can't be anyone else! Now, do you have any idea where she lives?

Massimo: I don't know. Stephanie, we met at the bar. We met here.

Stephanie: Listen to me! The last time that this woman was in Los Angeles, she threatened to kill your grandson!

Massimo: Oh, god.

Stephanie: Now, we've got to find her. So, just think. Is there anything that she might have said?

Massimo: She never talked about herself. All she talked about was that daughter of hers.

Stephanie: What about Mary?

Massimo: She said that the girl was getting involved with her ex-husband's family. Sheila -- if that's who this is, all right -- could not be around the family because they would not accept her.

Stephanie: But James doesn't have any family here. Is she talking about Eric?

Massimo: I don't know. All I know is that the family gave a dinner party in the girl's honor.

Stephanie: We gave a dinner party for Rick's nanny, Erica. Erica. Erica is Sheila's daughter!


Sheila: Okay. I am just about ready to take off. You know what? I don't want you to feel left out, Amber. Because you're gonna be taking a little trip of your own.


Rick: This is the wrong night to be talking to me about this stuff.

Erica: I'm just trying to tell you how I feel, Rick. I'm not asking anything from you, except for you to let me in. Let me show you how much i care. Rick, you don't have to protect yourself from me. I would never do anything to hurt you. Wow, that was some kiss. I can't wait to see what comes next.

[ thunder crashes ]

Erica: Oh, it's so pretty.

Rick: Yeah, well, it looks like the whole block is out.

Erica: I just checked on little Eric. He's fine, he's sound asleep.

Rick: Good. He's had a tough enough day already.

Erica: So have you, Rick.

Rick: Why don't you take these candles back to your room?

Erica: Look, I know that you're hurting, and I just want to make it up to you.

Rick: Erica, it's just not what your first time should be about.

Erica: Why don't you let me worry about that? Okay? I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't feel that it was right in my heart. I could be what you need. God, Rick, let me treat you the way you deserve to be treated -- like you are the most incredible man in the entire universe. Because to me you are. God, I am so in love with you.

Rick: Erica, I can't.

Erica: Shhh -- I don't care. Okay, I just want to make you happy. I just want to take away all the bad feelings and all the stress. I mean, doesn't that sound good to you, Rick? Just one night -- one night where you don't have to feel scared, or angry, or let down. Where you don't have to feel anything but loved. I'm gonna give that to you. I am gonna give you everything that I have to give.


Taylor: Mm, I love this feeling. All safe and warm in your arms while there's a storm raging outside.

Ridge: We've got it pretty great, don't we?

Taylor: Mm-hmm.

[ Phone ringing ]

Taylor: Amber. Could be Amber. Hello?

Stephanie: Taylor, is everyone all right at your house?

Taylor: Stephanie? What's the matter?

Stephanie: Sheila is here in Los Angeles.

Taylor: What?

Ridge: What is it?

Taylor: Something about Sheila. I don't know.

Ridge: Give me that. Mother, what's going on?

Stephanie: Honey, Sheila is here in Los Angeles, and apparently has been here for a number of months.

Ridge: You saw her?

Stephanie: No. Mass did.

Ridge: Massimo?

Stephanie: Yes. Of course, he had no idea who she was. But anyway, she called him this evening. I was here, and I heard her. I recognized her voice. She's asked him to help her leave town tonight, so I'm very, very worried that she's planning something.

Ridge: Like what?

Stephanie: Well, I don't know, but I'm worried about Amber and Rick.

Ridge: Why Amber and Rick?

Stephanie: Because I believe that Erica is Sheila's daughter.

Ridge: Wait a minute, hold on. Just slow down.

Stephanie: I know, I know. Listen. She and mass have seen one another, and she's been telling him about her daughter, and the fact that the girl has become involved with her ex-husband Eric's family. I think that Erica is Mary Warwick! And I want you to get Amber and the children, and get them into your room, and keep them there with you.

Ridge: Mother, Amber's not even here. She's -- she's missing.

Stephanie: What?

Ridge: We thought that she'd run away.

Taylor: Ridge, what is going on?

Ridge: Mother thinks that Erica is Sheila's daughter.

Stephanie: Listen, call the police. I mean, she's got that tracking device on, right?

Ridge: No, she doesn't have that on anymore. The police found that thing in an alleyway, with a bunch of booze and pills and things.

Taylor: This was a setup! It was a setup. That's what Amber was talking about. This whole thing -- it all adds up, Ridge! Amber thought that Erica was trying to break up her family. Obviously, Sheila was the one behind all of it!

Ridge: Mother, have you called police?

Stephanie: No.

Ridge: Why don't you call Lieutenant Baker. I'll call Rick. Wait, hold on a second.

Taylor: The police need to go to Erica's apartment!

Ridge: Do you have the address?

Taylor: Yeah, I got it somewhere.

Ridge: Hold on, mother. She's gonna give you an address. Give it to her.

Taylor: Yes, I have it right here. This is Erica's apartment.

Stephanie: Right, I've got it. I'll call you back, soon as I can.


Massimo: Okay, this is where she lives?

Stephanie: Yes. Wait! I've got to call the police!

Massimo: Come on, call them from the car. Come on, let's go.

Stephanie: Oh.

Massimo: Okay.


Taylor: There's no answer at Rick's house?

Ridge: No, they're not picking up. I'm just gonna go over there.

Stephanie: Yes, all right Lieutenant. Yes, we'll meet you there. Thanks, Lieutenant Baker.

Massimo: Okay, try not to panic, all right? Because we don't know for certain that this woman is Sheila, okay? Or that she even has anything to do with Amber's disappearance.

Stephanie: You know, Amber kept insisting that someone was setting her up.

Stephanie: Taylor believed her, why didn't I? I hope we're not too late.


Taylor: Sweetheart, don't worry about Rick. Amber's the one that Sheila's after. I just hope she doesn't have her.

Ridge: The police will find them. If you're right, my kid brother's over there right now with Sheila Carter's daughter.

Taylor: Please be careful.

Ridge: I'll be fine, I'll be fine. I've got my cell phone, you call me if you hear anything from Amber, okay? I love you.

Taylor: I love you.

Ridge: Don't worry.


Rick: We should think about this.

Erica: No, Rick, don't stop. I've waited so long, god, I can't even wait anymore. I want you. I want you so bad.

Rick: I'm not prepared for this.

Erica: You don't need any protection. I have taken care of everything. Trust me. I have never been with anyone else.


[ Muffled screaming ]

Sheila: I told you to be quiet, didn't I? Didn't i? Well, now we're gonna try it one more time. I'm gonna take that tape off of your mouth, and you're gonna take your medicine like a good little girl. You see? Look, look. I got your favorite kind, Amber. And if you don't cooperate, there are other ways to take care of the problem. As far as I'm concerned, you'd just be another piece of luggage for me to carry on board a yacht and throw overboard when nobody notices. Do I make myself clear? Do I? Good, that's very good.

[ Knocking on door ]

Stephanie: My god, it's Sheila!

Massimo: Are you absolutely sure?

Stephanie: It's Sheila!

Sheila: Oh, my god, it's Stephanie!

[ Knocking on door ]

[ muffled screaming ]

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