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The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 10/8/02

By Suzanne
Proofread by Becky

[ Thunder crashes ]

[ incoherent screaming ]

Amber: Stop! Please, stop! Please, please, stop! Stop! Please! Oh, god, Sheila! No!


Bridget: Hello.

C.J.: Oh, hey. Thought you were going to bed early.

Bridget: Mm, I couldn't sleep in this storm. What are you doing down here?

C.J.: Just making a little hot chocolate. Want some?

Bridget: Yes, please.

C.J.: So, met your mentor today, huh?

Bridget: Yeah, I did.

C.J.: How was it? What was he like?


[ Computer beeps ]

Jackson: Griffith, take a look at this. We've got a runner. Tell the Lieutenant his girl's on the move.

Griffith: Send Lieutenant Baker in, will you? What's going on?

Jackson: I've got an alarm on bracelet 1502. House arrest on vandalism and assaulting an officer.

Lt. Baker: Amber Forrester?

Jackson: She left the premises, sir.

Lt. Baker: When?

Jackson: The system updates every 15 minutes. She was there for the last sweep.

Griffith: I'll have the judge issue a bench warrant.

Lt. Baker: I don't know what you're up too; Amber, but you're in a world of trouble, young lady.


Little Eric: Daddy, daddy!

Rick: Oh, come here, buddy.

Erica: Oh, what's wrong?

Rick: He's afraid of the thunder. It's okay, pal -- you're gonna be fine, all right?

Erica: It is just a silly old thunderstorm.

Rick: Yeah, and you know what? Mommy is staying with Auntie Taylor tonight, so she is safe and dry, just like us, so you don't have to worry about her, okay?


Amber: Stop! Stop! Oh, no, no! Stop!

Sheila: Stop kicking!

Amber: No, no, stop!

Sheila: You're only making this harder.

Amber: Stop!

[ Screaming ] my tracking bracelet. The police are probably looking for me right now.

Sheila: You're right, and I hope they are. I'm counting on it.

Amber: They're gonna find me, Sheila. The police, they know exactly where I am.

Sheila: No, Amber. They knew where you were. And once they find this scene, they're gonna know exactly what you were doing.


Bridget: I don't know what else you want me to say. I mean, he's amazing.

C.J.: So you just stood there with your mouth open all day, huh?

Bridget: No, we talked.

C.J.: About what?

Bridget: About the program, about his career --

C.J.: Mm-hmm.

Bridget: Actually, he just got back from Africa. He's a missionary doctor.

C.J.: So he's saving the world, huh?

Bridget: He saved somebody today. C.J., It was so amazing. This man was brought into the hospital, and he'd stopped breathing, and Mark -- Dr. Maclaine -- did a tracheotomy on him right in the middle of the e.r.

C.J.: Just like on tv.

Bridget: The man would have died if Dr. Maclaine hadn't known what was wrong with him. And then later on the man's wife came up and thanked him.

C.J.: So, what about the amazing Dr. Maclaine? Does he have a wife?


Lt. Baker: She still moving?

Jackson: No, sir -- her position is fixed.

Lt. Baker: When you get a lock, you and Griff go pick her up.

Griffith: Where you going, sir?

Lt. Baker: Well, if Amber moves before you get there, I'm gonna try to head her off.

Griffith: Do you know where she's going?

Lt. Baker: I can't be sure, but I've got a pretty good idea.

[ Muffled screaming ]

Sheila: I told you this happen if you screamed, didn't I? didn't I? I mean, honestly, do you really believe that someone on the freeway is gonna stop and save you? They never even noticed you! Now, if I take that off, are you gonna be a good girl? Because if you scream again, I am gonna be so angry! You don't want to make me angry.

Amber: If you were gonna kill me, you would have done it by now.

Sheila: And what makes you think I won't? You know, you're in a very precarious situation right now, because you're the only standing between my daughter and her future -- so you better hope that this plan works. Because if it doesn't, I'm gonna have to come up with a more permanent solution to the problem.


Rick: C'mon buddy, let's go to bed, okay?

Little Eric: Talk to mommy.

Rick: Amber was supposed to call. You know what? You know what, buddy? Your mommy probably fell asleep or something, okay? But I'm sure she'll call you in the morning. And the faster you go to sleep, the faster the morning will come, all right?

Little Eric: Want Erica take me.

Erica: You want me to sing you a song? Would you like that? Okay. Tonight I will sing you as many songs as you like. C'mon, let's go to bed.

Rick: Thank you.

Erica: You know what? Don't even worry about it. Just sit back and relax, because I have everything under control.

Rick: Where are you, Amber? Why didn't you call?


Bridget: You want to know if Dr. Maclaine is married?

C.J.: Well, I was just curious. Is he?

Bridget: I don't really know.

C.J.: Well, did he act married?

Bridget: C.J., What do you mean?

C.J.: Well, I don't know -- did he -- I mean, did he hit on you, or flirt with you, or anything like that?

Bridget: Oh, my god. You're jealous.

C.J.: I am not.

Bridget: Yes, you are. Oh, C.J. Garrison, Mr. Emotional brick wall, is jealous of my mentor.

C.J.: No, Bridget, look -- I told you, I'm just -- I'm curious, okay?

Bridget: Oh.

C.J.: Look, you're gonna be spending a lot of time with this guy, I just want to know a little bit about him, and make sure he's, you know, gonna be respectful of you.

Bridget: You're protecting my honor?

C.J.: I'm trying to look out for you, okay?

Bridget: Okay, don't get all upset. I think it's cute.

C.J.: Well, I'm not trying to be cute, all right? And I'm definitely not jealous. I'm going to bed. Good-night.

Bridget: Good-night.


[ Thunder crashes ]

Amber: So this is your plan? You're just gonna keep me tied up until Erica wins my husband over, huh?

Sheila: They've been getting closer for months.

Amber: He's still married, Sheila.

Sheila: Someone he can't even count on, amber -- look at you! You're an addict, and an alcoholic. You can't take care of yourself, you can't take care of your family. That's no marriage.

Amber: That's why you left all the stuff in the alley.

Sheila: Quite a telling scene, don't you think?

Amber: You want the cops to tell Eric I ran away.

Sheila: Imagine his reaction when he finds out that you jumped bail and that you're running around L.A. All hopped up on pills and tequila.

Amber: So that's what this is all about! You're trying to turn Rick against me.

Sheila: All Erica needs is one night. One moment of weakness, and then he is hers forever.

Amber: You really think that Rick is just gonna leave me for her?

Sheila: You know what? If this plan works, I guarantee it!

Amber: Why, because you're gonna kill me?

Sheila: No, because my daughter is gonna give Rick the one thing that you never could.

Amber: Oh, my god! Damn it, she's trying to get pregnant!

Sheila: She's gonna do better than try, amber. She's gonna succeed, and when she does, Rick is gonna be tied to her for the rest of his life, and there's not a damn thing that you or anyone else can do about it.


Rick: That was quick.

Erica: Yeah, he was asleep before he even got to the top of the stairs.

Rick: You're really good with him. He's grown very attached to you.

Erica: I've grown very attached to him. And to his father. I just hate to see you hurting so much.

Rick: You mean, you hate to see amber hurting us so much.

Erica: I didn't say that.

Rick: That's what you were thinking.

Erica: I'm sorry.

Rick: Don't be. I know you think I'm crazy. Everybody does, and maybe I am. But my gut says that she's telling the truth, and if I can just be patient, then maybe she'll have a good explanation for everything. She deserves that chance, doesn't she?

Erica: I think that you should do whatever you think is right. Look, but just promise me one thing, okay? Don't let her jerk you around. For yourself, and for your son. Promise me that if she lets you down again, it's gonna be the last time.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Lt. Baker: Mr. Forrester, I need to talk to you.

Rick: Lieutenant baker, what's wrong?

Lt. Baker: Do you know where your wife is?


[ Thunder crashes ]

Amber: So, Erica's gonna get pregnant with Rick's child.

Sheila: Yeah, this is it. The timing is perfect.

Amber: That's why you kidnapped me, and that's why you planted the liquor and the drugs with my tracking device!

Sheila: Why should he be faithful to you if he thinks you're the one that abandoned him?

Amber: He's never gonna believe it.

Sheila: Is that because you have just been so perfect up till now?

Amber: No, it's because I talked to him today, and I told him that if anything happened to me, that if I disappear, then he should bring the police right here.

Sheila: You're lying.

Amber: No -- no, this is where it all happened, Sheila. My night with Lance. The broken window. My arrest. I knew something was going on, and I knew that it all led to right here. The police are probably out there right now.

[ Thunder crashes ]

Sheila: Hold it! Oh, clever -- very clever, Amber. Now sit down! Sit down! There is no way I'm gonna let you sneak away -- no way!


Griffith: You're sure this is the place?

Jackson: This is Amber Forrester's last known position.

Griffith: Well, she's not here now. Call the station. Maybe she's on the move again.

Jackson: Wait a minute -- what's that? Is that the cuff?

Griffith: She cut it off.

Jackson: Oh, man -- Lieutenant Baker is not gonna be happy about this.

Griffith: Well, if he doesn't know where she's going, there's no way we can track her. Going by the look of this place, that girl's in very bad shape.


Sheila: You stay right there. Don't even think about moving.

Amber: Your plan isn't going to work, Sheila. Rick believes in me. He always has, and he always will.


Lt. Baker: Where is she, Mr. Forrester? Where's Amber?

Rick: She's at Taylor's.

Lt. Baker: No, she's not.

Rick: Yes, she is. I saw her there.

Lt. Baker: Mr. Forrester, if you're attempting to conceal your wife's whereabouts, you could be charged with obstruction.

Rick: Obstruction? What are you talking about?

Lt. Baker: I have reason to believe that she's broken the restrictions of her bail. Now, if she's here, her tracking device will alert us to her presence.

Rick: You think I'm hiding her?

Erica: Amber's not here, officer.

[ Phone rings ]

Lt. Baker: Excuse me. Baker.

Griffith: Lieutenant, it's Griffith.

Lt. Baker: Did you find her?

Griffith: No, but we found a bracelet. She cut it off, and left it in the alley.

Lt. Baker: She removed it? Damn.

Griffith: That's not all, sir. We found something else.

Lt. Baker: Well, what is it? Tell me.

Rick: Look, Lieutenant, if you can just let me talk to her, I'm sure there's some misunderstanding.

Lt. Baker: All right, bag everything up. Take it back to the station, then tell headquarters to issue a fugitive alert.

Rick: Amber is not a fugitive!

Lt. Baker: I'm afraid she is. My men just found her tracking device in an alley downtown.

Rick: No -- no, that's not true.

Lt. Baker: That's not the worst of it. They also found a bottle of liquor and some pills on the scene.

Rick: Pills?

Lt. Baker: I understand your wife has a substance abuse problem?

Rick: Well, yes, but -- she's in recovery.

Lt. Baker: I'm sorry, Mr. Forrester, but the evidence is clear. For whatever reason, it looks like your wife has jumped bail and gone on a bender.

Rick: No, this isn't true. She wouldn't do that.

Lt. Baker: I'm afraid she has.


[ Thunder crashes ]

Amber: Don't give up on me, Rick. You gotta believe in me. I'm coming home, baby. Just hold on. I'm coming home.

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