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By Suzanne
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Rick: This was a great idea, Erica.

Erica: You mean you're not getting tired of pizza yet?

Rick: Tired of eating pizza? Impossible. We could eat pizza every night of the week, couldn't we, pal?

Little Eric: Yeah.

Rick: Yeah. And we could eat what else? We get some Chinese food sometime? Things like that?

[ Erica remembering ]

Sheila: Rick wants a woman who will run his home with authority, fill his children's hearts with love, a good mother. That's what he wants.

Rick: Well, there's one piece left. Does anybody want it?

Erica: You know what? You go ahead. I'm stuffed.

Rick: What about you, buddy? You want another slice?

Little Eric: Want mommy.

Rick: Look, we can call mom before we go to bed, okay?

Little Eric: Want mommy now.

Erica: You know what, sweetheart? Your mommy misses you a lot, too. A whole bunch. And you know what I think she would love? A card from you. So how about let's make her one? You can draw the pictures and I can help with the words. Would you like that?

Little Eric: Yeah.

Erica: Yeah.


Amber: It was -- it was you the whole time.

Sheila: Oh, no. No, you ruined your own life, Amber. I just gave my daughter the opportunity to pick up the pieces.

Amber: Erica's your daughter. She's Mary!

Sheila: Your nanny.

Amber: Oh, my god -- Erica.

Sheila: You know, I understand that she and your son have gotten very close.

Amber: If she does anything, if she tries to hurt my baby --

Sheila: She would never hurt him! She loves him.

Amber: She is just as crazy as you are!

Sheila: You know what? She is the best thing that has ever happened to that little boy, that poor thing. Growing up with a drug-addicted mother like you. So out of it you can't even read him a book. Oh, yeah. Yeah, you see, Erica, she told me everything. I know everything that went on in that house. You and your temper and the pills. You know, I always knew what you were capable of, and I always knew that you would be jealous of my daughter. Well, you know what? You and Stephanie, you stole my future, but i will not let you ruin hers.

Amber: You really think that Rick is in her future? You think that Rick would go for a whack job like your kid?

Sheila: There is nothing wrong with Erica. She's perfect. And she's exactly the kind of woman that Rick needs in his life. She beautiful, she's intelligent, she's talented.

Amber: She's a stalker! She's obsessed with Rick. That's why she came to L.A., Just to get to him.

Sheila: Oh, no. No, you see, she came to L.A. For you, Amber. You were her hero. I tried to warn her, I tried to tell her you were nothing but trash. She didn't want to listen to me. Sure as hell didn't take you long to prove my point, did it? With all the drugs, the alcohol, the rehab. You know, you would have thought that after all these years, you would have learned something, but you haven't. You haven't changed a bit. You are still nothing but pathetic.

Amber: I'm pathetic? I'm pathetic? Your daughter is trying to seduce a married man. She's trying to rob an innocent, little baby of his mother. And you, you're just -- you're encouraging it!

Sheila: You know what, Amber? I'm gonna do better than that. I'm gonna guarantee it.


Eric: You know, I didn't mean to give you such a bad time tonight.

Brooke: Oh, yes, you did.

Eric: Yeah, I guess maybe I did. Hello, hello. She gets more beautiful every time I see her.

Brooke: Well, maybe there's just more of her to admire.

Eric: And I think there is. She's getting big, you know?

Brooke: She's huge. She eats all the time.

Eric: Yeah? Just like her sister.

Brooke: That's right. Rick was always the fussy one.

Eric: You know what? He got over that, didn't he?

Brooke: Yeah, how many servings did he have the other night?

Eric: I don't know. I lost count.

Brooke: I hope you weren't looking forward to leftovers.

Eric: No, I wasn't. But I have been looking forward to this. Hi, sweetie. It's so nice having a baby around, you know? I hadn't realized how much I'd missed it.

Eric: You know, I think this is actually a very good look for you. The color's very nice in the line. Well, you need to start standing up for the line to work. It's gonna be very nice.

Brooke: You're really good with her.

Eric: Well, I have had some experience, you know? Three daughters of my own and two granddaughters.

Brooke: Which reminds me, when are you expecting Stephanie and the kids?

Eric: She should be back any minute now.

Brooke: You're gonna have a houseful. Sounds like fun.

Eric: It is gonna be fun. What about you? What are your plans for tonight?

Brooke: Oh, gee, well, Hope really wants to go dancing, and there's this new club up on sunset. Very cool, you know? But mom really needs her sleep, so --

Eric: Yeah, well, you should get your sleep and you can go out, all right? I think this little dancing queen needs to make another trip to the changing table.

Brooke: Already? I just changed her.

Eric: Well, I'll do it. I can do it.

Brooke: Are you sure you can?

Eric: Yes. I used to change Bridget's diapers.

Brooke: Well, they don't use pins anymore, you know.

Eric: Yeah. Yes, I know. Two granddaughters, remember?

Brooke: Oh, please. When Stephanie's around, she won't even let me change Hope's diapers.

Eric: Yeah, well, get used to it, all right? Okay, here we go. Here we go. Oh, yeah, here we are. I might be a little rusty, you know? But how hard could it be, really?

Brooke: All right, mister, show me what you got.

Eric: Are you ready?

Brooke: Mm-hmm.

Eric: You ready? All right, here we go. Here, see? Oh, my. Yes, you see, I was right. I was right. Here we are. Just hang onto the baby for a second, please. I'm going to the disposal area. All right? Wipe. Thank you. Wipe, please. Come here. Now, let's just -- oh, my, my, my. Can I see? Hmm? Isn't that nice? Yes, reading. That's nice.

Brooke: Nice technique.

Eric: Thank you. Thank you, there. All right. Diaper.

Brooke: Diaper, yes.

Eric: Yes, thank you. Ah, there we go. Perfect. All right, honey, now we're going around, all right? Just work with me here. Just be a little patient. That's right. Now you just have to wait.

Brooke: Better pick up the pace there. Our little diva's getting kind of impatient.

Eric: Well, I'll do it. Just give me the tape now. Just give me the tape.

Brooke: The tape is right there, on the diaper.

Eric: The tape is on the diaper?

Brooke: Diaper -- yeah.

Eric: Oh, all right. Oh, I got the tape. No, no, you have to have your legs on -- one leg on each side. All right, no, don't around so much. I got the tape now, I found it.

Brooke: Oh, god.

Eric: I just can't get it unpeeled. Honey --

Brooke: Okay. You know what? You got the skill down, but you don't have the speed.

Eric: No, I got the tape now. I just got it. I got it.

Brooke: Scoot, out!

Eric: All right. I got the tape, though. I got the tape.

Brooke: Oh, baby, isn't Uncle Eric funny? He's so silly! He's trying to do your diaper and all it takes is one, two, three. And you're all done! You're all clean and fresh.


Amber: Look, I don't know what Erica told you, but she and Rick -- they're not as close as you think. I mean, he's not in love with her.

Sheila: He will be.

Amber: She's a baby-sitter.

Sheila: So were you.

Amber: Yeah, but -- she's barely legal.

Sheila: She's older then Rick was when you seduced him.

Amber: But Rick and I, we have a baby.

Sheila: It's your cousin's son.

Amber: Yeah, but we -- we have a family. And he thinks -- you know, he's not gonna throw it away for just some star-struck teenager. He thinks of her as an employee. I mean, think about it, Sheila. Think about it. After everything that we have been through, do you really think that he's just gonna abandon me now?

Sheila: No, I don't. You're gonna abandon him.

Amber: God, Sheila, don't.

Sheila: Then don't make me. Get over here. Over by the bar now!

Amber: Why?

Sheila: Don't ask questions! Just do it! Do it!

[ Thunder rumbles ] what do you say we have a little nightcap, Amber? You wanna do that? One for the road? What is your poison these days? Is it Vodka? No. No, it's not. You see, I remember now. Lance said you're a Tequila girl.

Amber: Lance?

Sheila: Pretty sad, isn't it? Misfortunate accident right when he was about to tell you everything you wanted to know.

Amber: It wasn't an accident. You killed him.

Sheila: Are you dying to know? Are you? Open the Tequila. Open the Tequila now! Pour it. More, more! Pour it! The top. Let's go.

Amber: Where?

Sheila: Don't ask questions!

Amber: No, you cannot do this.

Sheila: You know, you have a choice here. You can walk out that door with me right now -- or you can leave here in a body bag, sweetheart. Now, what's it gonna be?


[ Thunder rumbles ]

Erica: Yeah. Hey. Hey. I'll be right back, okay? Rick, is something wrong?

Rick: You haven't noticed Eric's behavior?

Erica: He's a little grumpy.

Rick: He's acting out.

Erica: He misses his mother. That's understandable.

Rick: He's been moody. He's been misbehaving in day care.

Erica: I've been trying to keep him occupied, you know, take the focus off him thinking about Amber so much.

Rick: It's not working.

Erica: No, it's not. I've tried my best. I've done everything I can to distract him, but -- he just can't stop thinking about Amber -- just like his father.


Amber: Where are you taking me? What are you doing? You really think this is the answer? You kidnap me, you get me out of the picture, then Rick is just gonna run into your daughter's arms, and they're gonna live happily ever after?

Sheila: That's the idea.

Amber: Rick will come after me, Sheila. So will Taylor, because she believes in me. And if anything happens to me, they're gonna remember everything that I said about Erica. And they're gonna know she had something to do with this.

[ Sheila laughs ]

Sheila: But she didn't. Erica is innocent. And while you wasted your time breaking into apartments and assaulting police, she was standing by your husband. She was supporting him and taking care of your son, which is exactly what she's doing tonight -- the night that you broke your court order -- and disappeared.


Brooke: Well, I don't want to keep you. Stephanie and the kids should be here anytime.

Eric: Yeah, yeah. I mean, I don't want to overstay my welcome. I know this is your favorite time of day.

Brooke: Why? Because she's dry, fed and quiet?

Eric: No, because I know how much you like to watch your children while they're asleep.

Brooke: Yeah, I do.

Eric: I don't think you even closed your eyes the first month we brought Rick home from the hospital. When he was awake, you were playing with him. When he was asleep, you were staring at him in his crib.

Brooke: If I was at the house, I'd be peeking in on him right now.

Eric: I don't think Rick's getting much sleep these days.

Brooke: No. This whole ordeal with Amber really has taken a toll on him.

Eric: Yeah. Well, if it was just this ordeal, I'd say he'd get over it. But this has been going on for a long time -- since the very beginning.

Brooke: You'd think she'd have learned her lesson by now.

Eric: You'd think he would have learned his.

Brooke: He will, in time.

Eric: What makes you so sure?

Brooke: He is our son. If nothing else, we taught our children how to respect themselves. Well, she's here.

Eric: I gotta help her with the kids. They're gonna be soaked to the skin.

Brooke: Right. Thanks for stopping by.

Eric: It was -- it was my pleasure. Good night.

Brooke: Good night.


[ Thunder rumbles ]

Rick: Children know if something's wrong. They're always watching and listening. They pick up on everything. And we're not doing him any favors by telling him that everything's okay, because it's not.

Erica: Rick, you have done the best that you can. You've given him love and support and attention, everything that a little boy needs.

Rick: Then why do I feel like I'm letting him down?

Erica: You're not. Amber's the one who's been disrupting his life.

Rick: Amber is his mother. He needs her.

Erica: He needs peace, Rick. So do you. Look, I know that you feel sorry for her. But she brought this on herself. And what's worse is that she brought it on to little Eric, too. I don't mean to sound harsh, but I know what I'm talking about. Okay, believe me -- sometimes even the most loving mother can be a bad influence on her child's life.


[ Amber sobbing ]

Amber: No. No. Sheila, you don't want to do this.

Sheila: Get in there. Go! Keep moving!

Amber: Sheila, this is not gonna help your daughter! Getting rid of me is not gonna guarantee she's gonna get Rick!

Sheila: Just be quiet.

Amber: And if something happens to me, she's gonna know you did it! And then Rick is probably gonna blame her, because he knows I suspect her!

Sheila: Oh, no, Amber, no! Because when I'm done with you, no one's gonna suspect a thing.

[ Thunder rumbles ]

Amber: What are you doing?

[ Thunder rumbles ] oh, my god, Sheila, no, don't. Okay, I'll do -- I'll do whatever you want. Just don't hurt my family.

Sheila: No, amber, Erica is taking care of your family. They're gonna be just fine! But it's the end of the road for you.

[ Amber screaming ]

Amber: No! No!

[ Amber screaming ]

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