B&B Transcript Thursday 10/03/02

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 10/3/02

By Suzanne
Proofread by Becky

Megan: Come here, you little cutie pie. Huh? Can't get to sleep?

[ Knock on door ]

Stephanie: Brooke? You here?

Megan: Hi, Stephanie.

Stephanie: Megan, well, hi! I didn't realize that she'd gone out for the night.

Megan: Well, no, she hasn't gone out for the night, actually. She's over -- look, look, somebody wants her Aunt Stephanie -- she's over doing laundry. And I got the babysitting honors.

Stephanie: Oh, and I see the baby worked her magic on you.

Megan: That she did. I've already signed up to watch her when her Aunt Stephanie isn't available.

Stephanie: Aunt Stephanie -- who would have ever thought that I would help Brooke raise a baby? Who would've ever thought that?

Megan: It's amazing how things can change, isn't it?

Stephanie: I'd like to think people can, too.

Megan: Just not Brooke, right?

Stephanie: Well, I think it's safe to say her pattern is pretty well-established. But who knows -- maybe this time. Maybe this time.

Megan: Well, this time, she is really trying to be a better person. And you know what? It hasn't been easy.

Stephanie: It never is. Let's just hope that whatever temptation comes across her path, she's able to resist.

Megan: Let's just hope that.

Stephanie: Oh, and maybe all the support from us, she can turn her life around this time. Right, little girl?


Brooke: Eric --

Eric: What?

Brooke: I thought you said you were going to help me.

Eric: Right, absolutely, gonna help you.

Brooke: I can't believe I was so clumsy.

Eric: Here you go.

Brooke: I thought you were out with Stephanie. Otherwise, I would have waited until the morning to use your washing machine.

Eric: Yeah, well, Stephanie decided to call it a night a little earlier than I expected.

Brooke: Well, that's too bad.

Eric: Yeah. Yeah, it is.

Brooke: Something wrong?

Eric: No. Just you -- you look beautiful.

Brooke: Well, the bedroom line's never been better, thanks to you.

Eric: Brooke, um --

Brooke: I better go check on the laundry.

Eric: No, no, no. Wait, wait, wait. Don't -- don't go.


C.J.: What do you think?

Darla: It's nice, yeah.

C.J.: Mm-hmm?

Darla: Just needs a little -- something.

[ Humming ] there. Now you're set.

C.J.: Darla, look, I'm not proposing here, okay? It's not even a date. I just want to sit down with Bridget, have a little bite to eat and find out how things went with her mentor today.

Darla: You can do that over the phone. Look, Ceej, obviously you went to a little trouble here to make it a special occasion, so you might as well go all the way. I didn't mean that the way it sounded.

C.J.: Mm-hmm.

Darla: Oh, though, on second thought -- hmm.

C.J.: Right. Look, do me a favor, Einstein, don't think at all. I want to sit there, drink your coffee, and let me handle things with Bridget.

Darla: All right. But when she gets tired of waiting around for you to move things along, don't come crying to -- hello. Who is this?

C.J.: That's Bridget's mentor.

Darla: Oh, honey, he can play doctor with me anytime. Mm.


Mark: And my attending was about to call it when, all of the sudden, out of nowhere, normal sinus rhythm.

Bridget: He was alive?

Mark: He was alive and asking for a double cheeseburger 20 minutes later.

Bridget: Oh, my god! It must feel so incredible bringing someone back to life like that.

Mark: There's nothing like it. But it also rips your guts up when you lose someone.

Bridget: How do you do it? I mean, how do you wake up the next morning and just do it all over again?

Mark: Me, I play drums.

Bridget: Drums?

Mark: I put in some Metallica or Guns 'n Roses, and I beat those babies until it hurts -- or, stops hurting. You see, everybody deals with it in their own way. But the point is that you face it, you know? You jump head-first into that pain, and you come out on the other side.

Bridget: Not easy to do.

Mark: But I'm not here to coast through life. You see, after you see somebody fight like hell to beat cancer, I mean, going through chemo and radiation for just one more day on this earth, you dare not take the easy way out. You pick yourself up, you move on, and you damn well better be ready to help the next guy.

Bridget: I feel like I should be taking notes or something.

Mark: Listen, enjoy your downtime, because pretty soon I'm gonna be working you 24/7.

Bridget: Oh, hey, bring it on. I'm ready.

Mark: You just remember you said that, okay, because any life you have outside of this hospital, you can pretty much kiss it good-bye.


Darla: Ooh, and he's a musician, too. Wow.

C.J.: All right, give me that. Quit oogling.

Darla: It's too late, I'm already in love.

C.J.: Yeah, well, then I'll ask Bridget to set you up on a date. How about that?

Darla: All right, all right. Well, how do you know Bridget doesn't want him for herself?

C.J.: As hard as it may be for you to believe, Darla, Bridget didn't go to med school to pick up guys.

Darla: Yeah, well, maybe once she gets a good look at Dr. Handsome --

C.J.: Well, for your information, she's already seen his picture, and it didn't even phase her.

Darla: Ah -- well, Ceej, that's a really good sign.

C.J.: A sign of what exactly?

Darla: That Bridget's already found the man of her dreams.

C.J.: Why do I put up with you?

Darla: Because you're crazy about me. I gotta go. Okay. See you later. Have a great time, big guy.

C.J.: We're just gonna talk, that's it.

Darla: Yeah, right. Anyway -- seriously, I think it's really sweet that you're so excited for Bridget like this.

C.J.: Say good night, Darla.

Darla: Good night, Darla. Good-bye.

C.J.: Good-bye.


Mark: Well, congratulations, you are now officially an ex-coffee drinker. And I hope to see you never touch the stuff again.

Bridget: That's gonna be a little difficult.

Mark: Why, are you addicted to caffeine?

Bridget: I work at a coffee shop. Insomnia -- you know, the place on Beverly?

Mark: I wouldn't know it. I just moved to L.A. I can get to the hospital, parking lot, and that's pretty much about it.

Bridget: Well, in that case, I can show you around the city.

Mark: Oh, right, in your spare time? And besides, won't your boyfriend mind?

Bridget: I don't have a boyfriend. Well, there's a guy, but we're just taking it slow.

Mark: So, it's not serious?

Bridget: He'd be the first to tell you that.

Dr. Rauker: Hey, Mark.

Mark: Hey.

Dr. Rauker: How's it going?

Mark: Good, I'd like you to meet my new student.

Dr. Rauker: Oh, the mentor?

Mark: Yeah. Steve Rauker, Bridget Forrester.

Bridget: Hi, Dr. Rauker.

Dr. Rauker: Bridget, you lucked out, you know? Got yourself a heck of a teacher here.

Bridget: I get that feeling.

Dr. Rauker: I heard about your patient earlier. Nice save.

Mark: Yeah, well, I'm just trying to impress the rookie.

Dr. Rauker: If you really want to be impressed, get him to talk about his stint in Africa. I'll catch you later.

Mark: All right, Steve.

Dr. Rauker: Glad to have you with us, Bridget.

Bridget: Thanks. You worked in Africa?

Mark: Yeah, right before this job. It was a small group of us, mostly doctors and nurses. And we'd go into refugee camps, villages torn apart by civil war and decimated by aids, and we'd supply those people with medicine, perform surgical procedures when conditions allowed, basically just give those people some kind of hope.

Bridget: I can't even imagine the things you must've seen.

Mark: It was pretty brutal. Especially when it came to the kids. But the looks on their faces -- I mean, when you would patch up a wound or wipe away a tear, it made it all worthwhile.

Bridget: Why'd you leave?

Mark: I don't know. I guess it was time for a new mission.

Bridget: Do you mind if I ask you one last question?

Mark: Sure.

Bridget: Underneath that white coat, is there a blue suit with a big red "s" on it?

Mark: Come on, I can't give away all my secrets on the first day now, can I?


Brooke: I'm not so sure this is such a good idea.

Eric: What?

Brooke: You and me here in the kitchen alone.

Eric: Oh, you feeling uncomfortable?

Brooke: Well, it's just that after what happened before --

Eric: You think I was gonna try to kiss you again?

Brooke: I know you said last time didn't mean anything.

Eric: Well, it didn't.

Brooke: Well, then why --

Eric: Oh, I asked you to stay because I thought maybe you wanted something to eat.

Brooke: What?

Eric: I mean, aren't you hungry? Don't you want something? Some scrambled eggs or an omelet? A Spanish omelet? A Spanish omelet. You used to love Spanish omelets.

Brooke: Oh, Eric Forrester, I haven't seen you near the vicinity of a stove since --

Eric: Since -- since when? Since we were first married?

Brooke: Yeah. Do you remember those nights? I used to get up and feed Rick in the middle of the night. And you would get up and feed me.

Eric: I do remember. Two of us sitting around the kitchen table, talking about what we wanted for our kids.

Brooke: Yes, we had such high hopes back then.

Eric: We've come full circle here, you know? We're sitting at the kitchen table again talking about our kids and our dreams for them.

Brooke: Well, I wish we could have given them what they really needed -- a mother and a father under the same roof together.

Eric: Yeah, so do I.

Brooke: Well, it's too bad, isn't it?

Eric: Brooke, do you ever -- do you ever think about us?

Brooke: Us, together, starting over?

Eric: Yeah. I mean, I do. I've thought about that. I've been thinking about that a lot lately.


Stephanie: Sound asleep.

Megan: Wonderful. Thank you so much.

Stephanie: I wonder what's taking Brooke so long.

Megan: Well, you know, she's not very domestic.

[ Laughter ]

Stephanie: You're right. She's probably over there caught up in a magazine.

Megan: Yeah, probably.

Stephanie: Would you mind waiting for her? I'd kind of just like to go home.

Megan: Oh, yeah, of course, go home. I'd love to take care of her.

Stephanie: Thanks. It was great to see you.

Megan: It was lovely to see you.

Stephanie: Good night.

Megan: Good night. It better be a magazine.


Eric: Can you imagine how happy that would make our kids if you and I were together again?

Brooke: They would be thrilled. But, Eric --

Eric: No, no, no, I'm just fantasizing here. For Rick and Bridget's sake, of course.

Brooke: Well, as nice as it would be for them, there would be somebody else that would be completely devastated.

Eric: Yeah -- Stephanie.

Brooke: I know she hasn't said this out loud, but she sees herself back in this house someday, growing old and gray with you. You've been robbed of so many years, and I did that to you.

Eric: No, Brooke.

Brooke: Keeping you from your anniversaries, from your children's birthdays, from deepening that love that you already shared. Well, this is your time, Eric -- yours and Stephanie'S. Don't let it slip away. Don't let Stephanie slip away.

Eric: Brooke, I have tried to hang on to Stephanie. But every time I do something, she goes -- she goes back to that guest house every night -- every night!

Brooke: Well, then make this night different. Go after her. Don't just talk about how much you love her, show her.

Eric: And if she refuses?

Brooke: Oh, I'm sure she's not gonna do that.

Eric: She already has, Brooke.

Brooke: Well, then maybe she's flirting with you.

Eric: Flirting with me? Flirting?

Brooke: Think about it. You make a move, she acts like it's no big deal. And you get all hot and bothered, and so then she has you right where she wants you.

Eric: You're speaking from experience, aren't you?

Brooke: Well, I might as well use it to do some good.

Eric: This is the new Brooke, isn't it? Gonna take some getting used to.

Brooke: For you and me both. But this is right for me, Eric. I need to put other people ahead of me for once.

Eric: Keep talking like that, I'm gonna fall in love with you all over again.

Brooke: Don't. Not when you have the real thing right next door.

Eric: So you think she's waiting, huh?

Brooke: Well, I certainly would be. Look, just go over there, knock on the door, and she'll let you in. I guarantee it. She's not gonna turn you away.

Eric: How can you be so sure?

Brooke: I know these things. I'm a woman, aren't I?

Eric: Yeah. Yes, you are.

Brooke: Your wife loves you. She needs to be swept off her feet. So what are you doing over here wasting your time? Why don't you get to it?

[ Buzzing sound ] that's the rest of my clothes. I appreciate you offering to make dinner, but I really have to get going. Okay? Good night, Eric.

Eric: Good night.


Bridget: So, you really want this kept between us?

Mark: I lost a patient, all right, inanimate and gas-guzzling though it may be.

Bridget: Yeah, next time my battery dies, I'm calling a tow truck.

Mark: That hurts.

Bridget: Well, thank you for the ride. I'd ask you to stay for a cup of coffee, but --

[ laughter ]

Mark: I'm gonna be keeping an eye on you.

Bridget: Not one more drop. I have sworn off coffee for good, I promise.

Mark: You learn fast, Forrester.

Bridget: I hope so.

Mark: Well, I'll see you back at the salt mines.

Bridget: If it's anything like it was today -- that kind of experience -- you just, you can't explain it to somebody who wasn't there.

Mark: I know, yeah. That's why the medical community is so tight.

Bridget: You really were amazing saving that man's life.

Mark: And, pretty soon, I'm gonna be saying the same thing to you. Try to get some sleep, okay?

Bridget: Yeah, like I could really close my eyes.

Mark: Yeah, I know the feeling.


Megan: How was the magazine?

Brooke: What magazine?

Megan: I was afraid you'd say that. Did you run in to Eric over there?

Brooke: Yes, I did. Don't worry, nothing happened.

Megan: It's gonna stay like that, right?

Brooke: That's the plan.

Megan: Okay, good. Stick to it.

Brooke: Yes. Thank you.

Megan: You're welcome. Have a good night.

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