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The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 9/24/02

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Sheila: Honey, wait until you see the dress that I got for tonight. I think it's gonna be perfect. Well, what do you think?

Erica: I don't think so.

Sheila: What? Erica! Honey, you can't go over there looking like a little girl tonight. If you're gonna convince Rick to sleep with you, you have to come across more like a woman.

Erica: Mom, I think a woman makes her own decisions and picks out her own clothes.

Sheila: Oh, what's that? Because I don't think that this is really --

Erica: You know what, mom? I can handle this.

Sheila: You know what? I think you're right. I think you can. Gosh, you have no idea how thrilled I am to be looking at the soon-to-be Mrs. Eric Forrester, Jr.

Erica: Okay, confession time.

Sheila: I know you're a little nervous --

Erica: I'm more than a little nervous, but -- you know what, mom? I feel great. To share my first experience with an amazing man like Rick, whom I love and I want to spend the rest of my life with.

Sheila: Oh, and you're going to. Erica, you -- you are taking charge of things. You're not sitting around waiting for things to happen like most people do -- all that drivel about eve and the forbidden apple. It's the cowards who don't reach up and take what they want. They're the ones who lose out on Eden. But you -- you're going to spend the rest of your life in paradise. Just remember, be a little coy at first. Don't come on too strong or --

Erica: You know what, mom? Grab your own apple. Because this one is mine.


Eric: You've got that look on your face again.

Stephanie: What look is that?

Eric: The one where you're about to tell me something I don't like.

Stephanie: Surprise, it's good news.

Eric: Oh. Brooke, hi.

Brooke: Hi. Stephanie called and said that she wanted to see us. So what is it?

Stephanie: Well, it's actually something quite wonderful. Your daughter has been accepted in the accelerated premed program.

Eric: What?

Brooke: I can't believe that!

Eric: When did she find this out?

Stephanie: A couple of days ago. But the most important thing right now is, there's a reception this evening for the students and parents.

Eric: For tonight? Why didn't she tell us?

Brooke: Because she doesn't want me to be there. That's probably why she didn't tell you, Eric. Because she knows that's how I would find out.

Eric: Brooke, I don't understand why she's pulling away from you like this.

Brooke: I told you. It's just that her breakup with Deacon was really hard on her. It brought up a lot of issues.

Eric: Yeah. But I think she would still want to have your support at an event like this.

Stephanie: She does. I think she was just trying to be diplomatic. And didn't want to hurt someone's feelings if she invited one and then not the other.


C.J.: All right. Let's see what we have here. Doesn't look like too intimidating of a group.

Bridget: Yeah. Wait'll we graduate med school and it's time to apply for a residency.

C.J.: That cut-throat, huh?

Bridget: From what I hear.

C.J.: Ah, don't worry about it. You're smarter than all of them.

Bridget: Oh, you think so, do you?

C.J.: Sure. Look at this guy. He can't even tie his tie right. He's gonna stitch somebody up? I don't think so.

[ Bridget laughs ] and her. All right. What's she got that you ain't got?

Bridget: Well, maybe one thing.

C.J: Hey. Look at it like this -- I mean, some people stick with the families that they're born with and other people get to choose, you know, create their own.

Bridget: So then, what does that make you? My new big brother?

C.J.: I was thinking something more along the lines of kissing cousin.

Bridget: Oh.

Erica: Yeah, hi. I'd like to order one of your gourmet dinners for two. You tell me. What's the best that you have? I want everything to be perfect. This is gonna be a big, big night for us.

Dr. Kelly: Bridget?

Bridget: Yes.

Dr. Kelly: I've been looking forward to meeting you. Dr. Reuben Kelly.

Bridget: Dr. Kelly. Hi, it's so nice to meet you. C.J., This is dr. Kelly. He's the head of the program.

C.J.: Oh, C.J. Garrison. Bridget's -- uh, a friend of Bridget's.

Dr. Kelly: Lucky man. Because this is one extraordinary young woman.

C.J.: Hey, you don't have to tell me that.

Dr. Kelly: Before we get started, I wanted to take time to congratulate you personally.

Bridget: For what?

Dr. Kelly: Yours was the highest score on the entrance exam.

Bridget: You're kidding.

Dr. Kelly: You'll be getting -- you'll be getting an award tonight, so make sure your parents have seats up front.

Bridget: Um -- well, actually, Dr. Kelly, my parents aren't here tonight.

Dr. Kelly: Oh. That's a shame. Oh, I'm sorry. Would you excuse me?

Bridget: Sure.

C.J.: Nice meeting you. Hey, look, Bridget, it's not too late. I mean, you could still call your dad.

Bridget: No. I'm fine without them. Really.


Brooke: Look, Eric, why don't you just go?

Stephanie: Brooke, you need to go as well.

Brooke: Do you really think so?

Eric: Of course. She wants you there. You're her mother.

Brooke: I know, Eric, but this is her night. This -- it really has nothing to do with us.

Stephanie: But I think you should be there. Look, just go and be what she needs.

Brooke: But if I just show up without being invited, don't you think that's going to alienate her even more?

Stephanie: I think it's important for you to go there tonight, be respectful, keep a certain distance. Just let her know that you love her and you're proud of her -- that her family is there to support her.


[ Italian music plays ]

Rick: Hey, what's all this?

Erica: You said we could celebrate my new job, remember? So -- let's celebrate.

Dr. Kelly: These next years will be challenging, frustrating, rewarding -- and not just for the students, but for the families who have to put up with them. I want to congratulate you parents out there. You've raised some exceptional young men and women. But your work is not over yet. Your support and commitment is going to be absolutely essential to them as they make their way through this tough, tough program. Here to talk a little bit more about that is Veronica Thomas. She's one year ahead of you in the program, so she can give you an idea of what you have to look forward to. Veronica?

[ Applause ]

Veronica: Thanks, Dr. Kelly. Hi, everyone. I can't believe it's been 12 whole months since I was sitting in this same room with my mom and dad, all hyped about this incredible adventure I was about to take and -- okay, scared to death. Don't worry, I'm not scared anymore. Thanks to Dr. Kelly and some of the other great professors you're going to meet tonight, I'm starting to feel like I know what I'm doing. I'm not going to kid you, the workload is intense. And you have to make a lot of sacrifices. But let's face it, there's no way you all would've gotten this far if you didn't have a terrific support system at home. You're going to have to draw on that again -- and again, and again -- over the next few years. I know I have. Parents, feel free to get creative. My dad would write me encouraging little notes that always seemed to come exactly when I needed them most. Or my mom would show up out of the blue with a home-cooked meal. We tell you we don't want you to butt in and we can do everything ourselves, but -- we're lying. We need you. So on behalf of your sons and daughters, I want to thank you tonight in advance for all your support. It's a long road ahead, but with your help, we're going to make you proud.

[ Applause ]

Dr. Kelly: Thank you, veronica. She'll be around later if you have any questions. I want to take a moment to recognize the winner of the James C. Murray scholarship, which goes to the student with the highest score on the entrance examination. That honor belongs to Bridget Forrester. Come on up, Bridget.

C.J.: Come on. You've earned it. Get up there. Be proud.


Rick: Wow. You went to a lot of trouble here.

Erica: Well, I had to do something to thank you.

Rick: Thank me?

Erica: For letting me be the new voice of the Ambrosia line.

Rick: You're kidding me, right? I mean, we're lucky to have you.

Erica: Do you really feel that way?

Rick: Yeah. You have a great voice.

Erica: Oh. You know, for a second there, I thought you were talking about something more than just my voice.

Rick: Oh, um -- sure -- I mean, you know how much I appreciate everything you've done for me.

Erica: Yeah, well, I'd like to do more.

Rick: And you're gonna get your chance -- with this ad campaign. Great Saganaki.

Erica: You know what it is.

Rick: Yeah. Yeah, I've had it a couple of times. But it's been a while. Amber's more of a burger and fries kind of girl.

Erica: Well, I love it. Here, why don't you try this piece? Isn't it wonderful?


Dr. Kelly: Thank you. It's a terrific way to start out.

Bridget: Thank you.

Dr. Kelly: Anything you'd like to say?

Bridget: Oh --

Dr. Kelly: Please, go on.

Bridget: Okay. Well, just that I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone else in the program. We're all going to be thrown together a lot in the next few years. And a good friend of mine was just talking to me about the different kinds of families -- you know, the kind you're born with and the kind you choose. And my guess is, we're all going to be a sort of a family by the time we get through this. It's - that's really important to me -- to have people in your life who are there for you and who help you get through the rough spots. Because what we're working toward is so important. And not -- not the individual achievements and awards, but the ability to heal people who are suffering. It's such an incredible gift and -- so -- so thank you so much, thank you, dr. Kelly, for this honor and for giving us the opportunity to pursue our dreams. And one more thank you -- one I didn't think I would get the chance to make. To my dad, Eric Forrester and my mom, Brooke Logan -- for being here tonight. It really means a lot to me.

Sheila: Eric Forrester. The most wonderful days of my life -- I've spent with you. Now we might not be able to share a life together, but my daughter -- my daughter, once she becomes pregnant with Rick's child, she's gonna be a part of that family forever. Forever. Forever. Forever.

[ Sheila laughs ]


Rick: So what else do we have here?

Erica: Why don't you try that one?

Rick: Okay.

Erica: It's pretty good, huh?

Rick: Yeah. What is it?

Erica: Octapodakia. Grilled octopus.

Rick: What are you trying to do to me?

Erica: Isn't it obvious? I want to share my passion with you.

Rick: Your --

Erica: No. No, no, no. Not like that. My passion for Greek food.

Rick: Oh.

Erica: Actually, for anything Greek. I love the culture. Have you studied mythology at all?

Rick: Just the basics -- Zeus, lightning bolts, you know.

Erica: It's so much more than that. I mean, they were such romantic people. To come up with the stories that they did. Like Alpheus, the river god. Have you heard of him?

Rick: No.

Erica: Well, he fell in love with this beautiful girl, but a jealous god turned her into a lake so that they couldn't be together. But Alpheus so desperately wanted her that he guided the stream from his river into her lake so that they could be together forever.

Rick: Erica.

Erica: Yeah?

Rick: What are you getting at here?

Erica: Nothing. Nothing. I'm just telling you a story. I have a lot more.

Rick: Uh-huh.

Erica: Like when I was little, my favorite were the muses. I used to pretend that I was the goddess of song and dance.

Rick: So that's where the singing comes from.

Erica: And the dancing. You want to see?

Rick: Actually, you know, I'm feeling kind of hungry.

Erica: Okay. Well, you sit here and get something to eat. And I'll entertain you with a traditional Greek folk dance.

Rick: You're kidding.

[ Greek music plays ] you know, Erica, I don't believe that this is a traditional Greek dance.

Erica: No?

Rick: Because if it was, there'd be a lot more Greeks running around.

Erica: You're funny.

Rick: Erica --

Erica: No, Rick, please don't stop. Make love to me.

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