B&B Transcript Thursday 9/19/02

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 9/19/02

By Suzanne
Proofread by Becky

Ridge: So tell me the truth, you -- you got somebody in there, right?

Brooke: I can't hide anything from you.

Ridge: Whip.

Brooke: No.

Ridge: Thorne?

Brooke: No.

Ridge: Guess your new best friend wouldn't like that idea much.

Brooke: Who Stephanie? Not only does she approve of the person that I share my bed with, she actually brought that person in here, and she took them into the bedroom and she got them undressed for me.

Ridge: The baby. Okay. That's good. That's very good.

Brooke: You figured it out.

Ridge: You had me going.

Brooke: Yes, I did. Well, that's my specialty. Getting you all worked up.


Betsy: God, he finally did it!

Bridget: Yeah --

Betsy: So how was it? Ah! You loved it!

Bridget: It was -- it was good. I mean, I have kissed all of what two guys in my life, but I'm telling you this one is going to be pretty hard to top.

Betsy: Oh, god, that's so great. Bridget, you needed this.

Bridget: Yeah, I sure wasn't expecting it.

Betsy: The rest of us were.

Bridget: I know. Betsy, the whole place burst into applause.

Betsy: You're kidding! I'm sorry I missed it. That's okay, I'll just catch the next one.

Bridget: Actually, I don't think there is going to be a next one.

Betsy: What do you mean? You just got done telling me this was the best kiss you ever had, or ever expect to have -- and you don't want him to do it again?

Bridget: I didn't say that.

Betsy: So you do want to.

Bridget: I'm just not going to count on anything, okay? I mean, after all this is C.J. We're talking about.

Betsy: Oh, look, there he is.

Bridget: Good. Good, Betsy. Point and stare. Thanks a lot.

Ken: You want six cases?

C.J.: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, six

Ken: Okay.

C.J.: Thanks a lot, man.


Sally: Ah-ha, got ya!

C.J.: Hi, Mom.

Sally: Don't "Hi, mom" me.

C.J.: Something wrong?

Sally: No, something is right. Something is very, very right from all I hear. But I wish you'd call me and told me about you and Bridget. And about that passionate, romantic kiss you shared. I mean, why did I have to wait to hear it from a friend of a friend --

C.J.: All right, Mom. Come here, please.

Sally: C.J., Come on, I want details.

C.J.: What are you doing?

Sally: I'm teasing you. Because I want you to know how happy I am for you.

C.J.: Look, you know what? This whole thing is making me crazy, okay? It was just a kiss.

Sally: Oh, I don't think so. I think it was a lot more than a kiss, I think it was a breakthrough.

C.J.: Oh, no, no, no, no. See, that's where you're wrong. Mom, okay, it was a kiss. That's it. That's all it was, and that's all it's ever gonna be. Okay?


Stephanie: Good evening.

Eric: Room service.

Stephanie: Well, this is wonderful service.

Eric: We aim to please.

Stephanie: Thank you, if you just give me a moment, I'll find my purse and give you a tip.

Eric: Mmm, Stephanie -- that's the only tip I need.


Ridge: What are you doing?

Brooke: Well, I wouldn't want to offend you. I know how you feel about the Brooke's bedroom line.

Ridge: Well, just because Forrester shouldn't be selling it, doesn't mean you shouldn't be wearing it.

Brooke: Well now, that's a selfish point-of-view. That means, you would be the only one enjoying it.

Ridge: Yeah, like you're not enjoying this.

Brooke: I don't know what you mean.

Ridge: Right, right, right. Mother told me, you've given up on men.

Brooke: Well, I'm re-evaluating my priorities. Family has to come first. I'm taking your lead, actually. The way you made Taylor and the children the center of your world. Which makes me wonder, why aren't you with them right now.

Brooke: You and Taylor had a fight, didn't you?

Ridge: I don't want to get into that.

Brooke: Oh, come on, what happened?

Ridge: Oh, you know Taylor and her damned do-gooder instincts.

Brooke: Oh, I know, that is so frustrating, the way she is so loving and giving and so helpful all the time. Ugh.

Ridge: Whose side are you on, anyway?

Brooke: Are you really looking for sympathy? Because you're not gonna get any. You're lucky to have her. Everybody knows that, including me.

Ridge: I liked the old Brooke better.

Brooke: Oh, you mean, the one who would take advantage of this situation?

Ridge: Yeah. Where can I find her?

Brooke: You can't. She grew up.

Ridge: Shame.

Brooke: For you, maybe. The rest of my family has been waiting a long time for this.

Ridge: Talking about Bridget?

Brooke: Mm-hmm.

Ridge: Mother said there was some tension there. I don't understand why she would be blaming you for the break-up of her marriage?

Brooke: It's just complicated.

Ridge: What's complicated about it? She married a jerk, she realized it, it's over.

Brooke: Well, the break-up was hard on her. It brought up a lot of issues.

Ridge: About you?

Brooke: Well, yeah. And the choices that Iíve made. Many, many years ago, you know, she had a very confusing and chaotic childhood. She had to deal with things that no child should ever have to deal with, because of me.

Ridge: So, she's feeling like her poor choice of men, is because of the way she was raised?

Brooke: Well, that's only part of it, but yes.

Ridge: You want me to talk to her?

Brooke: You?

Ridge: Yeah. Her life wasn't just chaotic because of you, Logan. I might have had something to do with it, too. Don't you think?


Sally: All right, son, what's the matter?

C.J.: Look, I just can't stand the way everybody's overreacting about this.

Sally: Is it overreacting for people to be happy for you? To be glad that you've found someone special? Someone who cares about you?

C.J.: See, there you go! Talking about us like we're a couple. Mom, we're not. It was --look, I don't need a girlfriend. Okay? I don't need anything, I am perfectly happy with my life exactly the way that it is. On my own! Now, I got to get back to work. Thank you for stopping by. And say hi to dad for me, okay?

Sally: All right, fine. But you and I are going to talk about this. You know?

C.J.: Whatever you say, mom. I'll see you later.

Sally: Mm-hmm.

Bridget: Hey, Ceej. Can I change these in for a 20?

Bridget: Thanks. So, kinda slow tonight, huh?

C.J.: Yeah, yeah. But you know, it'll pick up once the students get back and classes start.

Cashier: Here you go, bridge.

Raquel: Hey, Bridge, takin' off?

Bridget: Yeah. I just gave table three their check. Oh, oh, and the guy at table five's waiting for a half-decaf with a kiss. A twist! A twist. Twist.

[ Light laughter ]

C.J.: Bridget, can I talk to you for a second, now?


Eric: Well, you've added a few touches of your own. That's very nice.

Stephanie: It's very comfortable.

Eric: Well, it must be. Since you've chosen this over a 100-foot yacht moored at Portofino.

Stephanie: How did you know about that?

Eric: I have my sources.

Stephanie: Brooke.

Eric: Any particular reason you didn't want me to tell me about that?

Stephanie: I know how your mind operates.

Eric: You know how all of me operates.

Stephanie: Steady big fellow, I'm here for the baby.

Eric: The baby, yes.

Stephanie: Yes, the baby. And to keep an eye on Brooke, to make sure that she doesn't do something really foolish again.

Eric: Like seduce one of our sons?

Stephanie: Exactly.

Eric: Well, that's very noble of you. You're gonna tell me you don't want to keep your eye on anyone else besides Brooke?

Stephanie: Who else?

Eric: You don't peak out that window there once in a while?

Stephanie: Why would I do that?

Eric: Scope out the situation. See if I've had any overnight guests.

Stephanie: Eric.

Eric: What?

Stephanie: You're so silly.

Eric: What's silly about that?

Stephanie: Oh, come on, everyone knows you're madly in love with me.

Eric: They do, do they?

Stephanie: Yes, they do.

Eric: And what do they say about you moving fifty feet from my front door?

Stephanie: They know it must be driving you crazy.


Bridget: Sorry about that.

C.J.: Don't worry about it. Um -- I mean, it is a weird situation. And after all, I did create it. I mean, I kissed you.

Bridget: And now you're regretting it.

C.J.: Well, no -- don't take it personally. Believe me, I mean -- it's just, I got a business to run. And I do have other employees. My family and your family --

Bridget: I know, I know. You know what? I've been thinking exactly the same thing.

C.J.: You have?

Bridget: Yeah. C.J., This job is really important to me. And so is our friendship.

C.J.: Right, I -- it is to me, too.

Bridget: Okay. So, how about we just say the kiss never happened. All right? Okay.

C.J.: You could do that? You could just -- pretend like the kiss never happened?

Bridget: Absolutely. I mean, don't you think it's for the best?

C.J.: Yeah, yes, definitely.

Bridget: As it is, everybody out there thinks we're in here making out.

[ Laughing ]

C.J.: I know. My mom practically has us married already.

Bridget: You told your mom?

C.J.: No, she found out.

Bridget: Right. Yeah, she's gonna be really disappointed.

C.J.: Yeah, I think she'll get over it.

Bridget: Right. Yeah. I really -- I don't see what everybody's making such a huge deal about. It was just a kiss.

C.J.: Exactly. That's exactly what I told her.

Bridget: Well, I think it's good we can talk like out like this. Just get everything out in the open.

C.J.: You know what, Bridget, I -- I agree. I mean, I feel better already.

Bridget: Yeah. You seemed pretty uncomfortable before.

C.J.: Hey, don't get the wrong idea. I mean, it's not like I didn't enjoy myself.

Bridget: Well, good.

C.J.: I mean, it was --

Bridget: Yeah?

C.J.: Nice.

Bridget: It was better than nice.

Yes, it was.

Bridget: It's almost too bad -- we should get back out there.

C.J.: You know -- you know, we're gonna catch so much flak from those guys.

Bridget: Yeah, I know.

C.J.: I mean, look, they're gonna be giving us a hard time anyway for something we didn't even do --

Bridget: So maybe we should just do it?

C.J.: Right -- right, I mean, just this once.

Bridget: Right, right. Because then we'd totally draw the line. Like you said, you have a business to run, and --

Bridget: Okay -- yeah. I'm gonna see you tomorrow. See ya tomorrow.

C.J.: Okay. Good night.


Brooke: I'm not looking to blame anyone else for my mistakes. Especially not you.

Ridge: So why not me? I was right there with you. And if I hadn't been -- I mean, ever think about that?

Brooke: What?

Ridge: What your life would've been like. What your kids' lives would've been like. If we hadn't --

Brooke: Fallen in love?

Ridge: Well, acted on those feelings. At least not after you and dad were married. I mean, that's when this whole roller coaster really began, isn't it?

Brooke: I just didn't feel like we had any choice, then. I knew what was in my heart, I trusted it completely. My heart's led me to some pretty crazy places over the years.

Ridge: Yeah, if we knew then what we know now -- I'm not trying to bring you down.

Brooke: No, it's true. I wouldn't have made those same choices. And my life and Bridget's life would be different. But I can't go back in time. I just have to do the right thing now. And I have to be the best mother I can be to my little girl. Speaking of which, you should do the right thing, right now, and go home to your wife.

Ridge: Hmm --

Brooke: You should appreciate what you have, Ridge. Some of us never find that love. And if we do -- we let it slip through our fingers.

Ridge: Good night, Logan.

Brooke: Good night.

Ridge: Take care.


Eric: So was this the objective here -- to drive me crazy?

Stephanie: I told you. I'm here for the baby.

Eric: Ah, yes. The irresistible allure of dirty diapers.

Stephanie: "Me, me, me." You always think it's all about you. I just couldn't stay away.

Eric: Well, I'm just gonna let the facts speak for themselves. All right. Go ahead, you play your little games. Take as long as you like. You're obviously enjoying this. But just remember, when you finally decide that your finished with all this and you wanna move home, i may not be there.

Stephanie: And where would you be?

Eric: Maybe on a yacht at Portofino.

Stephanie: You're not Massimo's type.

Eric: Nor is he mine.

Stephanie: Glad to hear it.

Eric: Good night.

Stephanie: Good night, sweet prince.


[ Door closes ]

Brooke: Hi.

Eric: Hi. I didn't see you there. What are you doing?

Brooke: I was just out here looking at the stars. I don't think I do that enough.

Eric: I don't think anyone does it enough. Well, good night.

Brooke: Good night.

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