B&B Transcript Friday 9/13/02

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 9/13/02

By Suzanne
Proofread by Becky

Erica: I want the truth, mother, and I want it now!

Sheila: Stop it, Erica.

Erica: Why didn't you tell me that you were married to Eric Forrester?!

Sheila: Look, I -- I don't know what you've heard --

Erica: Oh what, now you're gonna try to deny it? Look at the picture, Mom! It's you! It's you and Eric Forrester!

Sheila: Where did you get that?

Erica: I got it from Mrs. Forrester's photo album. Rick didn't know why his mom kept it. He thought his dad had gotten rid of all the photos of you. Oh, my god. Oh, my god, it's true.

Sheila: You need to calm down, because I can't talk to you like this.

Erica: All of this time! All of the conversations we had about the Forresters, and you never even mentioned that you used to be one of them!

Sheila: I couldn't.

Erica: Why not?!

Sheila: It's complicated.

Erica: It's a lie! Everything, my whole life -- god, I don't even know who you are.

Sheila: I'm your mother.

Erica: You're Eric Forrester's ex-wife!

Sheila: That was a long time ago, Erica.

Erica: Is he the reason we left L.A.?

Sheila: We left L.A. Because I wanted to protect you.

Erica: It was you. You were the reason that you guys got a divorce. You did something to him.

Sheila: No. No. I loved Eric. I still --

Erica: You still love him?! So that's why you've been pushing me on Rick so hard! That's why you wouldn't give up -- because you still have feelings for Eric, and you're using me to get closer to him!

Sheila: No. No, that part of my life is over. This is about you, baby -- about you and your relationship with Rick. He cares about you. He's an extraordinary man.

Erica: Just like his father? You couldn't have Eric, and so you're trying to push me onto his son?! That's sick!

Sheila: No. No, that's fate. You coming here to Los Angeles, you becoming little Eric's nanny, don't you see?! It's all meant to be, everything that -- that has happened! It's meant to be, Erica!


Sally: Thank you.

Waitress: I hate to ask you this when you've been so busy here.

C.J.: No, it's cool. I totally understand. School is important. You can start dropping a few shifts next week. Is that okay?

Waitress: Okay. Thanks, C.J.

C.J.: No problem.

Sally: So, C.J., What's going on, hmm?

C.J.: Uh, everybody's going back to school, and my schedule is a complete mess?

Sally: Oh, sorry to hear it. Listen, you're not losing Bridget, are you?

C.J.: No, not yet. I'm sure she'll stick around for awhile.

Sally: Oh, that's good. You know, either you are the luckiest man in the world, or she is a bonafide saint.

C.J.: And what exactly do you mean by that, Mother?

Sally: Well, Darla told me all about that stunt you tried to pull. Setting Bridget up on a date with your friend Scott? What was that?! What were you thinking?!

C.J.: I thought they'd get along.

Sally: And what, you and Bridget don't get along?

C.J.: No, sure we do, Mom. I just -- look, I thought she'd have more fun with Scott, okay?

Sally: Why, because you don't think you're good enough for her? Is that why you didn't have dinner with her? I know you wanted to, C.J. I know how much that girl means to you.

C.J.: Look, don't, okay? Darla has given me enough flak about this already. I made a mistake, and frankly, I don't want to talk about it anymore, not -- not about the dinner, not about Bridget. So let's just drop it once and for all. I'm doing fine on my own here. I don't need your advice.


Bridget: Hey.

C.J.: Hey.

Bridget: Sorry I'm late.

C.J.: Oh, it's okay. She cornered me, too.

Bridget: Who?

C.J.: My mom. Was she giving you the third degree?

Bridget: Oh, your mom was just here?

C.J.: Yeah, she just left. You didn't run into her?

Bridget: No. Why?

C.J.: The -- the look on your face, I just thought that -- never mind. What's going on?

Bridget: I just named the baby.

C.J.: What?

Bridget: My mom's baby. Her name's Hope.

C.J.: But I thought you were just swinging by your dad's office to sign a couple papers.

Bridget: Yeah, I am, but he was in a meeting, and my mom and Stephanie were having lunch.

C.J.: And you decided to hang around?

Bridget: I didn't plan to, but C.J., We just started talking.

C.J.: Like old times.

Bridget: No, no. It was different. She was different.

C.J.: Oh, really? How?

Bridget: I don't know. She just seemed centered and focused. Maybe it's spending all that time with Stephanie.

C.J.: Yeah, or maybe it's an act.

Bridget: I don't think so. This guy walks into the office. He's totally gorgeous, and -- okay, she gives him a little look, but that was it.

C.J.: Wait, so your mom's not all over some gorgeous guy, and -- and you think she's changed? And what, she lets you name the baby, and everything's cool? Is that it? What's next, Bridget? You're gonna start modeling again?

Bridget: No.

C.J.: No. Oh, that's right, because you don't need a job, do you? You've got a big fat trust fund to live off of. You see, I knew it. I knew it, Bridget. I knew I couldn't depend on you.


Erica: This wasn't meant to be! You've been manipulating me.

Sheila: Oh, and was it me who made you come to L.A.? Did I make you go to Amber's bedside in the hospital? You ran away from home, Erica!

Erica: You followed me.

Sheila: To take you back to Mystic.

Erica: Well, yeah, until you saw how close I'd gotten with Rick. Dear god, Mom, what did you think? What, that I would put in a good word for you with his dad? Maybe I could set up your happy reunion?

Sheila: No.

Erica: Yeah, that's right. Because Mom, Eric Forrester doesn't want anything to do with you. Rick says that marrying you was the biggest mistake his father ever made.

Sheila: No, that's not true, because I loved him, and he loved me. We had a wonderful marriage.

Erica: Then why did you get a divorce?

Sheila: Because Stephanie turned him against me. She filled his head with all these lies. No, she couldn't stand to see him happy with anyone else. No, that bitch, she just ruined everything, and she wouldn't leave me alone. No, she wanted to ruin everything that I cared about, like my relationship with Eric, my family, my child. She tried to take you away from me, Erica, and that's why we left Los Angeles. She'd already stolen so much from me. I was not gonna let her take you, too.

Erica: So she kept after you even after the divorce?

Sheila: Yes, and she'd come after me now, if she knew that i were here. Which is why I have to go. You have such an amazing future ahead of you, baby, and I love you way too much to interfere with it.

Erica: No, no, no. Wait a second. You can't just drop this bomb and then take off. No, no way. There is no way you're leaving, not until you tell me what's going on. Mother, what are you doing here? God, you should have told me who you were when I first started working for Rick, and I want to know why you didn't!


Bridget: C.J., What's going on? Why are you getting so upset?

C.J.: I'm just sick and tired of being jerked around, okay?

Bridget: Who's jerking you around? Look, I'm sorry. I'm a little late.

C.J.: Because you were having lunch with your mother.

Bridget: So?

C.J.: Bridget, I told you this was going to happen. The day I hired you, I told you. I knew you weren't serious about this job. You were just trying to make mommy and daddy mad.

Bridget: I went to the office to sign some papers. I saw Stephanie. I talked to my mother.

C.J.: I see. And did your mom happen to apologize for whatever it is that she did to you?

Bridget: No.

C.J.: Right. Because she doesn't have to. She knew you'd be back. She know you couldn't hack it in the real world.

Bridget: That's not true.

C.J.: Bridget, look. I have told you before, this is not fun and games for me. This is my business, and this is my life.

Bridget: This is my life too, C.J. I work here. I live here.

C.J.: Right. But you don't have to, do you? You can go back home. Which is exactly what you're going to do.

Bridget: When, huh? When? After you fire me again? Is that what you're about to do? God, C.J., I thought we were over this.

C.J.: Well, obviously, you are.

Bridget: What are you talking about?

C.J.: You, Bridget. I'm talking about you. I knew it would just be a matter of time before you got sick of it here and went back to Beverly Hills. So did you have fun slumming with the little people? Making minimum wage? Going through that period in your life? Pretending to be friends with sally spectra's son.

Bridget: We are friends.

C.J.: Oh, really? 'Cause I thought that friends don't bail on each other the first chance they get.

Bridget: Okay, um -- did something happen? I mean, did you just have a fight with your mom or something? Because you have no reason to be this angry with me.

C.J.: I'm not -- I'm not angry, Bridget. I'm disappointed.

Bridget: In me? For what? C.J., I don't understand this. Please, tell me what's going on. Where is this coming from?


Sheila: You know, I wanted to tell you. I wanted to share that part of my life with you.

Erica: But instead, you just got me hooked on the Forresters. Reading all the magazines, watching all the fashion shows. But I didn't read all the articles, did I, mother? No, you made sure I never found out about you and Eric Forrester.

Sheila: I am so sorry. You know, I wanted to tell you. I just didn't know how. It's such a bittersweet memory for me. I loved my life here. But I loved you more. And I wasn't gonna let Stephanie take you away from me. So I ran away. I buried that part of myself. I never thought we'd be coming back to L.A. I never thought that we'd stay. And then I saw how much it meant to you. And when I realized what was happening between you and Rick, you know, I knew that Rick could make you happy, the way his father made me happy. That's why you're here, sweetheart. And that's why I didn't tell you. And that's why i have to go. I'm going to miss you so much. More than you can possibly imagine. But you know what? I want you to have the life that you deserve -- the life that only Rick Forrester can give you.

Erica: So you wanted me to have what you couldn't?

Sheila: Yes.

Erica: Even if it meant never seeing me again?

Sheila: I know how you felt about Rick. That kind of love doesn't come along every day, baby. And the world is not full of men like him. Rick is special and so are you. This is about your future. So just forget about me. I don't want my past to ruin it for you. You just focus on Rick and little Eric and what a wonderful life you can have. You know, I had that life once, and I lost it. And I would do anything in my power to make sure that doesn't happen to you.

Erica: Your mystery man and the note, you just -- you made all that up, didn't you?

Sheila: It doesn't matter now.

Erica: So where are you going? Back to Mystic?

Sheila: Don't worry about that, Erica. I'm gonna be fine, as long as I know you're happy.

Erica: You would really do that for me?

Sheila: Baby, everything I've done is for you. Everything. It's all been for you. All of it.

Erica: Yeah. I see it now. Everything you did, you did for me. To give me the kind of life that you could never have. What about Amber? Oh, god, Mom. What did you do to her?


C.J.: You don't think I know what's going on here?

Bridget: No, C.J., I don't know what's going on here. I don't understand this at all.

C.J.: Oh, I see, so you're gonna play dumb and treat me like an idiot.

Bridget: You're acting like an idiot. Why are you taking this so personally? I saw my mother. I helped name her baby.

C.J.: Yeah, and a few days ago, you hated her guts.

Bridget: Yeah. And you know what? We have a long way to go, but it has absolutely nothing to do with you.

C.J.: You know what? You're right. You're absolutely right. It doesn't have anything to do with me. It's about you. Everything is all about you.

Bridget: You really believe that?

C.J.: Yeah, actually, Bridget, I do believe it. So you came here to see how the other half lives, to make a point to mommy dearest. And now that you've made it, you're ready to go home. So hey, don't let me stand in your way. Go ahead. Go on. Don't worry about your last check. I'll mail it to you.

Bridget: No.

C.J.: Look, Bridget, just go. Okay? I don't need you.

Bridget: I'm not leaving.

C.J.: Bridget, leave!

Bridget: I said no. Did you hear me? No. I'm not slumming. C.J., I'm not playing games. This is my home. This is where I belong. I'm not going back to Forrester. I'm not going back to my mother. I'm staying right here. You're not gonna get rid of me, C.J. And you're not gonna lose me. I'm not leaving you.

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