B&B Transcript Thursday 9/5/02

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 9/5/02

By Suzanne

Amber: There's got to be some way to get in there.

[ Glass shattering ]

mickey: Sara?

Sara: What was that?

[ Dogs barking ] what was that? Are you okay?

Tony: Oh, so zende's gonna be really disappointed he didn't get to see you tonight.

Erica: Me, too. Where is he?

Kristen: It's his first night of soccer practice.

Rick: You're kidding. That's great.

Kristen: Yeah.

Tony: Hey, wait a minute. We're gonna have to take him to uncle rick for a little private coaching.

Kristen: Oh, that is a great idea. You know, some of those kids, they've been playing since they were tiny.

Tony: I think he's got a real knack for it, though.

Rick: Well, that'd be a lot fun. I've got some free time on saturday.

[ Knock at door ]

erica: Oh, you know what? I think that's my mother. Excuse me.

Kristen: She is such a nice girl.

Rick: Yeah.

Taylor: Hi, erica. It's me. Remember? It's taylor.

Erica: Yeah, I'm sorry. I know. I -- i just thought you were my mother.

Eric: Taylor? Hi.

Taylor: Hi.

Eric: Look at you. Hi. Stephanie was under the impression you weren't coming tonight.

Taylor: Oh, my schedule opened up at the last minute, so i hope it's still okay.

Stephanie: Oh, of course.

Eric: Yeah.

Taylor: I hope I didn't miss dinner.

Stephanie: No, no.

Taylor: Okay.

Stephanie: Actually, we're waiting for erica's mother.

Erica: Yeah, I'm sorry. I don't know why she's so late.

Stephanie: Oh, don't worry about it. I'm sure she's just caught in traffic.

Erica: I'm gonna try to call her again.

Eric: Okay.

Stephanie: Okay.

Erica: I'll be right back.

Eric: No ridge?

Taylor: No, no. He didn't want to intrude. This was rick's night. But I'm glad i could still make it.

Stephanie: I'm delighted, especially knowing the way you feel about amber.

Eric: How is amber?

Taylor: It's been very difficult for her, being away from rick and little eric for so long.

Stephanie: I'm sure it is. But it also gives her a chance to think about the choices that she's made recently. And I know -- I know you don't hold her responsible for what happened at the party.

Eric: It's not like you to make excuses for somebody.

Taylor: No. No, it's not. And that should tell both of you something, that like maybe there's something more to amber's story than you both realize.

Eric: Well, all i know is that rick has been through absolute hell all summer long, and he has somebody in his life who's been helpful, and somebody else who's made his life very, very difficult.

Taylor: Yeah, but which is which?

Rick: Still no answer?

Erica: No.

Rick: Do you think she could have gotten in some kind of trouble?

Erica: No. My mom just causes trouble for other people.

Elaine: Hold it! Where do you think you're goin'?

Amber: Well, I -- i -- I was --

elaine: Yeah, i saw you.

Amber: What are you talking about?

Elaine: I heard the crash, looked out my window, and there you were.

Amber: Wait, wait. You think that i -- no, no, no. I was just standing there.

Elaine: You know, i could identify you in a line-up.

Amber: Well, I didn't do anything! You know, I'm outta here.

Elaine: Yeah, well, i'm gonna write down your license plate.

Amber: Fine, go ahead!

Elaine: I will!

Mickey: What's goin' on?

Elaine: She broke that window.

Amber: I did not!

Sara: Somebody should call the police.

Mickey: I already did. They're on their way.

Elaine: Oh, good.

Amber: You know --

mickey: Have a seat.

sheila: Thank you.

Massimo: We're going to have to stop meeting like this.

Sheila: We're going to. I leave town tonight.

Elaine: And then I looked outside, and there she was, right at that window, looking around to see if there were any witnesses.

Amber: No. I was looking around to see who did it. It wasn't me. I was just standing there!

Officer #1: You live here?

Amber: No.

Officer #1: So why were you here?

Amber: Well, because I know the girl who lives there.

Officer #1: You're friends?

Amber: No. No. She works for me. She watches my son. And I just had some questions.

Officer #1: "Questions"?

Amber: Yeah. You know, about the kind of person she is. I just -- I just wanted to ask around.

Officer #2: Did you try to get into that apartment, amber?

Amber: No.

Officer #2: So we're not going to find your prints on the doorknob or the bars on the window?

Amber: Well, I -- i just --

officer #2: We need to continue this at the station.

Amber: No, no, no. You can't arrest me, because I didn't do anything wrong! Okay, why don't you go look, see what went through that window, okay? My prints aren't on that! No, no! Oh, my god! I'm so sorry!

Officer #2: You're gonna be.

Amber: I didn't mean to do that! Oh, wait! No, no, no! Ow, ow! You can't arrest me! I didn't do anything wrong! Oh, my god! Oh, ow. Ow, ow, ow, ow!

Thorne: Here, let me get us a refill.

Taylor: Thanks. Hello.

Rick: Hey.

Taylor: So, how did you enjoy those cookies the other night?

Rick: Amber showed you those, huh?

Taylor: Oh, yes.

Rick: Yeah, she's funny. What's she doing tonight?

Taylor: Missing you.

Erica: Rick, I don't know what to do.

Rick: Do you want to get in the car and go look for her?

Erica: My mom's an expert at not being found when she doesn't want to be.

Rick: I thought she wanted to come tonight.

Erica: So did i. I just -- I don't get this at all.

Rick: Well, look, if she doesn't show, it doesn't really make that much of a difference.

Erica: It's embarrassing.

Rick: This party is not about her. It's about thanking you for helping eric and me.

Erica: Yeah, but, i mean, I wanted her to be here, rick. I thought she would be proud of me. She said she was. Oh, I'm sorry, taylor.

Taylor: No. No, it's okay. Obviously this whole situation is very upsetting to you.

Erica: It just doesn't make any sense. You know how my mom is, rick, how thrilled she was that you and I were becoming friends, what a big fan she is of your family. And now she has a chance to meet them all, and she just bails. I mean, I don't get it. What is she thinking?

Stephanie: You haven't heard from your mother?

Erica: No, not yet. I mean, I feel terrible. You've all waited so long to eat.

Stephanie: It's all right.

Erica: You should probably just go ahead and serve dinner. I don't think she's coming.

Officer #2: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

Amber: Okay, you know, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to do anything like that to you. I really -- ow! You are hurting me!

Officer #2: You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you free of charge.

Amber: You're hurting me!

Mickey: Are you okay?

Officer #1: Yeah. Where's the manager's apartment?

Mickey: This way.

Massimo: You're going away?

Sheila: Uh-huh.

Massimo: For how long?

Sheila: Indefinitely.

Massimo: Well, this is very sudden, isn't it?

Sheila: You know, i knew that it was coming. I mean, I told you, didn't i? Sooner or later I was gonna have to push my daughter out of the nest.

Massimo: It looks to me as if you're the one being pushed out of the nest.

Sheila: You know, she's been my whole world for so long, I -- I'm just not sure what i'm gonna do now.

Massimo: If, as you say, she's your whole world, I mean, it's going to be rather a difficult adjustment for her, isn't it? I mean, have you really thought about what it will do to her?

Sheila: I know what it'll do for her. She now has the chance for a brilliant future.

Massimo: And she couldn't have that future with you in it, to be part of it? I don't understand.

Sheila: Neither will she.

Brooke: It's such a shame, isn't it?

Taylor: It seemed awfully important to her to have her mother here tonight, didn't it?

Brooke: Well, from what rick says, erica's mother has a history of letting her down.

Taylor: Really?

Brooke: Yeah, she didn't even go visit her in the hospital. Can you imagine?

Taylor: What else has rick told you about her?

Brooke: Not much. He's hasn't met her yet. Why?

Taylor: Well, it just seems like there's a very interesting relationship there.

Brooke: Now, dr. Forrester, do you ever take a night off?

Eric: Everybody, we're going to serve dinner now. But before we do, erica, i want to thank you. I want to tell you how much i appreciate everything you've done for rick this summer. He's had a lot to deal with, and I know it's meant a lot to him to have someone he could depend on. It's meant a lot to me, too, to all of us. I'm sorry your mother couldn't be here. I looked forward to meeting her and congratulating for raising such a remarkable daughter.

Thorne: Hear, hear.

Brooke: Hear, hear.

Erica: I don't really know what to say. You've raised a very remarkable son as well. And if i did anything to help him, then I'm glad. But I was just doing my job.

Rick: No, erica, you did a lot more than that. You've been a great friend.

Erica: Um, look, I'm sorry. I -- i don't want you to think that i don't appreciate this, because I do. I just -- I really need to find out what happened to my mother.

Rick: Erica, don'T. It's --

erica: Look, rick, she can't keep doing this to me. Look, rick, will you just take me home?

Rick: Yeah. Dad, i --

eric: It's okay. We'll do this another time.

Erica: Thank you.

Eric: I'll see you outside. I'm going out.

Stephanie: How's the baby?

Brooke: She's sleeping.

Stephanie: Good. Well, let's sit down. We'll hear her if she cries.

Brooke: Right.

Stephanie: I'm sort of disappointed in a way about erica's mother.

Taylor: Yeah. I was getting more and more curious to meet her.

Brooke: Taylor wants to study her. She think she sounds "interesting."

Stephanie: Oh. Well, I think it's safe to say she doesn't find us very interesting.

Taylor: Mm, actually, erica said her mother was a huge fan of the forresters.

Stephanie: Really?

Taylor: Her exact words.

Brooke: Well, then you'd think she would've shown up.

Stephanie: Taylor, where are you going with all this? I mean, erica seems to be just a perfectly nice, considerate young woman.

Taylor: With a very strange mother.

Stephanie: Let's eat.

Massimo: So, these people who are so kind and welcoming to your daughter, they would not be able to accept you?

Sheila: Or her if i were part of her life.

Massimo: Why is that?

Sheila: I have my own history with them.

Massimo: This is your ex-husband's family, ah?

Sheila: Yes.

Massimo: And you don't want to put your daughter in the middle.

Sheila: She's not gonna suffer for my mistakes.

Massimo: But she is going to suffer. You're telling me that you're walking away from her without any explanation.

Sheila: I gave her an explanation.

Massimo: But not the truth.

Sheila: No.

Massimo: All right, what did you tell her?

Sheila: Actually, i told her I was leaving because of you.

Rick: Well, she's still here. The lights are on. What happened to your window?

Erica: Oh, my god! Mom? Mom! Mom! She's not here!

Rick: This is what broke the window.

Erica: God, rick, who would

-- oh, my god! What if they did something to my mother?

Rick: Wait a minute, wait a minute. Erica --

erica: Oh, my god, that's her handwriting. She got a phone call after we left from the guy she's been seeing.

Rick: Wait, the same guy from when you were in the hospital?

Erica: He's leaving town and wanted her to go with him?

Rick: Oh, she didn't go.

Erica: "I know you'll understand. This is my last chance to create a new life for myself and make up for lost time." "Lost time"?

Rick: Wait a minute, wait a minute. Let me see that. Erica, this is bizarre. "You've been an inspiration to me. But listening to you talk about your new life with the forresters has made me a bit jealous. I want a fresh start, too." That doesn't make any sense. Has she done anything like this before?

Erica: No. She's never even dated.

Rick: Well, did she take her clothes?

Erica: Oh, my god. She left me, rick. She really left me.

Rick: But i don't get it, though. Why break the window?

Officer #1: Excuse me. You live here?

Erica: Yeah, I do.

Officer #1: I was just coming back to lock up. I've been taking pictures of the damage.

Rick: Do you know what happened?

Officer #1: Well, we're still not real clear on the motive. Maybe you can help us with that. But we do have a suspect in custody.

Erica: Who?

Officer #1: Her name is amber forrester.

Rick: Amber?! Amber did this?!

Amber: Oh, god. Oh, god, don't -- don't put me in there, please.

Officer #2: You're the one who wanted to wait for your lawyer.

Amber: Well, can't I wait somewhere else? I mean, because I didn't do anything wrong! I didn't.

Officer #2: Tell it to my partner.

Amber: No, no, no. That was an accident! That was an accident. I didn't -- I didn't break that window! I didn't, I didn't. What ever happened to "innocent until proven guilty"? No, no, you can't put me in jail! Please don't go. Oh. Please don't leave me in here. Rick, help me.

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announcer: Some people --

sheila: And what are you good at?

Massimo: Spend the night with me and find out.

Announcer: -- Just love to make trouble.

Sheila: You don't know what you're getting into.

Announcer: And some just can't stay out of it.

Taylor: You resisted arrest and then you assaulted a police officer.

Amber: I need to get out of here before rick finds out!

Taylor: Amber, I'm sorry. Rick already knows.

Announcer: But either way --

taylor: Somehow we'll get the truth out, but in the meantime, we have to get you out of here.

Announcer: -- You'll want to see them get it on. "The bold and the beautiful" on cbs, the number one daytime network.


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