B&B Transcript Friday 8/23/02


The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 8/23/02

By Suzanne
Proofread by Becky

C.J.: Well, she's -- she's probably down there by now, huh?

Darla: Yup.

C.J.: They're probably having a great time.

Darla: I'm sure they are.

C.J.: Uh, something wrong?

Darla: Oh, what, besides the fact that Bridget's been misled?

C.J.: No, I didn't mislead her, Darla. I -- I set her up on a date.

Darla: With some other guy.

C.J.: But she needed somebody to show her a good time.

Darla: Honey, she wanted that someone to be you!

C.J.: No, she didn't, Darla.

Darla: C.J. --

C.J.: I don't want to talk about it anymore, okay? Please, I am just -- I'm not ready to start dating, all right? And even if I thought for one second that Bridget and I -- look, it's just a bad idea, okay?

Darla: Okay.

C.J.: Good. This way -- this way, she'll go down there, she'll take one look at Scott and --

Darla: And forget all about you?


Scott: Are you all right?

Bridget: Uh, yeah. It's just when C.J. Asked me out to dinner --

Scott: I'm not that bad, am I? Okay. Awkward blind date moment number one.

Bridget: I'm sorry.

Scott: Hey, no, hey -- hey, I hate these fix-up things, too. But you know C.J.

Bridget: I thought I did.

Scott: He -- he got it in his head that you and i might hit it off. He thought he was doing a nice thing for you, said you'd had it pretty tough lately. I guess someone had let you down or something?

Bridget: He sure did.

Scott: Well, maybe I could make it up to you. I promise, nothing heavy. Just two people kicking back, having a couple of laughs, a couple of drinks. Come on, what do you got to lose?


[ Stephanie remembering ]

Stephanie: You miss your mommy, don't you? I know. So hard for you to understand what's going on. It is, isn't it? But I promise you something. Your daddy and I will love you and protect you and take care of you. And we won't let Sheila hurt you. We won't let your mommy anywhere near you, okay? Okay?

Taylor: Is cream okay?

Stephanie: What?

Taylor: In your tea. Do you want cream?

Stephanie: That would be lovely.

Taylor: All right. You're thinking about James?

Stephanie: No. Actually, ever since you called, I've been thinking about Mary. Thank you. I realize she's all grown up now.

Taylor: I know. I've been thinking about her, too.

Stephanie: James talk to you about her when you --

Taylor: Yes. He said that he misses her terribly.

Stephanie: Yeah, and now the loss of his father. Why, the separation from his daughter must be almost unbearable. You know, he had such dreams and hopes for her when she was a little girl.

Taylor: Well, maybe even without her father, Mary managed to turn out all right. And hopefully she's happy.

Stephanie: With Sheila as her mother? You think that child had any chance for happiness?


Rick: Here we go.

Hey. I know you said you weren't hungry, but I brought you something just in case.

Erica: Uh, thanks.

Rick: What's wrong? I mean, come on, it can't be the sandwich. You haven't even taken a bite yet.

Erica: It's just -- it's my dad. I mean, sometimes I really miss him, you know?

Rick: I shouldn't have brought that up earlier. I'm really sorry.

Erica: No, it's okay. I mean, I've kind of been thinking about him a lot anyway. I'm just feeling sorry for myself, I guess.

Rick: Well, you have every right to be. I mean, after what you went through yesterday, after what Amber put you through -

Erica: Being in the hospital, it just -- it makes you feel really lonely, like it's just you against the rest of world.

Rick: You, me and little Eric. You have us, remember?

Erica: I remember. Only --

Rick: Only what?

Erica: It's just not the same as family. Do you think he ever looked for me?

Rick: Your father?

Erica: It's like every now and then, I just feel like he's out there looking for me, and he gets this close, and then something just makes him not get to me. Like something or some force is just keeping us apart. It's stupid.

Rick: You know, if it were me, I would do everything I could to find my kid.

Erica: I just wish I knew what it was that was stopping him.

Erica: Maybe it was something as simple as money. Do you think that's why my dad hasn't found me yet? It can't be cheap tracking down somebody.

Rick: Well, especially if he hired a P.I.

Erica: Or maybe he even showed up at our house, but by the time he got there, my mom and I had moved. Or -- or god, what if he was sick or -- okay, I'm sorry. I've officially gone off the deep end.

Rick: No, Erica, what you're saying makes perfect sense.

Erica: Come on, Rick. You and I both know that if my dad really wanted to find me, he could have.

Rick: Not necessarily. There could be all sorts of reasons why.

Erica: He just didn't care, okay?

Rick: I don't believe that, Erica.

Erica: That's because you're a nice guy, Rick, and you're a great father. You can't relate.

Rick: Look, from what you've told me, there was no love lost between your mom and dad.

Erica: So what are you saying, that maybe he stayed away from me because he hated my mom so much?

Rick: He could be trying to keep you out of a bad situation.

Erica: Maybe it was just me he hated.

Rick: Erica, no.

Erica: I mean, god, Rick, what did I ever do to make him feel like this?

Rick: Nothing, nothing! Erica, you were a baby.

Erica: What kind of man would do this to somebody? What kind of man would just walk out on his daughter?


Taylor: All right, I -- know that Sheila was not exactly mother of the year material, but in her own twisted way, she did always want what was best for her daughter.

Stephanie: Are you saying that you believe it's possible that Sheila would be capable of raising Mary to be a healthy, stable adult?

Taylor: Yes, it's possible.

Stephanie: Oh, it sounds like wishful thinking if you ask me.

Taylor: No -- Stephanie, the human spirit can be very resilient.

Stephanie: True. True, but it has its limits. Take Brooke for instance.

Taylor: What does Brooke have to do with this? Besides, she's always done right by Bridget.

Stephanie: Ah, but Bridget had a father as a stabilizing force. I can't believe that there's anybody in Sheila's life that could keep her in check, and I think part of that is my fault.

Taylor: What do you mean?

Stephanie: I told Mary, I gave her my word, that James and I would always protect her, and I failed at that.

Taylor: Stephanie, James does not blame you for what happened. If anything, you did everything humanly possible short of losing your life to protect Mary from Sheila.

Stephanie: You know, he was always so convinced that someday he'd find that little girl and bring her back home.

Taylor: Well, I told James when I talked to him that he should never give up hope of finding Mary and that I believe that one day he'll be able to tell her how much he loves her and how much he always wanted to be a part of her life.


[ Darla humming ]

Darla: Your move. Ceej, come on, come on, come on.

C.J.: You know, maybe we ought to go down there and check in on them, see how they're doing.

Darla: I am not gonna spy on them.

C.J.: Well, we're not gonna spy on them, Darla. I just want to prove to you that she's having a good time without me.

Darla: All right. All right, fine. Let's go downstairs, and you can show me what a brilliant move it was to push a really great girl off onto somebody else. Okay, let's go.

Scott: So after UCLA, I went on to business school and got my MBA in management. This pineapple is awesome. You want some?

Bridget: No, thanks.

Scott: I bet you C.J. Had this stuff imported right from the islands. You must be a good friend.

Bridget: Yeah, that's me -- good friend.

Scott: Music's nice, huh? If you're into the ukulele. Come on, it's funny.

Bridget: I'm sorry, I just --

Scott: No, it's okay, it's okay. We need to get you into the spirit of aloha. I know. Let's dance.

Bridget: To this?

Scott: We can do the hula.

Bridget: I don't think so.

Scott: A regular dance then?

Bridget: You know, I really


C.J.: See? So far so good.

Darla: She doesn't look very happy to me.

C.J.: Give it some time. They just started.


Bridget: You know what? Let's save that dance for later. Right now, I want you to lei me.

Scott: What did you just say?

C.J.: What did she just say?

Bridget: Lei me. As in the flower, the symbol of Hawaii, the spirit of --

Scott: Of alo-ha!

[ Bridget laughs ]

Bridget: Exactly.


Stephanie: It's just so sad and so wrong. Mary should have been with her father. I mean, James is a wonderful parent. And what did Sheila do? She kidnapped her. She stole her. And what was he left with? Absolutely nothing.

Taylor: Well, he could still find her. It may not be forever.

Stephanie: No, just a lifetime -- Mary's lifetime. And what is -- what is left of James' relationship with his daughter? A few memories? A few precious memories?


Rick: So you don't remember anything about your father?

Erica: I'm not sure if it's a memory or a fantasy, but I have this idea that he used to sing to me. But, um, that's it.

Rick: Well, what did your mom say?

Erica: I wasn't allowed to talk about it.

Rick: Really? She said that?

Erica: She didn't have to. I remember this one Christmas. I was about 7, and we had this window -- this big window, and I went up to it, and I looked out. God, I must have sat there for hours and hours, just staring. And my mom, I guess she felt sorry for me, but she came up to me, and she gave me this big hug, and she told me not to worry, because Santa was gonna come. God, I'll never forget the look on her face when I told her it was my dad I was waiting for. Her eyes, they just -- they got so cold, mean almost. And it just scared me. And I -- I never brought it up again. But every Christmas Eve, I would look outside that window, just hoping.

Rick: I wish I had known you back then. But you came to me at a time in my life when I needed you the most.

Erica: That's nice. Thank you.

Rick: And maybe -- maybe that's what will happen with your father. When you need him the most, he'll be there.

Erica: I hope so. Until then, I guess I'll just keep looking out the window.


Bridget: Oh! Mmm. Mm-hmm.

[ Bridget laughs ]

Scott: I told you.

Bridget: You were right. The pineapple is fantastic. I am really gonna have to thank C.J. And not just for the food. The company, too.

Scott: Well, thank you.

Bridget: I mean, it's just so hard to find nice guys in L.A.

Scott: Come on, we're out there.

Bridget: I don't know. I only seem to get the losers. More pupu?

Scott: I'd love some.

Bridget: Oh, uh -- mmm. Ready for that dance?

Scott: Yeah, sure.


Darla: You were right, Ceej. They do seem to be hitting it off.

C.J.: Yeah. Yeah, everything's going exactly the way I planned.


Erica: So this is it. This is all I get. The only photograph of you, and I can't even see your face. God, will you ever come back for me, dad?


Scott: Having a good time?

Bridget: Oh, you make it easy. I just can't wait to pay C.J. Back for hooking us up.

Scott: The thing I don't understand is why he'd want to pass you off on someone else.

[ Bridget laughs ]

Bridget: It's just as well. I mean, C.J. And I, we just don't click.

Scott: Not your type?

Bridget: I like strong, confident men who know their own minds.

C.J: Oh, nice. Real nice. That's the thanks I get.

Darla: You're getting exactly what you asked for, Ceej.

C.J.: No, I told him to take it slow, Darla.

Darla: Well, somebody forgot to tell Bridget, C.J.

C.J.: Funny.

Scott: You wanna stop?

Bridget: Yeah.

Darla: Oh, wow.

C.J.: What the hell is he doing?

Darla: Ceej --

C.J.: All right, all right, that's it! Date's over.

Scott: Ceej, what are you doin'?

C.J.: What am I doing? What are you doing? Bridget, I'm sorry. I never thought he would pull something like this.

Bridget: Like what?

C.J.: Coming on to you like that!

Bridget: C.J., I have no problem with Scott kissing me. I mean, this is what you wanted, isn't it? Well, isn't it?

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