B&B Transcript Friday 8/9/02


The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 8/9/02

By Suzanne
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Sally: Ah, there you are, Clarke. C.J. Will be here any minute. Have you got those papers ready?

Clarke: I've got them right here.

Sally: Good.

Clarke: How long do you think it will take Bridget and Darla to set things up for the party?

Sally: I have no idea. I only know that Antonio and Sofia are picking Kristen up right now.

Clarke: Good, because I don't think we're gonna be able to hold C.J. Here for that long.

Sally: Clarke, I hope we're doing the right thing having this party. I hope it cheers him up.

[ Phone buzzes ]

Sally: Yeah, Phil? He is? All right. Thank you very much. C.J.'s here already. He's on his way up.

Clarke: Sally, don't worry, okay? Eventually, C.J.'s gonna have to figure out that life goes on.

Sally: But I'm just afraid i haven't set him a very good example in that regard.

Clarke: Sally, you never gave up on this company. You never abandoned your family. I know you're devastated by Macy's death, but you got back in the swing of things. And you know what? C.J. Will, too.

Sally: I hope.

[ Knock at door ]

C.J.: Hey, I'm here.

Sally: Well, good. We were just talking about you, son.

C.J.: You got those paper you wanted me to sign?

Clarke: Yeah, these are them, right there.

C.J.: Great. What? Just right here?

Clarke: Yes.

C.J.: Okay, thanks. I'll see ya, guys.

Clarke: Hey, hey, hey -- wait a minute. I need you to take these, drop them off for me tonight. It's over on Beverly Boulevard.

C.J.: Look, Dad, can't you do that? Okay, I have to get back to the insomnia.

Sally: Oh, come on! It's on your way to the insomnia. Besides, what's the hurry? Come on.

C.J.: Bridget booked some kind of party for tonight, and we're short-handed.

Sally: Well, I'm sure that Bridget is efficient enough to handle it on her own for a few minutes anyway.

C.J.: Bridget's not gonna be there.

Sally: Why not?

C.J.: Because I fired her.


Bridget: Oh, that's so cute. Why don't you hang it below the clock over there? Thanks. Hey, Steve.

Steve: Hey.

Bridget: How'd the video turn out?

Steve: Oh, it's great. Your friend is gonna love it.

Bridget: Good. Oh -- ken, Raquel, how you guys doing?

Ken: Everything is under control.

Raquel: I still can't believe you're going through with this, after what C.J. Did to you.

Bridget: I promised his family a party. Darla, those posters look great.

Darla: You guys, if you could help me hang these, I'd appreciate it. Thank you. Hey, Bridget?

Bridget: Hi.

Darla: You okay? You seem a little down.

Bridget: Yeah, I guess, you're gonna find out eventually.

Darla: What?

Bridget: C.J. Fired me today.

Darla: He didn't.

Bridget: He did. I don't get it. You know, after all the conversations we've had, I really thought I could trust him. And now he turns around and fires me. Nothing's changed.


Massimo: Stephanie, I'm glad you're here. I just called the house. I thought we'd have dinner together.

Stephanie: Fine. I saw Brooke.

Massimo: Oh, well, you told her about the trip?

Stephanie: Oh, yes. She said she thought it sounded absolutely wonderful.

Massimo: You're not gonna believe -- I've been on the phone all day long. I have a friend of mine who has a villa in eze, okay? It's like an old fortress. You will not believe the collection this guy has of Picassos. And the view -- incredible -- you are going to love it. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh -- and he said -- he said, "I cannot wait to meet this mysterious woman you've talked about all these years."

Stephanie: Mass --

Massimo: All right, look, I know. You're concerned about Brooke, but now, you realize your fears --

Stephanie: Mass!

Massimo: What?

Stephanie: I can't go.

Massimo: Stephanie -- no!

Stephanie: I'm -- I'm sorry. I just -- I just can't go with you right now.


Sally: C.J., What do you mean you fired Bridget?

C.J.: Look, Mom, it doesn't have anything to do with her as a person. She just doesn't know the first thing about business.

Sally: Well, where is she now?

C.J.: I don't know. She's probably cleaning out her apartment.

Clarke: You evicted her, too?

C.J.: No, I didn't evict her. But she sure as hell isn't gonna pay rent to the same guy who canned her.

Sally: I don't know how can you be so cool about this. That girl was a good worker, and she cared about you.

C.J.: Okay, Mom, look -- she was nice. And we had some really good talks and got kind of close. But if she can't do the job --

Clarke: C.J., She never had an unkind word to say to you, and you rode her from the day that she walked through that door. Anybody else would have quit. But not Bridget. She likes working with you. God knows why.

Sally: I think we all know why, Clarke. It's what I said. She cares about C.J.

C.J.: Look, I don't have time for this, okay? I told you, I have to get back to the insomnia. You know, if you guys like Bridget so much, why don't you hire her? With Ridge running things over here, it'll be a real Forrester family affair.


Massimo: You're not going? Because of Brooke?

Stephanie: Mass, she's asked me to stay.

Massimo: Of course, she asked you to stay. Because she's a blood-sucking parasite! But you know --

[ Massimo laughs ] what amazes me is that you would even consider it.

Stephanie: Look, she's trying to do what's best for her child. I mean, she certainly didn't let her pride stand in her way.

Massimo: Oh, that's wonderful. How about my pride, hmm? All the energy and time I put into this trip? Or doesn't it matter to you, Stephanie?

Stephanie: I know that you're upset. I can see that. And I'm sure I must appear to be very ungrateful.

Massimo: I do not want your gratitude, sweetheart.

Stephanie: Please, Mass, try to understand my family needs me.

Massimo: For -- Brooke is not your family.

Stephanie: But I feel a real obligation to this baby. I think she needs my protection. I can't let her down, Mass. Look, I'm not saying that we can't go away, we can. Just not right now. Please? Please, be patient.


Darla: This is all my fault. I shouldn't have teased him about you. Bridget, C.J. Is not a bad guy. I just think he's having a real hard time right now dealing with his emotions.

Bridget: Darla, you don't have to make excuses for him. Okay, let's just focus on the party. And if he asks who did all this, I want you to take the credit.

Darla: No.

Bridget: Yes, I'm not gonna stay.

Darla: Come on. You don't wanna see him walk through that door and see his face light up when he realizes that you've done all of this for him?

Bridget: No. If this is how he's gonna treat me, I don't wanna see him ever again.

Darla: Bridget --

Kristen: Bridget, hey!

Bridget: Hi.

Sofia: You're so sweet doing this for C.J.

Tony: The place looks great.

Bridget: Oh, you think so?

Darla: Someone did a great job.

Kristen: You throw the best parties.

Sofia: Oh, I know.

Sally: Bridget! We're so glad to see you here.

Clarke: Hey, Darla, C.J.'s gonna be here any second. So make sure that everyone is in their place.

Darla: All ready. Okay. You guys, follow me! Follow me! Let's go! He is on his way!

Sally: Honey, are you doing? C.J. Told us what happened.

Bridget: Oh, don't worry about me. Just go enjoy the party.

Clarke: Hey, now make sure you don't leave us now. All right?

Sally: She's not going anywhere. Listen, you have to understand something. C.J. Hasn't been himself for a long time. Ever since Macy and Becky died, he hasn't allowed himself to get close to anyone.

Bridget: Ms. Spectra, I've cut him a lot of slack. But there are limits. And I'm not gonna let myself be mistreated again.

Darla: Hey, guys, he's getting out of his car! He's coming!

Bridget: Listen, you guys have fun. It should be a good party.

All: Surprise! Happy birthday!

[ Cheers and applause ]

Darla: We got him, didn't we?

[ Cheers ]

All: Happy birthday!

[ Applause ]

Bridget: Happy birthday, C.J.

C.J.: I can't believe this. You guys --

Darla: Ooh, were you surprised?

C.J.: Totally surprised. I had no idea. I appreciate it. Raquel --

Raquel: Yes? Happy birthday.

C.J.: And I know you guys hate me, but thank you for coming anyway.

Ken: Happy birthday. Happy birthday.

C.J.: Thank you, guys. Thanks for coming. I appreciate it. Oh, my favorite customer!

Kristen: Happy birthday.

C.J.: Thank you. What's up, man? How you doing? Hey, what's going on? Thanks. Hi, thanks.

Sally: All right, everybody! Could I have your attention please? I am his mother, so indulge me. All right?

C.J.: Oh, god, here we go.

Sally: Yes, here we go! C.J., All of your family and your friends are here, not only to wish you a happy birthday, but to tell you how much we love you and how glad we are that you're a part of our lives.

Darla: Even though you can be a big pain in the butt sometimes!

Sally: Sometimes? Oh, but seriously -- seriously, son. We know that things haven't always been easy for you lately. We know it's been a very hard time and that you needed some space and time to recover. And we were glad to give that to you. But never think for one moment that you were ever forgotten. Because you weren't. And we all love you very, very much.

Raquel: Yeah, speak for yourself!

C.J.: Hey, you're cleaning the bathrooms later!

[ Laughter ] thank you, Mom, I love you, too.

Sally: Oh, son, I do. I love you.

Clarke: Don't forget your old man.

C.J.: Uh-oh.

Clarke: I got something to say, too, but don't worry. I'll keep it short. And sweet. C.J., I love you. And I know we haven't always had the best relationship, not the most ideal one, but every day, every moment of your life, every stage you go through, I am so grateful for the day you were born.

C.J.: Thanks, Dad. Now straighten up and fly right, okay?

C.J.: Never.

[ Laughter ]

Tony: Come on, C.J., Say something!

Everyone: Ceej! Speech!

[ Applause ]

C.J.: Uh, well, I guess, the first thing I'd like to say is thank you. I'm really moved by this, and it means a lot to me. You have no idea. And I guess, the second thing I'd like to say is -- don't ever do this to me again!

[ Laughter ] I think it's pretty obvious that you've embarrassed the living hell out of me, and when I find out who's responsible -- Mom, Dad.

Sally: Not me, son. Not my idea.

C.J.: Come on.

Sally: Nope.

C.J.: Oh, what? Okay, then, Darla --

Darla: Wasn't me, big guy.

C.J.: Okay, come on, you guys. Fess up. All right, somebody had to get me out of here, book this place, order the food and the food and wine and beer -- Bridget. Is she still here?

Sally: I don't know, son.


Massimo: Be patient? Is that what you said just now?

Stephanie: I know you're disappointed.

Massimo: No, Stephanie, I was disappointed when you decided I couldn't tell Ridge that he was my son. I was disappointed when you didn't take Eric's damn ring off your hand. Oh, I suppose I could've been angry, you know, bitter. But oh, no, no, no -- good old Massimo. He just thought that there was reason to hope. That there was a slim chance that if I gave you my unconditional support, you would come to your senses. But you know something? I can see now that's not gonna happen.

Stephanie: Mass, this doesn't have anything to do with Eric or Ridge. It is simply about Brooke and the baby.

Massimo: It has nothing to do with Brooke! It has everything to do with you, Stephanie! With your compulsive need to be a savior! First, with your children. Then Eric, Amber, Bridget -- and now Brooke and her child. And you want to know something? Ha, it's never gonna stop. No, no, no, no, no. It will never end. Because you can't help yourself. I wanted to do everything in my power to give you a life of your own. But you don't want it.

Stephanie: That's not fair.

Massimo: Your damn right, it's not fair! You're absolutely right! Not fair to me! And I'm not gonna put up with it anymore.


C.J.: Bridget


Stephanie: Mass, this doesn't have anything to do with my feelings for you. I adore you. I simply adore you. I always have and always will. I just -- I just feel I have to protect my family.

Massimo: Brooke's baby is not your daughter.

Stephanie: Look, the baby is just part of this dilemma. Brooke's trying to do the right thing.

[ Massimo scoffs ] I just -- I'm afraid that if I go away with you, she'll turn to someone else for help. And, god forbid it should be Eric or, worse still, Thorne. Mass -- Mass, she's always been a destructive force where my family's concerned. I just feel that if I can stay here, right now, I can keep her in line.

Massimo: What makes you think that you can keep an eye on her?

Stephanie: Well, I'm -- I'm thinking of moving into the second guesthouse.

Massimo: You're going back to Eric?

Stephanie: No, no, no, no! I'm just going to stay in the other guesthouse for a little while.

Massimo: I love you, Stephanie. I thought we could have a life together. But this is one thing I will not accept.

Stephanie: Mass -- Mass, this doesn't have to change our relationship.

Massimo: Oh, but it does. It changes everything.

Stephanie: I'm sorry. I'm sorry I can't tell you what you want to hear. I'm sorry that I can't give you what you want me to give you right now, what you need. You're going to do what you wanna do. I've given my word, Mass. I think this little baby needs my help and my protection, and I -- I can't let her down. I'm sorry.


C.J.: It was you. You planned the party for me.

Bridget: It was nothing.

C.J.: You went through with it even though I fired you?

Bridget: It's not like I was gonna call everyone and cancel, waste even more of my time.

C.J.: Bridget, it wasn't a waste. It's a great party.

Bridget: Well, then why don't you get back down there and enjoy it?

C.J.: Look at me! I'm trying to apologize here, okay?

Bridget: C.J., It's really not worth it. I was wrong about you. Now I know it.

C.J.: No, Bridget, I was wrong about you. What I mean is -- look, you're a really nice person, and you didn't deserve to be treated that way. I'm sorry. Okay? It had nothing to do with you. It was all me. I was just in a really bad mood.

Bridget: You're always in a really bad mood.

C.J.: Yeah, well, there's a reason for that.

Bridget: You know what, C.J.? You're not the only one who's hurting or who's lost someone they loved. We just don't all handle it by lashing out at the world!

C.J.: I don't lash out at the world. Just the people who care about me the most.

Bridget: Yeah, well, you might wanna talk to somebody about that.

C.J.: I'm talking to you.

Bridget: Look, I don't need this right now, okay? I really don't need your problems. I have plenty of my own, thank you.

C.J.: Bridget, don't go. Bridget, stop!

Bridget: C.J. --

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