B&B Transcript Friday 8/2/02


The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 8/2/02

By Amanda 
Proofread by Becky

Amber: My god. Sweet littler Erica is after my husband.

 Erica: I'm not after anyone.

 Amber: Of course not, of course not. No, you like to be chased, right, prance around in those little bikinis, so helpful, so thoughtful, and so obvious. I hadnít noticed it. Let me think, oh, that's right, I was in rehab grieving over my babies.

 Erica: You canít turn this around on me. I didnít do anything wrong. .

 Amber: No, no, but I bet you want to. Rick is all alone upstairs in bed and you're practically drooling.

 Erica: Donít you project your behavior on to me. I'm not a home wrecker. I didnít break up this marriage, Amber, you did.

 Amber: You have no idea what you're talking about.

 Erica: I saw you, you and your lover at the coffee shop. You practically ran after him and begged him not to leave you, with your husband standing right there.

 Amber: You just loved every second of that, didnít you, hmm?

 Erica: Actually, I was appalled and so was Rick.

 Amber: Well, you're just two peas in a pod now, arenít you?

 Erica: This has nothing to do with me.

 Amber: Yeah, you know what? That's right, it doesnít. So get the hell out of my house!

 Stephanie: The kids are asleep. I wanted to talk to you about Amber for a behind while she's out. She didnít go over to see Rick, did she?

 Taylor: They have to discuss what happened.

 Stephanie: Why? There isnít any excuse for what she's done.

 Taylor: Okay, Stephanie, listen, I know that you are very disappointed in her, but I think you're being a little bit harsh.

 Stephanie: She wakes up in bed with a strange man and she canít even remember what she's done, what's happened, and I'm being harsh?

 Taylor: You donít think that's strange?

 Stephanie: I think her behavior is outrageous.

 Taylor: What, have you seen something recently, something that makes you think she wanted to end her marriage, that she was dissatisfied with Rick or she was unhappy with her home life, anything? Anything at all?

 Stephanie: Well, Taylor, that's what, makes the whole thing, her behavior, so confusing. I cannot for the life of me imagine why she wants to continue down this path of self-destruction. I mean, she's been given chance after chance and she continues to make these crazy mistakes.

 Taylor: This time it might not be her fault. Stephanie, I would be one of the first people to tell you not to believe her, but I'm telling you, this whole thing is so bizarre that there's something else going on.


 Lance: Let me in! Hurry! Close the door. Are they on me?

 Sheila: Quit being a baby. You're fine.

 Lance: I'm allergic. Those things could kill me. I told Ziggy to do something about that. That's a health hazard --

 Sheila: What do you want?

 Lance: It's Amber.

 Sheila: Forget about her. She's not your problem.

 Lance: She's stalking me.

 Sheila: She's not. Donít be so melo-dramatic.

 Lance: She cornered me at the coffee house; she was asking me all these questions.

 Sheila: Like what?

 Lance: Like about what really happened much she's on to me, Sheila. I know it.

 Sheila: You just stick to the plan. Everything is going to be fine.

 Lance: You're not listening to me, knock she's asking questions. She wants to know what happened. She doesnít believe me!

 Sheila: Just calm down, donít panic.

 Lance: She's not going to let up, Sheila. She's not. She's going to find out what I did.

 Sheila: How, Lance? You think about it. You and I are the only two people who know what really happened.

 Lance: I'm going to tell her.

 Sheila: You what?

 Lance: I canít take this, chick, all right? She knows that I'm hiding something. She's going to keep dogging me until I give it up. And that's exactly what I'm going to do.

 Sheila: Lance, Amber canít do anything to you.

 Lance: Her marriage is falling apart, Sheila, okay? Her husband thinks that we're having an affair. She's desperate.

 Sheila: No, no, she doesnít remember anything.

 Lance: She bought that story at first, okay? But now she's not so sure.

 Sheila: So you make her sure.

 Lance: I tried but it only made her more suspicious.

 Sheila: What did you say to her?

 Lance: I donít know. I just -- I got mixed up about some stuff, you know? Nothing major, just some little details. She was grilling me so hard, she threw me off.

 Sheila: She's going to throw you into sing-sing if you tell the truth.

 Lance: If I come clean, if I come clean, I walk.

 Sheila: You drugged her, you knocked her out and kidnapped her, this is a felony. Do you honestly think she's going to let you get away with that?

 Lance: She doesnít want to get me in trouble.

 Sheila: How do you think Rick is going to react to you knowing that you took advantage of his wife?

 Lance: But I didnít!

 Sheila: Let me guess, he's going to take your word for it? Why should he believe you?

 Lance: Amber will tell him.

 Sheila: Amber was unconscious.

 Lance: I swear I didnít hurt anybody, all right? I just put her in bed. I didnít even take her clothes off.

 Sheila: I know that but what about the Forresterís? You know, as far as they're concerned you're just another hoodlum who drugged a girl at a party.

 Lance: No. No, I'm not a hoodlum. I didnít mean to hurt anybody. I just did it for the money. I just did what you told me to do!

 Sheila: Yes, you did. And you were paid handsomely for it. Donít you dare look a gift horse in the mouth, Lance. I'm only going to tell you this once... you do not want to double cross me. And you're going to keep your mouth shut! You're going to grow a spine! And you're going to stick to the plan.

 Lance: No. Sheila, I'm not. I'm sorry if that ticks you off, all right? But I've got to look out for myself. And that's exactly what I'm going to do.


 Amber: I told you to leave.

 Erica: Rick asked me to stay.

 Amber: You know, no wonder he's been jumping to conclusions about me lately. You've probably been badmouthing me for months.

 Erica: Amber, I've admired you. I flew all the way across the country to meet you, to help you.

 Amber: Yeah, to help yourself to my husband.

 Erica: God, I really thought that you were different.

 Amber: Well, you donít know anything about me.

 Erica: Maybe it was the publicity, all the articles, the interviews, the reviews. I read them all. I grew up idolizing you, Amber. I used to think that we had so much in common. We both grew up in small towns, raised by a single mother. I didnít know my father either. I felt like I could relate to you, like if you could do it, then so could I.

 Amber: Well, let me tell you something, Erica. You're not doing anything with Rick.

 Erica: Rick is not going to forgive you, not this time, Amber. You've hurt him too badly.

 Amber: He doesnít know what really happened.

 Erica: And he doesnít want to. You betrayed him. You betrayed the one person who always believed in you. What you said at that party about how much you owed to Rick that was true, because he gave you everything that was good in life, and what did you bring into his? Drugs, alcohol, infidelity?

 Amber: Shut up!

 Erica: Rick gave you a home, a family, a career that most people dream of and what did you do? You go and cheat on him. How could you do that? How could you be so ungrateful?

 Amber: You know what? This is none of your business. Rick is my husband, not yours, and he's definitely not interested in you.


 Stephanie: What did Amber tell you?

 Taylor: She still doesnít remember anything. She doesnít remember anything except the one part she is very clear about is her feelings and how she felt at the pear, how on top of the world she was because Rick was so proud of her.

 Stephanie: And because she was drunk.

 Taylor: No, she had one glass of wine.

 Stephanie: That she remembers. It's my understanding that they were drinking tequila.

 Taylor: Amber doesnít drink hard liquor. She doesnít like tequila.

 Stephanie: A drunk will drink painkiller -- thinner.

 Taylor: Her addiction was to painkillers.

 Stephanie: Which she washed down with alcohol. Do you really think that I want to believe this, that she did this? Do you think that I want to give up my belief that she had changed?

 Taylor: No.

 Stephanie: But she hasnít changed, so you need to keep your distance.

 Taylor: Stephanie --

 Stephanie: Because she's caused too much heartache for this family.

 Taylor: Stephanie, it is my professional opinion that she has changed. She's learned from her mistakes.

 Stephanie: Then why does she keep making them over and over again?

 Taylor: Could you look at everything she's been through? She had a loss of a second child this year. She couldnít handle that grief and just as she was getting her life together she found herself under this huge cloud of pressure to save Forrester from losing hundreds of thousands of dollars because of her collection. She didnít panic, she didnít buckle. She didnít go back to the pills. She found a way to deal with it. She found a way to market the collection and she saved it. Now, does that sound like someone who would throw everything away at some victory party? Does that sound like someone who would give up? No, no, it doesnít. She doesnít want to sabotage her life. She would never do that.


 Lance: I'm telling you, Sheila, that girl is not going to leave me alone, all right? She's going to be on my doorstep tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that and the day after that --

 Sheila: Lance if you tell Amber what you did it's going to lead her to me. That canít happen. Do you understand?

 Lance: Donít worry. I'm not going to.  I will leave you out of it.

 Sheila: She's going to want to know why you did it. Just donít tell her anything. This is all going to blow over in a few weeks. Just give it some time. You've got cash. Get out of town, go see some friends.

 Lance: No good. Amber will still be here when I come back. Unless...

 Sheila: Unless what?

 Lance: If you're so desperate to keep my mouth shut, maybe you could fix it so I donít ever come back.



 Amber: Rick, it's me. Open up, we need to talk. Please!

 Erica: Amber, I already told you, he's sleeping.

 Amber: And I told you to leave, so what are you still doing here?

 Erica: Do you think you can just walk in there and apologize again to make everything okay?

 Amber: You know what, Erica? I'm a little sick of your holier than thou routine. What do you think if I told Rick that you were what you were up to, using our son to get to Rick?

 Erica: I'm not the one sneaking around.

 Amber: Donít you even start that --

 Rick: Enough! Eric is down the hall.

 Amber: Rick, I need to talk to you. I need one minute. You really need to hear what I have to say.

 Rick: You've got one minute. This better be good.


 Lance: You know what? Maybe you're right. Maybe telling Amber isnít the best answer to my problem.

 Sheila: You're going to get out of town?

 Lance: I could.

 Sheila: You've got $10,000. That's a lot of cash. You could just lay low and ride it out.

 Lance: Yeah, but you see, Amber is on the warpath. She's not going to rest until she finds out the truth.

 Sheila: Well, she's not going to hear it from you.

 Lance: Not if she canít find me.

 Sheila: Oh, god, this is great. This is excellent, Lance.

 Lance: I got a lot of friends in New York, you know.

 Sheila: That's a perfect city. Especially for an up and comer like yourself.

 Lance: There's just one problem, starting a new life, changing coasts again, that kind of move, that can get expensive, you know? I donít think ten grand is going to cut it.

 Sheila: Are you blackmailing me?

 Lance: That's show biz, lady. I'm just renegotiating my contract. You know, ten gís that bought the whole love scene, all right? A hundred k, that buys the whole disappearing act.

 Sheila: A hundred thousand, I donít have a hundred thousand.

 Lance: Well, then I guess Amber and I are just going to have a little chat, now, arenít we?

 Sheila: Come on, Lance, I -- I gave you everything that I had. You donít need to do this. You donít need to make this ugly.

 Lance: Hey, hey, you know what? If you canít do it, you canít do it. Nobody is forcing your hand.

 Sheila: You -- you are. There's no reason to get greedy.

 Lance: Greedy? I havenít worked in months, okay? I canít even afford my health care. I canít even afford my allergy shots. Hell, up until I met you, lady, I didnít have enough money to put gas into my car.

 Sheila: But you have got to admit ten thousand dollars is a hell of a lot for one night's work.

 Lance: I committed a crime for you, Sheila. Amber told me that if I tell her the truth, I'm off the hook. Can you give me a guarantee like that?

 Sheila: She is not going to find out.

 Lance: No? Well, you better get on the horn to your bank.

 Sheila: There's -- there's nothing that I can do about it tonight, Lance. Just -- just give me a few days, all right? I'll find the money.

 Lance: You know, she's probably circling my block as we speak. No, tomorrow, Sheila. I'm going to call you first thing in the morning. If you donít have my money by noon, my next call is to Amber.

 Stephanie: Taylor, what are you talking about? It's exactly what she did.

 Taylor: No, Stephanie issues please listen to me. We donít know everything. We donít know everything that happened from the time she blacked out.

 Stephanie: Did she wake up in this man's bed in his apartment?

 Taylor: In her bathing suit.

 Stephanie: Okay, she passed out and they didnít have sex. That doesnít change anything.

 Taylor: We donít know everything that happened but I have a very strong feeling about this. There is something missing and Amber is determined to find out what it is.


 Amber: Rick, I know you're really hurt and confused right now but you have to believe me, I'm --

 Rick: Donít say that you're sorry, Amber.

 Amber: I'm not cheating on you. What you saw tonight wasnít what you think.

 Rick: You were having coffee with the guy from the party, Amber, and you said that you didnít even know him.

 Amber: I donít. I just wanted some answers, okay? He knows what really happened.

 Rick: We all know what happened. You told me when you came home.

 Amber: No, no, there is more. There is more. He's hiding something. I donít know what it is but my gut feeling is telling me I'm going to blow this thing all wide open! I'm not having an affair with him. In fact, I donít even think I came on to him.

 Rick: You know, Amber, I would like to believe what you're saying, I really would. But how -- how do you just expect me to overlook what I saw?

 Amber: Look, Lance was about to tell me the truth, okay? Next time I see him, he's going to. Please, listen to me. Listen to me. I would never let that -- have left that party with another man because I love you and I love our family. There's something missing from his story. I know in my heart that I did not betray you. If you would just give me a chance, I will prove it.

 Rick: Please, do that, Amber. You go prove it.


 Sheila: Damn, you Lance! Oh, god, you're going to blow everything. If you tell Amber what we did, it's over! I will lose everything, my -- my freedom, my daughter's future, Erica's chance with Rick. I have to do something. But what? But what?

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