B&B Transcript Thursday 8/1/02


The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 8/1/02

By Amanda
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 Erica: Amber has made our own decisions, Rick. You didnít throw her out.

 Rick: I didnít ask her to stay either.

 Erica: She probably would have even -- would have left even if you had.

 Rick: That's what worries me. It's not like

 Amber: Better to give up. She's really feeling guilty right now.

 Erica: Well, Rick, she should. I mean, god, she spent the night with another man. I'm sorry. I know that you still really care about her.

 Rick: Is that crazy?

 Erica: No, not at all. That's the kind of person that you are. Rick, you have stood by Amber through every crisis, forgiven her for all of her mistakes.

 Rick: Well, maybe I should have forgiven Amber, for this too. But I couldnít. You know, seeing her standing there in his t-shirt, she looked like a complete stranger. I didnít even recognize her. I mean, Amber has done some crazy self-destructive things in her life, but nothing like this. I mean, it usually makes some kind of sense, you know, she's trying to protect herself or our relationship or little Eric. But this -- this was completely reckless. I mean, this guy meant nothing to her. Why would she go home with him?

 Erica: Amber is the only person who can answer that.

 Rick: She says she doesnít remember. How do you forget something like that?

 Erica: You know what? I'm not going to let you dwell on this anymore. We're going to go out.

 Rick: I -- I canít.

 Erica: Eric is sleeping and if he wakes up Marta can watch him. Let's go get him some coffee.

 Rick: It's not going to make me feel any better.

 Erica: You know what, Rick? It canít make you feel any worse. Come on, let's go.


 C.J.: Bridget, are you okay?

 Bridget: Yeah.

 C.J.: Really? You tried to bus that table before those people were even finished.

 Bridget: Give me another espresso. I'll be fine.

 C.J.: I donít think coffee is what you need. Look, it's obvious you have been upset ever since your mom came by.

 Bridget: I donít want to talk about that.

 Lance: Excuse me, sweetheart?

 Bridget: Yes, sir?

 Lance: What's a guy got to do to get a refill around here? More coffee, please?

 Bridget: I'll get your waitress.

 Lance: Thanks.

 Amber: I need to know what happened.

 Lance: You know what happened.

Amber: There needs to be more.

 Lance: There isnít, okay? We hooked up, we went back to my place, you crashed, that's it. End of story. I didnít lay a hand on you.

 Amber: Well, know and I appreciate that. You seem like a very upstanding guy, very nice. I mean you're not really my type, no offence.

 Lance: Yeah, well, you were singing my praises last night.

 Amber: Was I? What was I saying?

 Lance: Just let it go, already. Look, you got drunk, you messed up, it happens.

 Amber: On my victory party? The happiest night of my life? No, it doesnít make any sense. And the more I think about it, the more I think there's something missing. And by the look in your eyes, I know I'm right.


 Bridget: C.J., I'm taking my break, okay?

 C.J.: Yeah, okay fine. Do you know who that guy so far there with Amber?

 Bridget: Amber? Donít tell her I'm here. I donít want to talk to her. I donít want to talk to anyone.

 C.J.: Okay. Hey, what's wrong, what's going on?

 Bridget: Nothing. Some guy just asked for a refill and I thought -- it's nothing.

 C.J.: Look, wait. If somebody is giving you a hard time I will throw them out of here. I donít have a problem with that.

 Bridget: It's not that. I just canít be here right now, okay?


 Amber: I can tell something is wrong, lance.

 Lance: Nothing is wrong. I just donít like being interrogated.

 Amber: My questions are making you nervous, why?

 Lance: Look, I'm sorry about your marriage and your kid, all right? But that's not my problem. You donít have any right dogging me.

 Amber: I'm not accusing you. I'm just trying to make sense of this. Let's go back, start from the beginning. I'll tell you what I remember and you can help me fill in the blanks. I -- I remember giving a speech and I had a glass of wine.

 Lance: Right.

 Amber: And then I was feeling sick. I got all woozy. I needed to get away, get away from the music and that's when I ran into you.

 Lance: We've been through this. You were loaded, you hit on me. We bolted.

 Amber: How did I hit on you?

 Lance: What do you mean? You were hitting on me, we were flirting.

 Amber: Did I touch you?

 Lance: I donít remember. We were drinking.

 Amber: So we started drinking before I hit on you?

 Lance: Aw, geez, what is it with you, huh? Look, what do you want, a play-by-play of the whole evening?

 Amber: Yeah, I do, I had do, okay?

 Lance: Why? Why? You got a guilt complex or something? Are you torturing yourself?

 Amber: I just want you to be straight with me. Whatever I did, whatever you did, I need to know.

 Lance: I didnít do anything, okay? I donít take advantage of helpless women.

 Amber: Of course you donít. Of course you donít. Because you're a good guy and you want to do the right thing.

 Lance: You know what? I want to forget about last night and so should you.

 Amber: I have. That's the problem. Okay, look, lance, I donít mean to put you on the spot or anything, but I'm missing a huge chunk of this puzzle.

 Lance: What puzzle? There is no puzzle. You did something wrong and you feel lousy about it. Now you're trying to blame it on me.

 Amber: I'm trying to save my life and my family and my marriage and you're the only one who can help me. Just answer me this, okay? At what point did I ask you to take me away from the party?

 Lance: After the Margaritas.

 Amber: Wait, wait, Margaritas? You said we were drinking tequila.

 Lance: Yeah, yeah, there's tequila in Margaritas.

 Amber: No, no, no. You said that we were doing tequila shots. So what is it? Margaritas or tequila shots? What's going on here, Lance?


 Rick: Maybe I should call her.

 Erica: Why?

 Rick: I donít know, something just doesnít feel right. You know, what if she really did blackout. What if it wasnít the wine?

 Erica: Well, Rick, what else could it have been? Rick I donít know. I donít know. I just keep going over this in my head. I talked to her after her speech and she seemed fine. She was happy. And all of a sudden she gets drunk and she hits on some guy and she leaves the party? It just doesnít make any sense. There has got to be a better explanation.

 Erica: Well, Rick, she's been acting erratically for months.

 Rick: Yeah, before we went into rehab. But ever since she got out, she's been great. She's been more positive and happy than I've seen her in a long time.

 Erica: And you say she didnít know this guy?

 Rick: What Amber did was wrong, there's no doubt about that. But I mean, she didnít have sex with him. She didnít cheat on me.

 Erica: And you believe her?

 Rick: You saw her at the party. Did she really look like somebody who was about to have a one-night stand?

 Erica: No. But maybe that's not all it was. (Knocking)


 Bridget: C.J., Please go away. I want to be alone.

 C.J.: Yeah? Well, too bad. Because I'm not leaving here until you tell me what's going on.

 Bridget: Nothing is going on, C.J. I just didnít get much sleep last night. I'm exhausted.

 C.J.: Come on, Bridget. I saw you downstairs. It is obvious that you are still upset. Come on, please, tell me what is going on.

 Bridget: It is stupid. I thought I saw Deacon.

 C.J.: What, downstairs?

 Bridget: Yeah, it wasnít him. It was just somebody who looked like him.

 C.J.: What did he do to you? What, what, like on hit you?Deacon hit you?

 Bridget: No.

 C.J.: Well, Bridget, he must have been doing something pretty bad for you to be hiding out from his look-alike.

 Bridget: I'm not hiding. I just needed to pull myself together.

 C.J.: Okay, look, by why? Bridget, you can trust me. I opened up to you. You open up to me. Tell me what really happened between you two.

 Bridget: He had an affair.

 C.J.: That's it?

 Bridget: What do you mean, that's it? My husband cheated on me.

 C.J.: Okay, Bridget, look, I donít mean to sound callous here but you knew deacon was a player when you married him. This canít be that much of a surprise.

 Bridget: Well, it was, and I'm not sure I'll ever get over it.


 Rick: Oh, my god, is that him?

 Erica: Yeah. That's the guy that Amber went home with.

 Rick: She said she didnít even know him.


 Amber: I know you're hiding something, Lance. I can tell you're scared.

 Lance: I you bet I am. Margaritas, tequila. I donít know what the hell you're talking about but it's freaking me out. I'm gone.

 Amber: No, no, please. Tell me what happened. That's all I want. I will never bother you again if you just tell me the truth. Look at me. Look me in the eye. Do you want me to lose my family? Do you want to destroy my marriage?

 Lance: No. Look, I never meant to hurt anybody.

 Amber: Help me. I'm going to find out what happened. And if you just tell me, if you come clean, tell me yourself, you wonít get in any trouble. I promise you. And I will be so grateful. Oh, come on -- no, no, no. It's Rick.

 Lance: What?

 Rick: Is this the complete stranger you spent the night with?

 Amber: This is not what you think it is.

 Rick: I canít believe there this, Amber.

 Amber: I just wanted it to talk to him about what happened last night.

 Rick: Oh, was it as good for him as it was for you? Who the hell are you? Where did you guys meet, in rehab or something?

 Lance: You know what, this is getting way too domestic for me.

 Amber: We're not finished yet.

 Rick: By all means. Donít allow me to interrupt.

 Amber: No, no, he was just about to tell me what happened last night.

 Rick: That's why you walked straight out. You couldnít wait to get back to your lover.

 Amber: He's not my lover, he's not. I know, Rick, this looks really bad but I can explain it all.

 Rick: No, no, sir, Amber, no more. No more explanations, no more lies. I'm done!


 Erica: Rick...You're back.

 Rick: Is Eric still asleep?

 Waiter: Yes, sir. Will there be anything else?

 Rick: No, no, thank you.

 Erica: Rick, I am so sorry. I had no idea that Amber was going to be at insomnia.

 Rick: Look, you did me a favor. I wouldnít have believed it if I hadnít seen it with my own eyes. She was all over him. My god, it made sense now. The way she was acting when she was out of rehab, so excited and upbeat. I thought it was the collection, the Telesave idea. It wasnít, it was this guy, Lance.

 Erica: After all the things she said at the party. How could she do that to you?

 Rick: How could I fall for this?

 Erica: She didnít even have the decency to come up with an excuse.

 Rick: That's it. I could have forgiven her for anything else but not this.

 Erica: Of course not, Rick. After everything you've put up with, all the sacrifices you've made. And I mean, for her to call him back to the table while you're still standing there. How could anybody be that cruel? I'm sorry, I derby shouldnít have said that.

 Rick: No, it's okay. It makes me sick.

 Erica: You deserve so much better.

 Rick: Nobody deserves this, not me, not Eric, nobody.


 C.J.: Bridget, come on. Deacon is gone. He is out of your life.

 Bridget: Yeah ex-and I'm doing everything I can to put him out of my mind.

 C.J.: Okay, but what about your heart?

 Bridget: Believe me, any feelings I have about that man are negative.

 C.J.: Then why canít you let him go?

 Bridget: It's not deacon. It's what he did. What they did.

 C.J.: The affair? I donít -- I -- what, did you see it? I mean, did you catch them in the act?

 Bridget: No, thank god.

 C.J.: Then I donít understand. I mean, you say you're never going to get over Deacon, but why not? I mean, your marriage is over and you donít want anything to do with him.

 Bridget: I hope I never see him again.

 C.J.: Because he cheated on you? Or is there something else? You knew her, didnít you? You knew the girl that Deacon was with. Who? Was it a friend of yours? Who was it? Bridget, tell me.

 Bridget: I donít want to talk about this.


 Amber: Rick, where are you? I need to talk to you, please.

 Erica: Amber, he doesnít want to talk to you.

 Amber: Where is he?

 Erica: He's all sick and he went up to bed. Amber, just leave him alone. He doesnít want to see you.

 Amber: You know how he feels, who he wants to see?

 Erica: I know how he feels about you. If you think you can just walk up there and make everything better, then you're wrong. After what we saw tonight --

 Amber: What a saw was a mistake.

 Erica: Yeah, that's right, Amber, meeting your boyfriend in public, that was the biggest mistake you ever made.

 Amber: No, he's not -- I donít have to explain myself to you. It's none of your business. Get out of here, okay? I want to talk to my husband alone.

 Erica: Your husband? That man gave you everything, Amber. He would have walked through hell for you and is this how you treat him? No, if he were my husband --

 Amber: Your husband? Your husband? Is that what you just said? Your husband? No-no, honey, he is my husband. That's why you're here, isnít it? Admit it. You're not just here to look after little Eric. You want Rick. Yeah. You know, this may be all fun and games for you. But this is my home. It's my family. And I'm not about to just stand here and let you walk away with them!


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