B&B Transcript Tuesday 7/30/02


The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 7/30/02

By Amanda
Proofread by Becky 

 Bridget: So you threw her out.

 Rick: No, no, I didn't throw her out, Bridget, my head was spinning, and I was up all night worried about her. She probably couldn't even tell me his name. She said that nothing happened. But, who knows. She wants me the forgive her.

 Bridget: Just like that, no questions asked, no grudges held, like it never happened?

 Rick: I couldn't.

 Bridget: Of course you couldnít.

 Rick: Then she goes upstairs and comes back down a few minutes later with a suitcase and is tired of doing things like this to me but she doesn't know if she can help it so she's leaving.

 Bridget: Where did she go?

 Rick: I don't know. I don't know and she hasn't called. I could have stopped her, Bridget. I could have stopped her but I didnít.

 Bridget: Good.


 Amber: Is Ridge here?

 Taylor: He is out of town on business.

Amber:  I didn't know where else to go. You can't tell him about that because he would use it against Rick and I. I have already hurt him so much already.

 Taylor: Amber, what is going on, Rick called me a few times last night. He was looking for you. I'm not going to say anything to Rick.

 Amber: I got drunk. Oh, boy!

 Amber: I guess I did.

 Taylor: You guess you did?

 Amber: Yeah. I must have blacked out. I can't remember.

 Taylor: Well, start from the beginning.

 Amber: Okay. Eric threw a party for us because it was so great, everyone was so nice and a wonderful time. Rick said a beautiful speech about me, about how much he loved me and how proud he was of me. Everything in the palm of my hands, I just blow it. Why did I do that?

 Taylor: You were at this party and you just, you just started drinking?

 Amber: Rick didn't want me to but I didn't think it would hurt.

 Taylor: What happened?

Amber:  I told you, I can't really remember.

 Taylor: Well, from what other people remember?

 Amber: I guess I was drinking tequila shots which doesn't sound like me.

 Taylor: Maybe you were pretty far gone by the time you got to the tequila.

 Amber: All I was drinking one glass of wine. The next thing I remember I remember aching waking up in some guy's bed.

 Taylor: You what?

 Amber: I didn't do anything. I still had my bathing suit on.

 Taylor: Who was this guy? Some guy at the party?

Amber: I think he is a model.

 Taylor: At Forester?.

 Amber: No. He came with someone. Caitlin I think.

 Taylor: How did you end up in his bed?

 Amber: He said that I came onto him. And I asked him to take me away from the party so he did and I passed out.

 Taylor: Does Rick know about this, I mean this part about you passing out in the guy's bed?

 Amber: I told him when I came home this morning.

 Taylor: And...

 Amber: And... I could tell by the look on his face that he wanted out. And so I gave it to him. The marriage is over.


 Sheila: Hey, I hope you're hungry.

 Erica: I actually can't stay.

 Sheila: Oh.

 Erica: Rick wants me to go and watch little Eric for a while.

 Sheila: That surprised me. I thought that Amber wanted to spend more time with him now that she sold off the Ambrosia line.

 Erica: Amber is not there anymore. She moved out.

 Sheila: So what you're saying is Rick and Amber are separated?

 Erica: Yeah. He is hurting so much. I could hear it in his voice.

 Sheila: That is a shame.

 Erica: Don't even try. You know that you're thrilled.

 Sheila: I know you are.

Erica:  Not true! I hate to see Rick like this.

 Sheila: Honey, of course, in your heart of hearts you know this is for the best. If Amber could treat him like this.

Erica:  I can't even believe it, Mom. After all of the pretty speeches she gave him about how much she appreciated him and how she would never let him down again, they didn't mean a thing. A man like Rick waiting at home for her. And she just runs off with some model. I mean, how could she do that to him?

 Sheila: I could have told you that something like this was going to happen.

 Erica: Now, Mom, no one could have predicted this.

 Sheila: I could have. And I can tell you what will happen next, too. Interested?


Rick:  I don't want my marriage to be over.

 Bridget: I know. Believe me, I know. Rick, if you hide from the truth you don't prevent the inevitable. You just prolong it.

 Rick: I just wish I knew what the truth was.

 Bridget: That has always been a problem with Amber, hasn't it?

 Rick: She had come so far. If she hadn't lost that baby, everything would be different now.

 Bridget: Sorry. I'm so sorry you're going through this. But, you need to get Amber out of here. Maybe it will be different for her. Maybe it will motivate her to get the help that she needs.

 Amber: What is wrong with me? Why would I do something like that, huh, get drunk and go home with a total stranger? Am I trying to sabotage my own life.

 Taylor: There could be a lot of reasons for you Amber, while you were having problems watching those people celebrate while you are feeling the loss of your child?

 Amber: No it wasn't that. I was proud of myself that night. We had worked our butts off. It paid off. It was such a relief. I was so worried that I would let Eric down.


 Taylor: You were under a great deal of stress up to that point?

 Amber: Yeah.

 Taylor: How was that affecting you and Rick?

 Amber: It actually brought us closer.

 Taylor: There must have been some tension.

 Amber: Not really.

 Taylor: Amber, sometimes when a person is going through recovery they feel like their partner is watching them all the time and keeping an eye on them and you grow to resent that kind of pressure. You said that Rick didn't want you to have a celebration drink.

Amber:  It wasn't a big deal, you know. Not at the time. Now it is! But it wasn't then. I wasn't trying to get back at him or prove a point or anything like. That I was really happy. I wanted a glass of wine.

 Taylor: And you just had one glass.

 Amber: Yeah.

 Amber: But I really felt it. My tolerance level must have been way down. I havenít touched a drop in weeks.

 Amber: You know, I have never had a reaction like that before.

 Taylor: From the time that you had that one glass of wine to the time you woke up this morning you don't remember a thing?

 Amber: Bits and pieces, but...

Taylor:  I don't know, Amber, there has got to be more to this story.


 Erica: You're going to tell me that I should make a play for Rick?

 Sheila: Certainly not. No, that's the way that someone like Amber would operate and you are nothing like that. You have something that she doesn't, values, principles, basic human decency, Erica, if you were Rickís wife none of this...

 Erica: Mom, let's not even go there. Right now I just want to be his friend.

 Sheila: Just promise me one thing. That if he reaches out for you, you'll be there for him.

 Erica: Mom, of course I will.

 Sheila: That is my girl. Sweetheart, you are -- you have such a bright future ahead of you.

 Erica: I better go.

 Sheila: Call me later. Let me know how things are going.

 Erica: Okay.

 Bridget: This doesn't make any sense. I mean, why now, after everything that we have been through? She was getting so strong. At least it looked that way.

 Rick: Appearances can be deceiving, especially with people like Deacon and Amber.

 Bridget: Wait a second. We can't compare those two.

 Rick: Why not.

 They both cheated on us.

 Rick: Amber didn't know what she was doing. She was drunk.

 Rick: Maybe that is not right.

 Rick: Maybe you are not the right person to be talking to about this.

 Bridget: Sorry, you are right. They are not the same. Amber lost a baby, she is dealing with an addiction, she has much better reasons to be screwed up. But, Rick, in the end, does it matter what her reasons are? Does it make it any easier for you to be going through this. I love Amber, too. I want to see her get better. I don't think she should walk all over you. Let her get her act together.

 Rick: That is just it. I thought she had. We both did. She was feeling so strong and this comes complete completely out of the blue, how can you trust her again.

 Bridget: I don't know. I'm sure this is not what you want to hear right now, but maybe you can't, as much as you care about Amber and I know she loves you, too, I think that you have to face the fact that you might not be able to make this work.


 Amber: You think I'm not telling you the truth?

 Taylor: Amber, I believe you. But the facts that youíre giving me don't add up or make sense. It is like there is a piece missing.

 Amber: Well, I already told you everything I know.

 Taylor: Yeah, the part you heard from this man. The part that you don't remember. What else do you know about this guy?

 Taylor: Now, if this guy was there with another girl, why would you come onto him like that?

 Amber: I can't imagine why.

 Taylor: And why would you drink tequila, I have never seen do you that. You said yourself that you don't drink it.

 Amber: I don't know.

 Taylor: That is exactly what I'm talking about; there are all of these unanswered questions revolving around this guy.

 Amber: Do you think that he is lying?

 Taylor: I'm saying I think you should check it out because your marriage is riding on it.

 Amber: Yeah, if things didn't happen the way he said, you know, I mean there is some other explanation and I don't know what it could be, but... maybe I didn't do anything wrong. If I could find out and if I could prove it then I could go home to my husband and my son.

 Taylor: You better find out what happened in that missing time period.

 Amber: You are right. You are right. You know, this story doesn't make any sense. It doesnít. I mean after I spent so much time making my marriage work, why would I throw it all away for some pretty boy that I never even met. It is crazy! That is ridiculous. My worst times with my pills I would never have done something like that! Ah!

 Taylor: Honey, where are you staying right snow.

Amber: I checked into a hotel. 

 Taylor: You are staying in my guest room.

 Amber: No.

 Taylor: You can have some support while you are here.

 Amber: Thank you, thank you. Hopefully it won't be for long. You are right; I have to figure out what happened that night. I can't tell Rick. He will think that I'm making more excuses. But I have to find out the truth. It is the only chance I have to save my marriage.


 Rick: I can't believe it is ending like this. After everything that we have been through.

You'll do anything you'll do all the crazy things that you can't explain

you'll shoot the moon, put out the fire

when you love someone

You'll deny the truth

believe a lie

there will be times that you believe that you can really fly

your lonely night has just begun

when you love someone

 Bridget: Hey, how are you?I'm worried about Amber. She hasn't called.

 Rick, I'm sure she's fine.

 Rick: Really? I'm not so sure about anything when it comes to Amber anymore. I'm sorry. I should not be around people now.

 Bridget: Well, I'm not people. I'm just me. Have you eaten anything? Are you hungry?

 Rick: I couldn't eat.

 Bridget: Rick, you need to take care of yourself. You have a little boy who is counting on you?

 Rick: Yeah, well, he was counting on Amber, too. You know, when Amber was in rehab I told him that mommy would be back and she was going to be back better than ever. What am I supposed to say to him now? How can she do this to him? How can she do this to us?

Bridget: Sorry. I'm so, so sorry.


 Sheila: Oh, Amber, you have lost your touch. You know, there was a time not long ago I wouldn't have been able to pry you away from Rick with a crowbar. This, this is just too easy. You so graciously step aside. Deep inside you know what is so obvious to the rest of us. You don't deserve Rick. You never did. Now he is with Erica. He is going to be so much happier. You know some of my best work and no one is going to even know about it. That is all right. Because everything worked out for the best. Thanks to you, Amber. And your kind cooperation. Here is to you.

 Amber: One glass, one glass of wine would have never affected me that way. Definitely not to the point where I would be cozy with some poster. You are right. There is definitely more to this story. And I'm going to find out what it is.


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