B&B Transcript Friday 7/19/02

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 7/19/02

By Linda
Proofread by Becky

 Sheila: "Amber saves the day on Telesave." How could anyone believe she could save anything? You are so undeserving, Amber. You know that? Rick, your job -- you didn't earn any of it. I just wish I could take it all away from you. Oh! Oh. Oh, Ziggy!

[ Sheila groans ] you were supposed to fix it yesterday.

[ Door slams ]

[ knock at door ]

 Ziggy: All right, come on in.

 Lance: Ziggy, come on. Forget about this, all right? Let's go to the beach. You know, this tan doesn't maintain itself.

 Ziggy: Well, give it a few minutes, all right? I finally got the part to fix this. I'm gonna fix it.

 Lance: Yo, forget about the pipes, Ziggy. You've got a bees nest out here, dude. You oughta get rid of that.

 Ziggy: One thing at a time, lance.

 Lance: I'm serious, okay? I'm allergic to those things. One sting, and I'm a goner.

 Ziggy: Yeah, right. Like I'd get that lucky.

 Lance: Come on. How long are you gonna be, man?

 Ziggy: You know, if you're in such a rush, help me.

 Lance: No. No way am I sticking my head under there.

 Ziggy: Well, then --

 Lance: Hey, Zig.

 Ziggy: Huh?

 Lance: What is it with the people who live here? All these articles are about the Forresters.

 Ziggy: Don't go messing with their stuff, okay, buddy?

 Lance: I'm not gonna break anything.

 Ziggy: Well, don't even touch anything. The lady who lives here is very particular. Trust me, you don't want to get her riled up.

 Lance: All right.


[ Amber laughs ]

 Rick: I'm so proud of you.

 Amber: You are?

 Rick: Of course I am. You went on TV and almost single-handedly sold the whole line.

[ Knock at door ]

 Rick: Hey, come on in.

 Brooke: Rick, I'm glad you're here with Amber. We need to go over the latest Ambrosia sales figures.

Rick: Well, what else is there to talk about? We sold everything.

Brooke: Sales don't mean a thing unless there's a profit, and we had to reduce most of the prices on the collection.

Rick: Yes, but we saved money by not going through department stores.

 Thorne: Any retail outlet has to have its own profits. That's why they raise the prices. But Telesave took its own cut.

 Kristen: But we still did well?

 Brooke: Well, we did better than that. The profit margin on the ambrosia line was the highest ever! And get this. Yesterday was the single most profitable day in the history of Forrester creations.

[ Applause ]

 Amber: This is so great!

 Eric: Way to go, kid. Congratulations.

 Rick: Ridge must be dying knowing this was all because of him.


 Sally: All right, team! The verdict is in! We are an unqualified success! Listen to these raves! "Spectra fashions a high-class hit thanks to sally's newest designer, Ridge Forrester."

[ Cheers ]

 Darla: You can say that again.

 Tony: Hey, hey, hey. Don't forget this one. Look, look, look. "A renaissance took place in haute couture yesterday as spectra fashions came to life with brilliant new designs from Ridge Forrester, Clarke garrison and Antonio Dominguez."

[ Cheers ] we're a hit!

[ Applause ]

 Clarke: They are all raves, every single one of them. Congratulations, everyone.

 Taylor: See, sweetheart? You did it? See? Everything you wanted to accomplish.

 Ridge: Well, not everything. I still can't believe "the new face of Forrester" actually pulled it off.


 Lance: Hey, Ziggy.

Ziggy: Huh?

 Lance: Check out this chick, bro.

 Ziggy: You know, I'm working over here.

 Lance: Yeah, well, trust me, she's hot. I used to date her. Man, she was crazy about me. Still modeling for Forrester Creations. Well, good for her.

 Ziggy: Why don't you give her a call?

 Lance: I can't even afford gas for my car, Ziggy, okay? How am I supposed to pay for a date?

 Ziggy: You want a little cash? Help me.

 Lance: Dude, I'm through busting my ass for chump change. I need to find something big.

 Ziggy: Like what?

 Lance: I don't know, and I don't care. All I know is I'd do anything for a big payday.

Ziggy: Yeah, well, careful what you say, 'cause anything could mean a lot of things.

Lance: Yeah, and I'm ready for all of them. I mean it, Ziggy. I need some cash bad, bro.

Ziggy: What can I tell you? You know what? I need a different wrench to finish this. You wanna help me out, go to my apartment and get it for me? Why do I bother asking? Don't touch anything.

[ Door closes ]

 Lance: Like somebody with this face should be doing manual labor. You scared the hell out of me, lady.


 Massimo: Ridge, do you remember what you said to me, that "fashion is not a one-time payday, but it's the image"?

 Taylor: And we all know what going on Telesave did to Forrester's image.

 Tony: Hey, can't we all just be glad that Forrester wasn't destroyed?

 Ridge: Massimo's right. It will be, though. Just gonna have to wait a little longer, that's all.

 Stephanie: Oh, Ridge, come on! Stop being a party pooper. Just relax and enjoy your success, honey.

 Massimo: She's absolutely right, and we have something to celebrate. Ridge, look what you've done. It says here that you've created a set of designs that have been heralded as the top of the industry. Okay? So that's what counts. That's what matters.

 Sally: He's right, you know? That is what really matters today. Of course, being no angel, I might have enjoyed seeing the new face of Forrester fall flat today and certainly would have enjoyed seeing Brooke land on her kisser, but I will settle for this great success instead. Thank you all for it. Do you realize this is the most successful fashion show this company has ever had? And Ridge, I really was proud to stand next to you on that runway yesterday. That was about as good as it gets, and I thank you for that. You took the name spectra, and you made it stand for the best in haute couture. For that, I will always be grateful. And I think it deserves a great round of applause from all of us. What do you say, people? Let's hear it for Ridge.

[ Cheers and applause ]


 Thorne: Dad, these additional sales figures just came in.

 Rick: So dad, tell us the truth. Are you really happy that the Telesave idea worked?

 Eric: Yes, I am. And I have to thank the two of you for coming up with a distribution arm, a new one for us, when our old ones have been yanked right out from under us.

 Kristen: But can you live with what the upscale press has been saying about Telesave?

 Eric: What, that Forrester sold out, that we traded our reputation for sales? You know what? That's just a review in a paper. We've taken hits from the trades before, and we've come back stronger than ever. There's no reason why we can't do that again. Are you kidding? I thought we were dead in the water, but thanks to you two, Forrester still has a future. I want to thank you for putting Forrester on firmer financial footing than we've ever been before.

[ Talking over each other ]


 Taylor: Hmm. Yes, I think this is the one that I like. This is my favorite. This is the one I want to wear when we go out for our victory dinner. Sweetheart?

 Ridge: I'm sorry, hon. What did you say?

 Taylor: I'm standing here giving you a compliment, and you're not even listening. Ridge, you just presented the greatest collection of your entire life.

 Ridge: Yeah, on the same day that Amber, who a year ago hadn't designed so much as a cocktail napkin, sells out her entire collection on Telesave.

 Taylor: Yes, at the cost of Forrester's reputation and image.

 Ridge: I don't care what dad says, he can't be really happy about that image, can he?

 Taylor: Well, at least he can be happy that Forrester didn't collapse.

 Ridge: Yeah, I'm sure Rick and Amber are thrilled.

 Taylor: Would you stop worrying about Rick and especially Amber?

 Ridge: I thought you liked her.

 Taylor: That's not what I mean. Ridge, you know what she's like. She's always in and out of trouble, most of it of her own accord. She'll probably live her whole life like that, so let her have this moment. Let her have this little moment of success and fame. It will probably be the last time it happens for her. You on the other hand are becoming a legend. You completely restored your reputation with last night's showing. You are the best.

 Ridge: Thank you. If you say so.

 Taylor: Then it must be true.


 Thorne: We need to hire more people in shipping to get these orders out.

 Rick: Well, let's do whatever it takes to keep our new customers happy.

 Thorne: I'll get on that right now, bud.

 Rick: All right.

 Brooke: Honey, watching you on Telesave was very impressive. Ridge and the fashion press might mock Telesave, but I'm really proud that we used them.

Rick: Thank you, Mom. If you guys will excuse me.

 Erica: Hey, Rick.

 Rick: Hey, Erica.

 Erica: Oh, sorry. Megan didn't tell me you were in a meeting. I just wanted to let you and Amber know that I dropped Eric off at day care.

 Rick: No, actually, I'm very glad you're here. Come on in. Everybody, listen up. We have somebody else to thank. Now, going on Telesave was really good for the company. We didn't have anywhere to sell amber's line, so I would like to thank Erica for giving us the idea in the first place.

 Eric: Wait. You gave him the idea?

Erica: No. I didn't do anything. All I did was tell you that I got my clothes there sometimes.

 Rick: Well, if you hadn't done that, we wouldn't have had the idea to go on the channel. We owe you.

 Erica: No, you don't, but -- but thank you for -- thank you for saying that.

 Eric: You know, everybody here is responsible for the success of Amber's line, including you, Erica. Everybody here's been working really, really hard. I think we need a break, so I'm going to give a party tonight poolside at my house. I want everybody to be there -- all the Forrester employees, the models, everybody, you name it. We deserve to celebrate.

 Kristen: Yeah!

 Rick: I'm gonna make some phone calls.

[ All talking at once ]


 Sheila: You know, you shouldn't be here.

 Lance: Yeah? And what are you gonna do about it, honey?

 Sheila: Pretty confident, aren't you?

 Lance: With good reason.

 Sheila: You are handsome, dating Forrester models. Have it all going for you, don't you? Except for cash.

 Lance: Hey, it's not nice to eavesdrop.

 Sheila: Oh, don't even start with me, you pathetic little boy.

 Lance: Hey, watch it, lady, all right? Would you say that to tom cruise, huh?

 Sheila: Is that what you think you are, the next tom cruise?

 Lance: It's just a matter of time.

 Sheila: Mm-hmm, you and every waiter in this town -- oh, except for one thing. They have jobs. You don't.

 Lance: You know --

[ Lance sighs ] you're right. You know anyone who owns a restaurant?

 Sheila: You really are down and out, aren't you?

Lance: Listen, lady, I'm hurting, okay? So if you know anybody who's hiring, here's my card.

 Sheila: "Take a chance on Lance"?

 Lance: Hey, it sticks in people's minds.

 Sheila: Yeah, I'll bet it does.

 Lance: Well, thanks for keeping an eye out. When Ziggy gets back, just tell him I went out for a smoke, okay?

 Sheila: Mm-hmm. I can't help you. I've got enough on my mind.


 Amber: Oh.

[ Amber laughs ] I don't deserve to be this lucky.

 Rick: I thought you weren't gonna say stuff like that anymore.

 Amber: I know. It's just when I think about what just happened -- I mean, your dad coming in here and congratulating us on being on Telesave and how much of a success it was.

 Rick: It was all because of you.

 Amber: Yeah, but I wouldn't even have had a chance to sell the clothes if it weren't for you. No, I have to say it. I put you through hell, Rick. My lies, my behavior, turning to painkillers instead of you when I was in trouble. I've made so many mistakes, and you've always forgiven me. But you're never gonna have to forgive me again, 'cause I'll never again do anything to hurt you, your family or this company ever, ever again. I love you so much, Rick.

 Rick: I love you, too. And as long as we have that and faith in each other, nothing can come between us ever again.


 Sheila: Where have you been?

 Erica: I just dropped little Eric off at Forrester day care for Rick and Amber.

 Sheila: Oh. Oh, well, did you see Rick?

Erica: Yes, Mom. Oh, god, he is the greatest. You will never believe what he did for me today.

 Sheila: What?

 Erica: He totally gave me all the credit for inspiring the Telesave idea in front of everybody. Can you believe that?

 Sheila: Oh, Erica, honey --

 Erica: And then Mr. Forrester said he was going to throw a pool party tonight to celebrate the Forrester's success, and everyone was invited, including me.

 Sheila: Oh, you have to see what this means.

 Erica: Yeah! It means that I'm going to go to a Forrester creations party!

 Sheila: Oh, it means that you and Rick are -- are a perfect pair. You should be with Rick, not Amber.

 Erica: Mom, will you stop it? I already told you, I'm not gonna mess with their marriage.

 Sheila: Oh, honey, you can't give up now. You're too close. Tonight could be the night that you --

 Erica: Mom, stop it!

 Sheila: I believe in you and Rick, even if you don't.

 Erica: Look, I just -- I don't want to hear you talk about it anymore. I just came by to tell you about tonight, and now I'm gonna go buy a new swimsuit for the party, okay? Look, Mom, I know this is difficult for you. It was hard for me, too, but just -- just give it up.

[ Door closes ]

 Sheila: Maybe I should just give it up. I can't do this by myself. I can't even get Erica to work with me. Big Forrester pool party, and everyone is invited? Well, you know what? I am through monkeying around. It is time to play hardball, Amber. So tonight is Erica's night. With a little help from mother, she's gonna be the belle of the ball. And after this party tonight, she's gonna be the one on Rick's arm for the rest of her life. Good-bye, Amber. Good-bye, Amber.


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