B&B Transcript Thursday 7/18/02

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 7/18/02

By Linda

>> Rick: I want you guys to

get a good look at the back.

There's a cutout, and I think

it's what really makes the


>> Amber: Yeah.

People tend to forget about

the back of their clothes,

because they don't see it.

But let me tell you something,


you should really pay

attention to that area,

because I guarantee you the

guys will.

They love to watch us walk


Isn't that right, honey?

>> Rick: I don't know what

you're talking about.

[ Amber laughs ]

>> Amber: Yeah.

>> Rick: I was drawn to your


>> Amber: Oh, you're such

a liar.

[ Amber laughs ]

>> Erica: God, they're so cute together.

>> Sheila: They're acting. This is just a sales pitch.

>> Erica: Come on, mom. They adore each other. You can't -- you can't fake that.

>> Sheila: And two weeks ago, she was in rehab.

>> Erica: Yeah, well, now she's out, mom. They're starting over, and then -- I'm happy for them.

[ Phones ringing ]

>> Rick: Now, there are still some phone lines open, so call in now. You know what? I'm being told that there is a phone call.

>> Amber: Oh, great.

>> Rick: Hi. Who's this?

>> Vicky: My name is Vicky.

>> Amber: Oh, hi, Vicky.

>> Rick: Which piece did you decide on today?

>> Vicky: The one you're

showing now.

>> Amber: Oh, you're gonna love it.

>> Vicky: I do, I do.

Well, I just wanted to ask if

you've ever thought about

doing wedding dresses?

>> Amber: Well, I guess I should, huh? I mean, we've been married enough times. I should be an expert.

>> Rick: You know, that's a great idea, and thank you very much. We'll look into it.

>> Amber: Oh, one more thing. I have to tell you that silk blouse with the gold-plated beads -- that was number ctn1004 -- has just sold out in blue. I'm sorry. But there are still about 150 left in red.

>> Rick: What, 150 out of 1,000? Wow, those went fast.

I guess that's what happens

when you have quality products

at unbeatable prices.

>> Sally: Oh! Can you believe that? I'm telling you, the Forresters are a family of vampires. Every time you think you have got them, they come back to life stronger than ever!

>> Taylor: Hmm, it looks to me like they're more on life support. No, they'll make money, and they'll get rid of their bad inventory, but they have done irreparable damage to their image. In the meantime, sally, you are about to get a major polish. I don't know if you guys realize it, but tonight's showing is going to catapult spectra into a whole new level of respectability.

>> Sally: Mm. I don't know, Taylor. I think that's gonna take some getting used to.

>> Darla: Come on, Sal. That's what you've always wanted.

>> Sally: I know that's what I always said, Darla, but the truth is, I'm really not all that comfortable starting at the top. I'm more like that feisty little racehorse that comes out of the gate at 70-1 and wins it all in a photo finish.

>> Sofia: Oh, trust me, sally, the view is much better from the top.

>> Sally: Is it, is it?

>> Sofia: Oh!

>> Sally: Whoa!

>> Sofia: See what I mean?

>> Sally: Oh, my goodness. You are so right, Sofia. Ladies, don't you think one could get used to a vision of handsomity like this? You look spectacular, all of you. I'm telling you, we are gonna knock 'em dead tonight!

>> Ridge: That's the plan, Sal.

>> Sally: Good. You know, I don't know why I let the Forresters intimidate me. They're nothing. We're gonna take over. We are going to become the person who sets the standards on the whole L.A. Fashion scene. We are going to inspire awe and reverence and envy. It's going to be sensational! So come on, troops. Let's go out there and show them all how it's done.

>> Darla: Yeah!

>> Ridge: All right, all right.

>> Darla: Let's do it!

>> Ridge: Everybody. Here we go.

>> Clarke: Hey, sally. I was thinking after all these years, all this work, at long last, you made it.

>> Sally: Oh!

>> Clarke: Congratulations.

>> Sally: Thank you, Bucky. Let's go.

[ phones ringing ]

>> Kristen: Tony? Hi! How's it going over there? Do you have a full house?

>> Tony: Yeah, we're packed. That showroom was wall-to-wall people.

>> Kristen: That's great! That's exciting! I mean, I'm sorry, though, that I couldn't be there for you.

>> Tony: Well, how's it going on your end?

>> Kristen: Surprisingly well, actually, especially since Rick and Amber took over for the Telesave spokeswoman.

>> Tony: Yeah. I caught a glimpse of that.

>> Kristen: I know. They're doing great, huh? I mean, we sold out of some of the pieces, and we started with 1,000 of each.

>> Tony: Well, good! Listen, I'd better get back down to the showroom. But I'll talk to you later.

>> Kristen: Okay. Well, good luck. I love you.

[ Phones ringing ]

>> Rick: Thank you very much, ladies. Now, I'm told that we have another phone call. Hello?

>> Marilyn: Hi.

My name is Marilyn, and I had

a question.

>> Amber: About the top?

>> Marilyn: No, I just wanted

to know if your mother had her

baby yet.

>> Rick: Oh. Um, actually, yeah. Yeah, she did. I have a beautiful baby sister.

>> Marilyn: A girl!

Oh, how wonderful!

Would you tell her I said


>> Rick: I will. Thank you very much, Marilyn.

>> Amber: You know, it's funny that she should mention your mom, because I was just about to say, that's where the idea from that last top came from. See, Brooke was visiting Paris recently, and she found this fabulous little beaded top at a flea market, and she brought it to me, and I just went crazy for it. I mean, it was very '40s, you know, that big band thing. I just love it. And we made a few changes on it, and you just saw the results.

>> Rick: So for those of you who aren't going to make it to Paris this year to do your shopping, you can look like you did.

>> Amber: And as we showed you, the beadwork is very, very intricate and very complex. And again, all sewn by hand. And I know $275 sounds like a lot, but if you think about it, you're gonna be wearing this top for the next, what, 20 years? And then after that, maybe you can pass it down to your daughter.

>> Rick: Because it is truly heirloom quality.

>> Amber: Now that's a sound investment.

>> Rick: Especially when you

consider that something like

this would sell in stores for

well over $500.

>> Amber: Oh, easily.

You're not going to find this

kind of workmanship and

artistry at this price

anywhere else.

[ Knock at door ]

>> Sheila: Oh, look. Look, now she's calling herself an artist.

>> Erica: Well, she is one, mom. Oh, hey, Ziggy.

>> Sheila: She's a leech!

>> Ziggy: I was gonna see about a pipe?

>> Erica: Yeah. Come on in.

>> Sheila: I -- I can't even watch this anymore. I have no idea why they would ever put Amber on TV like this.

>> Ziggy: Amber's on TV?

>> Erica: Yeah. Her and Rick are selling their line on Telesave.

>> Ziggy: Really?

>> Sheila: It was Erica's idea. It was Erica's idea.

>> Erica: No, it wasn't. Mom, it wasn't. I just -- I happened to mention to Rick that my friends and I buy our clothes there sometimes. But it was his idea to put the ambrosia line on Telesave.

>> Sheila: You were the inspiration.

[ Erica sighs ] gosh, don't you see how well the two of you work together? You are so good for Rick, Erica -- unlike this no-talented druggie.

>> Ziggy: Is she on this kick again?

>> Erica: Yes, unfortunately, she is.

>> Sheila: Do you have work to do? Just do it!

>> Ziggy: Yes, ma'am.

>> Sheila: Thank you. Look, just -- just listen to me. Honey, meeting someone like Rick Forrester, that was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

>> Erica: Mom, you sound like one of those people on Telesave trying to sell me a watch.

>> Sheila: Oh, no. No, no, no, because I don't have to sell you on Rick Forrester. You're already in love with him. Aren't you?

>> Erica: Yes, I have admitted that I have a crush on Rick. But come on, mom. Who wouldn't? I mean, he's beautiful, and he's -- he's nice, and he's funny.

>> Ziggy: And married.

>> Erica: Yes, yes, and he's married.

>> Sheila: That marriage is a sham.

>> Erica: Mom, no, it's not. I mean, if it were --

>> Sheila: What?

>> Erica: I would probably go for it.

>> Sheila: Aha, you see there?

>> Ziggy: What are you doing encouraging her?

>> Erica: Well, I would, mom. I mean, Rick, he deserves to be happy, and if I thought that I could do a better job of that than Amber --

>> Sheila: You can. You can, sweetheart.

>> Erica: Mom, he loves her.

>> Sheila: No, he tolerates her. I shouldn't have to tell you this. You know their history better than anyone, Erica. Rick's life has been one crisis after another since he married Amber, and now what? She's -- she's a druggie, an addict.

>> Erica: Mom, that's not fair. She had a problem, but she faced it, and she fought her addiction, and it just shows you how strong she is and that she really does love her family and her husband.

>> Sheila: No. No, she loves her cushy little life, and that's why she went to rehab -- so she wouldn't lose it.

>> Erica: God, mom, that's not true. Why do you think you know her so well? You've never even met her.

>> Sheila: I know the type.

>> Erica: She's not a "type," mom. She -- she's a human being, and she's my friend, and I'm not gonna hurt her.

>> Sheila: Oh, Erica, don't you understand?

>> Erica: Mom, will you just stop, okay? Just -- just give up.

[ Door closes ]

>> Ziggy: I didn't say a word.

>> Sheila: I am not going to let her miss out on this chance. I don't care what I have to do.

>> Rick: Now, we've brought my brother Thorne up here to talk about this lace, which he found for us. Tell us, where did you get it?

>> Thorne: It's from the south of France. It's a little mill just outside of Aix-en-Provence. It's -- it's a family operation, and we've been working with them for many years. And if you've seen any of our wedding gowns from the couture line, then you've seen this lace before.

>> Amber: Oh, and -- and we are talking about gowns that cost tens and tens of thousands of dollars. Now, Joel, I know we're driving you nuts here, but can you please just get a close-up of this right here? Oh, I mean, it's just -- the design is absolutely exquisite, and that's not a word that I use a lot, you know? But, I mean, there's just really no other way to describe it. Well, we have a caller with a question for Thorne.

>> Margaret: Hi,

I'm Margaret.

>> Thorne: Hi, Margaret.

>> Margaret: I -- I just

wanted to know if

you're dating anyone

right now.

>> Rick: Well, that -- that's a very good question. And don't feel bad, because he won't tell us, either.

>> Margaret: Oh, I'm not

asking for myself.

I have a niece who lives

out that way.

I just think you'd make

the cutest couple.

>> Amber: You know what? That's a really good idea. If you order this dress within the next five minutes, Thorne will take you out.

>> Rick: Oh, no, no, no.

[ Amber laughs ] that -- that's a different kind of channel.

>> Amber: Oh, I know. We can't give you an actual Forrester, but we can promise you the Forrester commitment to quality and that feeling that you only get when you're wearing the very best of the best. We're gonna take a little break now so Thorne can get his composure, and we'll be right back with one of my very favorites from this line, so don't go away.

>> Manager: Okay, we're clear.

>> Thorne: You're cute, both of you. That's very cute.

>> Rick: Hey, you know what? You know what? She could have been cute, okay?

[ Amber laughs ]

>> Kristen: Oh, you guys are terrific.

>> Rick: Oh, thank you so much. Hey, listen, are you okay? You've been at this for a really long time.

>> Amber: Oh, I'm fine. I owe this all to your family.

[ Amber laughs ]

>> Kristen: Hey, Whip. So how's it going?

>> Whip: We have sold out of all of the tops.

>> Amber: Already? Are you serious?

>> Whip: Mm-hmm. That's half of our inventory. If you guys quit right now, it will still be the biggest one-day sale in our history, okay? Congratulations.

[ Amber laughs ]

>> Rick: Oh, my god. You did great. You did such a good job.

>> Amber: Okay, for those of

you who are interested in the

lace dress, that was tag

number lfz0916.

We are down to about 200 of


Oh, oh, wait, wait.

Um, I'm being corrected.

Um, we're down to about 50 of

those, and we're sold out of

the petite sizes.

>> Darla: Yes, yes, yes. Los Angeles, 90036. Mm-hmm. My credit card number is 4-8-8-7-6 --

>> ridge: Darla? What are you doing?

>> Darla: Oh, uh, I -- I was just canceling my credit card.

[ Darla laughs ] call you back. I just got so many of these darn things, you know, I just didn't know what to do. But you know something? I can take care of this later.

>> Taylor: Okay. How did it go with your father?

>> Ridge: I don't want to talk about it.

>> Taylor: Why? What happened?

>> Ridge: He's blaming me.

>> Taylor: He's blaming you for what?

>> Ridge: For Telesave. According to him, I forced his hand. I drove him to it.

>> Taylor: It's exactly the kind of thing you were fighting. He just gave in to it.

>> Ridge: Yeah, I've tried pointing that out. It didn't go over too well. What got so messed up between me and dad here? This company is my tribute to him, to his principles, to his talent. I wanted it to be an escape route so he could get out from under Rick's thumb. But he'd rather work with Rick. He'd rather drag our name through the mud, lose me altogether than to -- to just take a stand on anything. I just don't understand that.

>> Taylor: Ridge, this company is more than just a tribute to your father. It's also a criticism. You know, in a way, you've basically said that this is what you think he should have done -- walk away from Brooke and his own company and started all over again. I'm sure he feels that disapproval, and I'm sure that he feels like he let you down and that -- it really -- it really does hurt him. I know it does.

>> Ridge: But I didn't intend to hurt him. All I intended to do, what I really wanted to do was just to --

>> Taylor: To -- to save him, but you can't do that. He made a choice. He made a choice to sacrifice his professional integrity and his reputation over this family unity thing. I know that that was a hard choice to make for him, but he did it, and who are we to decide that it was wrong? You two are just very different people, and at some point, you'll just have to accept that and then hopefully forgive each other.

>> Ridge: Yeah, yeah. You know, they made a ton of money on this today.

>> Taylor: Yeah, at the cost of sabotaging their couture reputation. Listen to me, sweetheart. Tonight is going to be the first time that you've ever walked out on a runway without your father by your side, and I know that that is going to be sad for you. But you can also take a great deal of pride in it, because you did all of this all on your own. You've made a powerful statement about who you are and what you believe in. I am very proud of you.

>> Ridge: Thanks.

>> Amber: I just want to emphasize again the wonderful workmanship that you're seeing here. See the pleats in the bodice here, which are much more difficult to do than anyone realizes. You're not gonna see any stitching on the front holding it together. No, no. It's all done underneath. It's completely invisible to the eye. Just one more example of the incredible attention to detail. So, um, what colors do we have left in this?

>> Rick: None.

>> Amber: Oh, we're sold out?

>> Rick: Every color and every size.

>> Amber: Well, um, what's next?

>> Rick: There's nothing left. We're completely sold out. So I guess it's time to say good-night. Thank you so much for joining us here on Telesave, and we really hope you enjoy wearing your new Forrester originals. And we look forward to seeing you again here very soon.

>> Manager: Clear. Good show.

[ Applause ]

>> Amber: I can't believe it! We sold out!

>> Whip: Yup, that's right, every last piece.

>> Rick: Oh, baby, you did so --

>> Amber: Oh, my god! Oh, my god!

>> Eric: Oh, well. Congratulations. You were amazing.

>> Rick: Thank you. Thank you so much.

>> Eric: Sure.

>> Rick: You know what? A phone. Somebody, I need a phone.

>> Whip: Yes, sir, Mr. Forrester.

>> Rick: All right, cool. Thank you, thank you.

[ Phone rings ]

>> ridge: Hello.

>> Rick: Hello, ridge. It's your little brother. I was just calling to wish you good luck

on your showing.

I know you've got a lot of

hard work ahead of you, and

we'll be thinking about you. And we're gonna have a whole lot of time to do that, because we just sold every single piece of clothing in our inventory. In one day.

This is the greatest triumph

in Forrester creations

history, and it's all

because of you. This is the sound of success --

[ cheers and applause ]




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