B&B Transcript Wednesday 7/17/02

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 7/17/02

By Linda
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Tammy: Now you can break that $200 up into four easy payments of just $50 a piece. Just tell the operator when you call that you want the installment plan and we'll take care of you like we always do here at Telesave.

 Ridge: Dad, please consider what I'm asking.

 Eric: Ridge, don't involve me in your feud between you and Rick.

 Ridge: Don't involve you? Dad, you're the center of it. What do you think we're arguing about here? It's the respect that you deserve. That's what we're talking about.

 Eric: What respect? Trying to run my company out of business?

 Ridge: I think it's fairly obvious that it's not your company any more.

 Eric: It is my company! It is mine!

 Ridge: Oh, I see. I see. Okay, so you're behind this then, hmm? Selling Forrester like some cheap jewelry, huh? No, I don't think you're behind it, Dad, and I think you probably fought it and they wouldn't listen. You have no idea what this does to me to see this total lack of regard for you. You're one of the greatest talents in this industry, and as far as they're concerned, all you can do is probably be the janitor! Why are you still there?

 Eric: Where else would I be?

 Ridge: With me.

 Eric: I've spent my life building up this business.

 Ridge: Yeah, and look how long it took them to trash it.

 Eric: What's happening here is because of you. Not them. You want me to come work with you? I can barely tolerate talking to you.


 Tammy: As you can see, there are phone lines open. So take my advice, call right away. We have a very limited number of these pieces and they won't last long. We have just one more minute with this item. And again, that's tag number cm21203. You might want to think about this as a gift idea.

 Rick: Hey, how are sales going?

 Thorne: Not good. And we've got 1,000 of each piece.

 Amber: Oh, god.

 Tammy: See that? See that give? Now, I couldn't tell you the name of this fabric if my life depended on it, but, ladies, I'm telling you, it's wonderful. It's got that stretch and flexibility right where you need it most. And again, the softness is just to die for. These are going to be so comfy, you'll never want to take them off.

 Kristen: "Comfy"? "Comfy"?! They are not pajamas! She didn't even mention the embroidery!

 Amber: She doesn't even know what she's selling. And where are our models, huh? Where are our models? They promised us models!

Thorne: I just got off the phone. The 405 is jammed. They're stuck. It's gonna take hours.

 Rick: Well, we don't have that much time. This thing is dead in the water. Whip, call our models. Whoever you can get a hold of and get them down here.

 Whip: Good idea.

 Rick: Look, we need to help this girl out, okay? So I want you guys to write down the selling points for each piece and what makes it special.

 Kristen: What are we gonna do? Give her a crash course in high fashion?

 Amber: Wait! I gotta better idea.

 Tammy: This piece I just love. It's fun, it's flirty, it's up to the minute. And it's so different from anything else out there. You are not gonna see yourself coming and going in this.


[ Laughter ]

 Sally: Oh, no!

 Tony: What are you doing?

 Clarke: Hey Tony, you gotta check this out.

 Tony: Clarke, we're waiting for your changes. Does anyone else here remember that we have a showing in just a few hours?

 Clarke: Oh, sorry, I couldn't help myself. This is addictive. It's like watching a train wreck. Forrester Creations is having the biggest yard sale in haute couture history.

 Tony: What the hell are you talking about?

 Sally: Looks more like a barnyard sale to me. All those turkeys.

 Darla: I don't know you guys. I think in a way, it's a little sad.

 Sally: Oh, Darla! It is not sad. It is simple justice and well deserved, and it is full of irony and amusement as well. I mean, just at the very moment that Spectra Fashions is about to ascend the heights in haute couture, Forrester Creations are reaching for the depths of despair and desperation. You gotta love it.

 Clarke: Sally, tell us how you really feel.

[ Laughter ]


Massimo: You think I'm reveling in this, hmm? Eric's humiliation?

 Stephanie: Well, who could blame you? It's a triumph. Very clever, taking away his retail outlets that way. And don't tell me that it wasn't your idea. But it's a little different for me, Mass. I was with him when he signed with each and every one of those stores.

 Massimo: Don't tell me you feel sorry for him.

 Stephanie: Oh, Mass, come on. Don't you feel just a scouch of pity?

 Massimo: Oh, come on, Stephanie, this is a path that he chose! He didn't have to. You begged him not to. Ridge begged him not to. If he had supported Ridge and stuck to his so-called "principles," nothing I did could have touched him. No, no, no, no, no -- he's not a victim of anything but his own stubbornness and false pride.

 Stephanie: You're probably right.

 Massimo: Oh, where are you going?

 Stephanie: I just can't let him go through this alone. I can't do that.


 Ridge: I really don't believe this. That you blame me for this fiasco.

 Eric: Well, I do blame you, Ridge. None of this would be happening if you hadn't stolen our retail space -- gone behind my back, taken advantage of relationships it took me decades to cultivate.

 Ridge: You think they turned their backs on you? Well, they didn't, dad. You turned your back on them! Forrester started putting out an inferior product. You started hiring inexperienced, unreliable, drug-addicted staff. You allowed this company to become a mockery of its former self, dad. And all in the name of keeping the peace. Your buyers left -- just like I did and just like you should.

 Eric: Well, that may be your style, Ridge -- walking away. But it's not mine.

 Ridge: What are you talking about? I'm just fighting here for everything you taught me to believe --

 Eric: I didn't teach you to turn your back on anything, to walk away. I didn't do that. Not on my business, not on my marriage.

Ridge: Oh, yeah? You just sat on your hands until there was nothing left worth saving. Look, I didn't come here to say that.

 Eric: I want you to go.


 Rick: Hey, hey, there's Katlin. Hey, thank god, you're here. Look, Thorne, put her in the first outfit.

 Thorne: We've already shown it, Rick.

 Amber: Not the way they should have shown it. Okay, come help me, Kristen. Okay, let's get you changed.

 Katlin: Amber, I've never done anything like this.

 Amber: You think I have? We're in a tailspin here. It's up to you and me to get us through this!

 Tammy: This is such a rare opportunity, and I know you won't want to miss out. The first time ever -- ever in the history of Telesave that we've been able to bring you pieces from the illustrious Forrester collection.

 Tammy: What does the name Forrester mean? It means cutting-edge style, quality beyond compare -- the name Forrester has really become synonymous with high fashion and haute couture.

[ Eric remembering ]

 Tammy: I'm not sure what color you'd call this. Purple just doesn't seem to do it justice. It's so rich. Like something you'd find in nature. A wild orchid, maybe, or a gemstone -- amethyst, that's what it reminds me of. Brazilian amethyst.


 Stephanie: How are you?

 Eric: I'm worried. It's quite a blow you dealt us.

 Stephanie: For what it's worth, I only found out after the fact.

 Eric: Massimo's idea, of course, coming after our -- our distribution channels. Very cutthroat, just like him. Unlike Ridge, no -- Ridge was here to see me.

 Stephanie: I know.

 Eric: Offered me a job. You think I should jump at it, don't you?

Stephanie: Well, I'd like to see you walk away from this, but I know you. You'll go down with the sinking ship.

 Eric: The ship's not sinking.

 Stephanie: All right, maybe the company will survive. But it won't be anything that you recognize. It won't be Forrester as we knew it when we built it. But maybe that's not a real tragedy. It's just life. It was a lovely dream and it lasted a long time.


[ Phone ringing ]

 Sofia: Should you get that?

 Tony: No, that's for Ridge.

 Sofia: Where is he, anyway?

 Tony: Damned if I know. Lift the arms, please? Okay -- oh, good, you're here. Listen, Winston messed up the jewelry order, but we're taking care of it. And Geneva's out with chicken pox, but April's covering for her. And the first six groupings, they're good to go.

 Ridge: What's this?

 Tony: Oh, seam's are all wrong.

 Ridge: Again?

 Tony: Yeah, I'm doing it myself now.

 Ridge: Tony, you're supposed to be downstairs. So just scrap it, okay?

 Tony: Are you serious?

 Ridge: Yeah, you don't have time to make this right, so I'm not gonna put my name on a piece of crap!

 Massimo: So, I guess it didn't go well with Eric.

 Ridge: How can you tell?

 Massimo: Well, he doesn't understand you, Ridge. And it's sad, really, because you resurrected this company to honor his legacy.

 Ridge: And he wants no part of it. Why am I doing this anyway? I mean, why put everyone through this if that's gonna be his attitude, huh?

 Massimo: You know, Ridge, your father is really very proud of you.

 Ridge: Yeah, you think so, huh?

 Massimo: I do. It's just that there are reasons that he can't tell you everything that he's feeling right now.

 Ridge: Well, if he's not proud of me, he should be. I just pulled off a minor miracle.

 Massimo: Well, believe me, the world will recognize that even if Eric doesn't.

 Ridge: Well, Massimo, you always seem to know what I need to hear.

 Massimo: I have faith in you.

 Ridge: Yeah, more than my own father. I'm not gonna let you down.

 Massimo: I never doubted it for a second.


 Rick: Katlin, you look great! Now Josie's here. Okay, what do you want to put on her?

 Amber: Uh, the beaded top. Oh, god, wish me luck.

 Rick: Hey, you're gonna do great.

 Tammy: And again, we'd love to here from you. If you're a fan of the Forrester's work, if you have one of their pieces hanging in your closet that has special meaning for you. Maybe you were married in a Forrester wedding gown, and -- oh, how wonderful. Everyone, I would love for you to meet the designer of this gorgeous line, Amber Forrester. Thank you, Amber, so much for joining us today.

 Amber: My pleasure.

Tammy:  Oh, and who's this?

 Amber: This is Katlin, she's one of the Forrester models.

 Tammy: Hi, Katlin. Now you're wearing the top that we saw earlier in the program. And it's just stunning, especially on.

 Amber: Amazing, isn't it? The difference it makes? You know, on a hanger or on a mannequin, you just don't get the same feel for the way it flows. So that's what's so special about high-quality fabric like this. It's the movement. Look at that -- there's no stiffness, it just floats.

 Tammy: Wow. This is the silk shahantung?

 Amber: Shantung, yes. And the sleeves are silk too, an organza. And if you'll notice, one of the sleeves is longer than the other.

 Tammy: Is that right?

 Amber: Yes, it's an asymmetrical cut. It's very original, very unique. Actually patterned by Eric Forrester himself.

 Tammy: You're kidding.

 Amber: No, no, he's been very involved with this line. Every single piece has his own personal touch on it.

 Tammy: We are talking about a man who's personally designed gowns for princesses and movie stars.

 Amber: Oh, I know. I think about that sometimes when I'm wearing something he designed. Let me tell you, it just takes your breath away.

 Tammy: What a feeling that must be. Tell me more about this cut.

Amber: There's never been a top like this before, and there never will be again. It's totally unique. Because once we're sold out, we throw the pattern away. That's why it's called a Forrester original.


 Clarke: Amber's pretty good at this, huh?

 Darla: A natural.

 Sally: Hmm


 Tammy: I can hear those phones ringing. We're here with Amber Forrester, hot young designer of the ambrosia line from Forrester creations.

[ Phone ringing ]


 Ridge: What's going on here?

Sally: We're watching somebody try to save the titanic by rearranging the deck chairs.

 Clarke: I don't know, Sally, it's not that bad. You know, Amber seems to have a knack for this.

 Ridge: Amber? Oh, god, not her.

 Sally: Yeah, her, all over the place. But it's still not gonna save them.

 Clarke: I'm not so sure, Sally. Look at the phones, they're ringing off the hook.

 Sally: They always do that. Bucky, don't you know that! It's staged! They keep the phones ringing so you'll call in. I cannot believe that you bought into that old --

 Ridge: All right, everybody, look we've got our own showing to worry about here. Let's get a move on. Turn this junk off, will ya?

 Darla: Sorry, Ridge.

 Ridge: You know, Tony's been waiting for you for a half an hour.

 Clarke: All right, all right. I'm going, I'm going.


 Tammy: So you have a second chance to order this beautiful top in case you missed it the first go-around. And again, that tag number is ctn1004. And we're offering it at a very special Telesave price, $200.

Amber: Well, when you say it like that, it sounds like a lot. But you got to keep in mind, a design like this in department stores would go for $400 or $450. Because it's the quality of the workmanship, and the design, and the quality of the material. I mean, you won't find better silk than this. 'Cause we searched the entire world to find the very best materials available.

 Tammy: It's like a work of art.

 Amber: You know what? That's exactly what it is! And it's a good investment because a garment like this made to these high standards, and this attention to detail, it won't fall apart on you. I mean, come on, we've all done it. You buy that top that seems just a little too cheap to be true and then the thread starts to unravel or the beads pop off because they were just glued on, and you know? You feel like you wasted your money.

 Amber: You'll never feel that way with a Forrester original.


 Massimo: You know, that's amazing really, but Clarke is right. You know, she's pretty good at this.

Ridge: Yeah, damn good -- at exploiting my father's reputation. At least she'll have something to fall back on when her design career is over. Which should be any minute now.


Tammy: When you think about all the things that go into producing a top of this quality, you realize what an incredible value that price really is. Well, hi. Everyone, this is Amber's handsome husband Rick Forrester.

Rick: Hey, everybody. I'm sorry to interrupt. I just wanted to let you viewers know that we're already down to about 500 of these.

 Tammy: And we started with 1,000. They're going very quickly. Telesavers know great value when they see it. Now you brought a clip of the preview you had of the line. We're going to cut to that now, give all of you at home a little sneak peak at what's coming up.

 Joe: And we're clear. We're into the clip.

 Amber: We really sold 500? Yeah, look at the phones.

[ Laughter ]

 Tammy: You're doing a terrific job, Amber!

 Thorne: Let's get you changed.

Kristen: I'm so proud of you!

[ Laughter ]

Rick: This is working! I think we're gonna pull this off!

Amber: We are!


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