B&B Transcript Tuesday 7/16/02

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 7/16/02

By Linda
Proofread by Becky

[ Phone ringing ]

 Rick: Rick Forrester.

 Joe: Rick, Joe handy. Wanted to let you know, we got the footage from the preview. It's perfect. Yeah, we can use it in between segments, like you suggested. Yeah, yeah, we got that, too. Jerry's in the booth right now taping the voice-over. So all we're waiting for is the displays.

 Rick: Well, they're on their way. So I guess it looks like this is really gonna happen, huh? And, you know, thank you so much for putting this together on such short notice.

 Joe: No problem. You and Amber coming down?

 Rick: Yeah, of course we are. We wouldn't miss it for the world. All right, well, we'll see you soon, okay? All right, bye. Well, you ready to go?

 Amber: No.

 Rick: What's wrong?

 Amber: Rick, what if your father's right? What if this whole thing is just a big terrible mistake? You know, if we link Forrester to Telesave in people's minds, then they're never gonna think of us the same way again.

 Rick: Well, what else can we do, you know? Drop the line? Then the banks start shutting down our credit and we still go under. You know, I know this isn't the most attractive option, but it's the only one we've got. And honestly, I still don't see what all the fuss is about. I really don't. We're in the business of selling clothes, right? What difference does it make if we sell them in a store or on TV?

 Amber: Come on, Rick. You do know. It's people who buy haute couture, they want to buy it because they feel like they're getting something that not everyone else can get.

 Rick: Well, this is definitely not the venue for couture. But this isn't couture, this is Ambrosia. I mean, what was your intention when you were designing these clothes? Did you want them to say, "I am too beautiful for you"? No. You wanted to let all kinds of women feel like they're wearing something special -- a Forrester original.

 Amber: Well, Ridge says my designs don't count as Forrester originals.

 Rick: Ridge is a snob. Well, come on, he is. You know, it may be his mission in life to sell clothes to the rich and the famous, but it's not mine. I just want to put clothes in the hands of people who truly appreciate them. I don't see what's so tacky about that, do you?

 Amber: No. But people with a lot more experience than us do, including your father.

[ Amber sighs ] god, Rick. If we trash your family's reputation and the company goes under, then you're gonna end up hating me.


 Megan: Whip -- careful. It's not really a good day.

 Whip: Thanks. Eric?

 Eric: Whip, hi.

 Whip: You wanted to see the ads?

[ Eric sighs ]

 Eric: Yeah.

 Whip: We did what we could to make it a little -- well, tasteful and understated. It's running in most of the mainstream daily publications.

 Eric: Mainstream, yeah.

 Whip: Look, Eric, I know you're uncomfortable with this whole thing, and, well, truth be told, so am I. I mean, selling Forrester originals on television, it's just -- it is very strange.

 Eric: It's strange. Yeah, it's the end of an era.

 Whip: Well, I wouldn't go that far, but -- I mean, yes, we are taking a big risk within the fashion industry, but the potential payoff is huge. I mean, if we sell even a quarter of our inventory, it's still the biggest one-day --

 Eric: Yeah, I know the numbers. Whip, I know. I'm sorry. Thank you.

 Thorne: Dad, I'm headed over to the studio. You want to go? Dad?

 Eric: No, no -- you go on.


 Darla: Wow, Ridge, this is absolutely divine, ah.

 Sally: Oh, Darla, what do you think? I think I'm quite irresistible in my Forrester original.

 Darla: Oh, honey, you are completely irresistible.

 Sally: Oh, and speaking of irresistible -- Ridge, this is divine. It's fit for royalty. You are a genius.

 Ridge: Why, thank you, Sally. I feel better now.

 Sally: You know, it's much easier for me to call you a genius these days, Ridge -- now that you're no longer a part of the competition. Or rather, now that the competition is no longer there. Have you heard the news, Darla? Forrester creations had to cancel its showing.

Darla: You're kidding. Oh, my gosh -- so that means we won, right? Just like that.

 Ridge: Not really, Darla. Thank you, Eva. According to Massimo's sources, there's a lot of activity going on over there. We don't know what they have up their sleeve, but something is definitely going on.

 Taylor: Oh, we do know now.

 Ridge: What the hell?

 Ridge: "Forrester Creations cordially invites you to the worldwide premiere of the Ambrosia Collection" --

 Darla: Well, I thought that you said that they had canceled their showing.

 Taylor: They did.

 Ridge: "Exclusive presentation of the Telesave network"?

 Sally: Oh, wait a minute! Hold the phone! Are you telling me they actually used the words "Forrester" and "Telesave" in the same sentence?

 Ridge: This is how they're getting rid of their inventory right here.

 Darla: So they're back in business, huh? They're competing with us again.

 Sally: Yeah. And stealing our thunder. Or trying to, by putting this extravaganza on the same day as our showing.

 Taylor: No, no, Sally. This mass marketing gimmick isn't a threat to you. Your show is going to be polished and elegant and stylish. That -- that is just -- it's very sad.

 Ridge: They couldn't even let dad go out with any sort of dignity, or -- I don't believe this.

 Stephanie: Something the matter?

 Taylor: This is the matter.

 Stephanie: Oh, they can't be doing this.


 Rick: Amber, why would I hate you if this doesn't work? It was my idea.

 Amber: The Telesave thing was. But the ambrosia line, you working here, fighting with Ridge, that's all because of me.

 Rick: This is about what Ridge said -- that you're behind all the problems in the family. Well, that's bull, Amber. That's just him rationalizing. Ridge did this. He was trying to walk all over us and control a company that didn't even belong to him. You just pointed it out. The rest of us were so used to the way that he behaves that we didn't even notice. That is why he's so angry at you. You busted him, and I'm glad you did.

 Amber: Even if the company goes under?

 Rick: Hey, listen to me -- we're a team now, okay? Everything we've done, we did together. I mean, look at us. Look at us -- a college student and a former waitress? Who have thought that we'd come this far? I am really proud of us, aren't you?

 Amber: Yeah.

 Rick: It's true what you said. I don't want to embarrass dad and I don't want to disappoint mom, but I can't just give up. If we're gonna go down, we should go down fighting.

 Amber: No wonder I love you so much.

 Rick: Don't worry about Ridge, okay? You are an incredible designer and an even better wife.

 Amber: Thank you.

 Rick: Now, let's go make some money!


 Massimo: Well, it's creative, I'll give them that.

 Ridge: It's a big finger in my father's eye is what it is.

 Stephanie: Well, you can't allow it. I mean, Ridge, it's your name, too, as well as your children's.

 Massimo: So how do you propose to stop it?

 Stephanie: They wouldn't be dealing with Telesave if you hadn't shut down their distribution outlets. Open them back up for them. It's not too late!

 Ridge: Yes, mother, it is too late! It was too late for Forrester the day dad sided with Rick. This whole ad is entirely Rick and Amber's idea.

 Stephanie: It's an act of desperation is what it is.

 Ridge: You and dad have been desperate plenty of times. Would you ever have settled for something this low, huh? No. Because you realized that image is your most valuable asset. And once you start selling that off, you've got nothing left.

 Taylor: Stephanie, they've been headed this direction for a long time. It started with Brooke's bedroom. It just happened a little bit faster because I think Ridge walked out.

 Ridge: Well, if that's true, good. Maybe this will show dad exactly what those people are capable of.

 Stephanie: I can't imagine what this is doing to him.

 Ridge: Well, the sooner it happens, the better. This might actually get dad to get the hell out of there. Hmm.

 Massimo: Whoa, whoa, whoa, where are you going?

 Ridge: I'll be back. I'll be back. I'll be back. And hopefully, I'll have a new head designer with me.

 Massimo: Oh, goody, just what I wanted -- Eric Forrester on my team.

 Taylor: You didn't really think you could come between Ridge and his father, did you?


 Tammy: Now, every one of your pieces has its own tag number, and that's what people refer to when they call in. It'd really help me if you could just double check to see if we've got the right piece matched up with the right description. You know, I've never heard of half these fabrics --

Amber: Fine, fine. But I just really want to talk to your models before they go out, because I want them to understand what we're trying to get across here. You know, we have a certain look.

 Tammy: Well, there might be a slight problem with the models.

 Amber: What problem?

 Tammy: Well, they haven't actually arrived yet.

 Amber: Wait. We're on camera in a few minutes!

 Tammy: Well, normally, this is kitchen hour time slot.

 Amber: No?! No models!

 Rick: What?

 Joe: No, no, it's a minor snafu. They're on their way.

 Tammy: We have mannequins and display tables.

 Amber: Display tables? No, no, no -- okay, you don't understand. These designs, they are made for movement! You know, dancing!

 Joe: Don't worry, everything's gonna be fine.

 Thorne: Okay, here's the designs.

 Joe: Hi, I'm Joe handy.

 Thorne: Thorne Forrester, nice to meet you.

 Joe: Yeah, we talked on the phone. Good to meet you.

 Whip: Whip Jones, promotions.

 Joe: So excited to have you folks here.

 Whip: Yeah, it's a big day for us, too.

 Joe: Linda, could we get tags on this, please?

 Thorne: All right, I'll get the rest of the designs.

 Whip: Okay. Listen, these are all inventoried so they appear the same as on the list. Please be careful with them.

 Rick: We're just gonna have to make this work as best as we can.

 Kristen: What's going on? Is everything all right?

 Amber: The models are late.

 Rick: Well, then, we'll just have to start without them.

 Amber: They're talking about sticking the clothes on these mannequins.

 Kristen: Oh, you're kidding.

 Amber: Oh, god. If this is cheesy at all, your dad's gonna kill us.

 Kristen: Hey, come on, he knows you guys are doing the best that you can.

 Amber: No, but he hates this idea. He already thinks it's beneath us.

 Rick: Every time I see him, I'm afraid he's gonna pull the plug.


 Darla: I got the popcorn! Extra butter, extra salt.

 Sally: Perfecto, sweetheart. What could be better than this, hm? Sitting around comfortably, watching the competition go to the depths of despair on national television and doing it voluntarily. Perfection!

 Darla: Ooh, hey, sale -- do you think they'll do that thing where people call in?

 Sally: Well, I hope so. Then maybe we could give them a call and say, "gee, those clothes are ugly. You'd have to pay us to buy them!"

[ Both laughing ]

 Darla: Ooh, that is so bad.

 Sally: I know. But this is just too much fun.


 Assistant: Two minutes to air, everyone!

[ Background chatter ]

 Rick: Dad, I didn't think we'd see you here.

 Eric: Well, I thought I should be here.

 Whip: Listen, why don't I introduce you to the producer?

 Eric: All right.

Rick: How's he doing?

 Megan: Well, it's hard for him. I mean, something like this was never in his plan.

 Whip: Joe! I'd like for you to meet the head of Forrester creations, this is Eric Forrester himself.

 Joe: It's Joe handy.

 Eric: Pleasure to be working with you.

 Whip: And it's Jerry -- yes, Jerry and Tammy will be hosting.

 Jerry: Hello, Mr. Forrester.

 Eric: Hi.

 Tammy: It is such a pleasure to meet you, really.

 Eric: Thank you.

 Rick: What about mom, is she coming?

 Megan: No, you know, she's pretty wiped out.

 Amber: It's probably a little weird for her to be around Whip. You know, they just separated.

 Megan: But you know she's behind you both one hundred percent, she is.

 Rick: That's kind of why I wish she was here. I thought maybe it would rub off on dad.

 Joe: So this is the phone bank. Most of our calls are routed to our call center in jersey, this is mostly for show. Sometimes we get celebrities up there taking the orders. It adds a little excitement. At some point, you might want to consider -- getting your son to man the phones. A lot of teenage girls would get a big kick out of that.

Assistant: Stand by, ten seconds.

 Joe: We're ready to start. Excuse me.

Stage manager: Quiet on the set, please. In five, four, three, two --

 Jerry: Hello, I'm Jerry miller. Thank you for joining us for this very special edition of "saving in style." We'd like to extend a warm welcome to those of you who may be new to the Telesave network, and, of course, to those of you who are longtime members of our little family. We have something so exciting to bring you today -- the world premiere presentation of Forrester creations ambrosia line. You know the name Forrester -- the drop-dead gorgeous gowns seen on red carpets everywhere from the Oscars to the Emmys to the Grammy's to the golden globes. Well, today, you can have that same style and elegance at a very special Telesaver price. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity. So call your mother, call your friends, get everybody watching. I'm gonna turn it over now to our own Tammy Childress.

 Tammy: Thank you, Jerry. And thank you for being here. I can't tell you how thrilled we are to be able to bring you the world-class quality, the leading-edge fashion of Forrester creations. And all at prices you'd never find in department stores. Let me show you what I'm talking about. Let's take a look at our first item. This is ctn1004 --

 Amber: Oh, no! No, no, no --

 Rick: What's the matter?

 Amber: The top! It's on backwards!

 Thorne: I'll take care of it.

 Amber: Oh, god.

 Tammy: Isn't this just stunning? Absolutely gorgeous, and a color that is so in right now. A lovely royal blue, and the feel of it -- ladies, I wish you could just reach your hand right through your TV set and touch it. It's so soft and luxurious. This is genuine silk sha-hantung.

 Amber: Shantung!

 Tammy: You could hang this gorgeous ensemble in your closet for the very low Telesavers price of just $200. We have it available in all sizes -- juniors, petites, misses, women's. Oh, I'm sorry, I've been corrected. I don't -- ctn1004 is just the top. The top by itself, is -- $200 -- which is a terrific price, um -- uh --

 Amber: She doesn't even know what she's doing! She doesn't know what she's selling, that'd be $400 at Fenmore's. This is such a disaster! Oh, no.

 Rick: What?

 Amber: Ridge.

 Kristen: What is he doing here?

 Megan: I have no idea.

 Tammy: Maybe some of you watching are already lucky enough to own a piece from the Forrester collection. I'll bet whenever you wear it, heads just turn. Maybe it's even changed your life -- helped you find that special man. If so, we'd love to hear about it --

 Eric: You shouldn't be here.

 Ridge: Neither should you, Dad.

 Tammy: And if we put you on the air in the next half hour --

 Ridge: What more do you need to see here and realize how little they respect you, huh?

 Tammy: Of course, that's only as long as supplies last.

 Ridge: All of your work -- your dreams. This is what they think it's all worth. It doesn't have to be that way, Dad. You have an alterative now.

 Eric: What? Spectra?

 Ridge: Oh, I can change the name. That's easy. Spectra has become what Forrester used to be, Dad. We're about quality and elegance and pride in our work. That was your vision, dad. And I brought it back to life, for you. You're not gonna see that here again. Not here.

 Tammy: Oh, that's much better, isn't it? But, you know, you could probably wear this top both ways, it's that versatile. Now, you can break that $200 up into --

 Ridge: Dad, come with me. It can be like it was -- the two of us, working together. And all you have to do is leave all this behind. There's nothing left for you here. Come with me!


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