B&B Transcript Wednesday 7/10/02

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 7/10/02

By Linda
Proofread by Becky

 Rick: Damn it! Ridge knew just where to hit us!

 Amber: He knew he couldn't compete with our collection, so he cut us out of the market.

 Kristen: You know, buying Spectra was bad enough, but taking all our buyers?

 Rick: Oh, he's proud of what he's done.

 Amber: Yeah, they all are. You know how I'd love to smack that smug smile off Sally's face. You know, and him -- Massimo Marone. What a creep.

 Kristen: You know, it is possible that Marone influenced Ridge.

 Eric: Maybe that's it. Maybe Massimo is behind all this.

 Kristen: Well, why not?

 Thorne: Dad, look, I know this is hard to believe, okay? But I saw Ridge. I saw the look in his face, Ddad. I saw the hatred, and I saw the bitterness. This thing has consumed him, Dad. It's changed him. He wants us to fail.

 Amber: Yeah. Marone's behind this. There's no doubt about that.

 Eric: But that Ridge could turn on his family like this, on his own father?

 Amber: No, no. No, he thinks he's doing this for you, Mr. Forrester.

 Rick: Ridge is after me and Amber and the Ambrosia line.

 Thorne: Yeah, the new face of Forrester.

 Rick: He can't accept it, so he destroys us.

 Eric: And the whole company, too. Amber, you're a Forrester. Ridge seems to forget that. He seems to have forgotten that he's a Forrester, too.

 Little Eric: Mommy! Mommy!

 Amber: Oh, hi, honey.

 Erica: I'm sorry, Mr. Forrester. He kind of just got away from me.

 Eric: No, that's fine, Erica.

 Erica: I didn't -- I didn't mean to interrupt anything.

 Eric: You know, I think it's okay. I think we could all use a little break right here.

 Thorne: I need some fresh air.

 Kristen: And I'll be in my office.

 Amber: Wanna say hi to grandpa, huh? Go see your grandpa. Hey, gramps.

 Eric: Hey, how are you?


Brooke: God, what have I done? What have I done?

Deacon: Brooke, please.

Brooke: My own daughter -- I've lost her.

Deacon: Bridget's upset, Brooke.

Stephanie: "Upset"?! "Upset"? Are you stupid? She's devastated! My god, you didn't cheat on her with a hooker! You cheated on her with her own mother!

Deacon: Don't you think I know that?!

Stephanie: No, I don't think that you have any concept of the damage that you've done or the ramifications!

Brooke: I was supposed to protect her, and I didn't. And this secret and all the lies. My god, I don't know how she's gonna forgive me.

Deacon: Brooke, listen to me.

 Brooke: Yeah.

 Deacon: Bridget will forgive you in time.

 Brooke: My god, Deacon, you heard her on that phone. She said that she didn't want me in her life!

 Stephanie: And she doesn't, if you're in it!

 Brooke: I think Stephanie's right. I mean, look at the reality here. Even though Bridget found out that you and I were together, and the fact that I had this baby, it really doesn't change a thing. I love my daughter too much, and I'm not gonna risk it. You and I cannot be together.


 Clark: You're serious. You got every buyer?

 Ridge: I talked to every one of them personally.

 Clarke: Bergman's? Fenmore?

 Sally: All of them, Bucky. And all because of Ridge.

[ Clarke laughs ]

 Clarke: I love it!

 Sally: You would have loved it even more if you'd been here to see the looks on their faces when they found out that Ridge was behind all of it.

 Clarke: Wait. Ridge, they saw you here?

 Ridge: I figured there's no point in keeping it a secret anymore.

 Tony: Ridge took full credit.

 Ridge: It was well worth it, too.

 Clarke: But so soon? I thought you were gonna wait until during the showing.

 Massimo: Everything is in place. And there isn't a thing that Forrester can do.

 Sally: No, nothing except to endure a long, painful slide down the ladder to the bottom of the heap.

 Tony: Is this what you want, Ridge? To ruin your father's company?

 Ridge: It's not his company anymore. It's Brooke's and her new face to Forrester.

 Tony: Either way, you know they're not gonna survive this.

 Sally: Yeah, we're betting on that.

 Tony: But all of their resources are tied up in this ambrosia line. If they can't make up their losses, this is gonna destroy them. And not just the company, Ridge, but your whole family. Have you stopped to consider what this is gonna do to them?

 Clarke: What are you worried about? That Kristen will lose her job?

 Tony: No, that she won't forgive her brother.

 Ridge: Tony, I'm doing this for my family. They'll see that. Hell, they'll thank me for it. What Rick and Amber are doing here has destroyed the Forrester reputation. Well, I'm here to save it. Once that train wreck happens, my dad will be free of them forever. In the meantime, my designs are gonna be beyond reproach. The Forrester name will mean something again. It will stand for beauty, innovation, class. Haute couture is what my father built his name on. That's what he taught me. That's where his legacy stands. Not with some ambrosia line.

 Tony: You're not just ruining a small collection, Ridge. This is Forrester Creations' biggest production in history.

 Massimo: Antonio, Eric made his choices. He turned against Ridge. Now he's got to reap the consequences.

 Tony: Well, however you wanna justify this, without distributors, Forrester creations cannot move their merchandise.

 Clarke: That's not our concern.

 Tony: Maybe it should be.


 Erica: Is everything okay, Rick?

 Rick: No, we're in the middle of a major crisis.

 Erica: Maybe I should take little Eric home then.

 Rick: No, this is good. This is good. It reminds us of what we're fighting for.

 Erica: Hey, Amber.

 Amber: Thanks for bringing him by.

 Erica: No, it's no problem. I don't wanna interrupt your meeting, though. I just heard you were back, and I thought you might like a visit.

 Amber: Can we talk privately?

 Erica: Yeah, sure.

 Amber: Look, Erica, I owe you an apology. The way I acted towards you when you were first sitting for Eric. It wasn't very nice. You see, I had just buried two children. And I felt like a failure, as a wife and as a mother. And I started taking these pills because I thought they'd make me feel better, but they just made everything a lot worse. I was threatened by you. A pretty girl in the house, doing the things that I couldn't, like take care of my own son. And it was really hard to accept that I needed help.

 Erica: At least you got that help, and you faced your fears, and you checked yourself into rehab. And now look at you. You're doing great. You're drug-free.

 Amber: I'm not out of the woods just yet.

 Erica: Yeah, well, you're home now. What you've done, the strength it took -- I will always admire you for that.

 Amber: Thank you, Erica. Thanks for everything.


 Deacon: Is this what you want, Brooke? Do you want me to stay away from you?

 Brooke: This is not about me anymore, Deacon. This is about Bridget, and I can't go on without her.

 Deacon: I know. She'll never come back to you as long as I'm around.

 Brooke: That's right. And every time she sees us together, it'll just remind her of what we did and the pain that we put her through. And I can't torture her like that.

 Deacon: I just thought that somehow with the baby here now, we could -- I don't know -- we could salvage some good out of this.

 Brooke: I'm trying.

 Deacon: All I ever wanted to do was just to hold you in my arms and just raise our child together. That's not enough now, is it?

 Brooke: I just want my daughter back. Please understand.

 Deacon: I do. And I swear to you, Brooke, you're gonna get her back.

 Brooke: How?

 Deacon: I'm just gonna have to stay away from you. As much as it's gonna kill me, I know that Bridget will never come back to you as long as I'm around.

 Stephanie: Yes, but can you do that? I mean, you've tried it once before, and look what happened.

 Deacon: I'm never gonna regret the time that we spent together. This beautiful baby that we brought into this world. Brooke, she is a symbol. She is a living symbol of our love. And it's a love that was wrong by circumstance, not by anything we did. You know, in my heart, nothing's changed. I still feel exactly the same way for you. But I know that in your heart, Bridget comes first. It's okay. It's all right. I'll be able to survive, just like I know you will. Even if I'm not gonna be around to see it.

 Stephanie: What are you trying to say, Deacon?

 Deacon: I guess I'm saying you're right, Stephanie. If Brooke's ever gonna get her daughter back, then I can't be in the picture.


 Amber: Hi, babe.

 Eric: See what we're doing?

 Amber: What, are you drawing?

 Eric: That's great.  Erica: You are really lucky. You know that, Rick?

 Rick: Hmm?

 Erica: Your wife -- I'm really glad she's back.

 Rick: Me, too. And thank you, Erica. Not just for watching Eric, but for being my friend. It was really nice having you there while Amber was gone.

 Erica: Thank you. That means a lot to me. Look, I hope I didn't overstep my bounds the other night.

 Rick: What do you mean?

 Erica: When I tried on the Forrester original. I mean, I know that it sounds silly, but I am never gonna forget that night. I could only dream of owning something so beautiful.

 Rick: What's wrong with what you have on right now?

 Erica: This? Are you kidding me?

 Rick: No, no. It's hip, and it's cute. Where'd you get it?

 Erica: The Telesave network. You know, that thing on TV.

 Rick: Really?

 Erica: Yeah, actually, it's where all my friends get their clothes. Well, it's easy. All a girl needs is a phone and a credit card, and she's got the latest Fashions at her doorstep. Anyway, I know you guys are busy, so I'm gonna take little Eric home, but I'll see you later.

 Rick: Okay.

 Erica: Hey, baby, you ready to go? Let's go get food.

 Amber: Say good-bye to grandpa.


 Sally: You know, Ridge, it's absolutely amazing. You managed to accomplish everything you set out to do. You've made this a red-letter day for us.

 Ridge: Well, some don't see it that way.

 Sally: You mean Antonio? Don't worry about him. He'll come around. He'll realize you're talking sense.

 Ridge: Hey, I'm just doing what I do best. That's all, Sal.

 Sally: You don't have to tell me that. I've seen the designs. They speak for you. It's some of the best work you've ever done. They're absolutely exquisite. Everybody is gonna wanna get onboard for that ride. Don't you see what you've done? You got Spectra Fashions back in business again, and you have got Forrester creations exactly where you want them -- on their knees.

 Ridge: You know, I didn't really want it to be this way. I wanted to do this at Forrester. Those designs -- these designs are what I was taught, what I grew up with, what we were good at. Now, I've watched Brooke hand over my legacy to Rick, that inexperienced paperboy and his trashy wife. Hell, they couldn't even spell Forrester when I began to start that business. Now, they're running the show. You know what, Sal? It's gonna be their own selfish greed becomes their downfall.

 Sally: It's gonna bring them down in flames, Ridge. Millions and millions of dollars in inventory, and they haven't been able to secure a buyer. Now, that is not exactly the first rule of economics that they teach you in business school.

 Ridge: Without retail outlets, there's no way they can unload a fraction of that inventory.

 Sally: It seems that Brooke backed the wrong horse.

 Ridge: A painful lesson to be learned, isn't it, Sal?

 Sally: Oh, yes, but for those of us that she has harmed, it's a very pleasant lesson to teach.


 Rick: I have an idea. And you're probably not going to like it at first, and I wasn't even gonna say anything, but we have to do something.

 Amber: What is it?

 Rick: We unload our inventory on the Telesave network.

 Kristen: The what?

 Rick: Telesave -- it's that TV channel, you know? They show you the merchandise, and then people call in with their credit card.

 Amber: Yeah, I used to watch that with my mom. It's really cool.

 Kristen: You want to hock a Forrester Creations collection on some cheesy call-in TV show?

 Rick: Do you have a better idea?

 Kristen: Well, no, but there has got to be a better way.

 Amber: There is no other way. I think it's a great idea.

 Rick: Look, Dad, I really think this could work. We have no choice. What do you say?

 Eric: Over my dead body.


 Deacon: I'd like to give you that chance -- that chance to get Bridget back that you wouldn't have if I was around. I'm gonna quit Forrester.

 Brooke: You're going to leave?

 Deacon: Yeah. I hope you know by now there's nothing in this world, nothing at all, that I wouldn't do for you.

 Brooke: Oh, Deacon.

 Deacon: Brooke, I know that Bridget is the most important thing in your life. And she's someone that I took away from you, and maybe I can help you get her back.

 Stephanie: You know, Deacon, I believe you when you say you can walk away from Brooke. But what about the baby? What about your daughter? I mean, do you understand really that you have to leave her, too?

 Deacon: She deserves better than I can give her right now. But one thing I can do is I can -- I can make damn sure that my daughter doesn't come into a world where she's embroiled in a scandal.

[ Baby crying ] I love you so much. I don't ever want you to think that your daddy's leaving you, 'cause I'm not. I just want to give you the best life that you can have. It just so happens that that's not with me right now. It's gonna be with your mommy, with Stephanie. Pretty soon you're gonna be with your sister, Bridget. God, I wish I could take you with me. This is where you gotta be. Your mommy needs you. You gotta be strong for her, too, okay? And I always want you to remember that your daddy loves you very, very much. You're always gonna be daddy's girl. Yeah. Stephanie, I know you're gonna do a good job with her. A hell of a lot better than I could.

Stephanie: I give you my word on that.

 Deacon: You know, Brooke, most people, they just have memories. But you and me, we've got this beautiful little girl. Do me a favor and just tell her I love her, every chance you get. Someday the storm is gonna clear, Brooke, and when it does, you better believe that I'm gonna be right there waiting for you. Don't forget what you and I had, and try not to regret it too much. 'Cause it was the best thing that ever happened to me in my whole life. Here.


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