B&B Transcript Tuesday 7/9/02

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 7/9/02

By Linda


>> Eric: So it's true?

>> Rick: Ridge couldn't wait to throw it in our face.

>> Deacon: What's going on?

>> Amber: Oh, it's Ridge, deacon. He's working at spectra.

>> Deacon: What? Wait a minute. I thought he was working over at Marone's.

>> Thorne: Marone industries bought spectra. They revamped the entire operation, deacon.

>> Deacon: Why?

>> Rick: Isn't it obvious? To bring us down.

>> Deacon: Oh, well, wait a second. What? With one collection? Come on.

>> Amber: And our distributors.

>> Thorne: Ridge used his connections to convince the buyers to replace the ambrosia line with spectra's new haute couture -- the line he designed.

>> Eric: Wow.

>> Thorne: He told us himself, dad. Ridge is behind it all.

>> Deacon: Wait a second. All right, look. I know that I'm new at this, but our show is in what, a couple of days? Now how the hell are we gonna move our merchandise to the department stores without any buyers?

>> Thorne: Oh, we aren't.

>> Rick: Ridge planned it perfectly.

>> Kristen: Well, someone should call Brooke and tell her what's going on.

>> Thorne: Yeah, if we could find her.

>> Deacon: She's -- she's up at big bear. Bridget told me.

>> Eric: No, she's not. Brooke went into labor up at the cabin.

>> Kristen: Oh, my god.

>> Eric: She had a healthy baby girl.

>> Rick: Well, how's mom? Is she okay?

>> Eric: Brooke and the baby are both just fine. They're resting at the guest house.

>> Rick: Well, what are they doing there? Is it because whip's out of town on business?

>> Eric: No, this was your mother's choice.

>> Rick: Well, we should go over there and see the baby. And then we can tell her about Ridge.

>> Eric: No. I don't want to bother her with this.

>> Rick: Dad --

>> Eric: Rick, no. Not until we get a handle on this situation.

>> Rick: The situation is that Ridge is a backstabbing, son of a --

>> Thorne: Hey, hey --

>> Rick: He did this to us, Thorne. He's the one behind it all. Ridge is not going to get away with this!

>> Bridget: Hey, C.J. Listen, thanks again for the job. I really appreciate it. I know we got off to a bit of a rough start. But I --

[ C.J. Clears throat ] C.J., You said you'd train me. I don't care if it is to clean the toilets, okay? I just want the job. Fine. I'll do it myself.

>> C.J.: All right. Rule number one -- you're a waitress. You wait.

>> Bridget: It speaks.

>> C.J.: Rule number two -- dump the attitude. That prima Donna crap might work on the runway, but it doesn't fly around here. Whoo-hoo! Budge, baby. Lookin' good! That's a nice way to show off the -- assets.

>> Bridget: It was a job, C.J. Just like this one.

>> C.J.: Right. Well, I don't pay people to look pretty around here. So you have to earn your money. That may be a new concept for somebody who has had everything handed to them on a silver platter their whole life. Now, we do have silver platters here. Only this time, you'll be doing the serving.

[ Baby crying ]

>> Brooke: I remember when I held Bridget for the very first time. She was so small and so precious and beautiful, vulnerable. I remember her very first steps and her first day of school, her first crush. She was always such a happy little girl. I miss her so much.

>> Stephanie: I know.

>> Brooke: I was supposed to protect her, Stephanie. How could I do this? How could I let this happen?

>> Stephanie: You have to let Bridget go because that's what she wants you to do.

>> Brooke: But she's my daughter.

>> Stephanie: Now you have another daughter.

>> Brooke: And what if I fail her, too?

>> Stephanie: I won't let you do it this time. Look, the baby has no idea what's happened. It gives you another chance, doesn't it? Another opportunity? You can start over this time from a place of genuine strength and integrity.

>> Brooke: But how?

>> Stephanie: Well, you can start by -- stop chasing men, every man that you meet and every guy you see. You've gotta make the baby and Bridget the top priority in your life, above any man. I bought some things for the baby. I left them in the big house. I'm gonna go get them.

[ Brooke sighs ]

[ knock on door ]

>> deacon: Hi, Brooke.

[ Baby crying ] can I see her? Wow! Oh, there she is. Look at this precious angel. Daddy's here, baby. Daddy's here.

>> Amber: What gets me is how Ridge snuck around and lied to our faces. You know, he talks about honor and integrity. Well, where's the honor in that?

>> Eric: This isn't right. We're his family.

>> Thorne: Dad, we voted him out of the company.

>> Rick: For good reason.

>> Kristen: Well, he feels like we turned our backs on him.

>> Rick: Ridge is the one who turned his back on us! All we wanted was cooperation. All he wanted was control.

>> Amber: And now, he's holding all the cards. You know, you should have told us he was over at spectra. Maybe we could have stopped him from stealing our shelf space.

>> Kristen: Well, maybe you shouldn't have had me spy on my husband! You know, I didn't even know he could steal our shelf space!

>> Rick: Look, he played you, too. All right? What's another back stabbed?

>> Kristen: Well, I guess I underestimated just how badly we hurt him.

>> Eric: Well, being bitter is one thing. But this -- this isn't right. Damn it! We fought. We argued -- I would have forgiven. I'm his father! But Ridge working at spectra, is that what he wanted? He didn't have to go behind my back. I don't understand this. And I'm not gonna tolerate it. Thorne, call all our buyers, all right? Find out what Ridge said to them. If they want assurances, tell them amber is back and she's better than ever. Tell them the ambrosia line is the hottest thing they've ever seen. Tell them whatever it is they want to hear. All right? Just tell them that Forrester is on top, and we always will be.

>> Thorne: Right. You got it.

>> Eric: Kristen, call our manufacturers. Stop production on the ambrosia line until further notice, all right? We have to concentrate on moving this enormous stockpile we already have.

[ Eric sighs ]

>> Rick: Dad, I'm sorry.

>> Amber: Thorne will get our buyers back, Eric. He has to.

>> Eric: I hope you're right, amber. I hope you're right.

>> Bridget: See that? I have no problem with customer service.

>> C.J.: Yeah, you say that now.

>> Bridget: Look, they order the coffee, I give it to them, they leave. What's so hard about that?

>> C.J.: Seems easy enough. Then again, you don't always get a nice customer. You see, most people, when they have a bad day, feel they need to dump on somebody, and that usually ends up being a waiter in this town. Or maybe they're just plain mean. It doesn't matter. You smile, you serve them, you take their crap and you thank them for it. You wanna know why? Because that's your job. See, around here, your Forrester name means squat.

>> Bridget: If you're trying to get me to quit --

>> C.J.: Quit? No, no, no, no, no, no -- I'd fire you before you had the chance. See, this was Macys's place and she left it to me. And there's no way in hell I'd let a Forrester disrespect that. You know, now that you're here, what is it with your family anyway? I mean, first my sister, then Ridge buys spectra, now you're panhandling around here for a job --

>> Bridget: What?! What did you say about Ridge?

>> C.J.: Oh, what? You didn't know? Ridge bought us out. He now owns spectra fashions.

>> Bridget: Ridge owns spectra?

>> C.J.: Yep. Oops. I'm sorry. It was supposed to be a secret.

>> Bridget: I can't believe your mother would sell it.

>> C.J.: Yeah, well, neither can I.

>> Bridget: But how can that be? Ridge is supposed to be working at Marone's.

>> C.J.: Well, my mom said it was Mr. Big shot Marone who signed the check.

>> Bridget: C.J., This is big. I have to call dad and tell him what's going on.

>> C.J.: Well, look at that. Didn't even last 15 minutes. Look, I hired you full-time, not part-time, okay? But go ahead and make your calls. You probably wanna call mommy dearest, too.

>> Bridget: No.

>> C.J.: Oh, maybe your hubby deacon? Hey, I heard about the big wedding in Vegas. Very romantic.

>> Bridget: Our marriage is over.

>> C.J.: Oh. So that's why you're here -- to mend your broken heart. Poor little budge, always running away. Things get tough, and Bridget takes off. Well, you can cut the act, princess, 'cause you don't know hardship. See, deacon -- he's just a guy. But Macy was my sister. And until you've lost somebody who's been there your entire life, somebody you've trusted and depended on, don't cry to me.

>> Deacon: So incredible. God, you're so precious. Look at this, our beautiful daughter. Brooke, she's perfect.

>> Brooke: I know.

>> Deacon: You know what else? She has your eyes.

>> Brooke: How can you tell? She's only a couple of days old.

>> Deacon: I don't know. I can just tell. The same as I can tell that she's gonna be absolutely beautiful. She's gonna be gorgeous, and she's gonna be strong. You just couldn't wait for the hospital, could you, huh? You just had get out in the world and have your daddy hold you. I love you so much. I've waited for this for so long. She's amazing, Brooke. And so are you. How you holding up?

>> Brooke: I'm okay.

>> Deacon: Bridget told me what happened at the cabin. I'm sorry.

>> Stephanie: Did I hear "sorry"? For what? Getting her pregnant of marrying her daughter?

>> Deacon: Stephanie.

>> Stephanie: You have so many reasons to be sorry.

>> Deacon: Has she been harassing you like this the whole time? Stephanie, after everything Brooke has been through, do you think you can just cut her a break and leave her alone?

>> Stephanie: This is going to surprise you, but she needs me.

>> Deacon: Yeah, like a hole in the head.

>> Brooke: Deacon, things have changed.

>> Deacon: Brooke, this woman hates you.

>> Stephanie: Brooke and I have made a decision. I've made a commitment to Brooke and to the baby. I'm going to help her raise it, because she can't do it alone.

>> Deacon: She's not gonna be alone, Stephanie! I'm here.

>> Stephanie: Do you really think anyone would accept a relationship like this? Do you think Bridget's going to after everything she's said and told you? Everyone will ostracize you. Is that how you want this child raised? Amidst all that scandal?

>> Deacon: Brooke -- Brooke, please tell me you're not buying this crap.

>> Brooke: Deacon, we don't have a choice.

>> Deacon: Yes, we do. There's always a choice. We'll find a way.

[ Stephanie laughs ]

>> Stephanie: The king of good ideas.

>> Deacon: So what? What, are you telling me this is better idea for you to raise my kid?

>> Brooke: Oh, please, stop. We've already devastated Bridget, and I'm not going to add to that humiliation. I'm afraid that Stephanie is right. Nobody can find out that you're the father of this baby.

>> C.J.: So what happened between you and deacon?

>> Bridget: It's none of your business.

>> C.J.: Well, if it's going to keep you from doing your job, you bet it is.

>> Bridget: It's not gonna keep me from doing my job.

>> C.J.: Hey, look, it seems kind of serious. You don't wanna share?

>> Bridget: My marriage is over, C.J. End of story.

>> C.J.: You seem pretty sure about that.

>> Bridget: Yeah, well, that's the only thing I am sure about.

>> C.J.: Well, hey, look, no love loss here. I mean, the guy's a total loser. Everybody knew it except for you.

>> Bridget: Not everyone. Anyway, it doesn't matter. I finally saw my husband for who he is. And I never wanna see deacon Sharpe again.

>> Deacon: Let's be logical about this, all right. Bridget knows the truth. What the hell is the use of keeping this a secret anymore?

>> Brooke: We have to, deacon. If it became public that my daughter's husband is the father of my child, she would be devastated all over again.

>> Deacon: Once the media frenzy calmed down, maybe she'd accept this.

>> Brooke: No. No, she would never forgive me.

>> Deacon: Brooke, when I came home and I saw Bridget, how much pain she was in, I was angry with myself. I was ashamed. I was confused. And then I came here, and I saw our little girl. And when I held her in my arms, all that confusion lifted. It was like everything was clear to me. All I wanna do is give her the best possible life that she can have. Why is that so wrong?

>> Brooke: That's not wrong. But what about my other daughter? What about Bridget? We've ripped her life apart! And I have to put it back together. I'm going to call her.

>> Stephanie: Oh, no, no, don't. It's too soon.

>> Brooke: Stephanie, Bridget is hurting and she needs me and I need her.

>> Deacon: Brooke -- Brooke, listen, maybe Stephanie's right. Bridget's really upset. Please.

>> Brooke: I am not giving up on my daughter.

>> Stephanie: If you're determined to call her, then at least put her on the speaker so that she knows I'm here with you.

[ Cell phone rings ]

>> C.J.: Are you kidding me? All right, go ahead and answer it. But then shut it off. You're on the clock. Okay?

>> Bridget: Okay, thanks. Hello?

>> Brooke: Hi, honey, it's me.

>> Bridget: What do you want?

>> Brooke: Please, don't hang up. Stephanie's here.

>> Stephanie: Hi. Hi, honey.

>> Bridget: Stephanie? Why are you calling me?

>> Stephanie: Well, because we're worried about you.

>> Bridget: Well, don't be.

I'm fine.

>> Brooke: I heard about you and deacon.

>> Bridget: I'm sure you did. I bet he couldn't wait to tell you. Is he there?

>> Brooke: Yes, but --

>> Bridget: He is there? Oh, my god, this is so ridiculous! Why are you calling me with him in the house?

>> Brooke: Honey, please, listen to me. It's not what you think.

>> Bridget: Shut up! I don't care. I don't care what you do or who you do it with. Not anymore. Just stop calling me and stay out of my life!

>> Kristen: All right, thanks anyway. Dad, production is on hold, but they've already produced 95% of the merchandise. The warehouses are overflowing.

>> Eric: Oh, good lord.

>> Thorne: I got a hold of our buyers, dad.

>> Eric: And?

>> Thorne: They all said the same thing. They are gonna pass on ambrosia this season. They're gonna stick with Ridge and spectra.

>> Amber: But that's impossible. We're Forrester creations! We have the best reputation in the business!

>> Thorne: So does Ridge.

>> Amber: So. So we'll find another outlet. You know, there are plenty of great stores out there.

>> Kristen: These relationships take years.

>> Amber: No, no, no. My pieces are gonna be out of style before next season.

>> Rick: Damn it, Ridge!

>> Kristen: If we don't find a way to liquidate this merchandise, we are gonna be stuck with tens of millions of dollars in inventory.

>> Amber: Whoa, whoa, wait. "Stuck"? "Stuck"? Rick, what does this mean?

>> Eric: It means we're in trouble, amber. We're in big, big trouble. If we can't move this inventory to our buyers, this collection of yours might be our last.


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