B&B Transcript Thursday 6/20/02

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 6/20/02

By Linda
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Stephanie: Bridget, listen, I --

Bridget: No. Why would I listen to you? You helped them. You helped them do this to me.

Stephanie: I kept the secret, yes.

Bridget: You were there. You were right there on mom's wedding day when I was giving her all of those stupid gifts, going on and on about my wonderful husband. He was going back and forth between us, having sex with both of us. And you let him do that to me. How could you?


Brooke: How long has this been on?

Whip: Hey. Thought you'd be out by the pool already.

Brooke: Where were you?

Whip: What, you mean where have I been all your life?

Brooke: No, I mean just now, when you were talking to Erica.

Whip: How did you know -- ? This thing? Could you hear us?

Brooke: Every word.

Whip: Brooke, is something wrong?

Deacon: This is unbelievable. I spend my entire adult life working restaurants and bars. You ask me to make sex on the beach, this I know. Pygmy chickens, I'm completely lost. Where the hell do these things come from anyway? Who grows these, midget farmers? Marinade.

[ In a high-pitched voice ]

"no, Deacon, not the


Ah!" All right. Marinade there. Okay.

[ Knock at door ] oh, good. Megan. Hey. Oh, good. Thank god. Come in.

Megan: What's -- what's up?

Deacon: Um, I need your help.

Megan: What is it? Is it Bridget? Is she all right?

Deacon: What?

Megan: Well, that's why I came by. I didn't know if you found her.

Deacon: No, no, no. Not yet. I haven't found her yet.

Megan: Well, then what's wrong?

Deacon: Uh -- I don't know what I'm doing here. Okay, first of all, what is a Dutch oven? Cooking, Megan. Please.

Megan: I hope so. Actually, Deacon, it's just a big pot.

Deacon: Well, why can't they just say it's a big pot, you know?

Megan: Are you making dinner here? Is that what's going on?

Deacon: I'm not -- I'm not just making dinner. I'm making the first dinner that Bridget made me when we got married.

Megan: Aw. Okay, how can I help?

Deacon: Um -- well, it says something about tying the wing tips to the feet. I don't know. It's --

Megan: Deacon, you're a bartender. Have a drink, and I'll help you out here. Okay, it's actually quite easy. All you have to do is just twist the wing tips here. This is so not in my job description.

Deacon: Kinky. Listen, we're not gonna get botulism or anything from this, are we?

Megan: Listen. It's salmonella. No, you're gonna wash your hands thoroughly. And you just twist it, and you season it, and you drop it in the oven, and there you go.

Deacon: See, why does this book have to make it like -- like Chinese geometry or something? You know, you come in, you made this easy, and boom, there we are.

Megan: 'Cause then everybody would know how to do it, and you wouldn't have needed my help. Deacon, I'm really impressed. This is really sweet.

Deacon: Yeah, well, it's long overdue.

Megan: So -- so why are you doing it now? Did Brooke ask you to?

Deacon: No, no. This was -- this was my idea.

Megan: But you did see her today, right?

Deacon: Yeah.

Megan: And what happened?

Deacon: Nothing.

Megan: Deacon, hey -- who do you have to talk about this stuff with, huh? Whip, Stephanie?

Deacon: Not Brooke.

Megan: She's moved on.

Deacon: Yeah.

Megan: I'm sorry.

Deacon: No. You know, she did the right thing. Bridget can never find out about us. It would ruin her. And what's more than that, it would ruin Brooke, and I could not live with that.


Stephanie: Bridget, by the time I found out, it was over.

Bridget: Over? It will never be over, Stephanie! My mother is having a baby with my husband!


Megan: Well, Deacon, I never thought I'd hear you say it -- that Brooke did the right thing marrying Whip.

Deacon: Hey, don't get me wrong. It still makes my -- makes my skin crawl thinking about that guy anywhere near her, but --

Megan: Deacon, that would be true no matter who she was with.

Deacon: Maybe. Maybe, I don't know. The point is, it's not gonna be me -- ever. Brooke isn't the kind of woman that's gonna keep doing this to her daughter, and if she was --

Megan: She wouldn't be the woman that you're in love with.

Deacon: Kind of a catch-22, isn't it?

Megan: Gosh, it's just so sad.

Deacon: No, you know what's sad is how long it took me to accept this.

Megan: Deacon, you're in love.

Deacon: You know, I think a part of me was using that as an excuse. I think about everything I put her through, all the stress. I hate to say this, but I feel like we're damn lucky that she didn't lose this baby.

Megan: Oh, stop. Don't even think that.

Deacon: No, I pushed, and I pushed, and finally, she goes running into the arms of a man that she doesn't even love. Who did it help? Did it help Brooke? No. Did it help Bridget? It sure as hell didn't help me.

Megan: Deacon, I've got to say, I'm really impressed. What's changed your whole thinking on this?

Deacon: I saw her today.

Megan: She looked good.

Deacon: No, she looked happy, for the first time in I don't even know how long. It's like -- it hit me. If I really love this woman, then what I've got to do is I've got to protect that happiness, you know, even if -- even if I can't be the guy that she's with. Look, if I can't be the guy that she lies down with every night or raises the baby, there is one thing that I can give her that no one else can. You see, I'm the only one that can take care of Bridget, give her -- give her the kind of marriage, the kind of life that she deserves.

Megan: That's what this dinner is all about?

Deacon: That's what the rest of my life is gonna be about.


Whip: That thing's got quite a range if you heard us all the way up in the nursery.

Brooke: Is that where you were, in the nursery?

Whip: Yeah. Erica was putting away some of the baby gifts. Oh. Oh, you heard me slamming on the mobile? I'm sorry. Brooke, listen, if you love it, I love it.

Brooke: No, no. I don't -- I don't care about the mobile.

Whip: Good, 'cause it's gonna scare the hell out of the kid. He's gonna wake up having nightmares.

Brooke: All right, I'm gonna have to try to get in touch with her.

Whip: Who are you trying to call?

Brooke: Bridget.

Whip: Ah, no luck getting a hold of her, huh? It's strange, she didn't go back to Forrester. Listen, if that's what you're worried about, Brooke, I'm sure she's fine.

Brooke: God, no. No, you don't understand.

Whip: What?

Brooke: The baby monitor was up in the nursery. Deacon and I were in the nursery.


Bridget: How did this happen?

Stephanie: I don't know.

Bridget: She hated him. Was that an act?

Stephanie: Honey, I don't have an answer for that.

Bridget: How could a mother do this to her own daughter? It's so sick.

Stephanie: Bridget, if there's one thing I know, it's that she loves you as much as she's capable of loving anybody.

[ Bridget laughs ]

Bridget: No, Stephanie. I am very confused right now, but one thing I know -- this is not love. If she could do this to me, she never loved me at all. Not at all.


Deacon: Megan, I gotta tell you, I really do appreciate this.

Megan: Oh, no problem. I'm glad I could help. It's great what you're doing. Bridget's really gonna appreciate it, and so will her mom.

Deacon: That's what I'm hoping.

Megan: You know what I was thinking? After this, you guys should go away for a while. Why don't you go with her on one of her modeling trips, you know? Think about you and Bridget in New York City or Milan or Japan -- it'd be a blast.

Deacon: Could be fun.

Megan: And you never know.

Deacon: What do you mean "you never know"?

Megan: Well, I think Bridget has a lot of her mom in her, and a lot less baggage. So you never know. Things could work out for you a lot better than you imagine.


Whip: You and Deacon were in the nursery? Oh, you mean when you had your little conversation?

Brooke: About the baby and Bridget.

Whip: And you think this was on the whole time?

Brooke: I don't know. I don't know how long that's been on!

Whip: Brooke, this is exactly what I'm talking about. What if somebody overheard you?

Brooke: I think she did. Oh, my god. What if she did?

Whip: Wait a minute, wait a minute. You said that everybody had left.

Brooke: Yes, they did, but Erica said --

Whip: Erica? She was down here?

Brooke: No. No, she was --

Whip: Okay, okay. Listen, there's only one way for us to find out. We'll just -- we'll just ask her. If we find out that she heard you, then -- I don't know. Just -- just calm down, okay? It's gonna be fine.

Brooke: Okay.

Whip: Erica, hi. Could you come here a second? Yeah, there's something that we want to ask you.


Bridget: She's a monster.

Stephanie: No, honey, she's just a human being.

Bridget: Why are you defending her?

Stephanie: I'm not defending her. I wouldn't think of defending her. What she's done is terrible. You have every right in the world to be angry. If you never spoke to her again the rest of your life, I wouldn't blame you. But her whole life with you hasn't been a lie, honey. She does love you.

Bridget: Just not enough to keep her clothes on, not enough to stop her from sleeping with my husband! She knew how I felt. I told her. She knew how much I loved him. But what, she was lonely, so it didn't matter?! I didn't matter?! If that's -- if that's love, I would rather have her hate me! At least then I would know what I was dealing with, at least then I could defend myself! I went to her. Stephanie, when Deacon -- when he wouldn't have sex with me, and I trusted her --

Stephanie: Well, of course you trusted her.

Bridget: I will never understand her.

Stephanie: Bridget, she's not the only one to blame in this situation.

Bridget: All of Deacon's promises, they never meant a thing. You know, I believed in him -- when nobody else would. She didn't want him. She thought he was repulsive. How could he go to her?

Stephanie: Honey, that's not what's important at this moment. That doesn't matter. Let the two of them have each other. They deserve one another. What's important right now, sweetheart -- what's important now is you. What are you going to do, and where are you going to go?

Bridget: Please, don't ask me to think about that right now.

Stephanie: But I -- but I have to ask you.

Bridget: Well, I can't! I have one image in my head right now, and I can't get it out! Deacon and my mother -- making a baby.

Stephanie: Honey, I'm sorry --

Bridget: Don't -- don't touch me! Don't pretend you're my friend!

Stephanie: Bridget --

Bridget: You were part of this! You did this to me, just as much as they did!


Whip: We're just -- we're trying to figure out how long the batteries last in this thing. Do you know how long it's been on?

Erica: I'm not sure.

Whip: Well, when was the first time you noticed it working?

Erica: Oh, I heard Brooke in the nursery.

Whip: You did?

Erica: Yeah. It was so nice, all the things that Bridget said to you.

Whip: Yeah. Bridget's a great girl. So that was the only time you noticed it working?

Erica: Yeah. Actually, you know what, I first noticed the light was on when I was helping Mrs. Jones pick up.

Whip: But you didn't hear any other conversations?

Erica: Nope. Little Eric and I were in the pool most of the day.

Whip: Great. That's great. Thank you, Erica. Thanks a lot.

Erica: You're welcome.

Brooke: Wait. Where was Bridget?

Whip: Bridget?

Brooke: When she came back after the baby shower, was she out by the pool?

Erica: No. She was in here.

Brooke: She was in this room?

Erica: Yeah. Is that all?

Brooke: Yeah. Yeah. That's all. Thanks, Erica.

Erica: Okay.


Whip: Bridget was here? You said she left!

Brooke: She came back.

Whip: What?!

Brooke: I didn't know until afterwards! Erica told me.

Whip: What are you saying? You're saying that you and Deacon were upstairs and Bridget was down here, in this room, with this monitor?

Brooke: I don't know! I don't know, Whip!

Whip: Think, Brooke! Think. What did you say, huh, exactly?!

Brooke: If Bridget heard us talking, she knows everything!


Stephanie: I just didn't want you to find out.

Bridget: Because it's so much better to be married to a man who doesn't -- who doesn't care?

Stephanie: In his own peculiar way, I could see that he did care. And I could see that you were happy and you were in love with him. And I thought, well, if the thing with your mother is over, then perhaps the best thing is just to try and let the marriage work itself out.

Bridget: I don't even know who anybody is anymore. This morning -- a few hours ago -- I had a marriage. I had a mother who was my best friend and a baby brother or sister on the way I couldn't wait to meet. And now, my husband is a liar. My mother is the other woman. And this baby -- I'm not even gonna want to look at this baby. Oh, my god, I'm gonna hate it.

Stephanie: Don't think about the baby. Don't think about the baby. Just try and focus on getting yourself through this.

Bridget: But it's Deacon's child. It is his child, inside of her!

Stephanie: But that doesn't matter anymore. That's not what's important. It doesn't matter. I'm -- I'm gonna take you away from them.

Bridget: Away? Stephanie, what are you thinking?! I can never be away from this! She is my mother! He is the center of my world! For the rest of my life, every single day of my life, I am gonna remember. It doesn't matter where I am. It doesn't matter who I'm with or if I never see either one of them again. It is part of me! This sick, ugly thing is part of me!

Stephanie: No, it isn't. No, it's not part of you. It's part of them! And it doesn't matter anymore. You can get through this! I'll help you.

Bridget: There's nothing you can do. You can't take these images out of my head. You can't take this hurt out of my heart -- or the shame -- the disgust. They are part of me for as long as I live! I'll never be free.

Stephanie: Don't say that! Don't waste another moment of your life! Don't give them the satisfaction of thinking about them! They don't deserve it. They don't deserve you. You're too decent and kind and a good person. They're all -- believe me, you're better off without them.

Bridget: Without a mother?

Stephanie: Yes, without her as a mother! If you need a mother, I'll be your mother! Is that what you want? I'll be your mother. I'll take care of you. I'll protect you. I'll get you through this. I can do that. I have that kind of strength. I'll take care of you, honey. I promise. I'll take care of you. I'll love you and take care of you. I'll be your mother. I'll be your mother forever if that's what you want. It's all right.

[ Bridget sobbing ] it's all right, baby. It's all right, baby.

[ Bridget sobbing ]


announcer: Tomorrow, the fuse is lit.

Bridget: You just think I'm gonna wake up one morning and be fine with the fact that my mother has been sleeping with my husband?

Announcer: The clock is ticking.

Brooke: What if I already lost my daughter?

Announcer: And it's all about to blow up --

Brooke: Bridget, if you could forgive me, I would do anything.

Announcer: -- Right in Brooke's face.

Stephanie: I promised you if Bridget found out, you'd answer to me.


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