B&B Transcript Tuesday 6/18/02

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 6/18/02

By Linda

>> Brooke: You've been so frustrated with me.

>> Deacon: I'm sorry. You didn't need this on top of everything else. It's just -- this has been really hard for me to accept.

>> Brooke: I know. I understand. So you made your peace with it?

>> Deacon: Peace? Yeah. You're gonna raise my child with Whip. And I'm going to stay with Bridget. And that's just the way it has to be.

>> Eric: I've been meaning to tell you how much I appreciate the effort you've been making to be friends with Amber.

>> Kristen: Dad, she's family.

>> Eric: That's not the way your big brother sees it.

>> Kristen: Well, it's a lot different for ridge, you know? I mean, I am not in competition with Amber. He lost a lot when Rick took over.

>> Eric: You're defending him?

>> Kristen: No.

>> Eric: Well, what's going on here? I mean, a month ago, you were more angry with him than I was. What's going on? Have you been talking to him?

>> Whip: Yes, I'd like a quiet, romantic table, you know, something preferably with a view. Well, yes, it's our anniversary. We have been married one month.

[ Whip chuckles ] okay. Yes, thank you. Thank you. All right. We'll -- we'll see you tonight. Thank you very much, bye. Stephanie. Well, what can I do for you?

>> Stephanie: I'm actually looking for Deacon.

>> Whip: Oh, well, I believe he took his wife out to lunch.

>> Stephanie: Oh, well, that's wonderful.

>> Whip: So how was the -- how was the baby shower?

>> Stephanie: It was lovely. Bridget put a lot of effort into it.

>> Whip: Good. She's very excited about this baby.

>> Stephanie: Yeah.

>> Whip: Stephanie, look, I'm not trying to make this out to be some sort of fairy tale. I mean, the situation is what it is, and I understand that. But given that, I think everything has turned out better than anybody could have ever hoped, and that's largely due to the fact that Brooke is protecting her daughter. So stop worrying. Bridget is never going to learn the truth.

>> Deacon: You love your daughter, and you want her to be happy. And Brooke, she is going to be happy, I promise you. I'm going to take care of that.

I'm going to be the kind of

husband she deserves.

And I'm gonna

do that for you.

And you --

you're gonna take care of

my child.

And you're gonna give

him or her --

you're gonna give him

or her everything

that I can't.

[ Bridget sobbing ]

>> Brooke: Oh, the baby just kicked. You wanna feel it?

>> Deacon: Can I?

>> Brooke: Yes. Give me your hand.

[ Deacon laughs ]

>> Deacon: I just felt it. There it goes again. I feel it.

[ Bridget sobbing ]

>> Deacon: It's unbelievable.

>> Brooke: He's got a lot

of energy.

>> Deacon: Or she.

>> Brooke: Or she.

>> Kristen: Yes. Ridge and I talked.

>> Eric: Really? What -- what did he have to say?

>> Kristen: Dad, he just wanted me to understand where he's coming from.

>> Eric: Did he get through to you?

>> Kristen: Well, I understand his point of view more clearly now.

>> Eric: You agree with him?

>> Kristen: Dad, I don't want to take sides. There shouldn't even be sides. He is your son, and he loves you. It's just the way he's handling it --

>> Eric: The way he is handling this goes against everything I believe in.

>> Kristen: Not everything. You know, ridge still believes that Forrester should make you think of the most beautiful dresses in the world -- graceful, elegant, refined. He learned that from you. Which makes me wonder how you really feel about this ambrosia line. Dad, did I force you to move forward with this?

>> Eric: No. No, honey, we did what we had to do to keep peace in this family.

>> Kristen: Yeah, well, we didn't get peace.

>> Eric: No, we didn't, because Massimo Marone --

>> Kristen: No, it wasn't because of Massimo.

>> Eric: Yes, it was!

>> Kristen: Dad, it wasn't! Massimo didn't create this situation. He didn't change the focus of Forrester, and he didn't prevent you from handing it down to ridge. That was Brooke. That was all Brooke. So why aren't you angry with her?

>> Brooke: Well, you better go find Bridget before she gets to the office.

>> Deacon: Yeah, I'm gonna -- I'm gonna go take her out for lunch.

>> Brooke: Yeah. She'd love that. And be sure and tell her that she made me very happy today.

>> Deacon: Yeah. This is how it's gonna be.

>> Stephanie: We are not out of the woods yet.

>> Whip: Well, maybe not, but we're pretty damn close. Look, Stephanie, the one wild card in this whole thing has been Deacon. And I will admit up until a few days ago, I was still worried that he might spill his guts to Bridget in some drunken, late-night confession. But I've started to sense a change in him. I mean, for whatever reason, I think he has become more accepting of the situation, his role in Brooke's life -- the dutiful son-in-law. Or maybe it's just because Brooke hasn't given him any other choice.

>> Stephanie: That you know of.

>> Whip: No, I would know. She can't hide things from me. We've become very close. I can assure you that she has no intention of letting this secret get out.

>> Stephanie: Her intentions have never been the problem, Whip --

>> Whip: Stephanie, she is a good mother, okay? She is protecting her children --

>> Stephanie: I know that she loves her daughter. And that -- that is what has been the one constant in Bridget's life -- her mother's love. That's what gives Bridget her confidence and her strength.

>> Whip: Yes, and none of us wants to jeopardize that, especially Brooke. So there is nothing for you to worry about.

>> Stephanie: You know, it's this confidence that you feel that really has me worried. Please don't be naive. Keep an eye on both of them, because if this comes out, it isn't Bridget's world alone that's gonna fall apart. Yours is gonna go as well.

[ Bridget remembering ]

>> Deacon: I don't regret it.

That was the most incredible

night that I've ever had

in my life -- the night that

I spent with you.

I will never regret

making love to you,


>> Brooke: Will you promise

me that

you will never say

anything to Bridget?

>> Deacon: I give you my word.

>> Brooke: Nobody can ever

find out about this.

Bridget can never find out

that I am pregnant

with your child.

[ Bridget sobbing ]

>> Eric: You think I should be more upset with Brooke?

>> Kristen: Well, I'd understand if you were. I mean, she took advantage of you while you were married, forced you to give up control of your own company --

>> Eric: That was a long time ago, honey.

>> Kristen: It was a long time ago, and we're still dealing with the consequences. None of this would he happening if you were still in charge, and you should be. Doesn't that make you furious?

>> Eric: It could, if I let it.

>> Kristen: You're just choosing not to be angry?

>> Eric: No, no. That's not it exactly.

>> Kristen: Then what? Dad, I really want to understand.

>> Eric: I'm not sure you really can, honey, unless you were in my situation, and hopefully, you never will be -- where somebody else is raising your children. But that's what happened with Brooke. Brooke raised Rick and Bridget, and she did a wonderful job of it, too. I mean, look at them. They're wonderful people. And that's because of the -- of the attention she lavished on them, the unconditional love she gave to them. Now can -- can she be thoughtless at times and absolutely irresponsible in her lifestyle? Yes. Does she drive me insane sometimes? Yes. But it's -- it's pretty hard to hate somebody who is -- who's the reason your kids are so happy. You see what I mean?

>> Kristen: Yeah. You know what? I'm going to take these changes back to the office, because I want you to have some time for your own designs.

>> Eric: Okay. I'll work on them.

>> Kristen: Bye.

>> Eric: Bye, sweetheart.

>> Kristen: I love you.

>> Eric: I love you, too.

>> Stephanie: An honest-to-goodness sacrifice. Maybe there's hope for you yet, Brooke. Deacon?

>> Deacon: Who were you expecting, Stephanie?

>> Stephanie: Whip said you took your wife to lunch.

>> Deacon: No, I missed her. She already left Brooke's.

>> Stephanie: You mean you and Brooke were alone?

>> Deacon: Stephanie -- don't start with me, all right?

>> Stephanie: Whip tells me that I have nothing to be worried about because you've learned to accept rejection.

>> Deacon: But you're still worried?

>> Stephanie: Well, I think you and I know Brooke a little bit better than he does, don't you agree? The only thing she can't resist is temptation. So that would mean, in my mind, if this is really over, it's because you're holding back. Now why would you do that?

>> Deacon: Gosh, Stephanie, I guess it's because I'm so afraid of you and what you can do to me. What the hell is the difference?

>> Stephanie: Well, I think I'd like to believe that maybe you've come to your senses, that you realized what a fool you were to jeopardize your marriage when you have such a treasure in Bridget.

>> Deacon: I know that.

>> Stephanie: Do you? Do you really understand this is the last chance you've got to make something better of yourself because of that girl? I don't think so. You know when you'll probably figure that out? When you lose her.

>> Bridget: All this time. It's been going on behind my back.

[ Bridget remembering ]

>> Brooke: I've been a

horrible mother.

>> Bridget: What?

>> Brooke: I've made some

terrible mistakes.

And you're the ones

who have to suffer.

>> Bridget: Terrible mistakes?

Mom, what are you talking


We're fine.

What's going on with you?

>> Brooke: Oh, Bridget,

I love you so much.

I don't want anything to

come between us.

>> Bridget: I love you, too.

You are a fantastic mother.

In my wildest dreams,

I can't think of anything

you could ever do that would

make me change the way I feel

about you.

Okay, mom?


>> Brooke: Okay.



>> Bridget: Please, mom,

just be honest with me.

I need to know.

Are you in love with

this baby's father?

>> Brooke: Yes.

Yes, I love the father

of this baby very much.

>> Bridget: Oh -- oh, god! Oh, god!

[ Bridget retches ]

[ Bridget sobs ]

>> Deacon: Stephanie, whether you believe it or not, I've got no intention of losing Bridget.

[ Stephanie chuckles ]

>> Stephanie: Here we are, back to everyone's good intentions. Well, let me tell you. It's going to take a lot more than that to keep this secret.

>> Deacon: Hey, you don't have to tell me that.

>> Stephanie: I think I do --

>> Deacon: No, actually, you don't! I'm the one who knows what it's gonna take! I've been telling everybody else! This is gonna be damn near impossible! Do you know when I'm around other people with Brooke, I don't even look at her, 'cause I don't trust myself. And when this child is born --

>> Stephanie: It's going to be even harder --

>> Deacon: You're damn right it is! With everyone thinking this child is Whip's --

>> Stephanie: You think that you can do that?

>> Deacon: I have to. And I'm not just doing this for Bridget. I'm doing this for Brooke. Stephanie, she needs this. She needs some semblance of -- of peace in her life. And it seems to be within my ability to give it to her by -- by making her daughter happy, by keeping my distance.

>> Stephanie: I'll never understand this. It's beyond my comprehension how this woman commands such loyalty. And it's not just you, sweetheart. You're just the latest victim --

>> Deacon: Hey --

>> Stephanie: -- In a long line of victims.

>> Deacon: Hey, whoa! Whoa! I ain't no victim.

>> Stephanie: Oh, really? Okay. You're the lucky one. You got away with your marriage and your dignity intact. So don't feel sorry for yourself, okay? Start understanding and appreciate what it is that you really have -- a wonderful young girl who is madly in love with you. Do you understand that really? I don't think so. I wish you could. I really wish you could. Because I hate to see that girl waste her love on a son of a bitch like you. But I'd rather have that than the truth come out, because if it did, I think it would kill Bridget.

>> Erica: That's for the new baby, sweetheart. Oh, hi.

>> Brooke: Hi. You don't have to do that.

>> Erica: Oh, no, it's not a problem at all. Do you want me to take that upstairs?

>> Brooke: What, the baby monitor? I probably won't need that for a while. So sure, you can take that up.

>> Erica: All right. Oh. Oh, thank you. You are a very big help. Is Bridget gone?

>> Brooke: Didn't you see her leave?

>> Erica: Oh, well, yeah, but she -- oh, sweetheart, don't touch that, okay? Here, come on. I'll help you, and we'll both go upstairs. Come on. Let's go.

>> Brooke: Thank you.

>> Erica: You're welcome.

>> Brooke: Such a big helper you were!

[ Brooke laughs ]

>> Bridget: How could I not see? But I did. I did see.

[ Bridget remembering ]

Yeah, sometimes I catch her watching me when I'm with Deacon. And I know what she's thinking. She wishes she had what I have -- somebody who loves her and who desires her -- somebody like Deacon. She did have him -- and his baby.

[ Bridget remembering ]

>> Whip: If you can't stop,

if you don't have the strength,

then just sit her down

and tell her the truth

right now.

It'll be kinder in the end.

'Cause Bridget's gonna find

out one way or another --

>> Bridget: Find out what?

What's going on? I should have put it together. I never thought -- my own mother.

>> Eric: Bridget? Hey. I saw your car. What are you doing here?

>> Bridget: I just -- I needed to be alone.

>> Eric: Is everything okay?

>> Bridget: Alone, dad!

>> Eric: Honey, what is it? What's wrong? Listen, whatever it is --

>> Bridget: Just go! Don't touch me! Just go away! Get out!


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