B&B Transcript Wednesday 6/12/02

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 6/12/02

By Linda
Proofread by Becky

[ Amber sighs ]

Caitlin: Your vitamins. How are you feeling?

Amber: When does it get easier?

Caitlin: A couple of weeks.

Amber: That long?

Caitlin: One day at a time, Amber.

Amber: One hour at a time in my case.

Caitlin: Well, if you feel like you're in trouble, call --

Amber: I know, I know. I'll press the emergency button.

Caitlin: Or tell me if I'm here.

[ Knock at door ] hello?

Amber: Rick, hi. This is my husband.

Caitlin: Hi, I'm Caitlin.

Rick: It's nice to meet you.

Caitlin: Well, I'll give you some privacy.

Rick: So, how are you?

Amber: Just hold me.


Erica: What's going on?

Sheila: Oh, Erica, honey. Honey, come on in. I want you to meet Kay and Sherry.

Erica: Hi.

Kay: Hello.

Sherry: Hey there.

Erica: Mom?

Sheila: They have a little shop down the street. I asked them to come by so that they would do your hair and your nails and give you a facial.

Erica: Why?

Sheila: Well, just because you need one. So, girls, go ahead.

Erica: Wait. Wait a second. God, mom, what are you doing?

Sheila: You want to look good, don't you?

Erica: For what?

Sheila: You know.

Erica: Oh, god. Mom, will you stop it, okay? I have already told you, Rick Forrester does not think of me like that.

Sheila: Yeah, well, he's going to when they're through with you.

Erica: Mom, you have to back off. This -- this is ridiculous.

Sheila: Erica, what is so wrong with fixing yourself up a little?

Erica: Fine. You know what? Whatever. That's fine. But don't even -- no. Don't think for one second -- no! I am not gonna hit on Rick Forrester. I'm not. I'm not gonna do it.

Sheila: Ladies -- ladies, she's all yours.

Kay: I'll work on your hair while sherry does your nails.

Erica: Okay, well, I kind of like my hair when it's more straight --

Kay: Don't worry, sweetie, we know what to do.

Erica: You do?

Sheila: I told them. Trust me. Trust me.

Erica: You've got to be kidding me.

Sheila: All right. All right, then just humor me, all right? If you don't like what you see, we can just change it back.

Erica: I'm holding you to that.

Sherry: All right, sweetie, let me take a look at those nails. Mm, mm, mm. Come on. Oh, Kay, will you look at these nails?

Kay: Atrocious, honey.


Ziggy: I hate you for doing this. All right. Let's go for it. Search Forrester creations. There we are. Forrester archives. Employee lists. Damn, look at that. They must hire half the state. Okay, Lovejoy, Lovejoy. Where are you, Sheila? A bettin' man says you had something to do with this company. Huh. No Sheila Lovejoy. Maybe I'm wrong. No, I'm not. She was involved in Forrester. She had to be. Let's see if we can find some pictures.

Ziggy: Fashion shows. Let's try past photographs. Let's see. Who are these people? That's Rick Forrester, his brothers, Brooke. Ooh, Brooke. How you doin'? But no Sheila. The way she talks about these people, I'd swear she had something to do with them. Let's go back a little further. Wait a second. Hold everything? Who is that? Let's go in a little tighter. Well, what do you know? Standing with all the big players. I was right! She was a part of Forrester. And not just a part, she was huge. "The family at the end of another victorious showing. From left to right, Thorne Forrester, Brooke, ridge, Eric and his wife -- and his wife, Sheila."

[ Laughs ] oh, man. She was married to big daddy himself. Eric and Sheila Forrester.


Sheila: Hello? So? How did we do?

Kay: See for yourself.

Sheila: Oh. Gosh, your hair is so shiny. And your nails -- look at those. Honey, they even got those little things off of your nose there.

Erica: Mom --

Sheila: Oh, come on, look at you. You are absolutely beautiful. How could any man resist you?

Erica: Mother, stop.

Sheila: You're fabulous. Just fabulous. Ladies, thank you so much.

Kay: You are welcome.

Sheila: Your work here is finished --

Kay: Thank you.

Sheila: -- As you can see. $50 for you and $50 for you. Thank you so much. Boy, I appreciate you coming on such short notice.

Kay: No problem.

Sheila: She's beautiful. Beautiful. Thank you.

Kay: You're welcome.

Sheila: Sweetheart, I know that you don't want to hear this. But this evening is going to be so, so special -- for you and Rick Forrester.


Rick: You look wonderful, Amber.

Amber: Yeah. Ready for the cameras.

Rick: No, really?

Amber: You're sweet. I don't feel so wonderful.

Rick: Well, you just have to hang in there, okay? It's gonna get easier.

Amber: Yeah, that's what Caitlin says.

Rick: Oh, you made a friend already? That's pretty cool.

Amber: Well, she's my roommate.

Rick: Roommate?

Amber: Yeah. Sleeps over there. Why?

Rick: Oh, nothing. I just -- I just thought you might have a private room.

Amber: I don't want privacy, Rick, okay? I just -- I freak out when I'm alone too long.

Rick: Well, you're not alone now. God, you're so beautiful, Amber. Oh, boy, do I miss you.


Ziggy: There they are again, Eric and Sheila Forrester wedding pictures. I wonder what happened to them. Were you too normal for them, Sheila? Let's do another search -- Sheila Forrester. Wow. Look at all these links. "L.A. Times" -- "Eric and Sheila Forrester ended their marriage today in a quiet divorce settlement at the L.A. Courthouse." "James and Sheila Warwick" -- Warwick? -- "And their daughter, Mary." They had a child, Mary. How virginal. What the hell? "Sheila Warwick and L.A. County police department"? Let's see where that takes us. Whoa, Sheila! Attempted murder and kidnapping? This lady's potent.


Sheila: So, I guess you've got to be going to work.

Erica: I didn't tell you? Rick doesn't need me tonight.

Sheila: Who's watching little Eric?

Erica: Bridget and Deacon are.

Sheila: All night?

Erica: Well, no. I mean, Rick's gonna pick up little Eric on his way back from visiting Amber. But I'm pretty sure he doesn't want me there.

Sheila: Well, did Rick tell you not to come by tonight?

Erica: Well, no, but he said he was taking care of little Eric by himself, so I'm pretty sure I'm not needed.

Sheila: Well, maybe he needs you more than you realize.

Erica: God, Mom, this is sick. Rick and Amber are dealing with the biggest problem of their entire marriage.

Sheila: No, Amber is the problem in their marriage. And once Amber is gone, there will be no problem.

Erica: I can't even listen to any more of this.

Sheila: That's because you know this is the truth. And you're nervous, you're inexperienced.

Erica: Yeah, Mom. I have no experience in breaking up marriages. And you know what the truth is? And I don't want any.

Sheila: You know, they're gonna get a divorce whether you're in the picture or not. And once they do, his mother and his family, they're gonna be lining up country club girls for Rick to start dating. And you will have missed out on your opportunity, Erica.

Erica: God, you drive me crazy, you know that?

Sheila: Look, sweetheart, there is nothing wrong with making yourself available.

Erica: And how am I supposed to do that, mom?

Sheila: Hello? Hello, is there anybody in there? Rick didn't tell you not to come by, so you go by. You tell him that you thought you were supposed to.

Erica: Why? So he can just send me home?

Sheila: Oh, that's not gonna happen, honey. Not the way you look. Look, Amber is away. There aren't too many nights like this in that house. I'm not saying that you're going to end up in bed with him, honey. But the guy is going through hell. And who can he talk to about it? Not his mother. The family doesn't even like Amber. Rick is alone. And he needs a friend. So go be a friend.

Erica: A friend?

Sheila: Yes. A supportive, loving friend. That's what you need to be. So why don't you go over there? Just show Rick how you feel. But don't forget what I taught you.

[ Erica sighs ]

Erica: All right. I'll do it.


Amber: I don't even know how you put up with me. I've just -- I've been so wrapped up in myself.

Rick: Amber, I've gone through times like that. You're gonna pull out of it.

Amber: I know. I know. I just -- I just wish that --

Rick: What?

Amber: That I could be more available to you. I can tell how much you miss our intimacy.

Rick: You're right, Amber, I do miss that. When's your roommate gonna get back?

Amber: In a little while. She has a group meeting.

Rick: So we have some time alone?

Amber: Yeah.

Rick: I've got an idea.

Amber: What?

Rick: Like you can't guess.

Amber: Rick, they come in here all the time. They check these rooms. You know, someone could see us.

Rick: So what if they see us? Amber, they're not going to throw you out of here for sleeping with your husband. They'd probably think it's healthy. You don't want to?

Amber: I'm just not ready. Rick, I'm so sorry.

[ Knock at door ]

Nurse: Time for group, Amber.

Amber: Oh, okay, I'm coming.

Rick: Don't worry about it. We'll wait till you get home.

Amber: Sorry.

Rick: It's okay. Look, you just focus on getting yourself better, okay? You know where I'll be.


Sheila: Well, life goes on. It's your daughter's turn to have a Forrester man. She's gonna do so much better than you did with Eric. Eric --

[ knock at door ]

Ziggy: Erica, good, you're alone. You're gonna freak! Your mom is not Sheila Lovejoy. She's Sheila Carter, a wanted criminal. Check it out.

Sheila: You don't say.


Caitlin: So Rick left?

Amber: Yeah.

Caitlin: What's the matter?

Amber: He wanted to make love. And I let him down again.


Rick: "Rick, Whip and I will be working late tonight. See you in the morning. Love you, Mom." Another night alone.

Rick: How much longer, Amber?

[ Doorbell rings ]

Erica: Hi, Rick. I had a feeling you could use me tonight.


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