B&B Transcript Monday 6/10/02

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 6/10/02

By Linda
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Brooke: Oh, honey. Have you heard from Amber?

[ Rick sighs ]

Rick: No. I went out to breakfast with Taylor this morning, though. She said that Amber has a nice room at the clinic and that she's comfortable. At least as comfortable as she can be. You know, when I think of her buying those pills from some low-life drug dealer --

Brooke: It surprised all of us.

[ Rick sighs ]

Rick: I really need to do everything I can to be there for her.

Brooke: You already are.

Rick: Yeah. Me and Erica. You know, she agreed to take care of Eric full-time until Amber gets back?

Brooke: She's been a godsend.

Rick: Yeah. I don't know what I'd do without her. She even said that she'd stay overnight if I needed her. You know -- mom, there's one other thing that would make a really big difference to Amber.

Brooke: What's that?

Rick: Amber feels really terrible about letting Forrester down. I'd like to keep production moving for the ambrosia showing. That way, she won't feel guilty.

Brooke: That's not a problem. We'll figure out a plan today at the meeting.

Rick: Thank you. It's not like it's gonna take much to keep the momentum going. The Ambrosia line is such an incredible success, nothing can stop us now.


Ridge: Who would ever have imagined? Me working with sally Spectra. Hello, everyone.

Massimo: Ah, Ridge. Good to see you.

Ridge: It's good to be here. Sally, Sally, it looks like we've done a little redecorating around here.

Sally: Yes, yes -- well, I thought we could afford to do a little minor redecorating on the office and on me, as a matter of fact, what with all the money that has come in from you and Mr. Marone over there. Thank you very much. After all, when you've got it, flaunt it.

Ridge: All right, sounds good. So let's all to get to work.

Sally: Oh -- oh, wait a minute, wait a minute. Darla, would you make sure everybody has some coffee and pastry. And use that fancy urn over there.

Darla: Of course.

Tony: So, Ridge. What's next?

Ridge: First, let's speed up production for the showing. Clarke, I want around-the-clock shifts in the sewing room. Let's review all the fabrics, all the designs. Make sure we get them all triple checked.

Clarke: You got it.

Ridge: Listen up everyone -- we are well on our way to making Spectra fashions the premiere fashion house in America. In a few short weeks, everybody is going to see Spectra in a whole new light -- a light of elegance, grace and quality. It's gonna be known the world over and respected the world over. So, let's all get started.

Clarke: Let's get started.

Tony: Great.

Clarke: Start with these?

Ridge: Absolutely. Thank you, Darla. Spectra fashion and quality, one and the same. I still can't get used to that.


Thorne: Good. We're all here.

Brooke: Okay. We have to decide how to prepare for the Ambrosia showing in Amber's absence.

Kristen: Are we sure that proceeding with this show is a good idea?

Rick: We have to, Kristen. Canceling it would devastate Amber.

Kristen: Rick, it's gonna throw her into the spotlight. The press is gonna be all over her.

Rick: No, there's gonna be no such thing. The clinic won't allow anybody near her.

Eric: Well, Deacon can take care of the press. That's his job. Where is he?

Whip: Not to worry, Eric. I think I can handle anything connected with the media in Deacon's absence.

Brooke: I think he's meeting with the product placement executives.

Eric: More exposure for Amber's line? I'm not sure that's such a good idea?

Rick: Why not?

Eric: Rick, these deals are very lucrative, but every time we sign one, we're giving away another piece of the line's appeal.

Thorne: You're still worried about overexposure, dad?

Eric: Yes, I am. I mean, Amber's line is a runaway hit. I mean, this purse alone -- we've cut back production on it. We've raised the price, and it's selling like crazy. But these numbers are not sustainable.

Rick: Dad, this collection is so trendy that the old rules just don't apply here.

Eric: Maybe you're right. Maybe they don't. Maybe I'm just worried because I'm not familiar with the power of the youth market.

Rick: The youth market is a market that always wants something new, which is why we have got to get this showing out there.

Eric: Do you agree with this, Brooke?

Brooke: Yes, I think he's right.

Eric: All right. We have enough of Amber's designs, provided Kristen and I can make the adjustments before we go into production. So let's do it.

Thorne: Whoa. You know what? Before we go any further, is everyone aware that Spectra's showing is now the same date as ours?

Eric: Kristen, Tony say anything to you about that?

Kristen: No. No, but I do get the feeling they're planning something pretty big.

Eric: Spectra's showings hardly live up to their hype.

Thorne: Well, that might be so, dad, but my sources tell me they've been buying high-quality material -- not their usual stuff.

Rick: Could sally be up to something?

Eric: I wouldn't worry about it. She's no competition for us.

Brooke: I still think it's strange that they'd schedule their showing on the same day as ours.

Thorne: Coincidence?

Brooke: I wonder. Sally practically accosted whip and me in Cafe Russe the other day. She said she was going to bring me down.

Rick: Wait a minute. Did she threaten you?

Whip: No -- look, she was just grandstanding, okay? She was making the usual spectacle of herself she always does. It didn't help that she had a couple of cocktails in her.

Brooke: Yeah, the most expensive champagne in the restaurant. I mean, where did she get that kind of money?

Rick: Wait, mom, was this a serious threat?

Brooke: I don't know. She didn't give me any details. But I have to wonder if something is really going on over there.

Rick: And the fact that they're trying to upstage our showing.

Kristen: You know, dad's right. You know, they have never been able to compete with us.

Rick: Well, that makes them even more dangerous. Sally is not above sabotage.

Brooke: Well, I think we should find out what she's up to.

Eric: How?

Rick: Well, we need to get somebody inside of Spectra and snoop around.

Kristen: Who?

Rick: Somebody who has a reason to be there. Somebody that's visiting their husband -- who works there.


Ridge: Hey, I'd like you all to know that our opportunity to crush Forrester just became a little more golden.

Clarke: Golden? I'd like to hear that. Why?

Ridge: Amber was checked into drug rehab last night. Apparently, she's become addicted to prescription painkillers.

Darla: Oh, wow. Does that mean we're still going to have our showing on the same day?

Ridge: Absolutely. Which means Forrester will be even less prepared for our attack.

Tony: I don't want to use her addiction against her.

Ridge: That's not what we're doing, Tony. Look, I feel sorry for Amber's problems. But this is business here. We have to keep moving.

Clarke: How do we know that Amber's collection won't be as big a hit as it was in the preview?

Ridge: Because she's chasing a trend, Clarke. It's not gonna last. Besides, they've got ours to compare it to. And trust me, there's gonna be no comparison. Forrester Creations is finished. It's over. In a little while, they're gonna be out of business. We -- we will be on top.

Tony: I want Spectra to succeed. But you're talking about destroying my wife's company. I'm still not very comfortable with that, Ridge. I can't keep this from my wife any longer.

Kristen: I will not spy on my husband.

Brooke: You wouldn't be spying on Tony. You'd be protecting Forrester from sally and her dirty tricks.

Eric: Kristen, this isn't about undermining Tony. It's about -- it's about finding out if sally has a plan to sabotage our show -- she's done it before.

Kristen: Come on, we're talking about Sally Spectra. She always has something up her sleeve, and it's never really hurt us.

Thorne: I beg to differ.

Eric: She has stolen our designs more than once.

Thorne: She's cost us millions over the years, Kristen.

Rick: If she is up to something, don't you think Tony deserves to know before the showing?

Kristen: I don't like it.

Rick: You have to do this. We have so much invested in the Ambrosia line. If they are in fact, setting us up, we deserve to know.

Eric: Do it for the family.

Kristen: All right. All right, I will go there.

Rick: Good.

Brooke: Thank you.


Ridge: Tony, this isn't negotiable. Kristen cannot know I'm working at Spectra, and she cannot know that Massimo is bankrolling the whole operation.

Tony: I don't think I can keep this from my wife any longer.

Ridge: But you've got to, Tony. You better start thinking about supporting your wife and son when Forrester goes out of business.

Tony: That's just it, Ridge. I don't want my wife's company going out of business.

Ridge: Listen. Forrester signed its own death warrant when they produced the Ambrosia line in the first place. All we're doing is simply producing some beautiful designs and presenting them to the world.

Tony: Fine. But that's all I'm doing.

Darla: Ridge, how can Forrester be doomed if every woman wants to buy all this ambrosia stuff? Including that little bag thing?

Ridge: Because it's just a phase, Darla. It's just a silly craze that they're going through right now. Within a year, ambrosia is just gonna be passť.

Clarke: And little Ricky and his friends will be drowning in their own debt.

Sally: Yes, and we will all be saying bon voyage and adieu to Brooke Logan.

Massimo: So what you are saying here is that the failure of one line will bring down a company the size of Forrester?

Ridge: Massimo, they've invested millions in that collection. If sales dry up as quickly as I anticipate they will, they're gonna be stuck with an incredible loss in unsold merchandise. That's all there is to it.

Massimo: And if teenagers stop buying ambrosia, then Forrester's gonna face a crisis like they've never had before.

Ridge: Exactly. And it'll be too late for them to fall back on haute couture. Their reputation will already be ruined. Together, Clarke and Tony and I created this gown. This, my friends, is the kind of look that builds a brand.

Clarke: So Spectra will be cultivating a whole new base of loyal customers?

Ridge: Formerly Forrester customers, too.

Massimo: Ah. And once they discover that ridge is creating for Spectra --

Sally: They will desert Forrester in droves.

Ridge: And there'll be no going back. Brooke, Rick, Amber, Deacon and whip -- the "new face of Forrester" -- every one of them will be finished.

Tony: Including Kristen. I don't think that this is fair. I mean, if we're gonna compete, we should compete on a level playing field. We know about Forrester. They should know about us. It's time that you go public with your involvement in Spectra.


Kristen: Tony? Are you here? That's strange. Where is everybody? There's no Darla, nobody. Well, perfect moment to have a little look around. Wow! Thorne was right. These fabrics are beautiful! That must have cost a fortune. Tony did this? It's not his usual style. I can't imagine Tony designing something like this.


Thorne: What do you think Kristen's going to find at Spectra?

Rick: It doesn't matter. Amber's designs are so hot we can handle anything that Spectra throws at us.

Whip: I agree. Sally lacks financial backing, not to mention a design team capable of giving us a run.

Rick: So then why worry?

Eric: I wouldn't, son. With sally's disadvantages, her threats are as empty as they've always been.


Ridge: Tony, you've got to remember that the element of surprise is essential to Spectra's success. That's the only way it's gonna happen.

Tony: Yes, but that means betraying my wife.

Sally: No, Antonio, absolutely not. It has nothing to do with betrayal. Now look, you haven't said anything to Kristen yet, have you?

Tony: No, I have not. But at some point, I think she needs to know that I'm working with her brother. And I think that now is that time.

Sally: No! You talk to Kristen about this, you'll put her in an impossible situation. She will feel forced to go and tell the family that ridge is here trying to make Spectra fashions number one on the international fashion scene. That means she will have to go to Eric and Rick and Brooke. No. All of our work then will be wasted.

Tony: No, what that means, Sally, is that we'd have to complete -- fair and square. I'm not afraid of that. Are you?

[ Knock on door ]

Kristen: Excuse me. Tony? Are you in there?

Darla: Oh, my gosh, you guys.

Ridge: Tony, you gotta get rid of her. She can't see me here.

Sally: Come on, Antonio. We'll have to talk to her. I'm sorry, but I'm afraid we're going to have to keep your lovely wife in the dark a little longer.

Kristen: Oh, there you are. Sally -- I'm -- I'm so sorry to interrupt. It's just that I thought I heard arguing in there.

Sally: Darling, that was just me. You know what a loudmouth I am. And you know Antonio, how passionate he is about his work. It was just a standard disagreement, that's all.

Kristen: Is that true? Tony, is everything okay?

Tony: Oh, yeah. We're crazy in here trying to decide on some fabric, that's all.

Kristen: Good. Can I talk to you for a minute?

Tony: Well, we're in the middle of a really important design meeting and --

Kristen: Tony? What's really going on in there?

Sally: Oh, darling, I am afraid that is a trade secret and we simply cannot talk about it. You understand. Listen, I would love to stay and talk to you some more, but we have so much work to do. See you later.

Kristen: Tony, are you sure everything's okay?

Tony: Yeah, everything's fine. I better get back to work.

Kristen: Okay. I love you.

Tony: You too. I hate having to lie to Kristen.

Sally: I know that, darling. But you know it was absolutely necessary, all right? Now what do you say? Come on, get back to work.

Kristen: Room for one more?

Elevator operator: It's pretty packed. We'll unload and send it back up.

Kristen: Okay.

Sally: It's all clear. She's gone downstairs in the elevator.


Ridge: Man, that was close.

Massimo: Do you all realize what is at stake here? If she found out that Ridge is working here, masterminding this entire operation, she would have run right to Forrester and our all our efforts would be supremely compromised.


Tony: I still don't like this.

Kristen: Wow, this is really good.

Massimo: You may not like it, but it's essential.

Kristen: That sounds like Massimo Marone. What would he be doing in their design meeting?

Massimo: Antonio --

[ clears throat ] I'm not interested in the details of your life. But suffice it to say there comes a time when a man has to make a decision to separate his business decisions from his personal ones. This is one of those times. Antonio, I know that this is hard for you. But think -- this man is the key to your future, to your success. Not only yours, but to Kristen's as well. There is no way in hell that she would understand that now. So it is imperative that we all understand each other.

[Door opens]

Kristen: Tony, why are you meeting with Massimo? Oh, my god! Ridge! What the hell are you doing here?


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