B&B Transcript Monday 5/27/02

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 5/27/02

By Linda
Proofread by Becky

Erica: Mom! Oh, my god!

Sheila: You're coming home with me right now!

Erica: No! Leave me alone! Get off!


Eric: You don't want it to be over between us, do you?

Stephanie: No, I don't. But I don't feel that I'm being very fair to mass or to you.

Eric: But it's not about being fair to one of us. It's -- it's about being fair to yourself and to your own -- your own future. Do you want to spend the rest of your life with Massimo? Without your family? Globetrotting around the world on some yacht someplace? Family is the most important thing to you. It always has been.

Stephanie: Yes, it is, Eric. And I want a partner that feels the same way.

Eric: But that's me. Do you doubt that?

Stephanie: How can you even make a statement like that? After everything that you've pulled on me during our marriage?


[ Thunder crashes ]

Rick: What are you doing?

Amber: I want to go check on Eric.

Rick: He's fine. He's fast asleep. I just looked. I brought you some tea.

Amber: No thanks.

Rick: Come on, honey, it'll help you relax.

Amber: I don't need it. Okay. Maybe I do. Thanks.

[ Amber sighs ] I'm supposed to go back to work tomorrow.

Rick: You're not ready?

Amber: Well, I have to be. I've put it off too long. I just feel so guilty. I've barely spent any time with Eric this past month.

Rick: Honey, you've been going through a lot.

Amber: Yeah, but he doesn't understand that. Now I'm going to go off and leave him with a total stranger?

Rick: Well, Erica's not a stranger.

Amber: What do we really know about this girl, Rick? Hmm? Nothing. We don't know where she came from, what her background is. She could be a criminal or a total lunatic.


Erica: Mom, just calm down, okay? Just stop it.

Sheila: Get in the car!

Erica: We can't drive in this weather.

Sheila: Get into the car!

Erica: Mom, no! Just listen to me for one second! If you still want to leave after you hear what I have to say, then that's fine. We'll go. We have to at least wait until it stops raining! Let's just -- just talk, okay?

Sheila: We could've done that on the phone.

Erica: I know. I'm sorry, Mom. I know, I should have called you.

Sheila: You're only sorry that you got caught!

Erica: Mom, I knew you would find me. God, I mean, obviously. I just -- I wanted some time to show you that I could do this. Now, I have my own apartment. I have friends. I even have a job.

Sheila: You had all of that in Mystic!

Erica: There is no job like this one in Mystic, Mom.

Sheila: This is so much more glamorous! Flipping burgers in Beverly Hills, isn't it?

Erica: Yeah, well, I'm not flipping burgers, Mom. I'm a nanny. For the Forresters. Yeah. I thought that would get your attention.


Amber: I want you to call Erica and tell her not to come tomorrow.

Rick: Well, then what are we going to do?

Amber: Well, I'll take Eric to Forrester day care.

Rick: You know, I really think he'd rather be here. And honestly, Amber, I want him to get some one-on-one time.

Amber: Since he's not getting it from me. Right?

Rick: No. Amber, you have got to stop taking things so personally. Nobody blames you for being a little bit out of it. You just lost a child.

Amber: So did you, and you seem to be handling it just fine.

Rick: I'm starting to feel better. Do you want me to apologize for that?

Amber: No. No, I just -- I just want you to tell me what I'm doing wrong. Because I can't seem to handle it.

Rick: Come here, Amber. Come here. You have to stop being so hard on yourself, okay? It's just going to take some time.

Amber: But I'm not getting any better. And I keep letting everyone down -- work and you and now Eric.

Rick: Eric is going to be fine, okay?

Amber: He lost his mother, and he doesn't understand why. And, I've just been so out of it lately. And I just keep thinking that god is going to take him away, too. And I can't --

Rick: Shh. Amber, it's going to be okay, I promise.

Amber: Everyone keeps saying that.

Rick: That's because we all know how much of a survivor you are, Amber, how strong you are. Sometimes I think we know that better than you do. Look what you did for me at the hospital. You gave me your kidney without even thinking about it. Or when Sheila was attacking Stephanie -- you risked your own life to save her.

Amber: Wow. It just seemed like so long ago. You know, like a different person did that.

Rick: No, it was you, Amber. It was you at your best. And if you could just somehow reconnect with that fighting spirit.

[ Screams ]

Stephanie: Amber, get the gun. Get the gun.

Amber: Sheila!

Rick: Stephanie owes you her life, Amber.

Amber: I just wish I could have done more -- you know, to help Mary. I couldn't stop Sheila from running off with her.

Rick: Amber, if you think you're a bad mother, imagine what it would be like growing up with that psycho.

Amber: It's so sad. And Mary was so sweet. Now she's probably just as nuts as her mom.


[ Thunder crashes ]

Sheila: Forresters?

Erica: Isn't it amazing? I'm actually starting to believe that I can will things to happen. I came out here with just one thought in mind -- I was going to meet Amber. You know she was my favorite.

Sheila: I knew you were obsessed with her.

Erica: I wasn't obsessed. I just had a very strong interest in her. And now, Mom -- now, it's a friendship. And you know what? You were wrong about her. She isn't bitchy at all.

Sheila: I don't want to hear any more about Amber.

Erica: Well, then who do you want to hear about? Because I have met them all -- Kristen and Thorne and Brooke. I was even at Brooke's wedding.

Sheila: You're -- you're making all of this up.

Erica: What? Mom, I was there. I swear to god, I was there. You want me to tell you what it was like?

Sheila: I have no desire to hear anything about the Forresters.

Erica: Mom, come on. Who are you kidding? You're the one who got me hooked.

Sheila: Oh, that is not true. You know I don't approve of this fixation of yours.

Erica: Oh, yeah, mom? Who was the one who buys all the magazines? Who's the one who reads them cover to cover before I even get home from school?

Sheila: I like the fashion.

Erica: Oh, really? And I suppose it's just some coincidence that you named me Erica? It has nothing to do with your crush on Eric Forrester?

Sheila: Oh, sweetheart, this is ridiculous.

Erica: Mom, if you met him in person, god, you would just fall in love with him. He's so handsome and kind. Everybody in the family just looks up --

Sheila: Just stop it! Stop it! You talk about the Forresters' like you know them.

Erica: Mom, that's what I'm trying to tell you. I do!

Sheila: I'm getting you out of here.

Erica: What?

Sheila: The whole reason we left L.A. -- To get you away from those people. This kind of people, they're so superficial and shallow.

Erica: Mom, they're not. You just -- you don't know the Forresters like I do.


Eric: You know, these conversations that I've had with you lately are like I'm not even talking to you. It's like I'm -- it's like I'm talking to Massimo and then he's pointing out ever mistake I've ever made in my life. And you're buying into that.

Stephanie: I'm not buying into anything! And Massimo doesn't have to say anything to me about our marriage. Your actions during our marriage speak for themselves. And on top of it -- on top of it -- when Ridge really needed you, you failed him.

Eric: I've explained that to you. You understand everything that happened before --

Stephanie: I know, I know. I know, it's all about divided loyalty.

Eric: Yes, it is. I regret so much leaving you to marry Brooke.

Stephanie: Oh. It's not just about Brooke. You don't get that. It's not just about her. She's just the one that's here, still in our lives. So -- so she's the one we have to deal with. What about the other women? What about Beth and Lauren and Sheila?

Eric: Sheila? I can't believe you're bringing up Sheila.

Stephanie: Why wouldn't I bring up Sheila?! I begged you not to become involved with that woman. And what did you do? You went ahead and married her. You brought her into the family. For god's sake, the woman tried to kill me -- not once but twice.

Eric: You're saying that I should have known she was psychotic from the very beginning?

Stephanie: I think you should have kept your mind opened and listened when people were trying to warn you. I think you should have had a commitment as strong as mine is to our family. And then none of this would have been an issue. You think that I don't understand you're a man and that you want to look at beautiful women? That's fine, of course, look, admire. But don't touch! I just -- I just don't want to live in the past. Go talk to somebody. Talk to somebody and find out why you have these patterns, why you keep repeating them. Because you can't continue to do that. And I certainly don't want to be part of it.


Sheila: Oh, good, the lights are on. You get yourself together, and I'll finish packing your bag.

Erica: I cannot believe you actually expect me to go back home.

Sheila: That's where you belong.

Erica: God, mom, no, it's not! I am not like you! I don't want to spend my whole life holed up in some room with no friends and no life!

Sheila: Do you think it was always like that? You know, everything I did, I did for you.

Erica: Like I'm suppose to believe you spent your whole life living like a hermit for me. Well, you know what, Mom? If that's the truth, then you just can stop, okay? I don't need you to take care of me any more!

Sheila: You have no idea how dangerous the world can be.

Erica: You are so paranoid. You just think that everyone is out to get you. You talked about L.A. Like it was some kind of snake pit. I think the people here are nice. The Forresters, they have been so good to me.

Sheila: But they don't care about you.

Erica: How would you know? So what? So you've memorized every single detail of Eric Forrester's life. That doesn't mean you really know what he's like. You've never even been in the same room with him. You have never talked to him.

Eric: I, Eric Forrester, take thee, Sheila carter, to be my wedded wife.

Erica: That's the difference between you and me, Mom. I'm willing to go out there and take risks and make my dreams come true. Not just sit around in some room for the rest of my life, bagging on people I've never even met -- like Stephanie Forrester. You never had one good thing to say about her. Well, you know what, mom? She is a classy, classy lady. And I bet that if you met her, you would just love her.

Stephanie: Sheila is and always will be a psychopath. She's ill -- mentally ill.

Erica: I think that Stephanie is terrific. And she's been a really good friend to amber. And if you could only understand --

Sheila: Enough!

Erica: Look, Mom, I have never been so excited about my life before. I want you to be a part of that. I want you to share that with me. Come on, mom, we could both start over. Why not? Huh? Why not? What are you so afraid of?

Sheila: 'Cause it's not safe here -- it just wouldn't be safe here.

Erica: Something terrible happened to you here, didn't it? What was it, Mom? Come on, will you just tell me? Why did you really leave L.A.?


Rick: Okay, honey, you get some rest. I know you haven't been sleeping that well.

Amber: You're being so sweet to me.

Rick: I just wish I could convince you to be nicer to yourself. Amber, you've been dealing with a hell of a lot. And nobody expects you to bounce back right away.

Amber: Everybody except my little boy.

Rick: You are an incredible mother, Amber. And part of being a good mother is recognizing when you're overloaded and asking for help. I think we should give Erica a chance.

Amber: What if he likes her better than me?

Rick: Oh, come on, Amber, don't be ridiculous. Our son adores you. And so do I. You close your eyes and get some rest. I love you, honey.

Amber: I love you, too.


Erica: I am old enough now, Mom. I can handle the truth.

Sheila: You already know the truth.

Erica: I don't know anything. Except that we left L.A. When I was little. I mean, were you born here? Do we have family here? What about my father?

[ Thunder crashes ]

Sheila: Your father?

Erica: Mom, do you think he -- he might still live here?

Sheila: No, I don't. So that's what this is really all about. You came here looking for your father?

Erica: No. Look, don't get upset. I just --

Sheila: No, you wanted to find that deceitful bastard!

Erica: Mom, how can I find him? You didn't even tell me his name. I came here because Amber needs me.

Sheila: What?

Erica: She was sick. Remember how I told you she was pregnant? Well, she lost the baby. And I went to the hospital to visit her. I brought her flowers.

Sheila: Oh, wait a minute. Wait a minute. You want to tell me that -- that you flew all the way across the United States just to bring Amber flowers in the hospital?

Erica: Mom, that's the truth!

Sheila: Oh, yeah, I'm sure it is. And then after you went to the hospital and gave Amber her flowers, she said, "oh, you're such a wonderful person. Why don't you come live with me in my home and take care of my baby?"

Erica: That's not how it happened.

Sheila: No, you're right, it's not. Because these are nothing but lies.

Erica: I am not lying! Rick and Amber are my friends.

Sheila: I'm getting you out of here.

Erica: Let go of me! I don't want to go with you!

[ Phone rings ] Mom, that's probably Rick right now.

Hey, you've reached Erica.

Leave me a message.

And I'll call you back.

[ Answering machine beeps ]

Rick: Hey, Erica. It's Rick Forrester. I hope I'm not calling too late. I forgot to ask you if you swim. If you do, bring your swimsuit tomorrow. Little Eric pretty much lives in the pool. Guess that's it. I'm really happy you could help us out like this. I think you know the last few weeks have been really hard on Amber. She could use a break. So, thanks again. And we'll see you tomorrow.

[ Answering machine beeps ]

Erica: I told you.

Sheila: That -- that -- that was really Eric jr.

Erica: Yeah, Mom, it was. And guess what? I'm really their new babysitter.

Sheila: No, you're not. 'Cause I'm getting you out of here.

Erica: My god, let go of me. This is mine. I did this by myself. And you are not going to take that away from me! Why would you even want to? This is the most amazing thing that has ever happen to us. You have fantasized about becoming a part of these people's lives for years. And, Mom, there is nothing back in mystic for you. Aren't you tired of playing it safe? Aren't you tired of your boring, predictable life? You could have romance and fun and excitement. Don't you remember those things? But you have to give it a chance, Mom. Come on, Mom. Say you'll do it. Please? Come on, just -- just say you'll stay with me.


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