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The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 5/24/02

By Linda
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[ Thunder crashes ]

Ridge: You low-life piece of scum. You did this to me. You took away my career and my life's work. And for what, huh? For a company you don't give a damn about. It's just a name and a paycheck to you. And a marriage you don't even deserve.

Deacon: You really like this, don't you, playing the tough guy? What, does it make you feel superior? Is that it?

Ridge: It isn't about being tough or superior. It's about class, Deacon. It's about integrity and honor -- concepts you know nothing about. To be crippled by someone like you -- well, it's over now, Deacon. It's over right here and now.


[ Thunder crashes ]

Massimo: Here.

Stephanie: Well, thank you.

Massimo: It looks as if you could use that. Was it hard to see him again?

Stephanie: Hmm? Eric? Well --

Massimo: No, no, no. That's all right. You don't have to say anything. Stephanie, I know what he's put you through.

Stephanie: He's still my husband, mass.

Massimo: Only on a small piece of paper. Stephanie, after all this man's affairs, lies, how can you ever trust him again? I mean, where was he when you really needed him? Where was he when he should have been standing up for Ridge?

Stephanie: He's on his way over.

[ Thunder crashes ]

Massimo: Tonight, in this storm?

Stephanie: Yes. He wants to talk to me.

Massimo: Good. Let him talk. Once he's finished spewing out all his pathetic excuses, you tell him that it is over. End this marriage, give him back his ring once and for all.


[ Thunder crashes ]

Rick: Hey.

Amber: Hi. It's really raining hard out there, huh?

Rick: Yeah. I thought you'd be in bed by now. Honey, are you in pain? Amber, what is it?

Amber: Oh, Rick, I am so sorry.

Rick: What? Wait a minute. Sorry about what?

Amber: For the way I acted at Bridget's party. I made a fool of myself in front of our little boy.

Rick: It's okay, Amber. Erica and I took care of it. Don't worry.

Amber: Rick, a complete stranger took care of our son because I couldn't. How could I let that happen?


[ Thunder crashes ]

[ answering machine beeps ]

Alisa: Hey, it's me, Alisa. I had to call you again to warn you. Your mom is serious, Erica. I've never seen her this angry. You have to get out of your place. She said she was going to L.A. To find you, and she means it. Stay away from her, Erica. You know how she gets. Be careful. Call me soon.

[ Answering machine beeps ]

Erica: Well, where am I supposed to go?

[ Rattling noise ]

[ rattling noise ] it's just the wind and the rain and the tree branches hitting the window. You've been in worse storms before. Your momma can't stop playing the accordion at night

Erica: Mom couldn't have found me this fast. It would be impossible.

[ Knock at door ]

[ knock at door ]

Erica: Look, whoever you are, just -- just go away! I'm calling 911!

Ziggy: Erica!

It's me, Ziggy! Come on, it's pouring out here!

[ Thunder crashes ]

Ziggy: Whoo!

Erica: Hey, how's your head?

Ziggy: Well, you tell me. Feel it. Ow, ow! I'm kidding, I'm kidding.

[ Ziggy laughs ] listen, seriously -- you know what? I've been thinking about what you said earlier about that being your mom that broke in.

Erica: And?

Ziggy: And I don't buy it. I mean, look, whoever hit me was strong -- super strong. I was knocked out. So, no, it couldn't have been your mom. It had to have been a burglar.

Erica: Great. Great. That makes me feel, like, so much better.

Ziggy: You know what? Why are you so freaked out about your old lady, anyway?

Erica: Look, it doesn't matter, because it wasn't her.

[ Rattling noise ]

[ Erica gasps ]

Ziggy: Erica, you're -- you're shaking.

Erica: I'll be fine.

Ziggy: Well, not here you won't. Not -- not alone.

Erica: Then where, Ziggy?! I don't have any friends.

Ziggy: You have me. You can crash at my place. It's not like that. You can -- you can sleep in my bed.

[ Ziggy laughs ] I'll take the couch.

[ Thunder crashes ] come on! I'm trying to be nice here.

Erica: Is that all?

Ziggy: Why do you think I came back down here? Because I'm worried about you. You shouldn't be alone tonight, and neither should I.


Stephanie: I know you want me to file for the divorce.

Massimo: Stephanie, it seems to me that you have spent your entire life doing things for other people. Where is your happiness in all of this?

Stephanie: Oh, Mass. Happy? I've been happy all my life.

Massimo: Really? At what price? How many scandals have you had to endure because of Eric's selfishness? Come on, don't you see. I mean, this guy is never going to change.

Stephanie: You want me to walk away from my marriage and my family after all of these years. I -- I don't know if I can do that.

Massimo: Uh-huh, sure.

[ Thunder crashes ] but you can watch him do it again and again. And how about this company that you helped him start, hmm? Who does it belong to now, Stephanie? To Brooke and to her children fathered by your husband. Hmm? I mean, isn't that bad enough? And, yet, there's that other one, that maniac, that nut burger, there. For god's sake, she almost tried to kill you. And he brought her into the family. How are you going to forgive him for that?

Stephanie: Let's not go there, please.

[ Thunder crashes ]

Massimo: Sweetheart, I'm not saying these things to try to hurt you in any way, okay? I'm just saying them to remind you what it means to be married to this man. You should be loved and cherished, protected. Put an end to this nightmare, all right? Tonight, give him back that damn ring. You should be with me and with our son. The three of us, we're family now.

[ Knock at door ] oh, there he is. Just do the right thing.

Eric: I want to talk to you -- alone.

Stephanie: Will you excuse us for a moment, please?

[ Massimo groans ]

Eric: Well, I hope I interrupted something.


Deacon: All right. You want a piece of me? Come on.

Ridge: With pleasure.

Deacon: Come on, Ridge. Come on. If it's going to make you feel better, let's do it right now. Hmm? Take your best shot, then let's be done with this.

Ridge: Don't tempt me, Deacon.

Deacon: Hey, man, look, I won't even fight back. If hitting me is going to end this grudge, then just do it, Ridge. Come on. Do it!

Ridge: No, no. I'm not going to make it that easy for you.

Deacon: What is it with you, man? What is it? First -- first, you want payback, then you don't?

Ridge: I want to teach you a lesson, Deacon -- you and your playground conspirators. That's what I want to do.

Deacon: I don't think you know what the hell you want. You're so full of hostility. You know, this isn't good for Bridget. It's not good for anyone in the family.

Ridge: Oh, now you speak for the whole family, huh?

Deacon: Look, why don't you just, please, come back to Forrester? We need you. You could work together.

Ridge: Work with you at Forrester, huh? That company should be mine now, Deacon. I spent the better part of my life there, dreaming my dad's dreams, making them happen. I earned my keep, deacon.

[ Thunder crashes ] I helped build that empire. And now, in one fell swoop, the whole thing's been taken away from me -- the whole thing, just like that. And by who, huh? By my little twit of a brother, his wife and you, the hired help. You punks mean nothing to me. Now, after what you've done to Forrester, I don't even give a damn about that company anymore!

Deacon: Yeah, it must be real satisfying pushing all those papers around, being a desk jockey over at Marone.

Ridge: Well, you know what? That position's giving me more satisfaction than you'll ever know.

Deacon: You're just never going to let go of this hostility, are you?

Ridge: Oh, yeah, Deacon, I will one day. One day, I'll let it go. And when that does, you're going to get what you deserve. You're going to get what you deserve -- all of you are. Yeah.


[ Thunder crashes ]

Erica: You know what, Ziggy? Thanks, but no thanks. I -- I think I'll stay in my own apartment tonight.

Ziggy: Suit yourself.

[ Ziggy clears throat ] if you need anything--

Erica: I'll call.

Ziggy: Exactly. And I want you to make sure you lock this door behind me.

Erica: Yes, sir.

[ Thunder crashes ]

Ziggy: All right. I'll check on you tomorrow.

Erica: All right. Good night, Ziggy.

[ Thunder crashes ]

Erica: Ziggy, I told you, I'm staying right here. Ziggy?

Erica: That's weird. Nobody's there. It must have just been the wind.

[ Rattling noise ]


[ thunder crashes ]

Stephanie: Well? You wanted to talk to me.

Eric: Yeah, yeah, I do. I just hate that it's like this -- here with this awkwardness and this tension.

Stephanie: I'm trying.

Eric: But that's the point. We shouldn't have to try. We're married. You're my wife. I'm your husband, and I love you. And I want you to come home.

Stephanie: Eric, we -- we can't just go back to what was.

Eric: No. No, but what is is that we have -- we have a marriage. We have children, and we have grandchildren together. We have company and -- look, I know that I've disappointed you -- time and time again. And I -- I take full responsibility for all of that -- for the affairs and the mistakes.

Stephanie: It's too late.

Eric: By whose clock? Yours or his?

Stephanie: What?

Eric: Look, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I -- I know you're stronger than that. I -- I know that you would not let Massimo influence you in something like this, something as important as this. Stephanie, please, you -- you need to be with your family -- your family who loves you -- and with me. Please come home.

Rick: It's okay to need help, amber. Look, I know what you're going through.


Amber: And you know it's been so hard.

[ Thunder crashes ] just watching your mom so happy and pregnant and going on with her life. That should be us. That should be me.

Rick: Oh, Amber --

Amber: It's my fault. I should have canceled the show. Then maybe -- maybe I wouldn't have miscarried. We'd still have our little baby.

Rick: No, Amber. Amber, you have to understand, you did everything you could. You have got to stop blaming yourself.

Amber: Yeah, but I was carrying her, I lost her.

Rick: Amber, I wanted this baby just as much as you did, but it wasn't meant to happen, not this time. We have to let her go.

Amber: I can't. I can't just forget her.

Rick: No, Amber, we're not going to forget her. We're just going to move on. Amber, I love you so much, and we will have that big family we dreamed about. We'll have that family because I believe in us. Amber, we made a promise to each other -- for better, for worse, in sickness and in health, in good times and bad. Amber, I will always be here for you -- always.

[ Amber sobs ]


[ thunder crashes ]

[ rattling noise ]

[ knock at door ]

[ Erica gasps ]

[ thunder crashes ]

 [ crashing noise ]

Erica's mother: You thought you were rid of me. Well, think again!

[ Thunder crashes ]


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