B&B Transcript Thursday 5/23/02


The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 5/23/02

By Linda
Proofread by Becky

[ Shrieks ]

Erica: Oh, my god. Ziggy? God, Ziggy, are you okay? Answer me! Wake up, Ziggy. Are you okay?


Deacon: I can't believe you actually married Whip. Are you really gone from me? You're really gone forever.

Rick: You know you're not supposed to be smoking in here. It's a wedding. You were against it from the start.

Deacon: Rick, you know this guy's not right for your mother. You know that, don't you?

Rick: At least the kid's got his father.

Deacon: So what are you doing here, anyway?

Rick: Amber's line. I had to fill out some orders.

Deacon: How's she doing?

Rick: She's not getting any better.

Deacon: Listen, why don't you -- why don't you get out of here? Go home to your wife.

Rick: I will, I will. I just need to make sure things are running smoothly, you know?

Deacon: You are really getting the hang of this vice president thing, aren't you?

Rick: I'm surrounded by good people.

Deacon: I was just thinking. What if -- what if Ridge could see the two of us?

Rick: Oh, come on, Deacon. You think he'd care? We're nothing to him. You know he called me the other day? He called to tell me to watch my back. Can you believe that guy?

Deacon: What did you say?

Rick: Nothing. If he wants to hold a grudge, that's his problem.

Deacon: I see. So you think this is just a grudge?

Rick: You know Ridge.

Deacon: Rick, I do know Ridge. And that guy doesn't do anything without good reason.


Ridge: Half an inch, straight across. Very even in the middle.

Darla: All right. Half-inch. You've got it.

Clarke: Good. You're all here.

Ridge: Is the prototype ready?

Clarke: You bet. Ridge, you're going to love it.

Darla: Come on, Clarke. Don't keep us in suspense. Where's Sofia?! Come on!

Ridge: Bring her in. Bring her in. Come on.

Tony: Sofia, come in.

Darla: Holy Molly.

Clarke: Mm-hmm.

Darla: Wow!

Sally: Marvelous, isn't it? It's beautiful, Ridge.

Darla: Forrester is going to flip.

Clarke: Let the new face compete with that.

Massimo: Ridge, what do you think?


Erica: He's not moving. Oh, my god. Could he be -- ? Oh, good. Oh, god, good. Okay, he's alive. I need to get help. I need to call 911. Oh, what the -- ? Oh, take things one step at a time. Call the police.

[ phone rings ]

Erica: Oh, come on, come on. Pick up the phone.

[ Ziggy groans ] oh, my god. Ziggy, are you okay? Ziggy, come on. Look at me. Sit up. How many fingers am I holding up?

Ziggy: Three.

Erica: You scared the life out of me. I -- I thought you were --

Ziggy: Dead? It feels like I am.

Erica: Let me get you some ice.

Ziggy: Ow!

Erica: Here, take this.

Ziggy: That's not ice.

Erica: It's frozen peas. It's all I had, Ziggy.

Ziggy: What happened?

Erica: I was about to ask you the same thing. What were you doing in my apartment?

Ziggy: I don't know. I -- I was walking by. I heard a noise. I stepped in. It was dark. Some guy came up behind me, and bam. That's all I remember.

Erica: That's it?

Ziggy: What do you want, a re-enactment?

Erica: Well, no, but the police might.

Ziggy: Police? You didn't call the cops, did you?

Erica: No, not yet.

Ziggy: Good. That's the last thing I need.

Erica: God. Just look at my place. Somebody just broke in here. Who would do this?


Rick: Ridge doesn't scare me.

Deacon: Rick, I'm not suggesting that he should scare you. I'm just wondering what exactly he means when he says, "watch your back"?

Rick: He means that he can't handle the fact that Forrester Creations can actually function without him.

Deacon: I think that it would be a very dangerous mistake not to take him seriously.

Rick: Why should I? What can he do? As far as I'm concerned, Ridge is all smoke and no fire.

Deacon: Listen, you take it from somebody who's tangled with your big brother. You don't want this guy on your bad side.

Rick: Ridge can't touch me. As long as he's pushing papers over at Marone, I'm not going to sweat it.


Ridge: This is not the neckline I designed. I wanted more "v" to here.

Clarke: Darla, notes.

Ridge: The seam in the back is mismatched. This is all obvious in the drape. Who sewed this?

Tony: Guiseppe -- our best.

Ridge: Well, we need better. The straps, I want them further in. I want them closer to the neck. Two more darts in the back. How does it feel?

Sofia: It feels fine, Ridge.

Ridge: Sofia, "fine" isn't what I want to hear. I want to hear "perfect."

Sofia: Well, maybe you're right about the straps.

Ridge: Who ordered this damn fabric?

Clarke: I did.

Ridge: Send it back. We need to do better here, folks -- a lot better. But as a first pass, this ain't half bad.

Sally: So, uh, Ridge, according to what you just said, it is safe to assume that the dress at least has promise, hmm?

Ridge: We're moving in the right direction, Sal.

Darla: Whew. I was so afraid you weren't going to like it.

[ Light laughter ]

Ridge: It's not a matter of liking it or hating it, Darla. It's a matter of just achieving perfection. We're here to design the best damn collection this world has ever seen. I need to know I can trust all of you to give 200%, because that's what it's going to take. Otherwise, why even bother?

Sally: I don't think you have to worry about that. We're all after the same thing here.

Ridge: Well then, Sally, we're going to have to work harder, longer and faster. While Forrester Creations sleeps, we attack. Those parasites -- Rick, Amber, Deacon, even Whip -- they're bleeding the life out of that company, running it into the ground, everything I ever worked for. Oh, man. Those ungrateful bastards, doing this to me, taking away the one weapon I had against them -- my skill. Well, I made Forrester Creations, and I can damn well destroy it.

Clarke: Ridge, we'll be your hands. Just tell us what to do.

Ridge: I want to go into full production right now, immediately.

Sally: Full production?

Ridge: Full production, Sally. Massimo?

Massimo: Just say the word.

Ridge: Okay, well, consider it said. And that word, ladies and gentlemen, is "victory." Clarke, Tony, would you work your magic and fix this damn thing?

Clarke: You got it. Let's get to work.

Darla: This is what the gentleman wants.

Clarke: All right.

Tony: All right.

Clarke: Uh, you can take care of the darts.

Tony: Okay.

Sally: Yeah, it's sally. Put Guiseppe on, will you? Guiseppe, we've just gotten the word. It's a go. Full production. Yeah. There will be no problem. We'll just have to hire experts to do it. Yes. No. Fool-proof. We can do it. Listen, it's all set.

[ Ridge remembering ]

Deacon: Ridge, let the kid go.

Ridge: You back off! [ Groaning ]

[ glass shattering ]

Ridge: My hand! My hand! Damn you, Deacon. Damn you to hell.


Deacon: I don't know. Something isn't sitting right with me. You know, ridge hanging onto all this hostility. This can't be good for any of us, Rick.

Rick: Well,R is now Massimo's problem, and the way I see it, we did Ridge a favor.

Deacon: How do you figure that?

Rick: Well, his new job is probably some corporate 9:00 to 5:00 where his toughest decision all day is how he's going to take his coffee. Deacon, you go home to Bridget. You look beat. A good night of rest will do you some good.

Deacon: Probably say the same about you. Why don't you go home to your wife?

Rick: Amber is asleep.

Deacon: Hey, you know what I mean. Look, if, uh -- if Bridget and I can take little d, if that helps you out --

Rick: Oh, no. Don't worry about it. That's okay. Actually, Amber and I have somebody. You know, that girl who came to mom's engagement party, Erica?

Deacon: Good. Yeah. That's -- that's good. I mean, it's going to give you and Amber more time to -- to be together. Yeah, you know, I am tired. I -- I think I'm going to take your advice and get out of here. Hey, Rick, one more thing.

Rick: If you're going to tell me to watch my back --

Deacon: I'm going to tell you to be careful. Don't underestimate your brother.


Ziggy: Are you sure nothing's missing?

Erica: Yeah, everything is here -- my TV, my boom box, my cdís and my clothes.

Ziggy: Maybe I scared the guy off before he had the chance to grab anything.

Erica: He was still here long enough just to wreck the whole place.

Ziggy: This isn't your mess?

Erica: No. I'm a neat freak.

Ziggy: Erica, you're not -- you're not into drugs or anything, are you?

Erica: God, no, Ziggy.

Ziggy: Well, then I don't get it. Hey, Erica? Did you just put this here?

Erica: The $20? No.

Ziggy: So it was here the whole time the burglar was.

Erica: Yeah.

Ziggy: Now, why would someone break in, tear the place apart and leave without taking the 20 bucks? I mean, it was right here. It's easy money.

[ Erica gasps ] Hey, Erica, are you okay?

Erica: Oh, my god. Oh, god, no. No!


Waiter: Can I help you?

Deacon: Uh, yeah. Just get me a coffee to go.

Waiter: No problem.


Ziggy: Hey, Erica, what's wrong? The guy's not coming back. I scared him off. Don't worry.

Erica: Oh, my god! What if she's still out there? Ziggy, how long were you unconscious?

Ziggy: I don't know. Wait a minute. You said "she"?

Erica: Yeah, it was dark.

Ziggy: Not that dark.

Erica: Did you smell anything when she ran by you?

Ziggy: Like what?

Erica: Like a perfume, a floral scent?

Ziggy: I guess maybe I smelled a perfume. I thought it was yours.

Erica: Oh, my god. Oh, my god. I will bet you anything that it was her.

Ziggy: Whoa, wait, wait. Wait a minute. There is no way I got clocked by a woman. Did you feel this lump on my head?

Erica: God, Ziggy, she isn't an ordinary woman! God, you have no idea!

Ziggy: Well, then who was it, Erica? I mean, who would do this to you?

Erica: It was my mother, Ziggy. Oh, my god! She's found me!


Waiter: Here you go.

Ridge: Just keep moving, Deacon. Keep moving.

Deacon: What are you working on?

Ridge: My new purpose in life.

Deacon: You know, Ridge, I never -- I never really got a chance to congratulate you on your new job over at Marone.

Ridge: Hmm. How is Forrester?

Deacon: It's good. Things are great, actually. I assume you've heard of our new line?

Ridge: Yeah, the amnesia collection?

Deacon: That's -- that's Ambrosia.

Ridge: Yeah, whatever. Same difference.

Deacon: Ridge, I didn't come here for trouble.

Ridge: Then why did you come here, Deacon? A little pat on the back, maybe? A job well-done? I wouldn't blow my nose in the rags you guys are turning out.

Deacon: I know what you're trying to do.

Ridge: Don't try to analyze me. You're a mistake. First, you were Bridget's mistake, and now you're everyone's problem.

Deacon: It's absolutely incredible. You just -- you can't let go of this, can you?

Ridge: Well, why don't you just walk out that door then?

Deacon: You know, that's exactly what I'm going to do. Ridge, I didn't come here for this. Take care.

Ridge: You know, Deacon, you, Rick, Amber, even whip think you know what's going on. You think that tending bars and knocking up teenagers is going to qualify you for running a company like Forrester. Well, you just give it your best shot, because I've got news for you. Your day's coming. You're playing with the big boys now.

Deacon: "Big boys"?

Ridge: Mm-hmm.

Deacon: It seems to me all you do is draw dresses. Lately, you can't even seem to do that, can you?

Ridge: Yeah, thanks to you.

Deacon: That was an accident, Ridge, and I am sorry about it. But you get this straight -- we're in the beginning of a new era here. Accept it. Deacon.

[ Deacon laughs ]

Deacon: You know, man, your brother was right about you. You are a little crybaby.

Ridge: He took away everything that I've ever worked for. You know that? He ripped my life apart. Now -- now it's my turn.


Get it on yeah, get it on

announcer: Get it on. Tomorrow --

Ridge: You lowlife piece of scum!

Announcer: Ridge is pushed to the limit.

Ridge: I want to teach you a lesson, you and your playground conspirators.

Announcer: And he's about to get it on.

Deacon: Take your best shot.

Ridge: Don't tempt me, Deacon. Get it on yeah, get it on


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