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The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 5/7/02

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[Phone ringing]

Erica: I'm coming. I'm coming. Oh, not Mom again. There's no way I'm taking that call. [Knock on door] Who is it?

Ziggy: It's your landlord.

Erica: Hey, Ziggy.

Ziggy: Hey, kiddo. Your phone's ringing.

Erica: Yeah, I know. So what's up?

Ziggy: Brought over a few parking passes for out front.

Erica: Oh, thanks.

Ziggy: That's some collection you got there. Forresters, huh?

Erica: Yeah.

Ziggy: I hate to pull the plug on your pipe dream, but you're kinda puny to be a model, ain't ya'?

Erica: I don't want to be a model. I just -- I think the Forresters are really cool. I admire them.

Ziggy: Don't tell me that's why you came to L.A.? [Ziggy laughs] Well, you should have saved yourself the bus fare, kid. You're never gonna meet those people.

Erica: Don't sell me short, Ziggy. I'm a resourceful girl. Maybe I already have a way in.

Ms. Benton: Good move, Zende.

Ben: Yeah, good for me.

Zende: Ms. Benton, is Erica working today?

Ms. Benton: I'm not sure. I didn't even know she was going to be with us.

Zende: You haven't talked to her?

Ben: Hey, it's your turn, lover boy.

Ben: Hey, Leah. Guess what? Zende likes Erica.

Leah: Eww, gross! She's like in high school.

Sajji: Zende and Erica sitting in a tree --

All: K-I-s-s-I-n-g!

Leah: Did you kiss her?

Zende: No!

Ben: Well, why not? You love her! [Singing] Zende loves Erica Zende loves Erica [Making kissing noises] [Brooke remembering]

Bridget: Mom, Deacon's so sweet. He's so special. And he's completely devoted to me. I love him more than anything in the world. I finally met a man I can trust. [Echoing] A man I can trust. A man I can trust. [Bridget trailing off]

Whip: You gotta stop this, Brooke. The sooner you accept the fact that it's over and forget about Deacon, the sooner you can get on with your own life.

Deacon: Ow!

Megan: Oh, great. You're back. I've got a ton of things to go over -- Deacon? Oh, my God! What happened to you?

Deacon: What do you think happened, Megan?

Megan: Whip did this?

Deacon: Yeah. Of course, he had to wait until I was sleeping to do it. The guy's such a coward.

Megan: Wait a minute, I thought you went there to surprise him.

Deacon: I did.

Megan: And you wound up in a fight?

Deacon: Megan, I just had to get the guy away from Brooke. I -- I -- I just went to Paris to bring the guy back, I swear.

Megan: Well, did you?

Deacon: No, I didn't. He's still there.

Megan: I don't understand.

Deacon: Megan, I -- I screwed up, all right? I get over there and -- and Whip's in her room. She's in the bathroom. And the guy starts taunting me, you know? He's saying all this stuff about Brooke, and I lost it. I just, I -- I clocked him. I just knocked him out. I should have just got on the plane and come back, but of course, no. I couldn't do that. I -- I had to stay. I had to go in and see Brooke. Megan, she just looked so beautiful. And I -- I didn't mean for this to happen. That's not why I went over to Paris.

Megan: Deacon, no. Not you and Brooke? Not again?

Ziggy: You think you're gonna meet the Forresters?

Erica: I already have.

Ziggy: Yeah? Where? Did you park their car or something?

Erica: I went to the hospital. Amber Forrester was sick, and I brought her flowers. I'm not a stalker. I just -- I wanted to help. Amber and Rick are such incredible people. I respect their family so much -- Eric and Stephanie and all their children. I grew up reading about them. My mom used to buy all the fashion magazines -- even the professional ones, like "eye on fashion." And when I was little, I remember thinking that they were the most glamorous people in the world. Just like royalty, except down to earth. And I just knew that one day, I would come back to L.A. And I would meet them.

Ziggy: Come back to L.A.? So you -- you've been here before?

Erica: I was born here, but I don't remember any of it. When we moved away, I was just a baby.

Ziggy: Got any family here?

Erica: No, but I'm meeting people. In fact, that reminds me. I have to meet somebody right now.

Ziggy: Amber Forrester?

Erica: Not quite.

Ziggy: Okay. Look, kid. I gotta tell you, I've seen a thousand girls come through this complex -- girls just like you, all wide-eyed and hungry, full of big dreams. But most of those dreams don't come true, and they get back on the bus, and they skip out on the rent.

Erica: Yeah, well, not me. I've only been here a few days, and things are already coming together, Ziggy. I've met Amber Forrester. I have this apartment. And I'm helping out at the school across the street.

Ziggy: Baby-sitting a bunch of 12-year-olds ain't gonna get you any closer to your dreams.

Erica: You might be surprised, Ziggy. You might be very, very surprised.

Kristen: Well, good morning.

Tony: Good morning to you. Thank you.

Kristen: You're welcome. You know, you should probably pack up. You're gonna be late.

Tony: Actually, I think I'm gonna stick around here for a while -- if you don't mind.

Kristen: No, not at all. Are you kidding? You deserve a break. You've been working a lot these last few days.

Tony: Hey, I'm sorry about Amber's party. I really wanted to be there.

Kristen: Yeah, Sally has been working you awfully hard. What's going on?

Tony: I can't talk about that.

Kristen: All right. Well, I guess the men in this family are entitled to their little secrets.

Tony: What are you talking about?

Kristen: I think our son has a little crush. [Tony chuckles]

Brooke: Whip, I just want to be alone right now.

Whip: Sorry. I can't do that.

Brooke: I know what you're going to say, and I don't want to get into it.

Whip: You know, correct me if I'm wrong, we had a deal. Do you remember last night? You said you would listen to me.

Brooke: Whip, I'm just really tired. I didn't sleep at all last night, and I'm just not feeling good.

Whip: You know what? That's it. We're going home.

Brooke: No. I can't.

Whip: Well, hiding out here isn't going to do anything, Brooke. It sure isn't gonna cure your guilt. And it certainly hasn't erased your feelings for Deacon. So come on, let's go. Let's go back to L.A. Let's deal with this whole thing.

Brooke: You told me I had to stay away from Deacon.

Whip: Yeah, I said that. But he's still in your head, and he always will be no matter where you go. Will you accept the fact that you do not have a future with this man, and you never will? It's not gonna happen. [Whip sighs] Will you give up on him, Brooke, please, totally? Just let go of him. He is your daughter's husband. He's nothing to you, and he never will be. If you want to get past this, you're gonna have to go back to L.A., And you're gonna have to start over, all right? You've gotta cut him out of your heart. You have to shut him out of your life. Show him- show him your strength, all right? Show him how much you love your daughter. Leave them alone, Brooke. Start a life of your own. You've gotta do it. You've gotta do it for yourself, for Bridget and for this child that is inside of you.

Brooke: I know. I know, and I want to. I really do. I just don't know how.

Whip: You have to -- you have to throw away your old life completely. You know, no more hedging your bets. No more maybes. No more good tries. You have to commit. You have to make an ironclad commitment to your future. There's only one way to do that. I'm not gonna take no for an answer this time. I want you to marry me, Brooke.

Megan: You slept together? You and Brooke made love?

Deacon: I didn't mean to.

Megan: Oh, it was an accident? Deacon, people don't have sex by accident. You're adults. You knew what you were doing. Don't give me --

Deacon: Megan, it's like when I'm around her, I don't even -- I can't even think.

Megan: This is getting way out of hand. I mean, don't you see that?

Deacon: You think I don't know that? This is starting to get so damn complicated when it should be easy. Simple. We love each other. She's having my baby. We should be together.

Megan: But you can't. You know that. Tell me you know that.

Deacon: Why? Why -- why do I know that? I mean, if we care about each other, if we love other, why can't this happen?! Why can't we at least try?!

Bridget: Deacon, you're back! Oh!

Deacon: Bridget, oh!

Bridget: I'm so glad you're home! I missed you so much!

Brooke: I appreciate what you're trying to do. But I -- I just --

Whip: You don't love me? I know.

Brooke: And you don't care?

Whip: I care about you, and Bridget and this baby.

Brooke: So do I, but --

Whip: No. No buts. What did I say? You can't do this halfway. If you want to keep this affair with Deacon a secret, you're gonna have to forget that it ever happened. Because if you leave that door open, even a crack, all those skeletons are gonna come tumbling out. You've gotta close it, lock it, throw away the key. And I am gonna help you do that. [Brooke sighs]

Brooke: Whip, you've never been married before. You don't know what it's all about. You can't just fake that kind of intimacy.

Whip: But we're not going to. This is going to be a real marriage -- probably the best one you've ever had. Come on. I am totally devoted to you. I love you. Hey, I've called the pilot. He's on his way back here to bring us home to L.A. And when we get there, we are going to plan the biggest, most lavish wedding that you can possibly plan in a week.

Brooke: A week?

Whip: Mm-hmm. Not a day later. The best past is, when you're standing up at that altar next to me, and you're looking out there, and you see Stephanie and Ridge, Bridget and Deacon, your whole family, you're going to look them all in the eyes, and you are going to declare your freedom. You're going to have a good life, Brooke. No -- we are going to have a great life. It's gonna take a commitment. You'll have to trust me. I can help save you, Brooke, if you accept this ring -- if you accept me as your husband.

Ms. Benton: Ben, if you cause another disruption like that, you won't play at all. It's not nice to tease your opponent. We'll set up over here. Oh, Erica, there you are.

Erica: Hi, ms. Benton.

Zende: Hi, Erica.

Erica: Hey, Zende.

Kids: "Hey, Zende."

Ms. Benton: We've got an odd number of players today. Would you mind sitting in for a while?

Erica: Sure. I'd love to.

Ms. Benton: Wonderful. Why don't you go ahead and play with -- Ben.

Erica: Okay, yeah. Sure thing.

Ms. Benton: Leah, you can play with Zende.

Leah: Yeah, sure. Okay. [Erica thinking]

Erica: Well, well, well. It's official. Zende Forrester Dominguez has a crush on me. Don't you worry, Zende. I will have plenty of time for you later.

Bridget: I'm sorry. I hope I didn't chase Megan off.

Deacon: No, baby, it's cool. We were done.

Bridget: So how was your trip? Successful?

Deacon: Not really.

Bridget: Oh? Honey, that's too bad.

Deacon: I guess you can't be prepared for everything.

Bridget: Oh, I guess not. No offense, but -- you look like you got run over by a truck.

Deacon: Thank you. I -- I needed that right now. [Bridget laughs] It was a crazy night.

Bridget: Yeah, I bet. I got your message about missing your connecting flight. What happened?

Deacon: Well, you know what -- it's a long story. [Phone rings]

Bridget: Oh, sorry. Hello? Hey, Mom! You're coming home? Really? When? Oh, that's great. What? You what?! No way. The two of you? I don't believe it. Oh, my God! Yes, that's fantastic! Yes, yes! Of course. I would love to! Mom, I am so happy! Okay. Okay. I'll see you tomorrow. Okay. Bye.

Deacon: What?

Bridget: Mom. She and Whip are coming home tomorrow. And guess what? She just asked me to be her matron of honor. Can you believe it?

Deacon: What?

Bridget: Yeah, yeah. As soon as they get back, they're getting married. Honey, isn't this great?! Oh, God!

Whip: You did the right thing. You won't be sorry. 

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