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The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 5/3/02

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[Whip groans]

Brooke: I don't know what to say.

Deacon: Baby, don't say a word. This moment is just so perfect. I don't want anything to spoil it.

Sally: Okay, so what we have here is your basic paper chase -- your annual reports, your quarterly projections and your sales reports, as insignificant as those may be.

Ridge: I've got a meeting in a few minutes with Clarke. Can we go over all this later?

Sally: Well, that shouldn't be necessary. Aren't you the guy that really knows how to run a company like this, huh? Surely you can do it yourself. Come and see me when you got a plan, okay, chief?

Stephanie: Excuse me, Sally?

Ridge: Hello, Mother.

Stephanie: Hello, darling. Am I interrupting anything?

Sally: No, no, your boy here was just leaving.

Ridge: Look, Sally, I realize you're less than thrilled with the situation. But I am the C.E.O., and as such, I expect to be treated with a little bit of respect.

Sally: Oh, well, you see, but this is not Forrester Creations. You know, this is not a monarchy. We don't have princes here. We have workers, okay? Spectra Fashions is a democracy. And you get what you give.

Ridge: In case you hadn't noticed, everything under this roof now belongs to me. Now, as long as I'm in charge, I get what I want. Do you understand?

Stephanie: Darling, why don't you give Sally and I a moment alone.

Ridge: Yeah, no problem.

Sally: You're wasting your time, highness. I got nothing to say to you.

Stephanie: Sally, put a lid on it.

Bridget: Oh, wait, let me read this review. This one's even better.

Zende: Look, Mom. This one has a picture of Amber, too. She's like totally famous.

Bridget: You bet she is. "Fashion's new breakout star."

Thorne: There you go, yeah.

Eric: I think maybe this calls for a toast.

Amber: No, no.

Thorne: Hear, hear!

Amber: No, please. I know what you guys are doing. You're trying to cheer me up. And I think it's very sweet, but there's really no reason to make such a big fuss.

Thorne: Well, Amber, your collection's a hit. You had a home run your first time at bat.

Zende: You play baseball, too? [Laughter]

Eric: No, actually, she doesn't. But I'm told that you do.

Kristen: Yes, he does. His gym teacher says he's a natural.

Thorne: Zende, did you know that your papa Eric here was quite the ballplayer himself.

Zende: Really? What position?

Rick: This isn't working.

Bridget: She needs to be around people.

Rick: It's too soon. She's still grieving.

Bridget: I know. I know. We all are. But you have to move on. You and Amber have to focus on the future now.

Brooke: Oh, Deacon -- there is something I have to say.

Deacon: Mm, Brooke, there's nothing that you can say that I don't already know.

Brooke: I believe that.

Deacon: There's nothing that you're feeling that I'm not feeling. There are moments in life when it's -- it's the spaces between the words. It's the moments when you're not saying anything that say everything. There's nothing you need to tell me. This is undeniable.

Brooke: That's exactly why I have to say something.

Deacon: Tomorrow.

Brooke: Oh -- how do you do that -- make me forget every worry, every fear? All the ugliness and uncertainty disappears when I'm with you.

Deacon: That's because there's nothing that's ugly or uncertain about us. Baby, I know in my heart, with every single fiber of my being, that this is right, that this is exactly where I'm meant to be. And I don't just mean tonight -- I mean forever. When I'm with you, it just feels like I'm home.

Clarke: This is the sewing room. I realize it's not quite as high-tech as your operation down at Forrester.

Ridge: This place is a mess!

Clarke: Yes, it is a little bit disorganized.

Ridge: A little bit disorganized? This is a disaster, Clarke. Look at this fabric. How lovely. Are you making dresses or dust rags?

Clarke: All right. We need to make some changes -- major changes. But the foundation is here. We've got equipment. We've got the people. We've got the talent to compete with the big boys. All we need is capital.

Ridge: Garrison, I am not your cash cow here. I'm the C.E.O. It's going to take a hell of a lot more than money to put Spectra on top.

Clarke: Yes. I realize that. And that's why I'm so glad that you are here with us, rolling up your sleeves and working with us.

Ridge: Well, Sally still isn't too enthusiastic about all this.

Clarke: Oh, give her time. She just doesn't trust you yet.

Ridge: Yeah? Well, I've been as honest as I can be, Clarke.

Clarke: Yeah? Come on, give me a break about that. Oh, this speech about your reputation and restoring honor to the Forrester name -- that's bull. The truth is, you want revenge. You want to give your little baby brother and the new face of Forrester a big ugly black eye. And you want to use Spectra to do it.

Ridge: So what if I do? Do you have a problem with that?

Clarke: Personally? No. I've always had a lot to prove to you and to Forrester. But this vendetta? No, that's your business. Spectra is my business. And I am gonna do everything I can to make this company a success. Whatever it takes. You get us back in the game, and I promise you that Forrester Creations will be out of commission for good.

Rick: Hey. How are you?

Amber: I'm fine.

Rick: Well, you know, why don't we get over there before Thorne and Zende inhale all the pizza.

Kristen: Hey. There's Amber, our guest of honor.

Zende: I saved a piece of pepperoni for you.

Amber: Thank you, Zende.

Rick: Well, all right, everybody. I know that Amber didn't want to make a big deal out of this. But I want to thank you all for coming and for acknowledging Amber's incredible success. The new face of Forrester has proven itself with this collection. And with Amber's talent and your support, nothing can stop us.

Eric: You're absolutely right. Absolutely.


Brooke: Oh, Deacon -- you're gonna have to go home.

Deacon: You have no idea how much I wish I could stay here.

Brooke: Wishing isn't going to change a thing.

Deacon: What if it could? I mean, what if you could wish for anything, anything at all right this moment?

Brooke: Right now?

Deacon: Yeah.

Brooke: I have everything I want. I wouldn't change a thing.

Deacon: Me either.

Brooke: Mm.

Deacon: It's so amazing just to think what's going on inside your body -- this baby. I mean, I know that this happens all the time. I know that this is the most natural thing in the world. But it just blows me away. I can't help but feel like this is a miracle.

Brooke: Every child, every baby is a miracle.

Deacon: Yeah, but this is one's special. She has the most radiant, beautiful and loving mother. And she's got a daddy who would do anything for her. [Grunting]

Whip: What happened?

Sally: Save it, Stephanie. It's too late for apologies.

Stephanie: What makes you think that I've come here to apologize?

Sally: How quickly you forget. You remember the other day? You and me having a little heart-to-heart, talking about friendship, talking about fighting the good fight? I told you then that I would rather die than lose control of this company. And do you remember what you said to me?

Stephanie: Sally, I had no idea that Ridge was planning to do this.

Sally: Well, I'll tell you what you said to me. You said, maybe it's all for the best. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise for me to turn my company over to my enemy.

Stephanie: My son is not the enemy.

Sally: All right. No, he's not.

Stephanie: Brooke is. And that is precisely why you sold him the company, because you want to bring Brooke Logan down. [Grunting]

Whip: Somebody hit me. Who was it?

[Deacon laughing]

Whip: It was Deacon. Deacon's here.

Deacon: You know, I'd almost forgotten how beautiful you are. God, I've missed you so much, Brooke.

Brooke: I've missed you.

Deacon: Wait, whoa. Hey, hey. Come on. Don't make that face.

Brooke: I can't help it.

Deacon: What did you just tell me? That when you're with me, it takes all the fear away.

Brooke: Well, maybe you shouldn't. Maybe I need to have those fears.

Deacon: For what?

Brooke: To remind me what's at stake. You're married to my daughter.

Deacon: But I love you.

Brooke: But it's wrong.

Deacon: Brooke, listen to me. I don't want to hurt Bridget. And I did not intend for this to happen again. But dammit, I'm not gonna -- I'm not gonna feel guilty about the fact that we love each other.

Brooke: Will you stop saying that, please?

Deacon: Fine, I'll stop saying it, but I'm not gonna stop feeling it. I can't. And neither can you. Because you know it's right.

Brooke: But you have to go home.

Deacon: Not yet. Not right now.

Amber: So, Zende, I hear you like to play chess.

Zende: We have a club at my school.

Amber: Wow, I always thought that was a really hard game.

Zende: Not really. You just have to guess where your opponent's going to move next.

Eric: Sounds like we have the makings of a good businessman here.

Kristen: Yeah, well, no surprise there. We've got lots of them in this family.

Bridget: Everybody -- before the party breaks up, there's someone I think we should mention. This collection was a team effort, but it never could have happened without Mom. She gave Amber the go ahead. She recognized her talent, and she took a chance. And that's the kind of woman my mom is. You know, she may have her problems, but she's always followed her heart and her instincts, and they paid off again. So, here's to Mom. I wish she could be here with us right now, but she's here in spirit. And it's that spirit and that boldness and that creativity that's going to inspire Forrester and everything that happens in its future.

Rick: Hear, hear!

Eric: Absolutely.

All: Hear, hear!

Brooke: Deacon, my love -- what are we doing? Why does this keep happening to us?

Whip: You son of a bitch. I told you to leave Brooke alone. She came here to get away from you. But you just couldn't let her go, could you? No. You're just not gonna give up. Big mistake, Deacon. You should have stayed in L.A. 

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