B&B Transcript Thursday 4/25/02

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 4/25/02

By Linda

>> Ridge: So Amber's home now? That's good. Good, good. Yeah, if you want, go ahead and send flowers. That'll be fine. All right. I'll see you at home. I love you. Well, baby brother, my guess is your mind's on anything but business right now -- which means you won't even see me coming.

>> Massimo: Ridge, my office.

>> Ridge: What for?

>> Massimo: The admiral has made some time in his schedule.

>> Ridge: Well, go ahead and start without me.

>> Massimo: Ridge -- I want you to sit in on this meeting.

>> Ridge: I have another appointment.

>> Massimo: With whom?

>> Ridge: No one you'd be interested in.

>> Massimo: It's with a Forrester, right? Ridge, when the hell are you gonna stop wallowing in this rag-trade swamp?

>> Ridge: Oh, you'd be surprised how quickly I'll settle this score, Massimo. So will my little brother.

>> Sally: Oh, lord, I swear -- take this hangover pain away from me, and I promise -- I promise with all my heart that I will never touch another drop of whiskey as long as I live.

>> Tony: Sally, we have a problem.

>> Sally: Oh, honey, what else is new?

>> Tony: The sewing department's ready to walk!

>> Sally: Well, they can't do that! What are you talking about? Of course they can do that. Of course they can do that. I don't know what to do about it, Antonio. I know they all want a raise in salary, and they all deserve it!

[ Singing ]

>> Darla: Signatures por favor

>> sally: What are these?

>> Darla: That's a purchase order for Tony's fabrics.

>> Sally: Oh, forget that. I already took care of that.

>> Darla: I don't think so, honey.

>> Sally: Well, sure -- with Clarke. Last night, he gave them to me, and I signed them.

>> Darla: No, no, no, no. Sal, I had these locked in my desk all night.

>> Sally: What? Well, what did he have me sign last night?

>> Ridge: Yeah. Good, send him in. Garrison.

>> Clarke: Good morning, boss.

>> Ridge: What did you say?

>> Clarke: That's what you are -- the new owner of spectra fashions. Congratulations.

>> ridge: You actually got sally to sign this?

>> Clarke: I told you I would. I hope this shows you can count on me, ridge. You know, you've got something to prove here. So do I. We're both fighting for the same thing -- for dignity, for respect, for something to leave our children and their children. You know, I know what it's all about, just like you do.

>> Ridge: Does sally know?

>> Clarke: Of course she does, but she's never had the money or the connections. It's been an uphill battle for her every day of her life, and for a long time, I think she enjoyed it. In fact, she loved being the underdog. But now -- now she's just tired -- ever since macy died. She drags herself into work every day. The joy is gone. I tell you, it's painful to watch somebody who loved what she did just go through the motions.

>> Ridge: Is that why she decided to sell?

>> Clarke: No. That's why I wanted her to sell. I couldn't bare to watch it anymore. I care too much about her. The reason that she signed is she was drunk.

>> Ridge: What?

>> Clarke: Three sheets to the wind, out of her gourd. I don't think she even remembers.

>> Ridge: Oh, Clarke! Than this is useless! There's no way it'll go.

>> Clarke: I know that. And sally will know it, too. But she'll also know that she'll face a long and ugly court battle.

>> Ridge: Which we'd lose. I want nothing to do with that.

>> Clarke: Ridge, you're missing the point! You have something on her now. She didn't have to take you seriously before, and now she does. This gets your foot in the door. After that, it's up to you.

>> Clarke: You won't be sorry, ridge.

>> Ridge: Hopefully, I won't have to use this, Clarke. It's not the way I like to do business. Massimo, good. Come on in. Clarke, Massimo. Massimo, Clarke.

>> Massimo: Pleasure. I've heard about you.

>> Clarke: Likewise.

>> Ridge: I need your signature on something, my friend.

>> Massimo: On what?

>> Ridge: A bill of sale. I'm making my first acquisition.

>> Massimo: What is it you're buying?

>> Ridge: Uh, spectra fashions.

>> Massimo: You're kidding? Sally's never gonna agree to that.

>> Ridge: What would you say if I told you she already has?

>> Massimo: How in the world did you get her to sign that? That company runs in her blood.

>> Ridge: Well, that's a long story, I'm afraid, but it's not actually a done deal yet.

>> Massimo: Good. That means you can still get out of it.

>> Ridge: Massimo, you know why I'm doing this.

>> Massimo: Yes, because you want revenge.

>> Ridge: I want resolution.

>> Massimo: Oh, and you're willing to throw away everything I'm going to give you?

>> Ridge: No, I'm not.

>> Massimo: All right, then -- you tell me. Do you think that perhaps you can run a billion-dollar empire on the side? Or maybe even as a hobby?

>> Ridge: Look, I want this over and done with as badly as you do. That's why I want spectra. I don't even have to start from scratch. They've got the whole operation -- the equipment, the staff. They're up and running.

>> Massimo: Limping is more like it.

>> Ridge: So much the better. You buy an operation that's top-notch, and what have you proved? Nothing. If I buy a little rag-tag outfit, whip it into shape, give it dignity, class, the world renown that I wanted to bring to Forrester, then and only then have I made my point.

>> Massimo: Then could you move on?

>> Ridge: Yes.

>> Massimo: Give me the damn thing.

>> Clarke: Darla, get sally on the phone.

[ Buzzer rings ]

>> sally: Yeah, Darla? Really? Good, I want to talk to him. Clarke, thank goodness you called. Listen, I got to talk to you. I've got a lot of questions about last night --

>> Clarke: Later. I'm bringing some people over to meet you.

>> Sally: Who? What people? What people are you bringing over here?

>> Clarke: Very important



>> Sally: Are you serious? Real investors? You're not putting me on? This is not gonna be one of those set-ups where I'm gonna meet with a bunch of junior high school, over-achieving, future leaders of tomorrow, is it? Is this for real?

>> Clarke: Yes, sally. This is the real deal. These people are exactly what spectra needs. We're on our way.

>> Sally: Clarke, wait --


Darla, come in here right

away, honey.

I need you.

>> Darla: Yeah, Sal?

>> Sally: Darla, I've just had the most incredible news. I just got off the phone with Clarke garrison, okay? He says that he has lined up a couple of bigwigs with very deep pockets, very interested in possibly investing in this company!

>> Darla: No!

>> Sally: Yes! Do you realize what this means, Darla?! This means that we are out of trouble! Honey, this is the answer to all of our prayers!

[ Squealing gleefully ]

>> Darla: Yes! Oh, baby!

>> Gary: Here we are.

>> Rick: The whole Forrester family's gonna be here someday. Dad bought this plot years ago. We'll be right there with our children -- if that's okay with you. I want you to feel good about this spot. We'll probably be coming here often. Amber? Okay.

>> Gary: We can bring them to you whenever you're ready.

>> Rick: Now.

[ Amber sobbing ]

>> Gary: Would you like some time alone? I'll be in the office.

[ Amber sobbing ]

>> Tony: Who are these investors?!

>> Sally: Clarke could not be too specific, okay? But obviously they're big, because he said it sounds very promising, all right?

>> Tony: They couldn't have picked a better time!

>> Sally: They're here? They're here. All right, everybody. Come on, come on. Look smart.

>> Clarke: Here they are.

>> Massimo: Hello, Sally.

>> Sally: Clarke, what is this? What are you trying to pull?

>> Clarke: Sally, just hear them out. They've got a proposition, and a very good one.

>> Sally: Oh, I'm sure they do. Mr. Marone, Mr. Forrester -- I did not invite you to this place, and I would like you to leave. I would like you to beat it right now!

>> Tony: Sally -- Sally, stop it! Clarke, you said you had some investors lined up. He was talking about you?

>> Ridge: Uh, not exactly.

>> Sally: Clarke, I think I'm gonna throw you out along with these two. What do you think you're doing?!

>> Clarke: Sally, I am just trying to help you. I want to save Spectra, and these gentlemen want to buy it.

>> Massimo: Sally, we are prepared to make you a very generous offer.

>> Sally: I'm sure you are. Well, I'll tell you what. I am prepared to make the two of you a very generous counteroffer. I am prepared to allow the two of you to leave my building with your heads still attached to your bodies! How's that for an offer, all right?!

>> Clarke: Sally --

>> Sally: Listen, I know the kind of people you are. You think that everybody and everything can be bought. Well, not me! You can't buy me nor my company either! I want you to take your phony offer and your phony charm and slither on out of here.

>> Clarke: Sally --

>> Sally: You are never going to own Spectra Fashion -- never!

>> Clarke: Sally, they already do!

[Clarke holds up the document she signed]

[ Phone ringing ]

>> Bridget: Hello? Hi, dad, yeah. I'm baby-sitting. Oh, they didn't tell you? They're at the cemetery. Both babies. Well, yeah. I think you could make it if you left soon. Amber has this thing about not wanting to bother anyone, but I think she'd really appreciate it if you were there. Okay. All right, I'll see you later. Bye.

[ Amber sobbing ]

>> Rick: Amber --

>> Amber: I'm okay. I'm okay.

>> Rick: No, Amber, you're not. You're not. Look, I'm gonna take you home.

>> Amber: No! No, no. I have to do this. I need to.

>> Rick: Okay. You don't have to be afraid, because even though we're saying good-bye, they'll always be with us. They're always going to be with us.

[ Amber sobbing ]

[ Amber sobbing ]

>> Amber: Oh, no!

>> Rick: It's okay, honey. It's okay. I'm here, I'm here. You can go ahead and cry.

[ Amber sobbing ] you're right, honey. This is the hardest part, and we need this. We need to know our children will never be alone again. They'll always be together, and we can come and see them, talk to them.

[ Amber sobbing ]

>>Rick: Everything will get better if we can just hold on, okay? We can just hold on, Amber.

[ Amber sobbing ] you can do this.

>> Amber: It's so real. I don't want it to be.

[ Amber sobbing ] my little babies. All I wanted in the whole world was just to be with you.

[ Amber sobbing ] why did you leave me?

[ Amber sobbing ]




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