B&B Transcript Wednesday 4/24/02

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 4/24/02

By Linda
Proofread by Becky

Ridge: Come on in Clarke.

Clarke: Ridge, this is quite an impressive office here. Wow!

Ridge: Thank you. Now, what can I do for you, Clarke?

Clarke: Well, you called the meeting. You said you had a business proposal?

Ridge: I have a business proposal for Sally, yes.

Clarke: Everything at Spectra goes through me.

Ridge: You and I both know that isn't true, Clarke.

Clarke: All right. Well, let's put it this way -- if your proposal involves Spectra Fashions, I'm on your side. I can make it happen. If it doesn't involve Spectra Fashions, then -- I'm not interested, and I can be on my way. Are we finished here?

Ridge: No.


[ Knock at door ]

Sally: What now? Please! What is it?! Come on in! Hello, Stephanie. Please, come in. Obviously, bad news travels fast.

Stephanie: What bad news?

Sally: Well, try to guess. I mean, what would be the best thing that could possibly happen to Forrester right about now?

Stephanie: Brooke Logan woke up and was paralyzed from the waist down.

[ Sally laughs ]

Sally: That's a good one. But you see, that would benefit both of us. No, I'm talking about a specific Forrester benefits, you know? Such as if the Spectra woman suddenly disappeared from the L.A. Fashion scene altogether. Now, that would be cause for you to celebrate, wouldn't it?

Stephanie: No, it wouldn't.

[ Sally laughs ]

Sally: Oh, you really know how to hurt a guy, don't you? I mean, obviously, we don't even register at all on the Forrester worry screen anymore.

Stephanie: Well, Spectra has never been a worry for me. But I am concerned about you.

Sally: Oh, please don't do that. I'm in a very vulnerable state right now, and I will reach out to anyone who offers to help. So please don't take advantage, okay?

Stephanie: Fear not. I won't. But I am worried about you.

Sally: Why?


[ Phone rings ]

Rick: Hello?

Brooke: Hi, honey.

Rick: Mom --

Brooke: Did you and Amber just get in? I've been calling.

Rick: Um, I just got in. Amber might be resting.

Brooke: Oh. Well, she must be pretty tired after that fashion show.

Rick: You heard about it?

Brooke: Yeah. There was a really nice article in "le monde." Sounds like it was a smash hit.

Rick: I have some bad news. Amber lost the baby.

Brooke: Oh -- oh, no.

Rick: It -- it was a -- it was a kidney problem, and they had to operate. And the baby didn't make it.

Brooke: Oh, sweetheart, I'm so sorry.

Rick: Yeah, so are we.

Brooke: Honey, look, I'm coming home, okay? Because you need me, and Amber needs me. I know how important this baby was to you.

Rick: Yes, Mom, it was, but look, Amber and I really need to be alone right now, okay? Just -- we'll be okay. Just say a prayer for us.

Brooke: Is -- is Amber resting? You said she was.

Rick: She's, um -- she's on pain medication. That stuff really knocks her out.

Brooke: Okay. Well, when she gets up, will you have her give me a call? I want to talk to her.

Rick: Yeah. You know what? Actually, she's -- she's coming down right now. Hang on. Honey, it's -- it's mom. She wants to talk to you. Come on. She feels really terrible for us.

Amber: Hello?

Brooke: Oh, Amber.


Sally: Tell me something, Stephanie. What is this sudden concern about me, huh? You don't care about me. We've got nothing in common except a certain icy disdain for each other.

Stephanie: We have more in common than that.

Sally: Oh, yeah? Well, in business maybe, sure. We're both in the fashion business. You own one fashion house, I own another. Yours is very successful and very upscale. Mine is sort of like an old, veteran soldier slogging through the mud who's been wounded in battle too many times and ought to be retired, okay? I'm sure it will not come as any shock to you to find out that several finance companies are thinking about putting us away -- permanent retirement, hmm? Listen, why don't you have a drink with me. We can drink to that, okay? You know, I find a great consolation in a good drink. And I frankly think that the way things are now, it's the only consolation I find, here in the bottle -- in the bottom of a whiskey glass.

Stephanie: Well, booze has never solved any problem, has it? Now, Sally -- Sally, I'm sure everyone in your Spectra family -- Darla, Clarke, everyone -- is worried about you.

Sally: Yeah, well, Clarke and Darla, sure. I mean, they've been with me so long it feels like forever. And Clarke can be a very bad boy, you know? But it's a funny thing lately. I've begun to trust him, to rely on him a whole lot more. Of course, I'm always giving him a lot of heat these days, too.

Stephanie: Well, Clarke is like a gong. He needs to be struck regularly.

[ Sally laughs ] true. But I'll tell you something funny. At the end of the day, what you see is what you get with Clarke Garrison. He'd never do anything behind your back.

Stephanie: That's because he isn't smart enough, Sally.

[ Sally laughs ]

Ridge: Clarke, what would you say if I told you I wanted to buy a company? A fashion house -- something established, with a lot of upside potential.

Clarke: Keep talking.

Ridge: I want to run it as CEO and turn it into a major player.

Clarke: You want to restore your name as a designer.

Ridge: That would be my business.

Clarke: Ridge, what happened to you was wrong. It was a blow to the entire fashion world.

Ridge: Clarke, you don't have to kiss up to me. I know what I'm worth and what I have to do to prove it.

Clarke: I'm not kissing up to you. But when a top designer gets stabbed in the back by some punk novice, it doesn't help this industry, it hurts it. You were at the top of your form. You were taken down in some cheap and underhanded way. I can't imagine what that would be like.

Ridge: No. No, you can't.

Clarke: I'm not telling you anything you don't know already. But as one designer to another, it's time for you to get back in the game. I know you can't draw right now, but you can teach. You can oversee. You can mentor. Ridge, I could still learn a few things from you.

Ridge: Well, thank you, Clarke. I appreciate that. You may get your chance. I want to buy Spectra Fashions.


Rick: Can I get you something?

Amber: A glass of water.

Rick: Okay. Didn't I see you take one of those about an hour ago?

Amber: It was longer than that.

Rick: Look, you be careful. Those things are addictive.

[ Amber sighs ]

Amber: I want a funeral.

Rick: What?

Amber: For my babies.

Rick: Your "babies"?

Amber: I owe them that.

Rick: Amber, our son is buried in Furnace Creek, but our daughter --

Amber: Can't you, like, dig him up?

Rick: You mean exhume the body? Yeah, we can do that, Amber. But why?

Amber: 'Cause I want them to be together.

Rick: Oh, honey, they are together.

Amber: No, next to each other.

Rick: Look, Amber, our children are happy. They're with god. They are never gonna suffer again.

Amber: Please do this for me.

Rick: No. Amber, this isn't good. We can have a memorial service for our daughter, but --

Amber: No, I want them here! Both of them! I need this, Rick. I failed them as a mother. The least I can do is unite them in death. I have to do one good thing for my children. Please -- let it be this.


Stephanie: Sally, how bad are things here at Spectra?

Sally: Well, I'll tell you, Stephanie -- the barbarians are definitely at the gate. But I intend to go on fighting until the last dog is hung. They are gonna have to carry me out of here, feet first.

Stephanie: Sometimes these things are a blessing in disguise. One door closes, another opens.

Sally: That's a very nice philosophy. But it doesn't work for me. This company means too much to me. I won't let it go. I will never let it go!

Clarke: You want to buy Spectra? It's yours.

Ridge: You think Sally would sell?

Clarke: Honestly, the company's going to the dogs. You could get it for a song.

Ridge: Is that so?

Clarke: Yeah, but you better act now, because it's getting really rough. I mean, Tony's gonna leave.

Ridge: Would he stay if I bought the place?

Clarke: Unless he gets another offer first.

Ridge: You're awfully anxious to see this happen, Clarke.

Clarke: Spectra means a great deal to me. It's a good business. And with you, it would be a great business. I mean, imagine -- you, me, Tony -- what a lineup! A dream team. We would blow the competition out of the water.

Ridge: That's the idea. Sally wouldn't even listen to my proposal, though.

Clarke: You leave Sally to me.

Ridge: What does that mean?

Clarke: I'll take care of it.

Ridge: How would you do that, Clarke?

Clarke: Believe me, I've got my ways.

Ridge: I don't know. I have a mission to accomplish here. I think I'll buy another company.

Clarke: Ridge, you want Spectra Fashions -- for a lot of reasons. So give me a chance. One day. Give me 24 hours.

Ridge: All right, Clarke. Here's the purchase agreement and my offer. You fill in the blanks and get her to sign it in 24 hours. After that, I go somewhere else.

Clarke: We're going into business, Ridge. Count on it.


Rick: Amber, listen to me. You did nothing to fail those children. You did everything you could to bring them into this world alive.

Amber: Don't you want this, too?

Rick: Of course, I do, Amber. But, look, you're talking about digging up a coffin that has been in the ground for a couple of years. Amber, that's crazy.

Amber: I want to give our children a dignified burial.

Rick: You gave our son a dignified burial.

Amber: Yeah, out in the middle of the desert where no one can even visit him.

Rick: His spirit will always be with us, Amber.

Amber: No, it'll haunt you, Rick. It's already haunting me.

Rick: Come on, Amber.

Amber: No. Just try to see this from my point of view, okay? I gave birth to two children -- two precious little souls. You say it's not my fault, but if you were in my position, you would feel the same way. I'm a woman, Rick. And as a woman, the most basic thing she can do in the world is bring a child into it. But I couldn't. They were counting on me and I let them down. That's the only way to see it. Well, maybe I am a failure as a mother, and as a woman -- but I still know the difference between right and wrong. My children -- all they have is each other now. And I want them buried side by side. We will have a double funeral.


[ Type writer typing ]

Clarke: Now, all I need is her signature and the company belongs to Ridge.

[Sally singing]

Sally: When Irish eyes are smiling' sure 'tis like a morning' spring in the fields of Irish laughter you can hear the angels sing. Hello, Bucky.

Clarke: Hello, Sally.

Sally: Hey, would you care to join me in a wee drop of this good stuff here? Okay, just a minute. Let me -- whoa!

Clarke: Here. Here, let me help you out here a bit.

Sally: Help yourself.

Clarke: Just a wee bit more for you for luck.

Sally: Thank you kind sir. Whoa, whoa. Hey, you wouldn't be trying to get me drunk so you can take advantage of me, would you, mister?

Clarke: Bottoms up. I wouldn't have to get you drunk to take advantage of you.

[Sally laughs]

Sally: Well, that's certainly true enough, because you know I have always been a sucker for a handsome man.

Clarke: You know, I'm a lot more than just a pretty face. I did something very special today.

Sally: What?

Clarke: I got Tony to accept a cheaper fabric. I have the purchase order right here.

Sally: Oh, you never did. You never did.

Clarke: Oh, yes, I did. Yes, I did. You know me. The powers of persuasion.

Sally: Oh! Amazing. Yes, good for you.

Clarke: There you go.

Sally: What do you want?

Clarke: I just -- you know, take care of that there.

Sally: What?

Clarke: Right there. You know, the purchase orders.

Sally: Oh, all right, here we go. It's just -- you're amazing. That's really wonderful.

Clarke: Thanks. Right there.

Sally: Okay.

Clarke: So Sally --

Sally: Hmm?

Clarke: I always have your best interests in mind. Remember that, okay?

Sally: Oh, I know that. I know that. Of course. Let's have a drink.

Clarke: Oh, just one little bit more here. Do you mind if I have a little --

Sally: Oh, help yourself.

Clarke: Thank you, thank you. Here, there you go. Oh.

Sally: That's fine. Thank you.

Clarke: Cheers.

Sally: Cheers.

[Clarke leaves]

Clarke: Yes! Oh, watch out, Forrester Creations. Ridge, old boy, you just bought yourself Spectra Fashions.


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