B&B Transcript Tuesday 4/23/02

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 4/23/02

By Linda
Proofread by Becky

Sofia: It's beautiful, no?

Clarke: It's beautiful, si! Tony, this is your best yet.

Darla: Oh, gosh, the fabric is just incredible. Here let me see. Sally, it feels like a dream.

Sally: Yeah, I'm sure it does -- a pipe dream, probably? Where did you buy it, hmm?

Tony: Exotica.

Sally: That's what I thought. It is a pipe dream. Very lovely, very lovely. Very, very sheik. Very expensive, hmm?

Tony: Sally, we'll just price it right.

Sally: No, it can't be done. What we will do is rethink the design and change the fabric. Sorry, buy it at -- material planet. Well?

Tony: Sally, we cannot get this kind of fabric at material planet.

Sally: I know that, Antonio, but what we can get is credit. We can't get that anywhere else. Everybody else demands cash on delivery. So since we have no cash -- that's it, period! Antonio, go back to the drawing board, give us something we can afford.

Clarke: Sally -- sally -- this is the centerpiece of Tony's new collection. And he is taking it to a whole new level. This is fabulous.

Sally: Yeah, I know. So is a rolls Royce, but what good is it if you can't afford it -- if all you can afford is an old, used Chevy. Listen, we got to start facing reality around here! Spectra fashions is sinking in a sea of debt, and it is about to drop like a stone.

Clarke: Sally, I don't know where this is coming from, but I don't like it. All right? So why don't you just -- why don't you just go home, relax. Just take the rest of the day off.

Sally: Ah, that's a wonderful idea. Just take the rest of the day off, and then come back tomorrow and everything is gonna be just fine, hmm? The whole place is gonna be running with milk and honey, and there's gonna be cash in all of the drawers. Is that it? I don't think so. I know life is a dream, and change is what makes it interesting. But I don't think much has changed around here. I'll tell you something. I don't think anything has changed around here since I first opened those doors all those years ago. You know what running this place has cost me? It's cost me everything -- every romantic engagement that I ever became involved in, all of it was given over to try and make a go with this company. And where do we end up here, hmm? All of you standing around, talking to me, telling me that I should go on spending money that I don't have. No, thank you. Oh, go on, just get out of here all of you. Please, just go -- go. Go on.


Eric: Look, son, I appreciate very much that you want to do something for me. But whatever it is -

Ridge: It's etched in stone, Dad. There's no turning back now. No, there's a debt to be paid here. They took the heart and soul of that company -- you and me -- and cut us out. Now it's payback time. You call it justice or whatever you like, but Rick, Brooke, Deacon and Amber, they made fools of you and me, and now it's time to rectify that. I'm sorry you're not gonna like hearing this, but hell is coming to Forrester creations. And I'm the one bringing it on.

Eric: Revenge -- that's what you're talking about here, revenge.

Ridge: No, Dad, vindication. You and I -- we had respect. We owned that industry. The one thing we didn't own was the company. That was our downfall.

Eric: So your plan is to get back control of the company.

Ridge: My plan is to destroy the company -- at least the company that Forrester has become.

Eric: My god. What are you gonna do, Ridge?

Ridge: Believe me, dad, you don't want to know. But it's all gonna happen from right here.

Eric: Does Massimo know about this?

>>Ridge: No, he doesn't know yet.

>>Eric: He thinks you're here to run his business.

Ridge: His business encompasses a lot.

Eric: But it doesn't encompass this, Ridge. He's never gonna approve of this, whatever it is.

Ridge: Well, you let me worry about that.

Eric: You can't do this, Ridge. You cannot put me in this position. This is brother against brother! And if that's what it takes to get back respectability, I don't want anything to do with it.

Ridge: Dad, I didn't start this! Rick's the one that engineered this whole takeover.

Eric: No, he didn't! Massimo did this! You seem to conveniently forget that every day! This man that you work for, the man who gave you all of this, orchestrated this whole thing.

Ridge: Dad, Massimo has vision. He saw the inevitable, and he did something about it, simple and clear.

Eric: This wasn't vision! This wasn't inevitability! It was manipulation!

Ridge: I was finished with Forrester years ago, dad, when Brooke took over. Massimo saw that the moment he stepped into town.

Eric: He interfered with our family business. He had no right to do that.

Ridge: And what if he didn't, huh? What if he didn't? Where would I be right now? Working for Rick? Designing for Amber? I was going nowhere, dad, and now Rick and Amber and the rest of them -- they're just gonna have to take a fall, 'cause I'm bringing them down. So you go back to my little brother, and you tell him there's a storm coming in, and he better be ready for it.

Eric: There's nothing you can do, Ridge. You're out of the fashion business.

Ridge: Only for now, dad.

Eric: All right, you stop this! You stop it right now. You get a hold of this hostility and this desire for revenge, and you get it out of your system. You are not going after your brother in any way, shape or form. I forbid it!


Tony: We need to find financing, Clarke, or Spectra's going to have to find a new designer.

Clarke: You know, this is no time for ultimatums. There will be no talk about jumping ship.

Tony: I need quality fabric, Clarke.

Clarke: And you will have it.

Tony: Not if Sally doesn't sign these purchase orders.

Clarke: You will get your fabric. I don't know how, but I will find a way.

Tony: Well, I hope so, Clarke. The last thing I want to do is leave Spectra. But I'm not going down with her, either. Come on, Sofia.

Darla: What are we gonna do?

Clarke: I don't know. You know, I'm not a praying man, but I think it's time for a miracle.

Darla: I don't know, Clarke. I think we're all out of miracles. I don't want to say it, but -- oh, my god, this could really be the end.


Kristen: Have you talked to Ridge at all?

Rick: Not since I saw him at the hospital.

Thorne: How did that go?

Rick: He pulled his usual victim routine. I mean, the only reason he was at the hospital in the first place was because Taylor dragged him there. Now why are we talking about him. He's a sore loser.

Kristen: Rick, he's your brother.

Rick: Well, he's certainly not acting like my brother. The Forresters come together in a time of crisis. And where's he? He's at home whining about how he got screwed.

Eric: That's not true.

Rick: What are you talking about, Dad?

Eric: Rick, you get on the phone right now. You call Ridge. You tell him you want to see him.

Rick: Why?

Eric: Because this has gone far enough. Do you know what your brother is doing right now? He's planning his revenge against this company.

Rick: Well, bring it on.

Eric: No! No, I'm not going to have this family torn any further apart over business differences.

Rick: What do you want me to tell him, dad? What could I possibly say to Ridge to make him feel better about me?

Kristen: Rick, you could offer him his job back.

Rick: He doesn't want that. And besides, he can't design.

Thorne: What do you think he wants, Dad, besides revenge? You know what? I'm gonna call him. Where is he? Is he at home?

Eric: No. He's at Marone industries.

Rick: Well, what's he doing there?

Eric: He's taken a job with Massimo.

Thorne: He's in the shipping business. Why would Ridge do that?


Sherman: Container ships carry freight in large aluminum containers. And there are two types -- liners, which travel scheduled routes and tramps, which have no fixed schedule. As you can see on the map --

Massimo: Ridge? The map.

Sherman: As I was saying, liners travel routes between the east and west coasts of America servicing the entire world. The tramps provide service between the foreign ports.

Massimo: Ridge! Excuse me. Are you paying attention?

Ridge: No, Massimo, actually, I'm not.

Massimo: What is the problem?

Ridge: Just other things on my mind. That's all.

Massimo: Like what?

Ridge: Just personal business. That's all.

Massimo: Sherman, if you don't mind -- give us a moment of privacy, please?

Sherman: Certainly.

Massimo: Thank you. Can you tell me what the hell is going on with you?

Ridge: Nothing you need to be concerned about.

Massimo: What do you mean "not be concerned," Ridge? You are running my organization. Of course I'm concerned.

Ridge: All right, then I'll tell you. I have another agenda here, Massimo. And it has nothing to do with supertankers.

Massimo: And what might that be?

Ridge: The fashion business. Specifically -- Forrester Creations.

Massimo: Your mind is on Forrester Creations?

Ridge: Unfinished business, Massimo.

Massimo: Unfinished -- Ridge, look around you. You are running an organization ten times the scope of Forrester Creations. Ridge, you have much larger fish to fry.

Ridge: And I will fry them, Massimo -- after I fry my brother.

Massimo: Oh, my goodness. You're being petty.

Ridge: I was made a fool of, Massimo -- not just in front of my friends, family and colleagues -- in front of the whole damn world. I had respect. I built a body of work second to no one. The name Ridge Forrester stood for quality.

Massimo: And this is your opportunity to prove yourself.

Ridge: My whole life's work wiped out! All my achievements -- forgotten. So do not tell me this is petty! This is my work. This is my life. I have a score to settle, and it's got to be settled before I do anything else. You're just gonna have to live with that.


Kristen: What could Ridge be doing for Massimo Marone?

Eric: He's running his operation.

Thorne: You're kidding.

Eric: At least that's what Marone thinks he hired him for.

Thorne: But Ridge has another agenda.

Eric: Yes, he does. But I told him he has to get all these thoughts of revenge out of his head.

Thorne: Well, that's good.

Rick: You know what, guys? I don't care what he's doing, as long as he stays away from us. We have problems of our own.

Eric: Well, that's just it, Rick. He's not gonna stay away from us. He's planning big trouble for us. Now listen to me, this is still a family business, and Ridge is still family. Now if you're vice president of this company, you take some responsibility. You get on this phone, you call Ridge and you diffuse this conflict with your brother before there's some kind of a bloodbath here.

Rick: What can he do to us, Dad? I mean, really, he has no say in this company. He owns just over ten percent of the stock. He can't do anything. He's gone. He's gone, and he's not coming back.

Kristen: Rick, I would not underestimate Ridge.

Rick: You know what, guys? Why are we even talking about this? We have a lot of work to do.

Kristen: Okay.

Rick: I say let him come after us. There's nothing he can do!

Eric: Damn it.


Clarke: I am not gonna let this company go down. There has got to be an answer.

[ Phone rings ]

Darla: Spectra Fashions.

Ridge: Sally Spectra, please.

Darla: Sorry, Sally's not available at the moment.

Ridge: She will be for me. Tell her it's Ridge Forrester calling.

[ Imitating new York accent ]

Darla: "Yeah, and you're talking to J. Lo."

Ridge: It's me, Darla. Will you put her on the phone.

Darla: Oh, I'm sorry, Ridge. Is there anything I can do for you?

Ridge: Tell her I have a business proposal.

Sally: Darla, didn't I tell you to get me some ice?

Darla: Uh, hold please. I've got Ridge Forrester on line one, Sal.

Sally: Ridge Forrester's on the line? Well, what does he want? No, never mind, whatever he wants, we ain't got it. Tell him that, and then get me some ice.

Darla: He says he has a business proposal.

Sally: I'm really not interested. Are you going deaf? I don't care what he wants. I don't want to buy it, whatever it is he's selling -- tell him that, all right? Do as I tell you.

Clarke: Darla, I'll handle this.

Darla: Line one. I'll get the ice.

Clarke: Ridge, it's Clarke Garrison. I understand you have a business proposal.

Ridge: Sally owns the company. She's the only one I really want to talk to.

Clarke: Yeah, well, she's not taking any calls right now. But I have her ear. Believe me, I can help.

Ridge: All right, Clarke. How soon can you get over here?

Clarke: I'm on my way. Where?

Ridge: Marone industries.

Clarke: Marone?

Ridge: That's right, my office there.

Clarke: Right. Your office at Marone. I'll see you there.

[phone hangs up]

Clarke: Hmm. He works at Marone industries, and he's got a business proposal. This could be our miracle.

[phone rings]

Receptionist: Forrester Creations, Vice President's office.

Ridge: This is Ridge Forrester, will you please put that pathetic little twerp on the phone?

[ Intercom beeps ]

Rick: Yeah. Put him through. What do you want Ridge?

Ridge: Hell of a little greeting you've got there Ricky boy. I just have a message I want to deliver to you.

Rick: Oh, good for you. You got a job at the post office?

Ridge: [laughs] You're feeling pretty confident, I can see.

Rick: Ridge, just say what you have to say and stop wasting my time.

Ridge: I just wanted to give you a fair warning. Which is a hell of a lot more than you did for me. Watch your back, my little brother. Just watch your back.

[hangs up phone]


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