B&B Transcript Wednesday 4/10/02



The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 4/10/02

By Linda
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Whip: You've been staring out this window for over an hour.

Brooke: Yeah, sorry about that.

Whip: It's all right. I understand what you're going through.

Brooke: I almost believe that you do.

Whip: Yeah, although I don't know what you could possibly be thinking about -- except that your son is about to become a father, your daughter's about to become a lead model, the company you love is in turmoil and you're about to have a baby by a man that you want to be with, but can't. And what's happening while this is all going on? You're here in Paris, trying to forget.

Brooke: That pretty much says it all.

Whip: Honestly, Brooke, I look at you sometimes, and I just -- I don't know how you hold it all together.

[ Brooke sighs ]

Brooke: With a little help from my friends, I guess.

Whip: Why don't we have some dinner?


Bridget: Ah, there you are.

Deacon: Amber, what are you doing here?

Amber: Gosh, you're starting to sound like Rick.

Megan: Where is Rick?

Amber: Oh, he had meetings.

Deacon: Oh, and so you used that as an opportunity to sneak out of the house.

Amber: I didn't sneak out of the house, Deacon. So what's happening here?

Megan: Oh, everything's cool.

Amber: Really? Are we still getting calls?

Megan: About what?

Amber: The Ambrosia line, Megan. That's all we've been talking about around here for weeks. Okay, what's going on here?

Bridget: After you got sick the other night, Amber, we sort of put everything on hold.

Deacon: Amber, try to understand, none of us want you pushing yourself.

Amber: Rick told you to do this, right?

Deacon: Uh, no. Rick didn't tell me to do this. I made this decision all by myself.

Amber: And why, Deacon?

Deacon: Because we all know how much you want this baby.

Bridget: And I know how important this collection is to you, Amber. But isn't the baby more important?

Amber: Of course.

Deacon: Okay then. All right, it's settled. We're gonna cancel the preview.

Amber: No, we won't.


Ridge: An office -- an amazing office -- rarely used.

Massimo: I just had it done. It's never been used.

Ridge: Nice view.

Massimo: Gives you a sense of power, doesn't it -- overlooking the entire city, the world.

Ridge: Yeah, well, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

Massimo: Oh, it's not for me.


Bridget: Look, Amber, I want this collection to go forward as badly as you do. I'm the lead model.

Deacon: Amber, we can't roll out a new -- a new line with the head designer at home in bed.

Amber: Well, I'm not going to be at home in bed.

Megan: Amber what about your baby?

Amber: Will you guys quit worrying? Gosh, do you think that there is any chance in the world that I would ever jeopardize my baby? Look, you guys, this is our chance to shine! We can't bail out now. Everyone's counting on us, everyone's looking forward to us and the show. "A new paradigm in clothing design" -- isn't that what the newspaper article said? Now we can't disappointment them, can we? I mean, we've worked too hard for this. The show must go on.

Bridget: Okay.

Deacon: All right, yeah.

Megan: The show must go. Here we go.

Amber: Here we go. Now start with the interviews. Start going out and making interviews, you know -- make sure all the fabrics are all together and everything. Yeah, go try some dresses on and see if you can get a hold of any of the other models that are in the building.


Whip: More sparkling water, madam?

Brooke: Thank you.

Whip: Hey, hey -- it's gonna be all right. It's gonna get better.

Brooke: God, what a loser I am.

Whip: Brooke, listen to me. You are not a loser, all right? I have been watching you all of these years, and no matter what the problem may be, you have managed to pick yourself up and move on. All right? Even better than that, you have found a way to make it into something positive. And that's what this baby is gonna be for you, something -- something wonderfully positive.

Brooke: Are you always this optimistic?

Whip: Oh, I've had to be. My life is so miserable. Although, it would be nice to go back to when life was so simple, you know? So innocent.

Brooke: When did it change? That's what I keep wondering.

Whip: Maybe it didn't change. Maybe we just got older and a little bit more desperate.

Brooke: Desperate?

Whip: No -- to have those dreams, the ones we took for granted when we were younger.

Brooke: Hmm, yeah. Well, that's why it's a tragedy getting older, because you realize that you do have limitations and that some of your dreams will never come true.

Whip: Lucky for you, you're not old, okay? And you can have all of those dreams. You can have happiness. You can have security. You can have love -- maybe not the way you envisioned, but that's the beauty about life, Brooke. Sometimes it throws you a curve, and then -- surprise. You can get something that's better than what you envisioned. I want to be that something for you.


Massimo: An excellent rendering, wouldn't you say?

Ridge: What is this?

Massimo: As we stand here, Ridge, a bartender, a waitress, a couple of college kids are sitting in your old office at Forrester creations planning a fashion show. Now the way I see it, you have one of two options. You can either languish in bitterness to brood over what these kids have done to you --

Ridge: With your help, I might add.

Massimo: Yes, with my help. Regardless, it would have happened eventually because you never, ever would have owned enough of that company to run it. I saw that. You saw that. So I did something about it. You want to be angry at me? Go ahead.

Ridge: You said I had one of two options. What's the other one?

Massimo: Use this office and the resources of Marone industries to get back at them. Teach them a lesson. Show them that the strong do survive, that what they did to not only to you, but to your wife and to your family, was wrong.

Ridge: So you're letting me use this multi-national conglomerate -- this billion-dollar business you spent your whole life building -- so that I can get some revenge? Pardon my skepticism, Massimo, but that seems a little too good to be true.

[ Massimo chuckles ]

Massimo: You're not only gonna use it, ridge. You're gonna own it.

[ Ridge laughs ]

Ridge: That's good. I'll just write you out a check for a few billion dollars, and it's all mine. That's lovely.

Massimo: Ridge -- Ridge, I need a leader, a man with your qualities, capabilities to continue my work when I'm gone.

Ridge: What are you saying here, huh? Just tell me.

Massimo: I'm saying that you are going to be the sole heir of my entire estate -- including Marone Industries. You know that I strongly believe that this world that we live in can only prosper if a person has opportunity. And opportunity depends on freedom -- personal freedom, freedom of the markets. That has always been my quest, Ridge. Huh? Let's face it, I'm not getting any younger. And I don't have a family to pass on my legacy. Oh, I suppose I could give it to charity, but that would be a grave mistake, because they would sell off the company and distribute the assets. No, no, no, no, no. Marone Industries symbolizes something -- the betterment of life through commerce, free enterprise. That has been the mission of my company, and that has been my mission. Oh, yes, I've gotten extremely wealthy because of it, but my wealth has come because of integrity. I trust that mission to no one but you.

Ridge: Why me? It's got to be more than just being the right man for the job, huh? What is it? Level with me right now.


Whip: So can I get you anything -- some tea?

Brooke: No, no thanks. Look, I appreciate everything that you've done for me. And I wish I could be what you want me to be. But for now --

Whip: Maybe someday you will.

Whip: Good night.

[ Brooke sighs ]

Brooke: Oh, god, I can't go on this way. Oh. Oh, Deacon.

[ Phone rings ]

Deacon: Yeah, hi, this is Deacon Sharpe.

Brooke: Hello, Deacon.


Bridget: You're sure you're up for this, huh?

Amber: Oh, totally.

Bridget: Amber, don't push yourself.

Amber: With you as my lead model, I don't need to.

Bridget: I'll see you later, okay?

Amber: Okay, bye-bye.

[ Amber sighs ]


Deacon: Brooke? Oh, god, it's so good to hear your voice.

Brooke: I have to make this quick, so just listen, okay? I'm calling you to tell you I love you.

Deacon: Baby, I love you so much.

Brooke: That's the last time I will ever say that to you. But you will always be in my heart. No one's ever gonna take your place. But it's over, Deacon. You do understand that, don't you? It's over.

Deacon: Yeah, I know. I know.

Brooke: So I'm calling to say good-bye. Good-bye forever.


Ridge: You want to name me heir to your estate? There's got to be a payback. What is it, Massimo?

Massimo: The only payback, Ridge, is that you make me proud -- that you prove that I made the right choice.

Ridge: Why? Why? There's got to be a thousand guys out there more qualified for this than me.

Massimo: No, no, no, no, no. Ridge, everything about you is right -- your temperament, your guts, your determination. My god, when I look at you I see myself at your age.

Ridge: So I'm supposed to just trust you -- believe you, huh? You talk like a parent speaking to his son. I'm nothing to you, Massimo.

Massimo: That is not true.

Ridge: Well, I certainly don't deserve this!

Massimo: No, no, Ridge, look, please, do me a favor, all right? Don't question it. Simply accept it. You say you don't trust me. It will all be in writing.

Ridge: In your will?

Massimo: Yes.

Ridge: Wills can be changed. I'm not like you, Massimo. I will not be your clone.

Massimo: I wouldn't expect you to be. Ridge, there is just so much I can do. Unfortunately, I can't answer all your questions, and I can't give you the assurance that you want. But what I can give you is my word, and my word is granite. You will be trained to run one of the great corporations of the world. And it will all be yours when I die -- all of it. Imagine it, Ridge, imagine -- a fleet of ships moving oil, commerce. You'll be meeting world leaders. Your problems with Rick and Brooke will seem like child's play because you're finally gonna have true power. You're not gonna be sharing something with lesser people. And if you make this leap of faith, when you pass on, your son, your daughters will inherit it all. Can you do this, Ridge? Can you do it for yourself, for your family?

Ridge: And you get nothing' out of this?

Massimo: I get your respect and gratitude. That's enough.

Ridge: All this -- mine, huh? You are really something not to be believed. You manipulated me, Massimo. You pulled me out of a company I would never run and into this office. And you did it with cunning and guile. You really think you can buy me with a billion-dollar corporation -- security for my kids, power, freedom?

Ridge: Hell yeah, you can. I accept.

[ Massimo thinking ]

Massimo: In that great moment, I realized that all my life was building to this. I had it all -- Stephanie, Ridge, my family -- united at last.


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