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The Bold & The Beautiful Thursday 4/4/02

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Kristen: Hey. Amber, that's better. But I think you can pare it down even more.

Amber: Yeah, but, you know, I don't want to lose any of the drama.

Kristen: Trust me, you won't. These designs are dripping with drama.

Bridget: What do you think, dad?

Rick: They're great, aren't they?

Eric: Yeah, well, they're very eye-catching.

Bridget: Eye-popping is more like it.

Eric: Yes, yes. I'm just not sure this is the time for us to introduce a new line. Maybe we could use a couple of these items to supplement what ridge was working on.

Rick: No, Dad that's not gonna work. Ridge and Amber's design styles are too different. The designs just won't mesh well.

Eric: That's what I'm worried about. They are not exactly Forrester's style.

Thorne: It's very avant-garde.

Amber: You don't like them?

Thorne: No, I do. It's good work, amber.

Eric: Amber, you have a lot of talent. I can't deny that. But putting up a whole collection -- that's a big investment.

Rick: A big investment with a big payoff.

Amber: Look, I realize that I'm new at this. You know, I still have a lot to learn. But that's why I asked Kristen to help me, because she's been in this business her entire life, and she thinks I can do it. So --

Kristen: Dad, I really think she just needs some guidance. A little fine tuning and these designs are gonna sell themselves.

Megan: You know, we're already getting calls.

Amber: Yeah. Deacon hooked us up with "the price is right."

Kristen: The girls are wearing the designs around town.

Rick: And they've been wearing them on the show. We've been getting incredible response. I really think we should capitalize on this opportunity.

Amber: Just say the word, and I have an entire collection ready to go.

Thorne: Oh, Deacon, nice of you to join us.

Deacon: I'm sorry I'm late. What's going on here?

Rick: Well, Dad isn't entirely convinced that we should produce amber's entire collection.

Eric: I haven't rejected the idea out of hand. I just think it needs a little more discussion.

Rick: All right, well, maybe we should get mom's ideas on this, okay? I'll give her a buzz.

Megan: She's not in her office.

Bridget: She was.

Deacon: She left.

Rick: Wait a minute. She knew about this meeting. Where did she go?

Megan: The airport -- she's on her way to Paris.

Eric: Paris? Why is she going to Paris?


Whip: Come on, Brooke, don't cry.

Brooke: I'm just so ashamed. I'm such a horrible mother.

Whip: No, no. You're doing the right thing. You're distancing yourself from an insurmountable problem.

Brooke: I tried to fight it.

Whip: But it wasn't working, was it? It was too much of a temptation. You had to get away from deacon.

Brooke: It's not his fault. He doesn't want to hurt Bridget.

Whip: No, of course not. But he wasn't strong enough to let you go, was he? Sooner or later, something would have happened -- something tragic. Brooke, you know I'm right. What if Bridget had walked in on the two of you, huh? Yeah, that's why we're here on this plane.

Brooke: No, Whip, that's why I'm here. Why are you here?

Whip: Where else am I gonna be? You need me, Brooke. You need somebody to talk to. You need somebody to support you -- somebody who knows what a huge sacrifice you're making. I understand the magnitude of what you're doing here. You're getting on a plane. You're going to Paris. You're putting Bridget's happiness above your own, and you should be proud of that.

Brooke: Proud? I'm leaving the country because I'm pregnant with my son-in-law's baby.

Whip: No, you are leaving the country to keep that secret. You're leaving the country to make sure Bridget and this child have a life free of scandal. Brooke, you have made a courageous decision here. And Deacon better know that. He's got to realize that it's over. There's no going back now. You and deacon are finished.


Eric: Brooke went to Paris?

Rick: When did she leave?

Megan: I'd say she's in the air by now.

Thorne: Well, is there a problem at international?

Megan: She didn't say.

Eric: That's very strange. I better call eve.

Rick: But wait, dad, we're in the middle of a meeting. I'm sure whatever it is, mom can handle it.

Kristen: Rick, I thought you wanted her take on this.

Rick: Well, we'll ask her when she arrives. To be honest with you, I know what she's gonna say. She's behind amber 100%.

Thorne: Rick, we're all behind Amber, okay? We all want her to succeed, but it's not going to happen overnight.

Rick: I agree. The Ambrosia line has been generating a lot of talk, but it's not gonna sell without some real exposure, which is why I think we should give the media a preview.

Eric: To show what we have so far.

Rick: Well, actually, I want to show prototypes of the all the designs. And if the press likes it, then we know we've got a hit on our hands.

Thorne: And if they don't?

Rick: They will. Look, I know this is a gamble, and I admit, I was hesitant when deacon first presented this idea.

Eric: This was deacon's idea?

Bridget: He set up "The price is right" deal, too. And that went great, didn't it, honey?

Deacon: Huh? Yeah. No, it was excellent.

Rick: Dad, this is an incredible opportunity. With mom getting pregnant, and ridge leaving the company, we need help. We're not looking too good. We need to show the world that we are as strong and as proud as ever. And what better way to do that than by launching a new line?

Thorne: An unproven line by an unknown designer, Rick.

Rick: Amber is a Forrester. It's the biggest name in fashion.

Amber: And I'm going to live up to that legacy. I can promise you I won't do anything to jeopardize your -- our reputation. I'm only going to enhance it.

Eric: Actually, I'm sure you will, amber, eventually. It's just that this line would be a very, very big departure for us.

Deacon: Well, with all do respect, sir that might be exactly what this calls for. You know, a departure, a break with the past. I'm not gonna tell you what you already know, but the only way to get rid of bad press is, unfortunately, to give the press something more interesting and new to write about.

Kristen: He's got a point, Dad. You know, this frenzy over Brooke's baby is not exactly helping us.

Megan: And people are interested in this line.

Eric: What people?

Deacon: The buyers, the media, the general public. I mean, Megan's been getting calls from all over the country.

Bridget: These designs are hot. They're gonna sell.

Eric: Bridget, that's not what I'm worried about. The bedroom line sells, but it has changed the way this company is perceived out there in the marketplace. Now, the more we stray from our roots, the more risk we incur.

Rick: So, let's minimize that risk. Set up a preview. If it gets good reviews, we'll show it to our buyers.

Eric: Rick, we're not talking about just one show here. If the ambrosia line is gonna succeed, it has to have long-term potential.

Amber: Well, I'm only gonna get better. And this preview, it's just a taste of things to come -- great things. You have my word on it.

Kristen: Mine, too.

Rick: Come on, dad. We're not just presenting a new line here. We are showing the world that we are strong and we are proud. Now, we need you to be involved with this. So what do you say? Are you in?


Whip: What are you doing?

Brooke: Sending a fax.

Whip: There's a fax machine on the airplane?

Brooke: Yeah, it's over there.

Whip: Who are you sending it to? "Dear Deacon --" you're sending a letter to Deacon?

Brooke: There's a few things that I need to say.

Whip: No, Brooke. There is nothing left for you to say, okay? You have made a clean break. You are starting a new life. I know it's hard, but you have got to stop communicating with this guy.

Brooke: I know, and I will. I just need to do this first.

Whip: Do you want to protect your daughter?

Brooke: Yes, of course. I am.

Whip: What, by faxing airborne love letters to her husband? This is ridiculous!

Brooke: Yeah, but this is private. So, please, leave me alone. I need to finish.


Eric: You want me to produce Amber's line?

Rick: A preliminary run for the press, not the buyers.

Thorne: But you're still talking about a sizable investment, Rick.

Deacon: Oh, look, we all know sometimes you got to spend money to make money, right?

Rick: Yeah, but this isn't just about profits. We're making a statement. A new collection. A new model. This is a new beginning for the family and the company if we do this together.

Amber: Then, Forrester creations will be a family business again.

Kristen: That is what you want, isn't it, dad?

Eric: An in-house showing where we present an entire collection? Are you think you're ready for that?

Amber: Am I ready? I've never been more ready for anything in my life!

Eric: All right, we'll do it.

[ All laughing ] all right, but, Amber, you're not going to do this alone, all right? Kristen, I want you to polish everything she does. I want to see you both in here at 8:00 every morning. I want to see what you've done at noon and again at 4:00. Thorne, we're gonna be dealing with fabrics like we've never had in here before. I want you to get with the suppliers right now. Rick, you set up the showing. And deacon, you're gonna promote it. But everything anybody does comes across this desk for my approval.

Rick: You've got it, dad. That's no problem.

Amber: Oh, yeah, absolutely. Absolutely!

Eric: I want you people to take this very seriously. This is your opportunity to show me, and the industry, that you're a professional. All right, it looks like Forrester creations is gonna have its first new line since Brooke's bedroom. And if your predictions are correct, ambrosia line is gonna be a big, big hit. Congratulations, amber.

Amber: Oh, thank you! Oh, yeah!

[ All talking at once ]

Rick: Congratulations, baby.

Amber: Thank you, baby.

Rick: Congratulations.

Amber: Oh, my god. I know.

Bridget: This is so wonderful. You're gonna promote your first show. And I'm gonna be in it! Honey, don't be nervous, okay? This is the start of something really amazing. I can feel it!


Whip: She has to realize that this can't go on. Brooke has got to get Deacon out of her life, once and for all. And I'm just the guy to help her do it.

Amber: You know, Rick, we didn't have to do this.

Rick: Yes, we do.

Amber: Well, you know, I have an entire collection to finish. I should be at work right now.

Rick: Tomorrow! Tonight, we celebrate.

Ginger: There she is! Ambrosia! The hottest new designer in the fashion world! You go, girl!

Rick: You know, I hope you don't mind. I was just so excited I couldn't keep it to myself.

Ginger: You must be going out of your mind.

Amber: You know, I think I'm still in shock.

Ginger: I bet. It's sick! I mean, it wasn't long ago, you were working here. And now, you have your own line of clothes!

Amber: And you want to know something? Mr. Forrester wants to preview my whole collection.

Ginger: Oh, my gosh! I can't believe I'm friends with a big-time fashion designer! You know what? I should just get your autograph right now so I can just prove it to everybody.

Amber: Oh, stop it. It's not like I'm a rock star or something. It's just a job.

Ginger: Oh, please. This is a job. And what you're doing, well, that's a dream come true.

Amber: You know, you're right. It is! It's really unbelievable. I mean, I have an amazing career, I have my beautiful babies. And I have this wonderful, wonderful husband here who supports me. It really doesn't get any better than this.


Bridget: Whew, what a day, huh?

Deacon: Yeah.

Bridget: You've been kind of quiet. Honey, you're not still irritated about me modeling, are you?

Deacon: No. No, it's not that.

Bridget: Is it mom?

Deacon: What?

Bridget: I know. It's this trip to Paris. I mean, she's pregnant, and then all of a sudden she's leaving town? It just -- it's weird.

Deacon: I don't know. Maybe something's going on with international.

Bridget: Yeah, well, she could have sent Thorne or dad, but that's not how mom operates. If there's a problem, she doesn't even care about herself. She just takes care of it.

Deacon: You got that right.

Bridget: Look, honey, I don't want you to worry, okay? She's gonna be fine.

Deacon: I hope so.

Bridget: And you know what? Maybe this has noting to do with work.

Deacon: What do you mean?

Bridget: Well, you know, I caught her and whip making out in her office this afternoon. Maybe they just flew off to rekindle the romance. Anyway, I'm gonna let you get back to work. But when you're done, maybe we can do a little rekindling of our own.

Deacon: Okay.


[ Phone ringing ]

Deacon: Hello?

Whip: Deacon, it's whip. Are you alone?

Deacon: Yeah, Bridget just left.

Whip: Brooke's sending you a fax.

Deacon: Where is she?

Whip: She's on the jet with me.

Deacon: I want to talk to her.

Whip: This fax should be coming through any minute now. Read it and shred it.

Deacon: Let me talk to her, whip. Whip, come on! Whip?! Dammit!

[ Fax machine ringing ] What is it, Brooke? What do you want to tell me? "Dear Deacon"


Rick: So, you want to get an appetizer or something? We could split it.

Amber: No, not tonight. I'm still too pumped up to eat a lot.

Rick: Me, too. But, honey, you've really got to keep your strength up.

Amber: Oh, you know me. I'll go home and eat a gallon of ice cream.

Rick: And some potato chips.

Amber: Yeah, and a beef stick.

Rick: I'm glad to see that fame hasn't changed you.

Amber: I'm not famous.

Rick: You will be. And not because you're a Forrester, and not because you're my wife. Because you're good. This collection is going to make you a star.

Amber: No.

Rick: Yes, it will. Amber, I've been around the fashion industry my entire life. I grew up in a family of designers. I know talent when I see it. And you've got it.

Amber: Thank you. You're being sweet.

Rick: Oh, well, it's true.

Amber: You know, I just -- I can't even keep my head on straight. Everything's just happening so fast.

Rick: That's the way it goes sometimes, you know? You spend your whole life working for something, and then bang! You're an overnight success. And I'm not just talking about this job, amber. You have so many things to be proud of. You are an amazing person. You're a great mother, you're an incredible wife. This collection, it's just icing on the cake. And, amber, you deserve all this, everything you work for. All this happiness, all this success -- you earned it. And that's what I want to celebrate, not this job. I want to toast to the woman you've become, the woman I love.

Amber: I love you, too, Rick. I love you so much.

Rick: Hey, why all the tears?

Amber: I can't help it. I'm so happy.

Rick: Well, this is just the beginning. Our lives are only gonna get better from here. Let's check out the menu.


Announcer: Tomorrow --

Whip: What makes you think he's gonna throw away your last love letter?

Announcer: Will Brooke's good-bye --

Deacon: "I tried to forget about you, but, Damn it, I can't."

Announcer: -- Become Bridget's wake-up call?

Bridget: What's wrong?

Announcer: On "The bold and the beautiful."

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