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The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 4/1/02

By Linda
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Whip: You want me, Brooke. I can feel it. I want you, too. You can trust me. Just give into it, all right? Put an end to all this madness. Do it for Bridget.


Massimo: Eric, if you leave now, I will not call security.

Eric: Not before I talk to my son.

Ridge: Dad, what's going on here? Why did you come over here?

Eric: I discovered something today, Ridge, something about your friend here.

Massimo: Eric, I'm warning you --

Eric: Massimo Marone, master manipulator. First Stephanie and Ridge, and now I find out about Rick.

Ridge: Rick?

Eric: Yeah, Rick. Rick Forrester, your brother.

Massimo: This is insane. I want you out of this office. I want you out of this building!

Ridge: Wait a minute. Wait a minute, Massimo. Hold on. What are you talking about, Rick? Dad?

Eric: You were wondering, weren't you? I know I was, where Rick acquired all of this business knowledge all of a sudden, and we thought that somebody very shrewd was behind it. Well, this morning I put it all together.

Massimo: You're out of your mind.

Eric: I talked to Rick! I spoke to him, Massimo. I know you probably tried to swear him to secrecy, but he wasn't able to lie to his father.

Ridge: Wait a minute. Hold on. You're not -- you're not telling me --

Massimo: Let me explain something here.

Ridge: Oh, my god. It was you? Massimo, please -- please, tell me this isn't true.

Eric: Well, I'm sorry, Ridge, but it is true. Massimo Marone taught Rick everything he knows.


Megan: Hey. Here's the layout for the summer campaign.

Deacon: Yeah, and it goes to Whip. Speaking of which, where the hell is he?

Megan: I have no idea.

Deacon: I guess it's another one of his famous two-hour lunches.

Megan: Oh, come on, Deacon. He's not that bad.

Deacon: You know what I've noticed? You've really been changing your tune about this guy lately.

Megan: No, it's just there's no point in making him an enemy, you know?

Deacon: Well, maybe you ought to reconsider that. Have you seen the way he's using Brooke?

Megan: I don't know, I think as of late, he's been quite the gentleman.

Deacon: Oh, Megan, please. Please tell me that you're not falling for this. This guy is a consummate con artist. He's feeding her a line of garbage.

Megan: Deacon, I think he really likes her.

Deacon: Please believe me when I tell you he's after something.

Megan: You mean money?

Deacon: Money. Yeah, money, and whatever the hell else this guy can score from her.

Megan: Are you jealous?

Deacon: I just wish that -- why can't anybody see what this guy's all about?! He is dangerous! He is a manipulator! You know, I wish -- I wish that jealousy was the only thing that I was worried about. And no, I really don't think that Brooke is going to fall for this idiot.

Megan: Why not? I mean, deacon, I hear you, but he's charming, he's attractive --

Deacon: Because she's in love with me.

Megan: And she shouldn't be. Deacon, I realize that now. When Brooke confirmed that whip was the father of her baby, that changed everything. It made me see that it is never gonna happen for you and Brooke. I'm sorry. And maybe whip is exactly what she needs.


Brooke: Whip, no. Please stop.

Whip: You have to forget about deacon for Bridget's sake, and after today, you will.

Brooke: Don't.

Whip: You're holding out for something that you can never have. Deacon is married to Bridget. Have you accepted that?

Brooke: Yes.

Whip: Do you know in your heart that you can never have him?

Brooke: Yes.

Whip: Then prove it to yourself. Make love to me and you'll finally be free of all of this. Look, I know I'm coming on really strong, and yes, I am attracted to you. I want you so badly. But the truth is, Brooke, you need this. Your loyalty to Deacon is at Bridget's expense, and you can't do that to her. You've got to break out. Let me help you break out.

Bridget: Oh, my god. Oh, I'm -- I'm so sorry. I -- I thought you were gone, so I let myself in with my key. Oh! I knew that bed would come in handy some day.

Bridget: Well, carry on, kids. Don't let me interrupt.

Brooke: Honey, wait. Don't leave. What? What is it that you wanted?

Bridget: I just -- I left a book here a couple days ago. Look, it's really not important.

Brooke: No, I know where it is. Wait, hang on. You left it in the den. I'll go get it.

Bridget: Okay. So, Whip, how are you doing?

Whip: I'm fine.

Bridget: Feeling finer by the moment I'm sure.

Whip: You know what? It's not what you -- what you think it is, Bridget.

Bridget: Oh, come on. You don't have to be coy around me. I'm a big girl.

Whip: No, no, I was just giving your mother a back rub, that's all.

Bridget: Uh-huh.

Whip: Hey, I told her about the modeling.

Bridget: Mom, what do you think of that? Oh, you know, if it's what you want --

Bridget: You better believe it's what I want. And I wasn't really sure at first, but then Deacon came in.

Brooke: He had a problem with it?

Bridget: He was just really negative.

Whip: You know what? I think he was just worried that you might embarrass yourself.

Bridget: Yeah, well, he could have encouraged me like you did. You know, that's the reason why I nailed that audition, 'cause you and Amber were so supportive. I was pretty good, wasn't I?

Whip: You were killer.

Bridget: That husband of mine. Sometimes I just wish he was a little more like you --

[ Whip laughs ] nurturing, romantic.

Whip: Oh, shucks.

Bridget: I'm serious! And you are so great to my mom. I swear, nothing would make me happier than if you two would just -- oh, my god. I'm just going to say it. You guys should get married. Okay, bye. Don't worry. I'll lock the door on my way out.


Ridge: You're the one who coached Rick? Massimo, I don't believe this.

Massimo: Ridge, hear me out.

Ridge: You better tell me this is a lie, Massimo. That's all I'm going to listen to right now.

Eric: He can't do that, Ridge, 'cause it's not a lie.

Massimo: Think about it, Ridge. Think! You own less than 10% of Forrester. Rick, Bridget, Amber, Deacon -- they're gonna own more of the company than you one day. Even Brooke's unborn child is going to have a bigger stake in that company than you. You would never have left there! You would have gone in day in and day out and punched some kind of a --

Eric: He's one of the highest paid employees in the whole industry.

Massimo: Precisely my point! He is an employee of a company owned by Brooke, her children and their spouses. Maybe that's okay for you, Eric, but that's not good enough for --

Eric: You don't get to decide what's best for my son. You're not part of -- who do you think you are?

Massimo: I'm the man who has his best interests at heart, Eric. You are the man who voted him out of the company.

Eric: Because you set it up, you bastard!

Ridge: Just stop it! Just hold it right there! Just stop it. I'm the one with the questions now. Starting with who the hell gave you the right to control my life, huh?


Bridget: There you are.

Megan: Hey, what's up?

Bridget: I just thought you'd like to know I stuck a "do not disturb" sign on mom's door.

Megan: Why?

Bridget: She's in there with Whip. I think they're going at it.

Deacon: So Whip's in the office with Brooke?

Bridget: Yeah, well, the door was locked, so I assumed she was gone.

Deacon: How could you be sure it was them in there?

Bridget: I have a key. I let myself in. Wow -- what I walked in on.

Megan: You know, Bridget, the models want to speak to you.

Bridget: Why?

Megan: Well, they just want to give you a few pointers, you know? They're down in the showroom, or at least they were.

Bridget: Oh, okay. Well, I should get down there.

Megan: Okay, yeah.

Deacon: Hey, Bridget, before you leave, what exactly were they doing?

Bridget: They were both sitting on the bed making out.

Deacon: No way.

Bridget: Well, that's sure what it looked like to me. Anyway, I'll see you guys later.

Megan: Deacon! Deacon!


Ridge: I don't believe this. You ruined me. Destroyed my career. Why, Massimo? Why would you do that to me?

Massimo: I wanted to help you, Ridge.

Ridge: By helping my brother stick a knife in my back?!

Massimo: Understand something -- the company was gonna belong to Rick one day. It was never gonna be yours. When I saw that, I did what I felt was necessary.

Ridge: Necessary for who?

Massimo: For you, your brother.

Eric: Who gave you that right?

Massimo: That's a senseless question. I saw tragedy unfolding here, so I took action while you were just sitting on your ass doing nothing, hoping the whole thing would just blow away.

Eric: It wasn't your place to get involved, Massimo! This is not your family!

Massimo: Oh, I see, fine. So that's your excuse for an injustice, right?! It has nothing to do with the family, so ignore it! Let's not get involved.

Ridge: So you deliberately just set out to bring me down then.

Massimo: No. I set out to give you a better life, Ridge.

Ridge: By destroying my life at Forrester. That's sick, Massimo. So sick.

Massimo: It's so much more, ridge. It's so much more.

Ridge: Well, then explain it to me! Explain it to me, Massimo, because I feel duped. I feel manipulated, treated like a puppet. But not by an enemy, not by a business competitor. No. By a stranger, a man I had nothing to do with. You set out to better my life, huh? Well, I got news for you. My life isn't better. It's worse. It's so much worse, Massimo. You see this injury to my hand? You're responsible for that. None of this would've happened if you hadn't set me up. My career is over. I'm never gonna design again because of you, thanks to you, you son of a bitch.

Eric: Ridge, Ridge, stop it. Now, just stop it. This is not the way to deal with this guy.

Ridge: No, no. Damn you. Damn you! You haven't heard the last of me, Massimo. Not by a long shot, you haven't heard the last of me.


Whip: Bridget -- she's a heck of a young lady.

Brooke: I worry about her.

Whip: She's not getting what she needs from her marriage.

Brooke: That's my fault.

Whip: It's not too late to turn it around, Brooke. If you close off deacon's options, he'll run right to Bridget. Hey, come on, you give it a try. If it doesn't work, then you go to plan B.

Brooke: Whatever that is.

Whip: A full page ad in the personals?

[ Brooke laughs ]

Brooke: How can you desire a woman who is five months pregnant with another man's baby?

Whip: You really don't get it, do you? In my mind, that baby belongs to me. I'm the father. It's the only way I can continue to be part of this. I mean, Rick, Bridget, the whole world thinks that this baby belongs to me. And so do I. So, every time I look at this beautiful face and this incredible pregnant body, I just am filled with so much longing and passion for you that I want to take you in my arms and fill you with all my love. And I am an amazing lover. A gifted lover.

Brooke: Hmm.

Whip: I want that gift to be yours. All yours.

[ Doorknob rattles ]

[ pounding on the door ]


Eric: What's it gonna take to keep you away from my family?

Massimo: "Your family."

Eric: Oh, I know you're in love with Stephanie, but that doesn't give you the right to tear my family apart. I'm not gonna let you dismantle my family.

Massimo: I'm not interested in dismantling your family, Eric. I am interested in ridge.

Eric: He is my family. You leave him alone.

Massimo: To do what? Follow in your footsteps? Create a company and then give it all away to a younger woman because of a midlife crisis? I am never gonna leave ridge alone, Eric. I'm gonna help him achieve some kind of greatness, which you have failed at miserably.

Eric: Well, I have failed at raising ridge? You look at Ridge. Look at who he is. A successful businessman, an accomplished artist, a wonderful husband, a devoted father. Oh, wait, wait. Except for the business part. These are things that you've failed at miserably. Ridge is the man he is today because of his upbringing. I raised him. I taught him his values. And I have helped him through every crisis in his life, just as I always will. And where does that leave you, Massimo? That leaves you out on the perimeter somewhere of ridge's life. You're nothing to him. Less than nothing. And now that he knows you're a part in his downfall, he's never gonna trust you again. And why should he? You're not his father. He has no ties to you. You leave my son alone.

Massimo: Your son?!


[ Pounding on the door ]

Brooke: Deacon, what are you doing?

Deacon: What are you doing in here, huh? Huh?

Whip: I'm having lunch with Brooke.

Deacon: Really? That's not what I heard.

Brooke: All right, this stops right now!

Deacon: Is he bothering you?

Brooke: No, Deacon.

Deacon: Bridget said that he had you in the bed.

Brooke: He was massaging my shoulders.

Whip: Not that it's any of your business.

Deacon: Oh, you were just massaging. He wasn't making any moves?

Brooke: Deacon!

Deacon: Is he pressuring you, Brooke?

Brooke: No, he is not pressuring me.

Deacon: You're sure about that?

Brooke: Yes.

Whip: You are so insecure.

Deacon: You keep your hands off her! Do you hear me?!

Brooke: You stop it. What is wrong with you?!

Deacon: What's wrong with me? You're in this room here, the door's locked! You're in here with him. I don't know what the hell he's doing!

Brooke: He is not a threat to me, deacon.

Deacon: That's exactly what scares the hell out of me, that you're actually starting to believe that. That and the fact that you don't see him as a threat. You don't see him for who he really is! That's what makes him dangerous!

Whip: To you, Deacon, but not to her. The only threat to Brooke is you. Your attitude, the way you walk in here like you own her. I mean, that's got to scare the living daylights out of her. Every time you walk through that door, her blood pressure goes up. You're married to her daughter. You're gonna break that girl's heart. Brooke knows that.

Deacon: Oh, and you're ready to jump in and rescue her, right?

Whip: No, she doesn't need rescuing, Deacon. She needs a friend! And that used to be you, but not anymore! Now all you're concerned with are your own feelings, your own needs, your sick obsession with a woman that you just can't have. You know what? You don't give a damn about Brooke! Because if you did, I'd be your best friend. I am keeping this woman, her baby and her daughter from a life free of scandal that could rock their world. But you don't see that, do you? No, 'cause you won't let yourself. But you see it, don't you, Brooke? Because you're the one who stands to lose everything. And if you don't tell this man it's over, you will lose everything. If you don't let him go right here, right now, you are making a statement. You are saying that you would be willing to risk your baby's reputation and Bridget's happiness for Deacon Sharpe. And I know you're not willing to do that for anything. Tell him it's finished. Put an end to all this madness, Brooke. Protect your children.


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