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The Bold & The Beautiful Transcript Friday 3/22/02

By Suzanne
Proofread by Becky

Massimo: I'm going to call Sally.

Stephanie: No, don't do that.

Massimo: This is ridiculous. Her argument is with me, not with you.

Stephanie: No, Mass, her argument and her anger is with me. Now, please, let me handle it.

[ Massimo sighs ]

Massimo: She has no right to threaten you, damn it. She gave me her word. She swore that she would never tell anyone that Ridge is my son. We had an agreement.

Stephanie: Now she has an agreement with me.

Massimo: I don't care. I don't want to let you do this.

Stephanie: I don't think I have a choice.

Massimo: Look, we could go see Ridge together, right now.

Stephanie: No, Mass, this isn't the time.

Massimo: You're playing right into her hands, Stephanie.

Stephanie: I know! I know.

[ Massimo sighs ]


Sally: Oh, Darla, I want you to see that Clarke gets these reports right away, and make sure and cancel my 10:00 appointment, and, oh, yes, tell Antonio I want him to double-check all of his revisions.

Darla: Oh, oh, oh, he wanted to preview the new gowns today.

Sally: Impossible. We'll have to do it tomorrow. I am completely incommunicado today.

Darla: Really? What's going on?

Sally: I'm expecting company.

Darla: Did you and Massimo make up?

[ Darla laughs ]

Sally: No. No, I'm expecting Stephanie Forrester.

Darla: Stephanie? Sally, this doesn't sound good.

Sally: Au contraire, Darla. This is good. It's very good. Because I have recently discovered that Mrs. Forrester has a deep, dark secret. A secret so potentially damaging to her that I could destroy everything she cares about in this world with one little whisper.


Deacon: Oh, this is gonna be great! Thank you, Megan, so much. Okay. I know, I know. We're all excited about it. Relax. Look, just have 'em -- have 'em wait outside; tell them I won't be long. Rick and Amber should be here any minute. Okay. Bye.

Amber: Hey!

Rick: You wanted to see us?

Deacon: Just the people I wanted to see. I want to run something by you guys. I have got a promotion idea -- wait. I've got the promotion idea for amber's new line.

Rick: It's a little too early to be working on promotions, Deacon.

[ Amber sighs ]

Deacon: I know, I know. But the buzz has already started. Amber, you gave those models those outfits to wear -- they've been wearing them all over town. Megan's been getting calls.

Rick: The line won't be ready to show for at least a month.

Deacon: I know. But we got momentum, here, man. We gotta milk this thing. You know what? For a second, forget about Los Angeles. I'm talking about national exposure. When people see what amber can do, we're gonna be turning buyers away.

Amber: National exposure, huh?

Rick: Deacon, we can't just keep giving these designs away.

Deacon: I know. But, wait till you see who we're giving them to. Ladies. I'm sorry to have kept you waiting.

Nikki: Hey Deacon.

Claudia: Hi, Deacon.

Amber: Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh. You're -- you're -- you're the models from "the price is right." Oh, my gosh! You're barker's beauties!

[ Amber laughs ]

Nikki: Deacon tells us you're a fan of the show.

Amber: Oh, yeah! Yeah.

Claudia: Well, do we have a treat for you.

Deacon: Oh, Mr. Barker, it is such a pleasure. I'm Deacon Sharpe.

Mr. Barker: Hello, deacon.

Deacon: And this is our head designer, Amber Forrester.

Mr. Barker: Hello Amber, it's a pleasure to meet you.

[ Amber laughs ]

Amber: Same here. Oh!


Ridge: I still can't believe this happened to me.

Taylor: It was an accident, honey.

Ridge: Deacon attacked me, Taylor. My hand could be permanently damaged.

Taylor: Would you stop talking like that? You need to be more positive. Even the doctor told you that.

Doctor: Okay, Ridge. You ready to get that bandage off?

Ridge: You tell me, doc.

Doctor: Well, I don't want you to expect too much. As I told you, your hand is gonna be a little stiff. And even if the surgery was a total success, you're still gonna need therapy.

Ridge: Look, doctor, this is the hand I draw with. I need this hand. I mean, is this gonna end my career?

Doctor: Well, I'm hopeful that's not the case. But I want you to understand, you sustained a very serious injury and there are no guarantees.


Amber: Bob barker. The silver fox! Oh, I don't believe this! I am such a huge fan! I mean, I grew up with you. I mean, my mon, she watched every single episode. I mean, "The price is right" was just her favorite show, you know?

Deacon: See, I told you -- I told you she'd be thrilled.

Amber: I mean, she used to dream about being on the show, you know? "Come on down! Spin the big wheel!" You know, make it all the way to the showcase showdown, and --

[ Rick clears his throat ] um, could I -- could I get your autograph?

Mr. Barker: Of course you can.

Rick: Uh, Mr. Barker, it's a pleasure to meet you. Welcome to Forrester, I'm Rick Forrester.

Mr. Barker: It's nice to meet you.

Deacon: Rick also happens to be our vice president.

Amber: Um, Rick, do you remember when we -- when we saw him in "Happy Gilmore?" You know, you were so great in that movie. You know --

Mr. Barker: Thank you.

Amber: Remember when -- I mean, you punched that guy and you were funny!

[ Rick clears his throat ] um, oh, what are you doing here?

Mr. Barker: Well, my beauties have been raving about your designs. I had to come by and see what all the fuss was about.

Amber: Wait, wait -- my work? You've seen my work?

Nikki: We know your models. They showed us what you've been doing.

Claudia: You're very talented.

Amber: Oh, thank you.

Mr. Barker: The ladies liked them so much that I asked my assistant to go out and ask when there'd be a showing. That's how I heard about Mr. Sharpe. And I have to say, I am very impressed with his plan.

Rick: Plan? What plan?

Deacon: Why, that's very flattering, Mr. Barker. But, look, if Mr. Barker hadn't thought to have his assistant call us, I never would have thought about it. More importantly, though, I think that once Mr. Barker sees your designs, he's gonna be thrilled to have them on his show.


Stephanie: I understand you don't agree with my decision.

Massimo: Stephanie, you're walking into a lion's den.

Stephanie: Believe me, I know that.

Massimo: Then why are you putting yourself through this? Why?

Stephanie: To protect my family.

Massimo: What about our family? Ridge is my son. Stephanie!

Stephanie: Mass, mass, I know how important this is to you. Believe me, I do. And Eric and Ridge will have to be told. But not today. And certainly not by Sally. I can't let that happen.

Massimo: I just know it. I just know that she is going to try to humiliate you.

Stephanie: I'm sure that she will.

Massimo: You know, I'm involved in this, too. It's my fault. The sacrifice should be mine.

Stephanie: No, this -- this isn't about you. She's angry with me, mass. She wants me to suffer. So I have to handle this alone. I have to deal with this alone. Now, please.

Massimo: Why do you want to put yourself through this?

Stephanie: I'll be fine.

Massimo: I just don't want her to hurt you. And I know what you're willing to do. But --

Stephanie: Yes, I'll do whatever it takes.

Massimo: Stephanie, what about your integrity, your pride?

[ Stephanie laughs ]

Stephanie: Pride is such a silly thing, isn't it? And as for my integrity -- no one's going to take that away from me. If I have to swallow my pride in order to make sally understand that this is wrong, what she wants to do, then I will.

[ Massimo sighs ]


Doctor: All right. Hold still, we're almost done.

Taylor: How does it feel?

Ridge: It tingles.

Doctor: Good. The tendons and muscles are healing.

Ridge: So you think it's gonna be all right? I mean, the tests looked good?

Doctor: Yes. The surgery went well. But the glass did extensive damage to the tendons, and until we get the bandage off, we won't be able to tell how it's affected the nerves.

Taylor: Oh, I expected more scarring. You did a great job.

Doctor: We had a plastic surgeon close the wounds. She did do a good job. Let's take a closer look. You feel this?

Ridge: Yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah, I feel that. It hurts. But, I mean, I can feel it, so that's good, right? It has to be good.


Deacon: Wow! Oh, man.

Amber: So what do you think, Mr. Barker? Do they meet your standards?

Mr. Barker: Oh, yes, Amber. They're beautiful.

Nikki: I want it.

Claudia: It's gorgeous. I've never worn anything like it.

Rick: Well, we have never done anything like this. This is a totally new direction for us.

Deacon: He's right. Pre showing promotion is critical to the success, which is where you come in, Mr. Barker.

Mr. Barker: You'll give us the dresses if we mention the ambrosia line on the air?

Deacon: Well, I wouldn't want to put you on the spot, but would you be willing to do it?

Mr. Barker: Yes, we would.

[ Laughter ]

Amber: Really? Really?

Mr. Barker: Yes. Amber, you have a superior product here. And that's what "The price is right" is all about -- fun and quality.

Deacon: I gotta tell ya, I think that this is a perfect fit. What do you think, Rick?

Rick: Well, you know what, deacon? I think it's a wonderful idea, but I can't make the final decision on this.

Deacon: Oh, come on, guys, this is a no-brainer. Look, "The price is right" is a television powerhouse. It has, what, over 6 million viewers? That's just in the U.S. Alone. Guys, amber's designs are gonna be a smash before they ever hit the runway. This is an amazing opportunity.

Amber: Please, Rick. Please? We can't pass this up!

Rick: Okay. All right. I'll run it by our CEO. I'm sure she'll be thrilled to have bob barker on board.

Mr. Barker: I'm glad we could help.

[ Amber screams excitedly ]

Amber: Thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!


Sally: It's almost 9:00. Stephanie Forrester better not stand me up.

Darla: What are you gonna do to her when she gets here?

Sally: I'm going to give her a lesson in responsibility, Darla. I was up all night thinking about it, you know? Thinking about all the things that she has done to me and my family, all the unhappiness she caused. All the misery and tragedy she and the rest of her family have caused me. And I kept asking myself, what could I possibly do to make her feel as insignificant and powerless as she's made me feel for years? I know one thing for sure. Nothing I could ever take away from her would ever compare to what was stolen from me. I lost a child because of those people, Darla. I lost my daughter, Macy. And nothing I could ever take away from them would ever compare to Macy's loss.

Darla: Sally, you wouldn't do anything to her kids, would you?

Sally: No, of course not. But I might cause her to abandon something that is almost as precious to her as her children.

Darla: What's that?

Sally: Her pride. Her dignity. Her precious identity. You know the Forrester’s, Darla. They have always believed that they were better than anyone else. And that they were not to be held responsible for anything they did. Until today, that is. Today, they are going to learn that they're not that special. And queen Stephanie, well, she's going to learn that if you treat people like dirt long enough, eventually it's gonna come back to haunt you.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Darla: There she is.

Sally: Let her in, Darla.

Darla: Sally, Stephanie's here.

Stephanie: Hello, Darla.

Darla: Hello, Stephanie. Sal, I think I'm gonna take off.

Stephanie: All right, Sally, it's 9:00. I'm here right on the dot. Shall we begin?

Sally: You better watch yourself, highness. I would definitely put a lid on the arrogance and lose the attitude if I were you. That is, if you don't want me calling Eric and discussing secrets with him.

Stephanie: Sally, you asked me to be here at 9:00. I'm here.

Sally: Oh, gosh, is it too early for you, highness? I'd hate to think of you missing your beauty treatments.

Stephanie: All right. We made a deal. Please.

Sally: Yeah. We had a deal. I agree. I'll keep your affairs private. You play by the rules, so will I.

Stephanie: So this is a game you're playing?

Sally: No. This is war. And I think I'm entitled to a little victory once in a while, don't you?

Stephanie: You may have the upper hand, but you don't have the high road.

Sally: You're quite a piece of work, you know that? Here you are, a woman who is desperate for me to keep her secret, and you can't resist digging me a little and letting me know that you think you're better than I am. Well, we will have that little problem all cleaned up by the end of the day, won't we, Stephanie?

Stephanie: If you say so.

Sally: Oh, no. No. That is not the proper response. The proper response is, "yes, ma'am."

Stephanie: Excuse me?

Sally: I expect my help to treat me with respect.

Stephanie: Your help?

Sally: Yes. Exactly. Now, I have something interesting to show you. You will probably recognize it. This is a copy. It is exactly like the uniform that Helen wears when she serves you. Hmm? Of course, Helen is paid for her services. Unfortunately, you will not be. Actually, you will be doing the paying. You will be paying for every nasty, cruel thing you have ever done to me and my family. You will be paying for every tragedy and disaster that you have brought upon us. From this moment on, Stephanie, you are my servant. And you will do exactly what I say. So, here. Put it on.

Stephanie: You're joking.

Sally: Do I look like I'm joking? Do it. Now.


Doctor: Now, Ridge, I don't want you to push yourself. It's normal to have some pain. Now very slowly, just try to move your fingers.

Ridge: It's hard, though. It's hard. They feel real stiff.

Doctor: Well, that's okay. You're moving them. That's good.

Taylor: Does it hurt when you do that?

Ridge: Not too bad.

Taylor: Well, the injury obviously didn't cause any permanent nerve damage.

Doctor: Well, nothing extensive, but there might be some loss of sensation.

Ridge: But that wouldn't affect my drawing, would it?

Doctor: I don't want you to think about that right now. We're just doing a preliminary assessment of your progress.

Ridge: Look, doctor. I'm a designer. That's what I do. That's all I know how to do. And if I can't draw --

Doctor: All right. Let's see what we're dealing with, here. Hold your hand out, palm down. Now, I want you to make a fist.

Taylor: Just go slowly. Just pull your fingers in.

Ridge: I'm trying.

Doctor: All right. Let's try it again, this time, palm up. Let's try it -- I want you to hold the pen.

Ridge: Oh, god. I can't. What's happening here?

Taylor: Honey, he told you that your hand might be a little bit stiff. Just calm down and pull your fingers in.

Ridge: I'm trying, I'm trying!

[ Ridge groans ] what's going on here, doctor, huh? If I can't hold a pen, I can't draw. What's happening to me? What happened here? I can't do it! I can't do it anymore.

[ Ridge sighs ]


Stephanie: Here I am. Are you satisfied?

Sally: Well, no, it doesn't -- not really. I think you're gonna have to do a lot more than that to satisfy me, Stephanie. A whole lot more. You got to understand this. Your old life as you knew it is finished. And this is the beginning of a whole new life for you, and that new life belongs to me. So get to work. And I don't want to hear one gripe, or one peep, or one complaint out of you. If I do, I go straight to Eric. You know where the bathroom is. You can start in there.


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